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Wishing for A Seal’s Surrender

It’s Par-Tay time!!!  I’m so so excited that A SEAL’s Surrender is hitting the shelves.  So in the fine Lair tradition, we’re having a major blowout.

A SEAL's Surrender

  Today’s treats include margaritas (of course) and a cupcake tower.  Cupcakes of every flavor are being passed around by our hunky cabana boys.  Why did we choose cupcakes to celebrate this particular launch, you ask (okay, so maybe you didn’t ask.  But hey, I am happy to fill you in you anyway 😉 ) A SEAL’s Surrender opens with my heroine, Eden, blowing out her birthday candle on a delicious cupcake.  And as we all do when we blow out candles, Eden made a wish.  A very special, very sexy birthday wish.  Or should I say, she wishes for sex. 

Check it out… 

I wish for a guy who worships my body, is great at sex and makes me feel like a well-loved Goddess.  Someone who loves me, for me.  Inside and out.  And is really, really good at it.

Cupcake-Tower  And if he could be six-foot-two, with sandy blond hair and dreamy green eyes, a body that made nymphomaniacs weep and a smile that melted her panties, that’d be nifty, too.

Eyes scrunched tight, Eden Gillespie let that visual play out for just a second.  Then, with a deep breath, she opened them wide and blew.

           The flame went out.  Thankfully.  Because she’d blown so hard, the candle toppled from its perch on the chocolate cupcake.  Good wishes did that, she told herself as she scooped up a fingerful of frosting and grinned at the woman sitting across from her.   

            “So?  What’d you wish for?”  Bev Lang leaned forward, her wild red curls bouncing like springs around her cheerful face. 

            “It’s a secret.  If I tell, it won’t come true,” Eden said primly before bursting into laughter.  Yeah.  Like she was gonna lose out on her body-worshipping lover because she put the word out that she was waiting?  Still, she pulled her cupcake closer and, since it was filled with molten chocolate, used a fork to enjoy the next bite.  And fill her mouth so she didn’t blurt anything out. 

            Because you never knew with wishes.   


           “I can’t believe you won’t tell me.  How long have we been friends?” Bev asked, putting on her best fake-affront look.  It wasn’t very effective since she still looked like she was waiting for a white apron and her boyfriend, Raggedy Andy. 

          “Eleven years?” Eden guessed, counting back to the first day of high school.  That’d been the year her dad had died, leaving her mom too broke to keep paying the exorbitant tuition to the private school Eden had always attended.  Secretly terrified, she’d put on a brave face in hopes that the public school kids would accept her more than the private school snobs had.  Bev had been the new girl in town, unaware that Eden wasn’t acceptable because of her zip code.  By the time she’d learned the ins and outs of Ocean Point social politics, she and Eden had been too good of friends for it to matter. 

            “Then as your best friend since ninth grade, I figure it’s my job to help you with the wish,” Bev decided, leaning back in Eden’s faded and frayed Queen Anne dining chair and digging into her own cupcake.  “I think this should be your year for sex.”

            “An entire year, dedicated to sex?” she asked with a laugh.  She was sure there was nothing more than dust motes and the faint air of neglect floating through the formal dining room.  But, still, it was all she could do not to look over her head to see if the wish was written there in the candle smoke. 

          “You should dedicate this year to the pursuit of sex.”  Bev scrunched her nose and pointed out, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but it might take a little effort on your part.”


            When was the last time she’d had sex worth putting in a little effort?  Definitely not with that guy.  Not with any guy, if she were being honest.  Eden swirled her fork in the gooey rich chocolate, using it to make a design on the Meissen plate.  And when better for brutal self-truths that a girl’s twenty-fifth birthday.

     The last guy she’d had sex with had broken his foot trying to play he-man and do it against a tree.  Instead of accepting that he just wasn’t he-man material, he’d blamed her.  

     No wonder her love life sucked.  Look at the kind of guys she had to work with.   

Yep.  I think if I had that kind of luck in my love life, I’d be using my birthday wish on a sexy hunk, too.  Lucky for my husband, I will probably be wishing for something more fun this week when I blow out my own birthday candles.  Shoes, some fabulous book sale numbers, shoes, possibly a massage.  Or, oh, I don’t know.  Maybe shoes. 

How about you?  Do you blow out candles on your birthday?  And do you make a wish?  Does it come true?  (you can share after the fact, if it does.  The wish fairy can’t come take it back, right?) 

Launch Party! Kate Carlisle’s SWEET SURRENDER!

By Kate

Hurray! The big day has finally arrived! It’s SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE release day.

This calls for a cake! No, make that cupcakes, in honor of Julia Parrish, my heroine, who has taken the West Coast by storm with her world-class cupcake creations. We’ll decorate our Cupcake Party with pictures of fabulous, colorful cupcakes.

Julia is sexy and she knows how to bake almost anything. How can Cameron Duke possibly resist her? Not to mention, she’s the mother of the son he didn’t know he had.

Seriously, what man can resist a woman who travels with her own ingredients for hot chocolate and whipped cream? Certainly not Cameron Duke! See for yourself in this excerpt …

She reached into a drawer and pulled out her own hand mixer, poured cream into a bowl, threw in a heaping spoonful of sugar, and began to mix it up. Less than four minutes later, she had a bowl of thick, pillowy whipped cream. She poured the thick, creamy chocolate into two small coffee cups, added a dollop of whipped cream on top, and handed one to Cameron.

“Sip the chocolate through the cream,” she instructed. “That way, you get the hot with the cold, but you don’t dilute either.”

She stood inches away, watching him as he tried the concoction. He watched her, too, as he sipped the hot, creamy chocolate through the cool, soft whipped cream. It was possibly the most sweetly decadent thing he’d ever eaten.

“Well?” she said.

He stared at her and wondered what the chocolate and whipped cream might taste like when licked off her breasts.

“It’s almost immoral, it’s so good,” he said, his voice husky.

Her cheeks began to turn pink again and he found he enjoyed making her blush. He also savored watching her realize the direction his thoughts were traveling.

She coughed to clear her throat. “So, you like it?”

“Like it?” He took another long sip and emptied the cup. “Yeah. I’d suggest you package it, but I’m afraid it might be banned in thirty or forty states.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said demurely, and placed her cup on the counter. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you. It was delicious.” He put down his cup and reached for her. “I want to taste it on your tongue.”

Before she could utter a word of protest, his mouth consumed hers.

Consumed. Isn’t that a great word? Devoured. Another good one. He hungered for her. Passion and food are closely intertwined, and poor Cameron is besieged on both counts. His deepest, darkest fear is that his father’s abusive anger lives inside of him, so he’s determined never to fall in love. If he keeps his flings frothy and casual, then he’ll never hurt a woman the way his father hurt his mother. But although Julia’s cupcakes are whimsical, she clearly isn’t made for “casual.” She’s a forever kind of girl, and Cameron doesn’t do forever.

Thank you for celebrating with me! Let’s get the party going! What’s your favorite flavor of cake or cupcake? What was the last occasion on which you had it? What is your go-to treat when you want to celebrate a big event in your life? How do you feel about whipped cream?

I’ll give a random commenter a $25 Amazon e-gift card, which you can use to buy SWEET SURRENDER, BABY SURPRISE, naturally, or any of these cupcake books — or whatever strikes your fantasy. The contest is open to anyone in the world who can use an Amazon e-gift card.

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