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mountainviewfromcoopershawkI’m SO excited!  It’s OCTOBER!!!  WOOT!!!

Thanks for popping in today.  I’m in the throes of getting the house decorated.  See the typewriter below?  It’s a “Haunted Typewriter” from Grandin Road – they have the BEST Halloween stuff!!   It “spirit-types” HELP over and over.  Perfect for a Halloween-obsessed writer!  Grins.

Stormy weather and book deadlines have me a few days behind, but it’ll be up by the end of the weekend.  Grins.  (I’m waiting till Monday to do the outside since Sunday is supposed to be windy and rainy. )

But I’m getting a start inside between Capclave and watching my Eldest play baseball.  Eldest and the Hubs are in south Florida.  Yes, Florida.  They’re at a tournament and I can only watch him play on GameChanger – a fabulous pitch-by-pitch realtime computer interface.  It’s almost–almost!– like being there except I can’t whistle, yell, and clap encouragement.

Well, I CAN, but they can’t hear me.  Ha!haunted-typewriter

So, decorating, watching baseball and doing panels at the AMAZING local Fantasy Con called CapClave.  I am so thrilled to be a part of CapClave this year.  What a great group of people!  I had my first panel this morning with the guest of honor, Sarah Beth Durst.  What a fun person!!  And a great YA writer if you’re looking for a super YA fantasy read!

We were on a panel talking about where authors get their ideas.  I think that’s a funny question, because, as another panelist said, my problem is how do you stop them from coming long enough to WRITE them!?!?  Ha!  However, it was fascinating to hear how ideas and concepts came to the other panelists.  (Dreams, articles, tv shows, other books, fairy tales, and “what-if” scenarios…)thewitcheswalkfinal

I’m part of another panel later in the day about climate change, and last thing tonight, I get to join the wonderful ladies from BroadUniverse for a Rapid Fire Reading.  If you’re not familiar with either Broad Universe, or RFRs, these are too fun!  The Broads, as they’re affectionately known, are women who write speculative fiction.  Rapid Fire Readings are a session where authors read from their latest works or works in progress.

I’m reading from the Witches Walk.  So excited!!

Of course, I’ll have to be checking my phone tonight because the Cubs and Giants are playing….Let’s Go, Cubbies!!  I know Suz will be watching the Indians.

It’s a great time of the year….football, baseball, books, Halloween, trick-or-treati

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 27: Members of the Chicago Cubs wait to welcome Kris Bryant #17 after he hit a game-winning, two-run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Colorado Rockies at Wrigley Field on July 27, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The Cubs defeated the Rockies 9-8. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

CHICAGO, IL – JULY 27: (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

ng (chocolate!), and spooky stories.  What’s not to love?

Are you decorating for Halloween?

If you like football, who do you root for?

If you’re a baseball fan, is your team fighting for a spot, or done, or in the hunt?

Time for pumpkin pie!!  (And maybe a food fight with Cassondra….Bwahahahah!)

Homecoming, Pumpkin Flavoring, Football Mums, and Fall!

Fall autumn road by quantico liveHey y’all!  It’s FALL!!!  WOOT!!  The temperatures may not be getting any cooler in DC (other than on the  rainy days), but it’s definitely Fall.  First of all, the kids are back in school.

That deserves a reverent pause and a chorus of Hallelujahs.  Grins.  Isn’t that a great Fall road shot? (courtesy of

Second, its FOOTBALL SEASON!!  WOOHOOO!!!  Now, as you know, I love sports, especially baseball and football.  While my Atlanta Braves have NOT had a good season, my darling husband’s Chicago Cubs are really doing pretty well, especially for the Cubbies.  Grins.  So my household is kinda happy about that.

