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Christie Kelley’s Vexing the Viscount

My guest today is a familiar face we haven’t seen lately.  Thanks to a chance encounter, Christie Kelley returns to the Lair to give us a look at her newest book.

Welcome, Christie! What have you been doing since you were here last? 

GHPicture1Unfortunately, most of my time has been spent with the day job and not writing. The company I work for bought their third biggest competitor, so my team has been stuck with the job of integrating their data to our system. Which, by the way, is how I ran into Nancy at BWI airport as we were both waiting for our plane to Charlotte. She was heading home while I was heading to the corporate headquarters of the company we’d bought out.

That was so cool.  My phone buzzed for a text.  When I pulled it out, the message said something like “Christie here.  Are you sitting in BWI Airport?  Because if you’re not, your twin is.”  I looked around, and there she was.  We made good use of the flight delay catching up.

But back to business…Please tell us about Vexing the Viscount.

Vexing the Viscount is the third book in my Bewitched series. Here’s the back cover blurb as a tease for you all:

As the reluctant new Viscount Middleton, Braden Tavers already has several reputations to save–including his own. So it’s imperative he rescue his estate’s healer Tia Featherstone from her impetuous plan to find his rakehell brother Jonathon. And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her determined spirit and unworldly charms at arm’s length. But protecting this stubborn beauty from himself is only stoking an irresistible desire–and an insidious danger threatening them both . . .

Tia must get Jonathon back under her care before his unforgiving brother discovers how ill he truly is. But searching London’s most scandalous hellholes and staying two steps ahead of Braden is uncovering the viscount’s deepest secrets–and a longing to make his wounded heart her own. To save him, she must risk a deception that could put his past to rest–or separate them forever . . .

What were the challenges and rewards of writing brothers who keep secrets from each other?

The rewards were many because I do love to write about relatives. The fact that they were not terribly close but Middleton insisted on doing the best he could for his brother endeared me even more to him.

The challenges were how to divulge to the reader and Tia, Jonathon’s issues and why he was keeping away from Middleton. It was a balancing act to leave some suspense until the closer to the end.

What makes Tia special to you?

I really loved writing Tia because she is so full of passion. She is healer and until something happens with one of the Viscount’s tenants, she is content to continue in her position. She uses Jonathon’s departure from the estate as an excuse to leave her position at Middleton Hall. It’s only when she is forced to assist Braden multiple times (I was very cruel to him), she realizing how much she has missed the estate and helping people.

Vexing_The_Viscount_(eBook)Would you like to share an excerpt?

“Miss Featherstone, you must wake up.”

Tia glanced over at the clock on her nightstand. It was barely three in the morning. They couldn’t be leaving for Middleton Hall at this hour. “What is wrong?”

“You must come quickly. His lordship wants you.”

Tia blinked in confusion. Middleton wanted her? “Where is he?”

“In his bedchamber,” the footman replied from behind the closed door. “You mustn’t keep him waiting.”

She had no idea why she couldn’t keep him waiting. Instead of arguing with the servant, Tia grabbed the dressing gown and wrapped it around her. She wished he’d given her a shift to wear under it or she’d had the sense to ask for one.

Tia followed the young man down the hall. There had to be a good reason Middleton would demand her presence at this hour. As she walked into the room, she noticed him lying on his bed with only his trousers on. The footman quietly closed the door as he left.

“Absolutely not,” she exclaimed and turned toward the door.

“Miss Featherstone, get yourself back here this instant.”

Tia stopped. Turning slowly, she faced him. She stepped into his bedroom with her hands on her hips. A tremor of fear slid down her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he drawled.

“I am returning to my bedroom. If you think for one moment…” her voice trailed off as he crooked a finger.

“Come here.”

What was it about the sound of his voice that made her do things she had no desire to do? “I am leaving.” But even as she said that, she moved closer to the bed.

“I did not ask you here to warm my bed.” A slow smile drew his full lips upward. “At least, not right now.”

Tia seemed unable to look away from his mouth. “Th—then why am I here?”

He cocked his head toward his right arm. Seeing the handkerchief with bloodstains, she gasped.

“Why didn’t you just tell me you were injured?” Years of her mother’s training came back to her. “Where is your brandy?”

“You’re going to drink before you stitch me?”

She rolled her eyes. “No. Now, where is it?”

He nodded toward the salon. “Corner table. Your bag is in there too.”

Tia strode to the salon, picked up her bag, and then the brandy decanter. She walked back into the room and set to work on him. As she neared him, the smell of cheap perfume, cheap liquor, and cheap cigars overwhelmed her, making her gag. “You are disgusting. Let me guess… you were cheating at cards and someone called you out.”


“Whoring and cheated her out of her money, so she took a shot at you?”

He chuckled in his low, husky voice. “Hardly.”

