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Kate Carlisle’s Farewell Giveaway

Keep reading to see how you can win all of the books pictured in this post!

Millionaire Meets His MatchI refuse to say goodbye, my friends, so this is farewell. So long. Hasta la vista, baby. See you later. Soon, I hope! To make sure we don’t lose touch, please connect with me at the links below:

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And of course, you can connect with many of the Bandits on our Facebook page:

rb-finale1And don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS Feed in the right-hand column here so you’ll automatically get an email when a post goes live on the site.

Sweet Surprise, Baby SurrenderThis month in the Lair has reminded me of the last year of high school. Remember that bittersweet combination of excitement and melancholy and trepidation? Every event was a milestone. The last dance, the last pep rally, the last math test. (Not every “last” was a sad one!)

What fun we’ve had together! The Romance Bandits have become the sisters of my heart, and the Bandita Buddies a raucous group of far-flung cousins. It really has felt like family in our corner as we’ve grown as writers. We commiserate with each other and celebrate happy news together. Accompanied by several sexy and sweet cabana boys and a very naughty rooster.

An Innocent in Paradise(And hey, speaking of good news, I have something fun to share! My book AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE was translated into Japanese, which is super cool on its own. But even cooler… Japanese readers voted it one of the Top Ten romances for the second half of 2014! Hoorah!)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your friendship over the past seven plus years. (Has it really been that many?!?! It feels like only yesterday…)

In the spirit of celebration and love, I’m giving away not one… not two… not three… but four books to one lucky reader! Including AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE! To enter, just comment below. Share a memory from your last year of high school!

This Old Homicide Launch Party plus Giveaway

This Old Homicide by Kate CarlisleWelcome to the elegant Hennessey House bed and breakfast in Lighthouse Cove, California! Jane Hennessey, owner of this establishment, was kind enough to welcome us, even though she hasn’t yet opened her doors to the public. (She may regret her hospitality… she probably didn’t realize that we’d have a very naughty rooster in our party!)

Victorian Bed and BreakfastWe’re celebrating Tuesday’s release of THIS OLD HOMICIDE, the second book of my Fixer-Upper Mystery series! Whoop, whoop!

The Hennessey House is nearing the end of its incredible restoration by Lighthouse Cove’s own Shannon Hammer, who specializes in Victorian construction.

From THIS OLD HOMICIDE: It had taken me and Jane and my crew almost three years to renovate her grandmother’s disheveled old mansion and turn it into a world-class small hotel. The place had been standing there for over one hundred and fifty years, and in that time, it had been a family home, a brothel, a boardinghouse, a private residence, and finally an elegant bed-and-breakfast.

I stood on the sidewalk and gazed with pride at the beautifully restored Queen Anne with its wide, wraparound porch, wonderful three-story tower, and six chimneys. Hennessey House featured fourteen uniquely decorated guest suites, many with balconies and fireplaces. The entire house was furnished with beautiful Victorian-era pieces that were not only authentic but also comfortable and elegant.

Which is to say… be on your best behavior, cabana boys! No tearing apart Shannon’s hard work!

Shipwreck News StoryRumor has it, in 1839 a Spanish princess tragically went down with the Glorious Maiden just off the coast of Lighthouse Cove. Once in a while, a piece of gold washes ashore and brings a mad rush of treasure hunters to the princess’s watery grave.

Jane Hennessey’s Uncle Jesse, a former Navy SEAL, claimed to have found a priceless necklace while scuba diving at the shipwreck… but Jesse had a way of telling tall tales. We may never know the truth, since Shannon is about to find her neighbor dead in his own home. At first, everyone will believe Jesse died of natural causes, but Shannon will immediately suspect foul play. And if the police won’t investigate, she will.

A High-End Finish by Kate CarlisleClick here to read an excerpt of THIS OLD HOMICIDE

THIS OLD HOMICIDE is the second book of the Fixer-Upper Mystery series, following A HIGH-END FINISH, which came out in November (and hit #9 on the New York Times bestsellers list!) But don’t worry if you haven’t read the first. You won’t feel lost if you start with THIS OLD HOMICIDE.

Today, I’m giving away one autographed advanced copy of THIS OLD HOMICIDE. To enter, tell me what special cocktail Jane should serve at our Party. “Princess Punch,” perhaps? Or how about a “Salty Dog.” Or should that be a “Salty Rooster?” Or if you’re not into cocktails, tell me why you what intrigues you the most about the book. What makes you want to read it?

