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The Gravy Games: A Jeanne and Cassondra Fifth Day of Christmas Food Fight

Turkey 2014Have you ever been faced with an unexpected challenge where you’ve gone “Oh sh** can I pull this off?”

That happened to me this Thanksgiving.

We were lucky enough to get asked to Thanksgiving dinner this year at the home of two dear friends. The couple was newly married, and a group of us descended on their house as the final meal preparations were in full swing.

It was a pitch-in dinner, so we had a bit of everything. But the main entre’ was oven-roasted turkey. And contrary to Duchesse Jeanne’s ideology, if you’re having turkey, you must have mashed potatgravy5 mccormickoes and gravy. But that’s a whole nuther story.

Jeanne: Yes! To the mashed potatoes.  A resounding NO WAY to the gravy.  Nope.  Slimy madness, I tell you.  What is this passion people have for pouring fowl grease over everything on their plates??

Cassondra:  Excuse me…it’s about…you know…taste….flavor. And I was trying to tell a story here.

Jeanne:  *looking abashed* Oh.  Sorry.  Pray, continue!

gravy9Cassondra:  Alrighty then.  The cook of this couple is a young man who took on the challenge of a big group for Thanksgiving, and he handled it perfectly. In the final few minutes, with the stand mixer whirring the mashed potatoes into creamy goodness, he pulled the perfectly browned, perfectly moist turkey out of the oven with a flourish, transferred it to a platter to be carved, turned back to the roasting pan and…hesitated.

I was helping wash up the prep dishes because pitch-in dinners are just that way—I can’t sit around and not help if there’s stuff to be done—when I caught the slight panic in his eyes. His gaze landed on me and he said, “Cassondra, can you make the gravy?”

“Absolutely!” I forced confidence into my voice.

Truth? I’ve made gravy a bunch. And I’ve failed a bunch.

Jeanne: *whispers* That’s because good gravy is hard, and bad gravy is awful!  I can make good gravy, but why?

Cassondra: *glares*  For you who aren’t aware, gravy is one of the gravy10pinnacle dishes for the successful southern woman who plans to call herself a cook, because no holiday meal is complete, whether it’s ham or turkey, without a side of mashed potatoes made into a perfect pond, filled with yummy, slurpalicious gravy.

Jeanne:  Ick.

Cassondra:  *squints at Jeanne* Whether it’s white gravy (we call that breakfast gravy around these parts) or brown gravy (that’s dinner gravy), bottom line, it’s the nectar of the gods.

Jeanne: *harrumphs* No matter what you call it, its as nutty as yesterday’s fudge to drown perfectly magnificent biscuits in white gravy, and equally superb potatoes in brown gravy.  But you have to finish the story.  What did you do?

gravy13Cassondra: *rolls eye*  In a minute.  Breakfast gravy is not just for biscuits.  I don’t eat it that way, though I have complete respect for a good plate of hot homemade biscuits smothered in freshly made white gravy.

Anyway…Breakfast gravy, for some of us, is to hide the eggs, so we can get our protein without actually…you know…tasting the bird embryos.

Jeanne: Snork!  Loooooove me some bird embryos.

Cassondra:  *wrinkles nose*  I want so much to like them, but I don’t really. The gravy smooths the way.  *glances at Jeanne’s “ain’t givin’ in” look*  I see we have another food fight brewing here, don’t we?

Jeanne: *looks smug*  Well, it IS our little Evil Twin, holiday tradition!

Cassondra:  Okay fine. Let’s just stop right here and settle this.

Jeanne:  Pistols at dawn?  *grins*

Cassondra:  No. Mashed potatoes at dinner.  *taps foot a few times, contemplating*  How can this be?  You grew up in the south.  I mean, surely your mama made gravy.  How can you not like it?  What’s not to like about gravy?

Jeanne:  I’m totally down with mashed potatoes.  LOVE them.  Any kind of gravy8potato – Irish, Yukon, Sweet, red-skinned – can be mashed in my presence and I will rejoice and sit down to eat.  It’s the drowning in grease that I loathe.

Cassondra:  Noooo–

Jeanne: *holds up hand, stopping the interruption* Gravy is just….what was it you said yesterday?  Ah, yes, *clears throat to produce the perfect sound*  “EWWWWW!”  It’s neither liquid nor solid – a perpetual confusion of form – and it’s frequently too salty and lumpy to be borne.  Mostly, however, it’s the texture for me.  I’m pretty much okay with the salt part, but it’s just…slimy.  Sorry can’t come up with a better word.

sausagegravyCassondra:  *squares shoulders, shakes finger back and forth*  It’s neither liquid nor solid because it’s sauce.  You know…..that stuff that elevates good food to excellent?  Good gravy is sauce, and is neither greasy nor slimy.  That’s bad gravy.  Explain.

Jeanne:  In a minute.  Not only is it greasy AND slimy, people really do put it on everything on their plates.  Seriously!  You know that, right?  OMGosh.  They drown the dressing, the turkey, the potatoes, the casseroles (whatever those may be) and suddenly their plates look like a lake with protruding boulders of meat and veg.  Bleech.

Cassondra:  *considers*  Casseroles are a whole nuther argument.  Okay I’ll give you that a sea of gravy with protruding food lumps is gross.  But that’s not the gravy’s fault.  That’s the error of the user.  Blaming the gravy for that mess is like blaming the pencil for accounting errors! It’s like blaming the spoon when you gain weight!

Jeanne: *ignoring all this*  It’s not just the lumps on the plate.  The gravy boatlumps in the gravy itself…*shudders*

Cassondra:  Give us all a break here.  NOBODY makes lump-free gravy the first time.  It takes good technique and lots of practice.  And even excellent cooks fail now and then.

Jeanne:  Lumpy gravy is gross.  But you’re right.  It takes practice getting that whisk going just right and making sure your flour doesn’t clump.

Cassondra:  Yeah, and about that….you said you make good gravy.  If you don’t like gravy, how do you know you make good gravy? Gravy is an art form. What exactly does “good gravy” mean to a woman who doesn’t eat it?

Jeanne:  Well, good gravy is, like your mama’s fudge, acceptable in one format only.  I think it is only good on stuffing.  Not dressing, which is a solid, usually cube-like mass, but dressing, which is fluffier, breadier, and, well, better.  Grins.  (I do believe we never settled that whole dressing/stuffing thing, did we?)

Cassondra: We settled that one.  We agreed to disagree.  Good stuffing is not *grimaces* cube-like.

Jeanne: *ignoring the cube comment* And as to what good gravy IS, it’s smooth, light, and well blended, having only moderate or minced pieces of meat in it.  These would be from the pan drippings, of course, which you use to make said gravy.  If it’s from a jar?  Bleeech.

Cassondra:  Well at least we agree on that.  I understand busy moms and gravy 1harried cooks feeding their families have to sometimes resort to quicker alternatives.  But gravy is so fundamentally easy

Jeanne: *raises eyebrow*

Cassondra:  It is.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s quicker to make gravy from drippings than it is to make it from some envelope of powder.  And I can taste premix gravies a mile away. Same as I can taste fake mashed potatoes, which are, by the way, abomination. *steps back, takes a moment*

Mikasa gravy boatJeanne:  Well, we definitely agree there, for sure.  *shudders*  Fake mashed potatoes.  Who thought that was a good idea?  Anyway, I guess I don’t know that I DO make good gravy other than that people who’ve been with us at holiday meals where I’ve made it say I do, and then promptly empty the gravy boat.  Grins.