“Then how?”

One black brow lifted. “No idea. I was leaving a gaming hell with a friend and someone took a shot. My friend had won a substantial amount so we assume the shot was meant for him.”

“Disgusting,” she muttered again.

What’s next for you?

I am slowly working on the next series but don’t have a date for that yet since I have been so crazy with work.

For more information on Christie and her books, check out her website.  You can also connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

Christie is giving one commenter today an ebook of Vexing the Viscount.  So tell us some of your favorite books, movies or TV shows about people keeping personal secrets. (Christie will be in and out today, but no matter what comes up along the way, she’ll check in at the end of the day and wind things up.)










Happy October!

I love fall.  There’s so much to look forward to–chunky sweaters, soft scarves, fresh-picked apples.  Then there’s the first frost, first pumpkin pie, first crockpot chili…  Some among us might say football season (I’m looking at you, Suz & Jeanne) but some of us married Nebraskans without full disclosure about much of every weekend would be sacrificed to televised Husker coverage.  (It’s extensive.  I should’ve been warned.)

But here in the Lair, there’s something for everybody!  And October is looking awesome.   Check out what’s in store for you!





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On Wednesday, October 2nd, Anna Campbell hosts lair favorite Annie West (, who’ll tell us about her latest passionate tale, AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY. Annie’s always great fun and we look forward to hearing about what’s going on in her life!  Plus she’s giving away two copies of her new book!  

Caren--Bullet Proof - New



On Thursday, October 3rd, our own Caren Crane will host Regan Black and Debra Webb as they discuss the Magic of Mentors. Regan and Debra will share what makes their professional friendship so beneficial – and so productive.  They’ll be giving away an autographed BULLETPROOF totebag & a $10 Amazon gift card, so swing on by!






On Friday, October 4th,  Sara Jane Stone will be celebrating her debut release, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, with us!  Tawny says that this is one hot, hot debut, so you might want to wear oven mitts.  One lucky commenter will receive her own e-copy of COMMAND PERFORMANCE! 




On Monday, October 7th, Susan Sey invites Tamara Hogan to talk about all the things authors should never say on Twitter (but maybe want to.)  Come hear all about it, & maybe win a copy of Tamara’s latest release TEMPT ME!







On Friday, October 11, Christine Brooks bring us another lair favorite–the fabulous Amy Andrews with her brand new release from Momentum, HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO. 







On Monday, October 21, Nancy welcomes Gerri Russell back to the Lair.  Gerri will talk to us about her new release, A LAIRD FOR CHRISTMAS, and dating customs in the 1700s.


Anna Campbell is holding a Halloween contest to celebrate a month-long price cut on her very romantic ghost story, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS, which is now only 99 cents. She’s giving away two copies of the novella (international). All you need to do is email her on and tell her the name of her 2012 Christmas novella featuring Alicia and Sebastian. You might just find the answer on Anna’s book page: For more information, please visit Anna’s contest page:

And that’s just what I can round up in advance!  Stuff is always cropping up last minute, so make sure to stay tuned!  

Turning over that calendar page always brings surprises–some welcome, some not so much.  Any surprises on your agenda this week?  



Running Red Lights in the Name of Research

Today, while I’m on my way to Atlanta and RWA, I hope you enjoy a nice chat with a friend of mine, Joya Fields. I’ll try to pop in when I get to the hotel.


I’m veFieldsAuthorPhoto.jpgry excited to be at Romance Bandits today to chat about running red lights and other crazy things I’ve done in the name of researching books. Now, before you get worried, let me assure you that I do everything legally.

Because I write romantic suspense, law enforcement plays a pretty big part in my stories, and I have to be sure to get my facts correct. I ran the red lights while a passenger in a police car during a police ride-along.

 The fun part about ride-alongs was getting to know the cops. In my most recent excursion, I rode with a handsome Sherriff’s Deputy from North Carolina and he told me the story about how he and his wife met. In jail. Well, she worked there, and he delivered prisoners there. See? Police are romantic, too.ReunitedInDangerFinalHighRes

 Sometimes research can be done using search engines and books, but sometimes, I need to put myself out there and immerse myself in the situation I’m writing about to really understand it. One of the coolest things I’ve noticed during my ride-alongs is the comradery between the officers. A lot of them have best friends on the force. In my most recent release, Reunited in Danger, I tried to include that unique buddy relationship by pairing Homicide Detective Logan North with a seasoned detective, Anthony Quinn. Quinn is like a big brother to Logan. He teases him, makes Logan laugh when he’s down, and pushes him to admit he’s been in love with heroine Keely Allen ever since he was a teen.

I definitely go on ride-alongs, tour police stations, and attend the Writers’ Police Academy to learn more about law enforcement, but I’d like to think the little things I notice about police interactions bring a sense of emotion and personality to my books, too.