Christmas Book Exchange, Plus Contest News

Merry Christmas from the Banditas

Thank you so much for joining our informal little holiday fete. We offered to give the cabana boys the day off, but the sweet lads couldn’t think of anywhere else they’d rather be. They’ve brought several large, cushy sectionals into the Lair, their glistening muscles softly lit by the twinkling lights on our beautiful tree.

Her Christmas Earl: A Regency NovellaThere’s a variety of finger foods over by the fireplace. It’s a potluck, so I hope you brought a dish to share.

It’s a very low-key sort of festive, the perfect setting for our virtual Christmas Book Exchange. It’s sort of like Secret Santa, Bandita style. What book did you bring, and what do you love about it? (No fair bringing a book that you wrote!)

My contribution is HER CHRISTMAS EARL by our very own Anna Campbell! Not only is this the perfect treat for keeping that Christmas feeling going just a little while longer, but the red on the cover matches our holiday décor.

The party is very come-and-go today. We’re all spending the day with our families, and popping in as we have time to visit with our wonderful friends here.

Speaking of which… you should pop over to the Secret Room at to enter the Paperback-a-Day Bookapalooza. Which is just what it sounds like… during the month of December, I’m giving away a book every single day.

Kate Carlisle Contest

Again, wishing you the very happiest of holidays! May your day be filled with love.

What finger food did you bring to the party? And more importantly, what book did you bring to the book exchange?

Launch Party and Giveaway: THE BOOK STOPS HERE by Kate Carlisle

The Book Stops Here and champagneBreak out the bubbly! Release the balloons! Today is THE BOOK STOPS HERE release day, and we are going to par-TAY! No party would be complete without gifts, so read on to find out how you could win an autographed copy of THE BOOK STOPS HERE.

In THE BOOK STOPS HERE, Brooklyn Wainwright is hired as the book expert on This Old Attic, an antiques appraisal TV show, so we’ve got a TV crew here in the Lair today to film this celebrity event. The cabana boys are showing off a little, hoping to get noticed in Hollywood. Whoops! There goes Sven’s shirt! Yeah, he’s noticeable, all right, especially with the Golden Rooster sitting on his shoulder like a demented pirate’s pretend parrot.

The Book Stops Here on balloonsThe boys have been kind enough to set up a microphone for me between two palm trees strung with fairy lights. I’ll ignore everyone’s cries for karaoke (and you’ll thank me for it!) and instead, I’ll say, “Welcome to my book release party! Thank you for celebrating this very special day with me.”

The chants of “Excerpt! Excerpt!” are impossible to ignore, so I’ll do a quick reading with the beach band as back-up. (You’ll understand why the paragraphs are numbered in a minute.)

1. My mother always warned me to be careful what I wished for, but did I listen to her? Of course not. I love my mom, really, but this was the same woman who liked to recommend espresso enemas to perk me up. The same woman who performed magic spells and exorcisms on a regular basis and astral traveled around the universe with her trusted spirit guide, Ramlar X. Believe me, I’m very careful about taking advice from my mother.

2. Besides, the thing I was wishing for was more work. Why would that be a problem?

3. I’d been in between bookbinding jobs last month and was telling my friend Ian McCullough, chief curator of the Covington Library, that I wished I could find some new and interesting bookbinding work. That’s when Ian revealed that he had submitted my name to the television show, This Old Attic, to be their expert book appraiser. I was beside myself with excitement and immediately contacted the show’s producer for an interview. And I got it! I got what I wished for. A job. With books. That was a good thing, right?

book-stops-here-web-198x3004. Of course, I didn’t dare tell my mother that I considered her advice a bunch of malarkey. After all, some of those magic spells she’d spun had turned out to be alarmingly effective. I would hate to incur her wrath and wake up wearing a donkey’s head—or worse.

5. “Yo, Brooklyn,” Angie, the show’s stage manager said. “You look right into this camera and start talking, got it?”

6. “Got it,” I lied, pressing my hands against my knees to keep them from shaking uncontrollably. “Absolutely.”

7. “Good,” the stage manager said. “No dead air, got it?”

8. “Dead air. Right. Got it.”