Cassondra:  You own a gravy boat?  *hesitates*  Wait. What am I saying?  You’re almost as much of a dish whore as I am. Of course you own a gravy boat.

Jeanne:  *looks smug yet again*  I have several, actually. The Mikasa one there is the “big” gravy boat I use.  I have a silver and a Limoges and, I think, a plain white one.  Ha!  But I only make gravy because there’s bound to be a mutiny at my table if I don’t, given that my darling husband and I’ll-eat-anything-not-nailed-down son are fans.

Cassondra:  *studies nails*  Gentlemen of refined taste, I’d say.

Jeanne: Snork!  Not disagreeing, but snork! Can I continue?gravy12

Cassondra:  Sorry. I get a little carried away about gravy. *waves hand* Proceed, proceed.

Jeanne:  Ahem.  My youngest, he’s a texture guy, like me.  He steers wide and clear of the gravy.  Now the cranberry sauce, on the other hand….if you want any, get it before my youngest does.  Grins.

Cassondra:  *shakes head*  Likes slimy, ooky cranberry sauce but doesn’t like nice, smooth gravy.

Jeanne: *quirks a smile*  Likes tasty, fruity, tangy delicious cranberry sauce and abjures gravy.  (Have to confess, I think he suspects I will try to hide food he doesn’t like with said gravy, which he already doesn’t like the texture of, even when it’s GOOD gravy.)  And you nearly turned me green with that can of “gluten-free-vegetable-gravy” – As my mother would say, “What in tarnation are they thinking?” Vegetables do NOT make gravy. Furthermore, most gluten-free stuff is like most organic stuff – it isn’t.  SNORK!  (But that’s a fight for another day!)

limoges gravy boatCassondra: Ha!  We have the truth of it!  You gravy haters actually fear what’s hidden UNDERNEATH the gravy! Muahahahaha!  The truth comes out!

Jeanne:  *rolls eyes* You never did tell us how your gravy turned out.

Cassondra:  It actually rocked.  Good homemade drippings plus a little thickening…POOF!  Good gravy!

Now it‘s up to you, Bandits and Buddies. I lost yesterday’s food fight in a terrible rout. 

What about gravy?

Do you like it?

Brown gravy? Or White gravy?

If it’s white gravy for breakfast, do you like sausage in yours? (I don’t, but it’s very popular here in the south)

At the holidays, does your gravy go on your potatoes?  Your turkey or ham? Your dressing?  Do you drink it with a straw? I just about could….ahem.

Can you make your own gravy?  What’s your secret to getting it to come out smooth?

Do you use a mix as a starter base?  Or do you make it from scratch? Share  your gravy secrets!

And do you own a gravy boat?  More than one?

It’s that time of year for savory sauces. Let’s dish on gravy.

One commenter today will receive a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card from Cassondra, plus a copy of DEAD RUN, Jeanne’s latest Faithful Defenders romantic suspense, and a German Shepherd ornament!

photos courtesy of Wikipedia and the authors

Are you NUTS? A 4th Day of Christmas Cassondra and Jeanne Holiday FUDGE Fight!

ChristmastinDo you ever give gift tins at the holidays?  Or get them?  Those cute little round or square tins with holiday motifs that some wonderful friend has filled with home baked goodies.  I LOVE those!!

Cassondra:  *drools*  Oh Yumm!  I love to get foodie presents!

Jeanne:  *smiling pleasantly* My favorite to get – and give – is fudge.

Cassondra:  Ewwwwww.

Jeanne: *ignoring that, still smiling*  It’s one of the best things about the holidays.  Now you can get fudge in the summer, sure, you can, right there at that place at the beach or resort, where they make it in humongous batches.  But there’s nothing better than homemade fudge at the holidays.  I love making fudge as prezzies for people, I like getting the colored wax paper and filling gift tins full of yummy, nutty, slurpy, chocolate fudge.  Yum!!

bc71ff31cb762ad6dcd11d52773b8638Cassondra: Yuck.

Jeanne:  *glaring now*  Will you hush?  I’m having a moment here.

Cassondra:  Fine, fine.  Wax sentimental, why don’t you?

Jeanne:  Thank you.  And it’s wax paper.  (Snork!)

Cassondra:  *rolls eyes*

Jeanne:  Anyway.  My mom used to make fudge, but only at the holidays.  Perhaps that’s why I love it so much this time of year.  I got to cut up the pecans to go in it, but I also got to pick out those perfect pecan halves to put on top.  YUM!

Cassondra:  You already said that “yum” part.

P1100727-32Jeanne: Did I? Yeah, I did!  Still, it bears repeating.

Cassondra: *rolls eyes harder*  Whatever.  Sounds like you should’ve married a tin of fudge, romance girl.

Jeanne:  Hmmm… maybe…WAIT!  Are you telling me you don’t like fudge with nuts on top?

Cassondra:  Oh I love the nuts just fine. In fact, I love nuts period.  In even more fact, the nuts are the only thing about fudge that allows the stuff to be considered actual…you know…food.  I generally don’t like nuts in things, but most especially chocolate fudge. It’s an abomination to put those wonderful nuts in such a disgusting mixture.

Jeanne:  You’ve got to be kidding me. You don’t like fudge?  What happened to our evil twin love fest with food?

Cassondra: It got cooked to soft ball stage.

Jeanne: *snork*

Cassondra: And nope.  I don’t like nuts in or on things as a rule.  There are only two exceptions.

Jeanne:  Ha!  I knew it!!  th

Cassondra:  *holds up hand in STOP motion*  Here’s the thing.  Chocolate fudge is so rich-sweet that I can eat exactly one bite of it before I keel over and start to turn all gooey pink and sicky-sweet like Glinda, that fluffy witch from the Wizard of Oz who flew around in a damn soap bubble waving her sparkle wand.  How sickeningly sweet is that? *makes barfing sounds*

Jeanne: *speechless for a moment at this spew of vitriol…Finally she raises her eyebrow* Sparkle wand?  It turns you into a glitzy blonde with a sparkly crown and sparkly wand??

Cassondra:  I’m much more akin to Elphaba.

glindaJeanne:  Who?  Oh, right.  The other one…

Cassondra: The green one. You know…the one who died so unfortunately. *whispers* Death by melting. *shivers* Ahem.  She was a good person at heart.  Misunderstood.  But she was not sicky sweet.  That’s fudge.  Glinda-sicky-sweet. So sweet you can’t stand it.

Jeanne: *raises other eyebrow* I’ll give you that part about misunderstood.  I mean, seriously, you grow up green it does something to your perspective, you know?

Cassondra:  Totally.  But back to the point.  Let’s get real here.  More often than not, fudge resembles sand. Mixing chocolate with it does not make it viable food. It’s grainy and the sugar is still granulated and just….gross.  You can’t even taste the chocolat-ey-ness of it because it’s so darn rich-sweet that it’s just a big sweet attack (you know…kinda like the pink froo froo witch with the big glittery tin foil crown thing, and the eyelashes out to here and the sparkle wand) The only thing even remotely food-like in said chocolate sugar-sand is the nuts. Sand was made to walk on.  On the BEACH. pecans

God made nuts after all.  The almighty did not mean for sand to be taken as food, and the whole thing is a waste of perfectly good nuts.  Nuts were not meant to be mixed into sandy goo and cooked up into concoctions.