How about you? What kinds of things have you done in the name of research…or what kind of things would you like to find out more about?

Sunday Fast Five

This will be a short one today. I’m neck deep in work for the day job, revisions for the job I wish was the day job, working on the third book in the trilogy—again for the wished day job, and the never ending work around the house. All said, that’s a lot of work for one person.

So I thought it might be fun to do a totally random fast five.

  1. What was the last book you read?
  2. What’s your favorite dessert?
  3. Are you a cat person or a dog person?
  4. What’s your favorite way to relieve stress? (desperately needing ideas here)
  5. Do you have an e-reader?

Here are my answers:

  1. On the Verge of I Do by Heidi Betts (really enjoyed that one)
  2. Red velvet cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Worth every calorie.Bewitching the Duke MM e-book final
  3. Definitely a cat person.
  4. A bath, which I can’t take because I currently don’t have a bathtub. Plumber came by to fix my broken tub faucet and that led to taking out the tile and replacing the old tub while he was at it. <sigh>
  5. I have a Kindle and I love it!

Thanks for participating and having some Sunday fun with me. I’m going to give away a e-copy of Bewitching the Duke to one lucky commenter.


Christie’s Winner

Congrats to Melody May for winning an e-copy of Bewitching the Duke. Melody, if you don’t have an e-reader, just let me know know and I’ll send you one of my books from my Spinster Club series. Please email me at christie at christiekelley . com with your address and the type of e–reader you have.



More Christmas Addictions

While Trish admitted to having a Christmas decoration addiction, which I share, I have to admit to another Christmas related addiction. My name is Christie and I’m addicted to making Christmas cookies. I have no excuse. My kids only asked me to make three kinds of cookies, but I couldn’t stop at that.

So far, I have made chocolate chip cookies, mint M&M cookies, brownies with Andes Mints on top, two batches of pumpkin bars (the first batch didn’t make the Christmas cut and went to my son’s friends), and eggnog cookies. I still have the ginger snaps and the sugar cookies to get done this week. Now, if I didn’t work a full time job, plus have another writing contract to finish and have a 15-year-old part time, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But it is!

Of course, I will give a bunch of these away as presents to people I work with and my critique partners. But there is no reason I can’t just give them a card and a small present. It is what most people do.

I must pause for a minute to take another batch of eggnog cookies out of the oven.

Okay, I’m back now…did you miss me? The next batch is in the oven and I already put the powdered sugar on the finished batch. See what I mean? Even as I write this blog, I’m still making cookies. Even as I cleaned my house yesterday, I was baking cookies. This is out of hand!


But in case you share my addiction, here’s my eggnog cookie recipe:


4 cups flour

1 tsp baking powder

½ tsp baking soda

1 tsp nutmeg

¾ cup unsalted butter (not shortening or margarine)

1 egg

1 cup eggnog

In a large mixing bowl, beat the butter with an electric mixer until softened. Add sugar and egg, beat until fluffy. Alternate the dd dry ingredients and eggnog. Chill 4 hours. Roll teaspoons of dough into pencil-like strips about 8 inches long and ½ inch thick. On an ungreased cookie sheet, form pretzel shape. This is how they’re supposed to be done. Personally, I roll them into balls and put them on the cookies sheet. The pretzel thing is a lot of work.

Bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and nutmeg.

They are delicious.

So now, ‘fess up. How many other Christmas cookies addicts do we have here? I’m sure I’m not the only one. Any ideas on how to stop myself. Do I want to stop myself?

In the spirit of Christmas and giving, I’m giving away an e-copy of Bewitching the Duke to one lucky commenter.

Check back tomorrow night to see if you’ve won! The fabulous Caren Crane will be here tomorrow so stop by and see what’s on her mind! In fact, come back every day between now & Christmas for your chance to win prizes, books and gifties leading up to a HUGE GRAND PRIZE of books and goodies on Christmas Day!!

Party time!

It’s that time again, party time! Okay, when it isn’t a party day in the lair? But today, I’m celebrating my release of Bewitching the Duke. It officially releases tomorrow so I’m one day early but I think we can still open bar.

So here is the back cover blurb:


After losing his wife in childbirth, Colin Barrett, Duke of Northrop, does not trust healers. So when he discovers Selina White cleansing his home, he is livid. As duke, Colin is accustomed to his charges taking orders from him. But the fiery Selina has the audacity to defy him when he asks her to leave his lands. More infuriating, he cannot stop thinking about the seductive sway of her hips when she walks.


The sick tenants of Northrop Park depend on Selina, and she’s not about to let a man tell her she must leave her village—even if he is a duke. And while Selina does not fear Colin’s temper, she is afraid of the secrets she keeps from him and of the desire he sets off in her every time he is near.