9. She nodded once, then shouted to the studio in general, “Five minutes, everyone!”

10. I felt my stomach drop, but it didn’t matter. I was in show business!

11. This Old Attic traveled around the country and featured regular people who wanted their precious family treasures and heirlooms appraised by various local experts. The production was taping in San Francisco for three whole weeks and I was giggly with pleasure to be a part of it.

12. And terrified, too. But the nerves were sure to pass as soon as I started talking about my favorite topic, books. I hoped so, anyway.

Want to win an autographed copy of THE BOOK STOPS HERE? We’re going to play a little game. Go to the paragraph that corresponds with your month of birth and choose one word. Tell me what word you chose and then use it in a sentence that tells me something interesting about yourself! I’ll choose the winner at random from everyone who plays.

Keeping the Romance Alive

Romance ala Kate CarlisleIf you read the Bibliophile Mysteries, you know that Brooklyn has a boyfriend. She didn’t always. In book 1, HOMICIDE IN HARDCOVER, the man in question suspected her of murder, which put something of a damper on any sparkage they might have been feeling. But once Derek Stone got to know Brooklyn, he knew she could never commit murder. For one thing, she faints at the sight of blood. For another, he quickly discovers that she’s a seeker of justice as ferocious as he is, though he does it in a professional capacity while she’s an amateur sleuth. The moment he realizes that she’s not a murderer, the sparks re-ignite, and they’ve been together ever since. Which is an interesting challenge for me as a writer.

The Book Stops Here by Kate CarlisleTHE BOOK STOPS HERE is book 8 in the Bibliophile Mystery series. (It will be out in hardcover and ebook on June 3, and is available for pre-order now. You know, in case you’re so inspired. 😉 ) In my romances, the hero and heroine meet, clash, and fall in love all in one book, and then their story is over. I love that! I’ve always loved reading and writing romances, and that’ll never change. But with my mystery series, I have the pleasure of staying with the characters after their declarations of love, to see how their relationship grows and develops over time, just like in real life. The same couple continues to flirt and fall in love, and the love deepens the longer they know each other. It’s joyous!

But also just like in real life, there’s the danger that a relationship could go stale if one stops nurturing it. That’s where the “challenge” part comes in for me as a writer. I adore Brooklyn and Derek, and I want them to be happy, but they need to be happy in a way that remains interesting to the reader. I can’t let them get into a rut. With each book, their relationship must progress, to keep it fresh for them, for me and for my readers.

A murder from time to time helps keep it fresh, too. Nothing underscores the importance of your loved one like a little mortal danger.

Kitten from The Book Stops HereBrooklyn and Derek are in love, but at this point, it’s still a new love. They still learn things about each other every day. In THE BOOK STOPS HERE, they’re in negotiations over what to name their new kitten. Brooklyn is charmed by the way Derek dotes on the adorable animal, and she discovers facets she never knew with each name he suggests.

Derek is charmed by Brooklyn’s nervousness about being on TV. She’s a consummate expert in her field, and she never has any difficulty talking about books. But this is different. She’s been hired as the book expert by an antiques appraisal TV show. When she allows Derek to see her uncertainty and her vulnerability, they grow closer yet.

I hope watching their love deepen over time is as fun for my readers as it is for me.

How do you and your honey keep the romance alive in your relationship? If you’re single, what great examples have you seen of real-life romance in your life?

Brick Bookend-A Cookbook ConspiracyDon’t miss my current website contest! This month, I’m giving away a gorgeous A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY brick bookend. Enter

Gayle Wilson Award Of Excellence Finalists!

We’re cheering in the Lair for the two Anna’s, both of whom are finalists in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence contest. Anna Campbell is a finalist in the Historical category with A Rake’s Midnight Kiss and Anna Sugden is a finalist in the Contemporary Series category with A Perfect Distraction!

Launch Party: Kate Carlisle’s SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY

She's Having the Boss's BabyThe cabana boys have started the conga line, so grab a nicely muscled waist and shake your body. It’s party time!!!! SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY is available today! In honor of the beautiful red Harlequin Desire cover, the cabana boys are wearing red swim trunks as they dance along the white sandy beach.

An Innocent in ParadiseOur party today is taking place on Alleria, the setting of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY. Alleria is a stunning private Caribbean island, owned by the fabulously sexy and wealthy Sutherland twins. Logan Sutherland is on his honeymoon with his new wife Grace, who is no longer quite so much of AN INNOCENT IN PARADISE, leaving us with equally handsome Aidan Sutherland as host.