Jeanne:  I love nuts in food.  And fudge is NOT sand, or sandy!  I protest!  Fudge is smooooooooth.  It’s as smooth as a flying monkey’s….uh…flight pattern!  It’s delicious, fudgey, chocolaty goodness wrapped around the most divine nuttiness ever.  Nuts, and chocolate.  It’s a tradition.  Almond Joy. Fudge Snickers.  100,000 dollar bars.  FUDGE!!!  WOOT!!  And it doesn’t have to be that ooogy sickly sweet stuff you get at the fair.  Besides, adding the nuts makes it better and tones down the sweet.

Cassondra: *shakes head, taps foot, waiting for the end of the happy dancing* Ick.  Nine times out of ten, fudge is a sandy, sicky-sweet, so-rich-you-can’t-taste-it, gross waste of perfectly good nuts.  I bet you like nuts on your ice cream too.

Jeanne:  *smug*  Yep!  CHOCOLATE ice cream.  Like fudge, everything is improved with nuts.   Bread (as in banana bread, pumpkin bread, etc), dairy products (you know, like ice cream) and I’ve even been known to add walNUT oil to other baking to improve the flavor.  So there!ice cream

Cassondra: Oil doesn’t count. It never did have any inherent crunchiness.  But as to the rest? Ewwww.

Jeanne:  Wait.  How can you not like nuts on ice cream, at least?  I know it makes them cold…SNORK…wait, cold nuts.  SNORK!  Okay, so while that’s not good in a partner, it IS good on ice cream!!

Cassondra:  What can I say?  I’m picky about nuts.

Jeanne: Snork!!!!

Cassondra: On ice cream they’re waaaaaaay too much of a contrast. Ice cream is supposed to be smooth. Smooth is part of ice cream’s nature. Same with peanut butter.  Putting nuts on it–or in it–is just wrong.  Ruins the ice cream. Ruins the nuts.  It’s wrong I tell you.

03-jif-crunchy-peanut-butter-lgn-jpg_001036Jeanne:  Nuh-uh.  It gives that smooth, cool goodness an extra boost of texture and warm, nutty deliciousness.  Kinda like crunchy peanut butter.

Cassondra: OMG!  Even the photo of that JAR of crunchy peanut butter makes me ooog out.  EWWWWWW!

Jeanne:  *tapping foot* You said there were two exceptions.

Cassondra:  Yes.  My mom made this stuff that’s technically called fudge, but has no similarity to any fudge I’ve ever eaten.

Jeanne: Ha!  Your mom made fudge and you liked it!

Cassondra: No!  This stuff was an island amid other disgusting fudgey-ness.

Jeanne:  Okay Miss “my fudge is an island” fudge hater.  How was it different?33608

Cassondra:  Look, I’ve had all kinds of fudge.  The chocolate kinds are all just disgusting disgraces to everything that is chocolate.  I can’t even look at that ring thing you posted on the right.  What’s worse than fruitcake? One made of fudge.  It’s basically mud disguised as dessert. Gah!

I can tolerate the peanut butter fudges a little better because they generally have a very high ratio of peanut buttery-ness.  Even so I would never choose those over, say, a shortbread cookie, which is a far more subtle, gently textured, perfectly balanced bit of yum–

Jeanne: Ha! You used the word yum!

Cassondra:  *closes eyes, reaches for Zen*  My mom’s recipe is for sour cream black walnut fudge.  It’s incredibly mild.  Really subtle and not at all overpowering.  Because of this, the flavor of the black walnuts really shines. It’s the most prominent flavor in the candy, with the semi-sweet sour cream base as a backdrop.  It’s amazing.  It’s…yum.

Jeanne: *sing-songs* Cassondra likes fuuu-dge, Cassondra likes fuuuu-dge!  With NUTS.  WALL nuts.  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Gotcha!!!  So, since you’ve made the concession of saying that there is ONE – albeit ONLY one – type of fudge that will willingly pass your lips, WITH NUTS, I’ll concede that I cannot STAND crunchy peanut butter.  Grins.  Peanut butter needs to be smooth.  But anything else?  Bring on the nuts!  What’s your second exception?

Cassondra:  Ha!  And yet you posted that jar of vile crunchy peanut butter just to taunt me!

Jeanne:  *looks smug, bats eyelashes*

Cassondra *sigh* My second exception is MotherGrant’s German Chocolate Cake, made from the recipe on the actual label from a bar of Baker’s German Sweet Chocolate from the 1920s. Takes 18 eggs.  *looks smug right back*

Jeanne:  German chocolate cake icing is total goo. With nuts.

Cassondra: Yes. Yes, it is.  But it has coconut too, which doesn’t actually COUNT as a nut cuz it isn’t crunchy, and homemade German Chocolate Cake icing is not just good.  It’s Goo from God. And I love it.  But that’s the ONLY nutty goo I like.  Chocolate fudge is disgusting and just out.

Jeanne:  Goo from God. The title is perfect. You are nuts.

So what about you Bandits and Buddies?  Do you like foodie gifts?  Towers of snacks, tins of cookies or fudge WITH NUTS?

What about fudge in general?

Chocolate fudge or flavored fudge?

Nuts or no nuts?  Ever?  In anything?  Or just in some things?

Cold nuts? (On ice cream, you perverts!)

Crunchy peanut butter or smooooooooooth only?

Here’s my favorite fudge recipe to date, I’ve made it several years running (WITH NUTS) and love it: Aunt Teens Chocolate Fudge

(Photos are the authors, Wikimedia commons, and Yahoo Images. )

Jeanne will be giving away a signed copy of Dead Run and a German Shepard ornament!  Cassondra will give away a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card to the same winner!


Just Like Old Times….

sven_cropped-1Hey gals and guys!

It sure is quiet around here with all the Banditas busily writing away!  Sven is NOT happy with us, but the staff has taken several much needed vacations.  You know, we kept them hopping around here all the time.  No one’s had a vacay in what….nearly 8 years!  Grins.

So, anyway, I wanted to let you in on a little secret.  Remember how we used to have Author Invasions, back in the early days?  Some of you will remember us invading the Good Ship Revenge, RomanceNovelTV and many more!

Well there’s another invasion today.  A goodly number of the Bandits, along with some other wonderful NYTimes, USA Today (TAWNY! SQUEEEE!), and Amazon Bestselling authors are invading the blog.  Rae Latte has been gracious enough to host many of the Bandits, and today is no exception.

The FUN, FUN, FUN part, however, is that there’s a really sexy man involved.  He’s from Austrailia and his name is Dan Churchill.  He’s the #FoodDude  He believes that #RealMenCook

Well, ’round here, as you know, WE believe that #SexyHeroesCook.   So a bunch of us invaded Rae Latte’s blog and brought our Heroes (and Heroines!) over to prove that Dude Food is cool.  That’s the title of Dan’s Cookbook… Dude Food, A Guy’s Guide to Cookin Kick-Ass Food.