And hey, the Carolina Carolina panthers helmetPanthers are off to a great start in the NFL season and are living up to their Twitter hashtag of #KeepPounding.  Love me some Panther FOOTBALL!! (photo courtesy of

Everything has gone pumpkin spice-y and fallish in the stores.  Ice cream.  Coffee drinks.  Pie.  Even yogurt is all pumpkin-spice-nutmeg-cinnamon-y for fall.  I blame Starbucks for starting this nonsense.  They seriously started a trend – more like an avalanche – when it comes to fall flavorings. chobani_pumpkin-spice-yogurt Not that I totally object, but when it’s pumpkin-flavored Greek yogurt…we may have gone a bit too far.

And then, there’s homecoming.  When I was in high school, the boys asked the girls to go to homecoming, bought them a “football mum” – big yellow puffball mums with a little gold football wired into the flower – and off they went to the game, and then to the homecoming dance.  I went all four years in high school because I was dating a tight end from the football team.  (Mike Smardz, if you’re out there, thanks for the memories!  And no, that ISN’T me, but that’s the kind of simple mum I remember)jeannehomecomingoldphotoladywithmum

So, my Eldest went to Homecoming this year – he went to the game his freshman year, last year, but not the dance.  This year, he announced he was going to the dance.

“Are you taking a date?” I asked.

“Nah, a bunch of us are going as a group.”

This was NOT what we did.  We had dates.  If we didn’t have a date, we didn’t go.  My son and his friends didn’t want the pressure of asking a date, and some of the girls wanted to be sure they could dance with all their guy-friends without pissing off a date, so they went solo too.  A big ‘ol pack of sophomores jeannefootballoneofakindwreathsbymichelleand juniors hangin’ out at the dance together, dancing when they felt like it, hanging out when they didn’t, just having a good time.

But no football mums.

I looked this up online, googling “Football mums” only to come up with things like this concoction on the left.  This is supposed to pass for a flower, I guess.  Some of the ones I saw were so gaudy I had to look away.  Snork!  Long gone are the simple, if fluffy, mums.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of these concoctions, and I wouldn’t let my son buy something this awful for a girl he liked.  Its like a ribbon from a really out-there horse or dog show and, no offense to Michelle, whoever she may be, but it’s WAAAAY over the top! (Photo from Wikimedia commons)


Anyway.  So, back to Eldest Son.  Evidently, lot of the upperclassmen took this homecoming dance very Gotham seriously and it was very much a Date-Night-Event where the gals got very dressed up and the guys wore very nice suits.  Eldest Son dressed nicely – nice pants, dress shirt, tie – but just didn’t take it that seriously.  No steady girlfriend, so I guess he didn’t feel the pressure to dress to REALLY impress.  Grins.  But he does take after me in that he spent the evening dancing and having a great time.  They had a theme – A Night in Gotham – which was right up Eldest Son’s alley because he really likes Batman in the movies, the New 52 Comics, and in the new series, Gotham.

So, on one hand, I was really pleased that the boy had a great time with no pressure to be uber-presentable for a date, and no anxiety about whether the girl he asked would say yes or no, or whatever.  On the other hand, I was nostalgic for football mums and little football charms.

All that said, I’m overwhelmingly happy because it’s FALL.  I love fall.  I love pumpkin spice anything.  I love cooking and making great, filling fall favorites without making my kitchen so unbearably hot I can’t breathe.  I love the regular mums you put out for fall, as well as the football mums, and gourds and pumpkins and the Pot Pieleaves turning gorgeous colors.  I love high school football, professional ball, and the Boys of October.

I love Fall.

What about you, Bandits and Buddies?

Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes?  Do you wait for them to be available?

What about pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream?

Do you remember football mums – the non-gaudy kind?

Did you have a date for Homecoming, or go to the dance in a pack of friends?

Which NFL team – or Rugby or Footie – team do you root for?Dini Cup

If you live in a non-football country where it’s heading into Spring about now, was there a homecoming kind of thing at your high school?

Have you watched Gotham, the TV show?  What did you think?

Does your Barrista at Starbucks ever get your name right?  This was what I got when I said my name was Jeannie….

Let’s talk Fall!!