Forgive Aidan if he’s unusually surly today. He just found out that his right-hand woman, the resort’s senior VP Ellie Sterling, wants leave from work so she can take a quick trip to a sperm bank.

Aidan’s not exactly in a party mood. He gets that Ellie wants to have a baby – she’ll make a great mom – he just doesn’t understand why she can’t do it the old-fashioned way. Surely she could find a man! She’s a beautiful woman. In fact, lately, he’s been starting to see how incredibly beautiful and sexy she is…

Ellie approached his desk and Aidan’s breath got caught somewhere in his throat as he watched her plant herself in the chair opposite him and cross her stunning long legs.

IMG_0122Damn. He turned away to stare at…something else. This had been happening a lot lately and it was one more thing he could blame on all that wedding madness. Or it would be, if it weren’t for the fact that he’d been ogling his business associate’s legs for a long time now. Every time she came near him lately, he was ready to pounce like a jungle cat. And who could blame him? The woman had world-class legs. And a world-class smile. He was pretty sure she had world-class breasts as well, but that was none of his business. She had a gorgeous smile and beautiful lips. Clear blue eyes, an adorable nose, and lush dark hair that she wore in a straight style that fell like a thick ribbon halfway down her back.

Was this attraction to Ellie one more example of the sneaky universe conspiring to ruin his life?


While Aidan is sorting out his inconvenient feelings, let’s raise a toast to celebrate SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY’s official release! I’m having my new favorite rum drink, my own recipe, which I’m calling a Tropical Hibiscus. The recipe is below, so have a cabana boy pour you a generous drink, raise your glass, and celebrate with me!!!

Kate Carlisle's rum drinkTropical Hibiscus, a Rum Drink Recipe

1 part coconut rum
2 parts pineapple juice
1 part cranberry juice
Pour the coconut rum and pineapple juice over ice. Stir, then add the cranberry juice for that beautiful bi-color effect. Enjoy!

Today’s ice-breaker game: Share three things about yourself. Make two of them the truth and one a lie. Then the rest of us will guess which of your three “facts” is a lie.

I’ll start:

1. I went to law school, but I didn’t graduate because I realized partway in that I didn’t want to be a lawyer.
2. I was once an extra on Human Target, and Mark Valley brought me a cup of coffee.
3. I am the very proud (and slightly guilt-ridden) product of a Catholic school education at Holy Rosary Academy.

Today, I’m giving away a copy of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY! If you want to win it, mention the title in your comment! I’ll choose a winner at random at the end of the day.

Repeats – Yea or Nay?

NCIS Los Angeles castMy husband doesn’t get it. When he walks through the living room and sees me watching a repeat on TV, he shakes his head and says, “You saw that one already.”

“Yes,” I reply, “and it was good, so now I’m watching it again.”

When a story is good the first time, it’s good the second time, too. Sometimes it’s even good the third and fourth time. And sometimes, even after that. Bones, Castle, Friends, NCIS (any of its iterations), How I Met Your Mother… I’ve seen every episode, but I still stop on these shows when I’m flipping through the channels. And I still laugh out loud at every joke.

Friends castSeriously drives my husband nuts.

He just doesn’t get it.

I feel the same way about books. Some books, I read once and I’m done. But the really good ones… I can easily read them twice, or more, and enjoy them just as much as the first time. Knowing the ending doesn’t ruin it for me. In fact, sometimes I discover things on subsequent readings that flew past me the first time around, and those little discoveries are just as joyful for me as the surprise of knowing how the story will turn out.

Part of it is because I’m a writer, a storyteller. So when I watch a show or read a book more than once, I pay attention to the structure of the story being told. How did the writer or writers take us from the opening line to the last? With a mystery, which were the red herrings and which were the clues that led to the legitimate killer? With a comedy, how were the jokes set up, and how did the comedy crescendo?

April Showers ContestThen again, maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe I’m a storyteller because I enjoy paying attention to story structure.

What about you? Are there any TV shows that you enjoy watching more than once? What is the last book that you re-read? Are there any books that you’ve read more than twice?