This cookbook is one I really like.  Not only do the recipes sound awesome, but the pictures are GREAT! (Snork!)  I’m buying it for Hubby for Father’s Day.   It’s so simple – but good – that any Dude could do the recipes.  Grins.

So if you’ve got a moment and you want a bit of a tantalizing taste of my next book, DEAD RECKONING, and Cassondra’s hero from HONEY BEND, and one of Tawny’s heroes, and Donna’s and Caren’s, heroes from Anna S’s NJ Ice Cats, one of Anna C’s heroes…you get the idea.

If you’re tantalized by #SexyHeroesCook then pop over to Rae’s blog beginning at 9 in the morning and going til 9 at night.

Other authors featured include some fab authors, some of whom have been our Lair guests – Natalie Damshroeder, Sandra Lake, Jade Lee, Barbara Devlin, and more.

You’ll be glad you checked it out…I’ll be on at 11 am Eastern!!

See you again, HERE, on the 8th May!!




February Bandit Booty!

1BanditBootyThank you all so much for hanging out with us and partying in celebration of our latest reinvention!

I’ve got booty to give away for THREE blogs this month.


This was our Reinvention announcement blog from February 2nd.

The winner will get the following:

From Cassondra–a surprise package including 2 books, conference swag, and a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card

From Kate–A signed copy of A High End Finish

From Jeanne–A Starbucks mug and a coffee card

From Dianna Love–A Slye Temp e-book box set (Amazon or B&N account required)

The winner from Feb 2nd is…..Deb!

Blog 2-

This was my Feb 4th  blog about reinventing myself–from Goth Chick to small-town romance author. *grin*

Prize is a surprise package of two books plus swag and a $10 B&N card

The winner of the Feb 4th blog is…. gamistress!

Blog 3–

The last is my cover reveal for Grow On Me Honey from Feb 20th.

The prize is a surprise grab bag of two books plus conference swag.

The winner of the Feb 20th blog is….Maureen!

Y’all email me at Cassondrawrites AT gmail dot com with your snail mail address, and we’ll get your goodies shipped to you!

Thank you so much for hanging with all of us on our blogs this month!  See you next month on facebook and twitter!

Welcome to Honey Bend

When I was a little girl, my grandmother, MotherGrant, had a huge garden. She and DaddyMike grew all the veggies they’d use for the entire year.

But that veggie garden was about survival. It was not about joy.

In the afternoons, after the other garden work was done, MotherGrant would spend a little time every day on her knees, on the outside of the garden fence, weeding and tending her flowers.

celosiaMotherGrant’s flower garden ran all the way down the edge of the veggie garden, in a glorious pile of colors and shapes, from the humble violet to the bawdy whore-of-a blossom on the Celosia cristata. That’s a picture of one over there on the left.

She called them Princey Feathers. Her name fit, don’t you think?

I was in the garden with MotherGrant by the time I could walk, and though she had no science, she had something better. She had a gift. She didn’t know the Latin names of the flowers, but the plants didn’t care about that.

She loved the flowers, and they loved her back.

She taught me to love them too, and years later, long after MotherGrant had gone to tend God’s garden, I went to graduate school to study horticulture, and then I became a grower in a big commercial greenhouse.marigold

Flash forward a few years. I was doing something different for a living, but I’d started writing fiction on the side. I was working on a dark romantic suspense series when Del walked walked into my mind.

I figured out right away that she was persistent, because any time I stared out the window at the field in front of my house, that field would fade away and I’d end up in Del’s greenhouse. She was a greenhouse grower, just like I’d been, and while she was innocently puttering around with pots of flowers, she’d swipe a dirt-covered arm across her forehead and start in, telling me how she had this story, and she wanted me to tell it.

Every time I went outside to dig in the dirt in my own garden, Del went with me, pestering me.

Del grew up in a small town in southern Kentucky, not too far from where I live right now.

That town is Honey Bend.

I wrote the start of Del’s story long ago, just to get her to shut up. But then I put it away and ignored it for the longest time. But I never forgot about it.

I told y’all in my blog on February 4th about my growing pains, going from dark romantic suspense Goth Chick to writing small town romance, and I promised to show you the cover today.

Grow on Me Honey 2 megs

Brilliant cover artist Lyndsey Lewellen at LLewellen Designs got just the right feel for Del’s story, Grow On Me Honey.

That’s Del, with her hero, Erik.

Sometimes I wonder if MotherGrant wasn’t the one nudging me all this time, telling me I should write Del’s story, because it was a part of who I am.

Every time I’ve typed a blog over the past eight years, I’ve felt like I was sitting down on the porch with friends, telling stories, snapping beans, and inviting y’all to come around and “set a spell.”

Writing about the town of Honey Bend feels just like that. I can’t wait to tell you more about Del and Erik, but for right now, I’ll leave you with the cover, and hope you’ll feel as welcome in Honey Bend as I do.

In the meantime, tell me, Bandits and Buddies..

If you read small-town romance, what is it that draws you to the genre?

Is there someone from your past who played a role in making you who you are now?

Or is there something from your childhood that’s a part of who you are now, the way MotherGrant’s flower garden became a part of me?

If you want to knowBarn welcome to honey bend 40 percent size when their story comes out, you can follow me on facebook at Author Cassondra Murray.

Or you can sign up for my newsletter here.

I’ll give away one more combo this month to a random commenter—a grab bag of two random books and a piece of swag from my conference stash!

The Faux Cinderella~Growing Pains of a Goth Chick Writer

It’s probably no surprise to any of you.

I’m guessing it was a surprise only to me.

Let’s Goth chick owlbacktrack here.

You see…Owls are my favorite birds.  Odd for that one in the photo to be out in the daytime…hmmm.

Most of my clothes are black.

I’ve never minded the whole “sleeping in a coffin” persona because it fit.

If I had no alarm clock, my natural creative cycle would run from about seven in the evening until about three in the morning. So I work as many—or more–hours as the next person. I just work when the sun is sleeping.goth chick trees

Bottom line? By nature I’m a nocturnal creature, and when I first started writing romance, it was in the middle of the night.

The story that first came pouring out of me was a romantic suspense. Think big city. Fog. The sound of a ship’s horn in the harbor. Evil peering around the corner, waiting to pounce.

I probably could have written true crime or hard-boiled detective mysteries. Heck, I like trench coats.

It fits with the whole nocturnal thing, don’t you think?

But see? I needed the happy ending. Even then, happy endings were all I wanted to read.

So I wrote romantic suspense—the best of both worlds, or so I thought. The manuscript that made me a finalist in the Golden Heart—which made me a Romance Bandit– was dark romantic suspense. I had a feel for it, based on the contest wins and the editorial feedback.

Flash forward a few years.

Goth chick degreeI was heading for the computer every day, but I was veering off to do something else. I got a degree. I landscaped properties. I studied wine. I gutted and rebuilt most of an old house.

I was stuck.

My best friends were writers. I talked a lot about writing.

Heck, I was writing. But I wasn’t writing books.

The truth is, I was avoiding it.

Finally I told my friends,“I think I’m not meant to do this. I need to stop saying I’m a writer.”