Bewitching the Duke is the first book in my new wise woman series. A few people have asked me what a wise woman is so I thought I’d explain. This is why I watch the History channel…so much inspiration! A wise woman really goes back farther into the Middle Ages. She was the healer and midwife for the surrounding land. But during the witchcraft investigations, many of these women were labeled as witches and burned. Interestingly enough, this is also the time men starting to take up the practice of medicine.

I wondered what would happen if the landowner actually protected his wise women during those witch-hunts so their decendents were still doing most of this same work in a later century. So I took that idea into the countryside of Regency England.


So sit back and tell me what the cabana boys can bring you to drink. Sven is here giving out massages and boy do I need one.

Once you get your drink, tell me what you think draws so many women in the medical field now. I know there are a couple of nurses here who can shed some light on that. I’m curious because I never had that urge but two of my sisters did.

Bewitching the Duke is available only ebook format.


Be sure to come back to the Lair on December 13 when we kick off the annual 12 BANDITA DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Prizes and recipes every day!! Roosters. Starbucks goodies. Books. Dragons. Books. Cookies. Godiva. Books!! (By Banditas and friends like Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, JD Tyler, Deb Marlowe, Addison Fox and many more!) You know you want the cookies, for sure, so come home to the Lair for the Holidays! Who knows, you might win something, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun!!

To ebook or not to ebook…

by Christie Kelley

That is the question on my mind today. I recently read two books on the Kindle app that is on my Droid phone. I do like the portability of always having a book (or ten) in my purse to read. But I don’t love the size of the tiny screen.

So now, I’m thinking about whether to invest in a Kindle. The price has come down on the units and the popularity of ebooks is only growing.

I know some people are saying the Nook is better because it’s color but honestly, I’m an Amazon woman. (Okay, in my short mind I’m a tall Amazon woman…in real life not so tall.) I buy the majority of my books at Amazon because I love the convenience and the quick delivery. I once placed an order at noon and the books were at my house the next afternoon. And that was with the 5-8 day free shipping they offer.

Plus there’s now a way to get authors to personalize your ebook. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to Several of the Bandits have their books out there and you can request an autograph.

So why all the interest in a Kindle?

This is the good news part of the blog…I recently agreed to write three more books for Kensington. However, they want them only in ebook. Apparently, I sell quite well in ebook format. That’s what really got me thinking it might be time to invest in a Kindle.

I will post more information the books in an upcoming blog…I promise!

Now my questions to you all…do you read ebooks? Do you have a reader? If so, which one did you buy (or receive as a gift)?

Summer Reading

by Christie Kelley

One of my favorite things about summer is sitting outside (when it’s not 90+ degrees) and reading. The fresh air, sunshine, a breeze and a book…nothing like it!

A couple of friends recently told me their choice in books changes quite a bit in the summer. One friend loves romantic suspense, except in the summer when she switches to cozy mysteries. Another friend said she reads mostly historical romance, except in the summer when she loves to read contemporary romance.

I never noticed this trend in my own reading. In fact, as I sat down to write this blog, I realized that my choices are all over the romance genre map.

I just finished a wonderful Harlequin Nocturne, Poisoned Kisses, written by a friend of mine, Stephanie Draven. I read it one Sunday when it was too hot to even think about going outside.

Next up for me, is Do You Take This Cop by our own Beth Andrews. I can’t wait to start this book. I’ve loved all of Beth’s books so far.

After that, I’ll be reading an ARC of Season of Temptation by Theresa Romain. She’ll be joining us in October to chat about her debut book.

So what’s everyone reading or what’s next in your TBR pile? Do you find yourself choosing books that are lighter in the summer?

I’m in a giving mood today so I’ll give away a signed copy of my June release, One Night Scandal so one commenter today.


by Christie Kelley

For the ten years I was a stay at home mom, part-time Realtor and full time writer. Friday was just another day to me. As a Realtor, I spent many weekends showing houses or sitting at open houses, so waiting for the weekend didn’t have much meaning to me.

Five weeks ago, I started a new full time job and got out of real estate. The job is the basic Monday-Friday, 8-5. Now the weekends have meaning again.

So…Thank God it’s Friday!

Now the weekend means no work, except the laundry and house cleaning. I’m actually trying to do those things on weeknights so I don’t have to think about them on the weekend. I want my weekends for catching up on writing and doing things with my kids.

This weekend I’m hoping to go kayaking with my 14 yr old and then start planning what we need to take to Disneyworld. We leave next Friday night for a week. Even though it’s only been a few weeks, I need a vacation! The job is kind of crazy right now and trying to learn everything I need to know is making my brain hurt.

So TGIF everyone!

What are your plans for the week? What about summer vacation plans?

As much as I’d love to reply to you all during the day, the new job as a pretty tight firewall so I can’t get to the blog. But go ahead and talk amongst yourselves.

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