By the way, I’m running a contest right now on my Facebook page. Enter today for a chance to win a $25 gift card to the bookstore of your choice, or a great selection of mystery novels by me and three of my favorite cozy mystery writers. Enter here: April Showers Contest

Mail Call!

Pony Express posterHave you seen the ad on TV, sponsored by letter carriers, asking us to let our congresspeople know we want to keep Saturday delivery of the mail? The United States Postal Service is planning to go to five-days-a-week delivery starting this autumn. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll miss getting mail on Saturdays and, if so, whether I’ll miss it enough to prompt me to write to my congresspeople. And if so, whether it would be just plain wrong to write to them by email.

Communication has evolved and continues to do so. Once upon a time, the telegraph was the latest thing. Have you ever received a telegram? I sure haven’t. And yet, I imagine that telegraph operators were unhappy when the telephone began to become ubiquitous.

Now we communicate almost instantly with people around the world – right here in the Lair, as a matter of fact. So we use the regular postal service less and less. Is it a tragedy or simply a natural progression, the continued evolution of communication?

Almost everything that comes by regular mail to my house is an advertisement for something. I’ve grown to resent the companies that send catalogs because it seems like such a waste of paper when all of their products can be viewed online.

Box of A Cookbook Conspiracy ARCs

But oh, a couple of times a year, the mailman brings me something really exciting. Last week, he brought my favorite package of the year so far – a box of A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY ARCs! I’m so excited about this book, which will be my first hardcover. I immediately jumped onto Goodreads and set up a giveaway. That way, three lucky readers will have the pleasure of receiving their copies in the mail, too.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Cookbook Conspiracy by Kate Carlisle

A Cookbook Conspiracy

by Kate Carlisle

Giveaway ends May 31, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


Enter to win

She's Having the Boss's Baby by Kate CarlisleThe next exciting package that should arrive will be my authors’ copies of SHE’S HAVING THE BOSS’S BABY, my may release with Harlequin Desire. I’m really, really excited about this one, too – but not so excited that I couldn’t wait until Monday if Saturday delivery were already stopped.

What about you? Do you think five days per week is enough? You Banditas and Bandita buddies who live in other countries, how often is mail delivered where you live? How would you feel if the government decided to cut out a day in order to save money?


Peril in Paperback by Kate CarlisleIt’s here! It’s here! It’s finally Release Day for PERIL IN PAPERBACK… or Release Day Eve, anyway, which is just as good as Release Day. All the best celebrations happen on the Eve.

PERIL IN PAPERBACK is the sixth book of my Bibliophile Mystery series, which means I am officially living the dream. A series with six books – and counting! (The next book will be A COOKBOOK CONSPIRACY, out in 2013.) I am so humbled by reader enthusiasm for these books. I love knowing that I’m not alone in the world with my somewhat freakish adoration of old books.

PERIL IN PAPERBACK is an homage of sorts to the great Agatha Christie. A group of people – many of them strangers to each other – are trapped together in a remote mansion in the mountains. They’re there to celebrate the birthday of eccentric video game billionaire Grace Crawford. They all know Grace, but they don’t all know each other. Grace has all sorts of “fun” planned for her guests… tarot readings, a séance… but murder was not on the agenda.

Crystal ballWhen a snowstorm hits the mountains right in the middle of the séance, the lights go out. And when they come back on, somebody is dead.

To celebrate the release of PERIL IN PAPERBACK, we’ve revved up the chocolate fountain, polished up the swinging chandeliers, and best of all … I’m going to tell your fortune today! No, really! Each commenter will get your very own fortune told by moi, your soothsayer for the day. (I would say “For entertainment purposes only,” but you all know me too well to take me seriously anyway, right?) One commenter will win a copy of PERIL IN PAPERBACK!

If you want your Love Forecast:
1. Pick a number from 1-10.
2. Go to and search for your birthday (month and year). Then look at the picture that corresponds with the number you picked, and come back here and tell me what is in the picture. I’ll tell you all about the love of your life.

If you want your Death Forecast:
1. Go to and search for your first name and the color of the walls in the room you are in right now.
2. Tell me what is the first object that catches your attention in the search results. That will be the instrument of your death. I’ll tell you how.

Peril in Paperback by Kate CarlisleIf you want your Book Forecast:
1. Go to
2. Tell me what book is on that page, and I will tell you what book you should read this week.

Paolo, bring out the champagne… Let’s party!!!!

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