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Jana Oliver on Saving the Best for Last

This month marks the end of a series I’ve enjoyed very much, Jana Oliver’s Demon Trappers.  The first book, The Demon Trapper’s Daughter, won the 2012 Young Adult Maggie Award of Excellence from Georgia Romance Writers.  Jana will talk with us today about winding up this series.  Welcome, Jana!

So let’s say you’re an author and the last book in your young adult series is finally in the wild. How do you cope?

A) Turn cartwheels of joy shouting “It’s done! OMG it’s done!”

B) Don sack cloth and ashes

C) Find yourself a bit emotional and reach for an adult beverage (or three)

At present I’m veering back and forth between A & C (because sack cloth and ashes really isn’t my thing). I’m thrilled, but I’m sad at the same time, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’ve invested *four* years in the Demon Trappers Series, seen it go from a twinkle in my imagination to being published in nine foreign countries. It’s won awards, both here and abroad. It’s in my blood.

Over those years I’ve watched my fave characters go through Hell (literally) and find their destiny in FORETOLD, the final book. Riley Blackthorne, the 17 y/o heroine has gone from being a self-centered teen to a strong young woman. Denver Beck, the hunky Southern guy trapper with so many secrets, has learned that he’s worthy of love. And Ori, the wild card in the series, took the series in surprising directions.

At the very core was the story of a teen stuck in the middle of the “Grand Game” between Heaven and Hell, supposedly another “pawn”. It was vitally important that Riley’s “story arc” made sense. It wasn’t easy. My readers might be surprised to hear it took me longer to “get” Riley than it did Beck. It’s been a long time since I was seventeen and I had to tap my memories for what I was like at that age. The raging insecurities, the feeling that everything was immediate and raw-edged. As we age we realize a lot of stuff will just take care of itself on its own, but when you’re a teen everything is High Priority, life or death. 

So it was with Riley and probably more life and death than most. It was agonizing to watch as she and Beck made some serious mistakes, flawed decisions that could cost them their lives and/or their souls. Still, they bounced back tougher and wiser. That process, writ large, is how we mature. We make mistakes, we acknowledge them, and we move on. Unlike Riley, fortunately our boo-boos rarely gain the attention of the angels and the Prince of Hell.

Now that it’s all over I’m like someone who has packed up their bags and is moving to a new city, leaving behind my very best friends. I promise to keep in touch. I have to — I know them better than I know myself.

Now it’ll be a new story, new characters to put through their paces, a fresh start. It’s what an author does.  Nevertheless I will also look back fondly at the Demon Trappers Series, for it changed me in ways too numerous to count. That’s the power of the written word – it changes not only the reader, but the one who penned the tale.

For more about Jana and her books check her website: or  You can also find her on Twitter as @crazyauthorgirl and on Facebook:

Jana’s giving one commenter today the winner’s choice of one book in the series (The Demon Trapper’s Daughter, Soul Thief, Forgiven, or Foretold) and a Demon Trappers tee shirt. So tell us, what book, television, or movie series have enjoyed that’s over now, as well as what you liked about it and what you miss about it.

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