But my wise and discerning friend, Dianna Love said, “No, that’s not it. Cassondra, you need to write something else.”

Maybe it was the place I was in mentally. Maybe it was the tiGoth chick lightbulb momentme of year. Maybe it was the food I had for dinner or the phase of the moon. I dunno, but those were the best words anybody ever said to me.

Because I heard it.

When Dianna said, “you need to write something else,” I went to my suitcase (we were in some city at the time—I don’t remember where) and I dug out the books I’d brought.

They were light contemporary romance.

Small town romance.

I just stood there, shaking my head.

I got home from that trip, and I went to the pile of books on my bedside table. There was a stack on the back corner that was covered with dust.

And there were two stacks on the front that had no dust at all.

What was in those stacks?

Small town romance.

Jill Shalvis. Terri Osburn. Early Susan Crandall novels I’ve read a hundred times. Susan Mallery.

Happy endings wGoth chick omgith no big world threat. No murders. Real life, but not much ugly at all.

And the truth hit me.

Obviously, the reason I wasn’t writing was that I was avoiding the darker subject matter.

What was wrong with me?

Anybody who’s read the blog for a while knows that when I really write from the heart, what I write about is old houses. Barns. Tractors. Farms. Country.

Small towns.

Well, duh.

So the next day I took my laptop out to the deck, sat under the umbrella, and started typing, and I realized I had a big goofy smile on my face.goth chick blue fingernails

I looked down at myself and laughed out loud. I had on black jeans, a black shirt, and my fingernails were dark navy blue.

All the signs of a Goth chick were still there, but I was writing small-town romance just the same.

And I haven’t stopped since.

My first cover is almost done, and on the 20th of this month, I’ll show it to y’all. I want to show my cover here in the Lair first, because you’re my family. And because I still have this funky disconnect.

“Goth Chick Writes Small-Town Romance. Film at Eleven.”

Does that not sound weird to you?

So a while back, I had this website all planned out. Black. Gray. Fog. Intrigue. But I ditched it.

Now I have a landing page all set, and some awesome people are designing a new website for me…with nary a wisp of fog anywhere.

I feel like Cinderella, except…

I keeGoth chick wicked witchp waiting for the spell to break, and the dark Fairy Godmother to announce, “You cannot write THAT! You must write about BAD things, WICKED things, and good that triumphs over EEEEVILLL! It is who you ARE!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!”


My series is set in Honey Bend, Kentucky, not too far from where I live right now.

There’s a bunch of friends who’ve known each other since high school. There’s a few churches, a few decent bars, and in the town square, goth chick courthousethere’s a bunch of old men sittin’ on the benches outside the courthouse, whittlin’ and talkin’ and keepin’ an eye on their grandkids in line for ice cream at the Frosty Freeze across the street.

And there are some folks who really need to fall in love, but they’re not one bit interested in that at the moment.

There are barns, potlucks, and county fairs. There’s gossip, and there are good people.

That’s how I grew up. It’s what I know, and it’s where my soul goes when I want a smile and a good story.

I’m not sure why it took me so long to come around to this, since that’s what I’ve been writing about in my blogs forever.  But that’s what I’m writing in my books now too, even if I still have dark blue fingernails.

So while the Bandits are reinventing themselves, I am too.

I’m not sure how to integrate the black clothes with the small town stories, but it’s all me…maybe more of me than I’ve ever been before.

Barn welcome to honey bend 40 percent sizeThe first book in the Honey Bend series will be out this year.

I’ll announce it here of course. But if you want to know ahead of time when it’s about to be released, you can go to my temporary author webpage and sign up for my newsletter.

It would be great if you also like my facebook page .  I can’t promise I won’t post a photo of an owl or someone with blue fingernails on occasion.  My snarky sense of humor is not going away, and I still need a LOT of coffee to get going in the mornings.  But most of it will be fun, and I’d love to connect with you there.

I won’t bother you much with emails though.

Okay, well…I might bother you a little when the first book is released. I’m guessing I’ll be really excited about that.

I’ll show y’all the cover, and tell you a little about the book, in my blog on February 20th.  I can’t wait.

But in the meantime, to celebrate the reinvention of the Bandits and the reinvention of ME, I’m giving away a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble, and a surprise grab bag of two books and some goodies from my bottomless box of conference swag.

Have you ever gone one direction in life, only to figure out that you should be going a different way entirely?

Ever changed directions in mid-stream?

Have you ever reinvented yourself in any way, large or small?

What about your reading habits?  Do you read everything, all the time? Or do you go through phases–darker, grittier books for a while, then lighter, easier books?

Who’s your favorite small-town romance author?

Did you know any Goth kids growing up?  And did any of them turn out to be, by any chance, romance writers?

Oh yeah.  I’m on Twitter too…but I’m telling you..I need serious remedial help with that.  It might be funny….even when I don’t mean for it to be funny.  Just sayin.

Reinventing Ourselves–Again~~A Love Letter to Our Readers

Do y’all have certain memories that stick with you?

I don’t mean the big moments. If it’s the loss of beloved person, or a special miracle, like the moment you bring your baby home for the first time, it’s obvious that those memories would remain in your mind for many years.

kentucky summer welcometohoneybend graphic 30 percentI’m talking about the little things—the moments that aren’t huge.

Or maybe they are huge—but you don’t know at the time that they’re going to change your life forever.

If you’re like me, most of the moments of your life sort of disappear, buried beneath the busy.

But some remain.

I have a glowing, sharp, indelible memory of sitting at my desktop computer, staring at words that would change my life forever.

It was about this time of year in 2007. Snow was on the ground outside. A handful of writers, all with stars in our eyes, had formed an email loop. One of us typed, “why don’t we do a blog together?” and something happened in the ether around me. I barely knew what a blog was, but I remember sitting there, feeling the power—the potential—of that.

Some others were feeling it too.

A few keystrokes later, we owned the Romance Bandits name, and withinreinventing ourselves calendar pages turning weeks, we’d stumbled our way into the blog-o-sphere.

That was almost eight years ago.

Can you believe it?

I have the same kind of memory of the first time I wrote a blog.

That blog is gone now—the first two or three months didn’t make it to the new website, and that’s probably a very good thing, because we were all feeling our way—but I remember thinking, “I have no freaking idea how to do this.”

Writing a story is one thing. Writing a news article is another. Writing a blog? Most of us were clueless, but we threw ourselves fearlessly at the unknown anyway.

And by doing so, we became more than our individual selves. We reinvented ourselves and created something that was a reflection of all of us.

Within a few months, a lot of you had found us.

I still don’t know how that happened, and later, I’m going to ask you about that. But still…some of those moments I will never forget.

~The first time Helen posted a comment.

~The first time one of our blogs got 100 comments. Then 200.

~The day Louisa Cornell posted the first comment of the day and said, “What do I get, a golden rooster?”

Yeah, we were never the same after that.reinventing ourselves rooster bash 08

I remember, so well, the day in summer, 2008, that I  stepped up to the edge of the sidewalk outside the San Francisco airport, waiting for a shuttle.

I heard a voice from my right that said, “You’re Cassondra.”

I turned. I found a gorgeous brunette smiling at me. I must have looked befuddled, because she said. “I’m Deb Marlowe. I know you from the Romance Bandits.”

We hugged, and I felt like I was meeting an old friend.

Of course I knew her name, and had read her books. But having somebody recognize me on the street because of the blog? I will never forget that moment.reinventing ourselves cake 2008

Later that week we hosted our first ever Bandit Bash in the downtown San Francisco Marriott, and the entire conference was buzzing about the rowdy Romance Bandits.  That’s the cake we served, over there on the right.  It says, “Have you spent the night with the Golden Rooster?”

Yeah. The hotel chef had a good time with that one.

I will never forget the moment I sat down in front of a particular big-name literary agent to pitch my romantic suspense series. We shook hands, she gave me the once-over, then her eyes caught on a sparkly pin attached to my conference badge.

reinventing ourselves bandita pin“You’re one of the Bandits,” she said, and I nodded.

“I like that,” she said. “You take care of each other.”

She was right.

When I found this group of women, I found a group of sisters, of a kind I’d never had before.

It wasn’t many months later that someone said, “We need to do a big party at Christmas just to change things up.” And we did.

A few years later, I remember when the first rumblings started about the Lair.
“We don’t have enough room, and we don’t own our content unless we get reinventing ourselves Jeanne with roostera real website.”

And then we said, “But do you think our Buddies will come with us?”

We were all amazed and touched when you did. We reinvented ourselves, and you made the move with us. By doing so, you made it worth the trouble of packing all our things and moving to our new digs here at

When that happened, and you hung with us, I think we all realized that we’d done more than just build a blog.

The Lair is a community. It’s as much about you as it is about us.

If I don’t see some of you for a while, I start to worry. For a good many of you, I know when you have job changes, when you move houses, and when you go on long-awaited vacations.

A lot of you I’ve met in person. That happened because I met you first right here on our blog.

For me, that’s not just a virtual community. That’s real.

This month, we’re reinventing ourselves again. And just like the times before, we hope you’ll come along with us for the ride as we throw ourselves into the unknown one more time.

Being on the internReinventing ourselves TGN Party invasion 2008et—and writing in the technology age—means we have to constantly keep moving, shifting and changing, to keep up with it.  I’m not gonna lie to you and say I think change is easy. It’s not. And this change is a little scarier for us than some of the others have been. But it’s also really exciting.

First, we’re moving to a much stronger presence on our Facebook page. There will be new posts there every day. Sometimes there’ll be a bunch of new posts.

If you like our facebook page, and if you interact with us by posting a comment or liking one of our facebook posts now and then, you’ll see our posts on your facebook feed.

We’re also going to put a widget thingy on our homepage that shows those posts, along with our posts on twitter.

But the bottom line is that we Bandits are all novel writers. In this brave new world of publishing, we need to write more books, and write them faster.

For some of us, it comes down to this. We can write books, or we can write blogs.

And we think if you, our buddies, had to choose, you’d choose the books. We hope so anyway.

Don’t worry. We’re not going away.

The Lair will still be here.

Some of us will still be blogging on our regular days.

But some of us won’t. That’s going to create some holes in our blogging calendar.

We know. If we’re not generating new blog contenReinventing ourselves RSS feed widgett every day, you don’t have a reason to come by.  We get that.

But we will still be posting about our new releases, we’ll still have guest blogs some days, and we still want to interact with you.

So there’s this thingy we’ve set up.

If you go to the comments page, you’ll see a thing on the sidebar that says “RSS Feed”—it looks like that, right over there on the right.

If you sign up for that, when we blog, that blog will come to your email inbox. That way you can come to the Lair and play with us.  I’ve been doing this for two weeks.  I don’t get anything except the blog sent to my email.  No spam. We promise. And when we blog, we’ll be around to talk to you, same as always.

During February, the Lair is going to go through some reconstruction. Some stuff will get moved around. That RSS feed thingy will be on the front page, along with a widget that shows our facebook posts and our twitreinventing ourselves grailter posts.

Basically, some of us are following in the footsteps of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. We’re swearing our allegiance to a cause, and we’re stepping outside the comfort of the Lair—like evangelists of a sort—to bring romance, and our books—to the larger world.

This month, while all these changes are in process, we’re going to have one giant party.

There will be prizes, and many hugs that involve wishes to “go forth and conquer!” all around.

The  Bandits will be giving away special goodies on the daily blogs this month.

The first week in March, when we hit social media like Thor’s hammer with a mask and a rose attached, we’ll have a HUGE party, with all of the Lair favorites coming around to say hello and do giveaways, and there will be prizes every day.

We want you, our Buddies, to go forth with us.

More than anything, we want you to understand what you mean to us.

We call you our Buddies, but really, you are our home. You are our family. You are the reason we’ve blogged every day for eight years.

Our hearts are on the line here. As we take a chunk of the Lair on the road, and reinvent ourselves one more time…

Will you go with us?

We hope so.

But for today…

This is the Lair after all, and all the staff–Sven, the gladiators, cabana boys, Hockey Hunks, the goddess Sangria–hey, even Ermingarde the dragon  is here– So….Let’s PARTY!

I’m giving away a grab bag of two books, and a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card.

Bandita Kate Carlisle is giving away a copy of A High-End Finish (first in her new Fixer-Upper series) and some swag.

Bandita Jeanne is giving away a Starbucks mug and a Starbucks coffee card.

And Lair Favorite Dianna Love is giving away one of her Slye Temp ebook box sets!

To start the party off, let’s celebrate the first eight years in the Lair!

How did you find the Romance Bandits?

Do you remember the blog that made you leave a comment for the first time?

What’s your favorite memory of the Bandit Lair so far?

During our construction, you can help us by liking our Romance Bandit facebook page, following us on the Romance Bandits Twitter feed. The links are at the bottom of the page.

And if there’s a Bandit you haven’t liked or followed, do it!

But MOST IMPORTANT—sign up for the RSS feed.

If you don’t get our monthly newsletter, sign up for that. It will be in your inbox first day of every month without fail.

Now let’s party!

The Stuff of Life

I want to be Bandita Tawny.

Yes, I do.

I mean seriously, have you seen photos of Tawny’s office—the space where she writes? It’s an awesome, cute, table-style desk with hardly anything on it.   Except a dog basket.

Yep, one corner of her desk has a basket for her teensy weensy little dog, Daisy Mae. A dog that wears cute sweaters and has an adorable bow in her hair.

That’s cuz Tawny is uber-organized.

Yesterday I poured my coffee and went to my office, just a few steps away from the coffee maker

Dear. Lord.Thank God for the things that I do not own quote

Obviously, it was time for an intervention.

My office, you see, is my kitchen table. Not because I can’t write somewhere else–technically my writing space is in one corner of the bedroom.

Ummm, that’s not working.  I avoid that corner.

My office is my table because this is the part of the house where I can actually sit and write without constantly getting up to go know…the kitchen. Apparently my muse likes this part of the house best. Yeah. I have to stay in the kitchen to write.

Anyway…a few weeks ago I cleaned out and painted the computer armoire in the front foyer–the one that holds our desktop computer–so yesterday when I walked into my…ahem…office, everything that came OUT of that armoire was still piled on the table.

Even with the leaf adding almost a foot to the round oak dining table, no wood was showing between the piles.

MakoOh and there were some dust-bunny-dog-hair-combo thingies wedged under the table’s claw feet, know…both of our dogs have heads bigger than Tawny’s entire dog.

A basket for one of my dogs would be bigger than my whole kitchen table.

Okay. It’s that time of year anyhow, right? Might as well get a head start on spring cleaning, starting with my kitchen-slash-office.

I do this at least once a year, though I never seem to actually finish the job.

The interesting thing to me is that every time I do this, I find that I’ve let go of my attachment to more stuff, and I’m able to either donate—or throw away—a bunch, which is the goal after all—lighten the load I carry through life, so I’m hauling around less physical baggage.

Still, in spite of all this, there are a few things that, no maClearing Space photo of Stevetter how cramped my space has been, have survived every cleaning and clearing through the years, and they still hold a place of honor in my writing space.

First is the most important one. It’s a photo of my husband, Steve, not too long after we moved into our house. We’ve been working on the house for years, but at this point there wasn’t much furniture. It was almost Christmas. This photo always makes me smile.

Next is a little bear.  I can’t tell you for certain the year that picture of Steve was tclearing space golden heart bearaken, but I can tell you pretty much to the day when this bear came into my possession.  It was July, 2006, and I was in Atlanta, Georgia, getting ready for the Romance Writers Of America Golden Heart awards.  I was a finalist.  My friends, also my conference roommates, were my critique partners at the time.  They gave me this bear right before we went down to the awards show.  Every time I look at it, I remember that moment.

That’s also how I came to be a Romance Bandit, and meet the other awesome writers who make up the Bandit Lair.clearing space sugar bowl

That photo over there on the right…that’s a sugar bowl.  It’s the only thing I have in my home that belonged to my paternal grandmother–my father’s mother. She died when I was a small child.  I don’t have much from her because, honestly, she didn’t have much.

The sugar bowl has no lid, so it holds pens and markers.  No matter how much tossing I do, I always hold onto this.  It’s one of the things that keeps me connected to my roots.

clearing space cards from dianna I always have a card or three clipped to my file holder, and more often than not, they’re from Dianna Love.  It’s true that I work with her, but it’s also true that she sends the best cards at just the right time I need to receive them..  They make me feel good, so I keep them around, even through the serious, heavy-duty cleanings.

clearing space coffee signOne day last year, a box came in the mail, and it was full of fun things that made me laugh.  One of those was this wooden sign over there on the right–the one about coffee. It came from Banditas Jeanne and Nancy, who were off on a trip, doing research and having fun.

I couldn’t go on the trip, so they sent me this to let me know they were thinking of me, even though I wasn’t there.  It was a thoughtful gift from people who know me well, and every time I look at it, my heart smiles.

clearing space sticky holder Okay see that caddy full of sticky notes over there on the left?

Yes, it’s true that I love office supplies (what writer doesn’t?) and in particular I love stickies.

But stickies are the equivalent of Thor’s hammer for me. If I have the right stickies, I can do anything.

That caddy full of stickies is my security blanket.  Cuz see thclearing sticky white boardat white board over there on the right?  Yeah, I know it looks nothing like a book, but that’s what it is. That’s the book I’m working on right now.   So no matter how thorough my cleaning and purging, the sticky notes stay.

They make me feel safe.

clearing space florida bottleThat bottle over there, the one with the sand and the seashells, is one I brought from Florida.  I was at a conference there in the dead of winter, and being near the ocean always heals my soul.  The conference organizer was kind enough to give me this little bottle to fill with stuff from the beach, and sometimes I get it down and just stare at it for a while.  The joy of the sun and the sand and picking up seashells at the edge of the surf comes back to me and renews me.  There’s a whole escape for me, right there in that little bottle.

This is the last one.  See that little rock down there on the right beside my computer mouse?

I was a young woman when I went on a really special retreat.  This was a women’s retreat run by the Catholic and Epclearing space first stoneiscopal churches in the region. I was neither Catholic nor Episcopalian, but that retreat touched me in profound ways.  Many groups sent small gifts to make us all feel special, but the monks from a monastery not far away sent each of us a beautiful long-stemmed rose, and a small stone painted with the word “FIRST.” The retreat leader read a letter from the monks.  For each stone, several hours of prayer had been dedicated, that the receiver would be blessed in whatever way was needed.

The lovely rose was withered within a week, but I’ve kept that stone on my desk, wherever that desk has been, for almost 30 years. It was a reminder of a story in the Bible.  A group of people were accusing a woman of adultery, and wanted to stone the woman to death.  They demanded that Jesus agree with them.  Instead he said, (paraphrase) “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at her.”

I am a person of deep faith, but I’m not at all religious.  But for me, that little rock is a reminder of the unconditional love I felt at that retreat, and a reminder that if I ever feel inclined to judge another person, there’s a stone right there, handy, that I can throw.  But I should maybe take a look at myself before I throw it.

I keep a few quotes around–some framed and some just cut out and taped to the edge of a shelf.  The one at the top of the blog, from St. Teresa of Avila, is one clearing quotethat makes me laugh every time I start trying to get rid of the piles of stuff in my life.

The one here, on the left, reminds me to pet my dogs more often, and worry how the yard looks less often.

That stone, the sugar bowl and the photo of Steve have been with me the longest of all the treasures I keep in my writing space.  I have a few other small trinkets, but none stick with me the way these do.

The sticky notes I could replace of course, but when I think about what I would keep if I could only choose a few things, these others always seem to make the list.

What about you, Bandits and Buddies?  clearing space cards from dianna2

When you clean and clear your space, what things remain year after year?

Are there certain things you’ve had on your desk for a long time, maybe even through more than one job?

Whether it’s a space for writing, cooking, knitting, or relaxing, what do you keep near you that’s meaningful, that makes your space your own?

Up there on the right is one more card I keep in my office. (Yes, it’s from Dianna.) I’ve decided I’m going to frame this one, because  I love it so much.

Songs That Make You Move

Last summer I was at my favorite local park. I love this park, but the gravel walking trail that runs around the outside edge of it…well…it’s hilly. I was slogging through the exercise routine on my iPhone… jog …walk… *sweat*…jog…*sweat, sweat*…walk…jog…you get the sense of it.

I have no idea how I did it, but I accidentally hit “play music” in the program I guess. I don’t have music on my phone. But some miracle occurred, because it started playing a song.

And I ran.

And I ran.  And….I ran.  And ran some more.

I skipped the next three walks.  I ran up hills. Down hills. I just kept running.

I got back to my car thinking I was Queen of the Universe. I’d run farther, faster, than I’d ever run before.

Okay, let’s be for real here. My “run” is a slow jog by most people’s standards. But a few months before, I hadn’t been able to run to the end of my driveway, so this..this was progress.

Why was I able to do that?

It was the music.

What music?

This. Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson.

Did you listen to it? If you did, just try and tell me you weren’t moving at least a little, even if it was only your head, bobbing back and forth.  The man had serious genius. Even the video is a work of art.

The driving beat of it is perfect for running–at least it’s perfect for my slow pace.  Anyway, this—and Jeanne’s blog yesterday about exercise—got me thinking about the music that makes me move.

Moving because I’m “supposed to” is drudgery.  Moving to music is…natural.  When an awesome song comes on, it’s impossible to NOT move. It’s fun.

Here’s another one.  I Can Dream About You from the Streets of Fire original motion picture soundtrack.

Okay seriously.  Were you not at least swaying in your chair?

Today I’m playing DJ, but there’s a reason.  The truth is, I need your help with something.

I’m going to put some songs here that, even if I’m cooking dinner when they play, have me bopping around the kitchen, playing drums with the spoons and spatulas, while I cook.

Turn the sound up, cuz here they are, in no particular order…

First is The Pointer Sisters

Here’s Kenny Loggins..

And a really old one…even though the video producer could not always spell correctly…

Going even older, here’s Michael Jackson again…back when he was a little boy.

I’m bopping around so much I can barely type. *grin*

I love this one–partly because of the awesome flashmob at Ohio State University. No telling how many times I’ve watched this, but it still leaves me with a big grin on my face every time.

And the final one–also from Michael Jackson. It’s a little slower, but I still dance to it, and I love the message.

So Bandits and Buddies…
It’s that time of year–time to get in the gym or out on the running trail, so I’m building a playlist to put on my iPod–feel good music that will make me want to keep running–make me want to
move–the kind of music that won’t let you sit still when you hear it.
Give me your best list…
What are the songs that make you get your groove on–the ones that make you dance around the kitchen?
The ones you can’t ignore?
Will you share your feel-good playlist with me?

Grounds For War–Jeanne & Cassondra Food Fight Day 2

Jeanne: So, Cassondra, were you surprised by yesterday’s food fight results? I know I was! So many people like Krispy Kremes! And I think you won the total overall vote for glazed donuts. (Pardon me while I roll my eyes, okay?)

Cassondra: Well, they’re popular for a reason.

Jeanne: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So moving right along…what about dipping? Do you dip your donut in coffFood fight milkee or tea?

Cassondra: Neither. I dip in milk. I like milk with my donuts.   Ha! Bet ya didn’t see THAT coming. *grin* Do you dip?

Jeanne: I’ve done it on occasion, in my coffee. *looks smug*

Cassondra:  *wrinkles nose* Speaking of coffee.  How do you like yours?  Do you go for the holiday specialties at the coffee shop?

Jeanne:  Ew.  I’d like to avoid it, but you know how it is this time of year. EVERYTHING has a “special holiday flavor” – I know that makes me sound like the Grinch,

Cassondra: *interrupts*   You’re a MEAN one, Jeeeeeeanne Grinch…

Jeanne: Snork! Great, now I’ll have the song stuck in my head all day….Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Griiiinch!

Anyway, I really hate flavored coffees or teas. I like my Starbucks Mocha, or plain coffee with creFood Fight Dec 2014 Jeanne's coffee from starbucks extra whipam. No caramel. No hazelnut. No vanilla, and for heaven’s sake NO PEPPERMINT!!

Cassondra:  What?

Okay y’all, you might as well know. I could order for Jeanne at Starbucks. I’ve seen her do it often enough. In fact, I HAVE ordered for her.  That’s it over there on the right.  “I’d like a Venti non-fat, extra-whip Mocha.” *tries to look taller as she bats eyelashes, pretending to be Jeanne*

Jeanne: Snork! You do that far too well!

Cassondra: If only I could look blonde.

Okay, okay.  Now when it comes to the fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks or Peet’s or Seattle’s Best–and Jeanne’s mocha definitely qualifies as one of those–or when it comes to a plain old cup of coffee, I don’t like many flavors. I like flavored coffee ONLY in certain circumstances, and only certain flavors.

But hey! This is one of those circumstances!  It’s that time of year, right? Peppermint things are dancing around Christmas trees for cripes sake.

Jeanne: *shocked*: You mean you DO like peppermint coffee?? How could I not know this about you?

Cassondra: *gesticulates wildly* How can you not like peppermint?

Jeanne: Oh, I like all those flavors on their own. I just don’t like them in coffee. Or tea. OMGosh, I despise flavored teas. Give me good old Earl Gray, or a hearty black leaf tea like Orange Pekoe. Twinings. Constant Comment. Hearty tea. And if its gonna be hot – perfect for this time of year – there’s to be no milk. No lemon. None of this foo-foo flavoring. Bleech.

Cassondra: I really, REALLY hate to break it to you, but darlin’, Earl Grey Is. A. Flavor! So is MOCHA in coffee, for that matter. I like the idea of mocha, but honestly? It’s the textureFood Fight Dec 2014 Cassondra coffee. Mocha is chocolate flavored but it’s thick. It makes the coffee “thick.” So now I really want a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, but I can’t stand the texture so instead I get a peppermint latte with whipped cream and fancy fixins.  That’s it over there on the left.  Cuz I don’t want…you know…THICK coffee.

Jeanne: Snork! You are so picky.

Cassondra: YOU like thick coffee. Admit it.

Jeanne: Absolutely. Chocolate in coffee, and whipped cream, are naturally occurring additives. They’re fitting. They’re companion flavors. Adding other things, like the new Starbucks Roasted Chestnut Latte, are just icky. And seriously, they made a mistake the other day and made me a peppermint mocha instead of my usual mocha.

Cassondra: Yum! (except for the thick mocha part)

Jeanne: Hey! I’ve been going to “my” Starbucks since it opened – more than 15 years! – and they’ve never made it with peppermint. I took a big ‘ol drink as I walked out the door. Nearly choked. Turned right back in and handed it to the barista. Poor thing, he was the new guy.   He fight candy canes

“What?” he asked as all the other baristas gathered around. They know me.

“It’s Peppermint,” I said, handing it to him.   “Icky. No peppermint. Ever.”

Laughter from the other baristas.

“Just a mocha,” they chorused. “Not white mocha, not peppermint, nothing but mocha .”

“And extra whip!” the longest-serving barista added.

See? They know me. No foo-foo flavors.

Cassondra: WAIT just a minute. YOU get to pick WHICH flavors are foo foo and which are not just cuz you like some and not others? *waggles finger* I don’t think so. And they aren’t saying anything about the CHOCOLATE flavor—and the THICK coffee.

Seriously. Ew.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like ANY pre-flavored coffees—like those pre-flavored beans you get at the grocery store?  I know, I know, lots of people like those. But me?  Blech. Gross me out the door.

Jeanne: Whew! I’m glad we agree there, I was beginning to worry!food fight cinnamon

Cassondra: Yes, but if I go to a coffee shop, and it’s the right time of year, I’ll get a peppermint flavored coffee. It just seems fitting.

And here’s a secret–once again—just a plain cup of coffee, with no fancy steamed milk or froth and no espresso. At home, during these long, dark days of winter, I’ve been known to pull the cinnamon out of my spice cabinet and put a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in the coffeemaker on top of the ground coffee. *slurp* I learned this trick from one of my favorite little restaurants in Nashville, Calypso Café. They serve fabulous cinnamon coffee year-round, and they’re known for it. Just the right hint of cinnamon. And it’s REAL cinnamon. You know—bark from a tree–nothing fake. It’s an antidepressant.

Jeanne:  Okay yeah. I’ve had that coffee. It was decent. But I wouldn’t want it very often.

Food Fight Dec 2014 KeurigCassondra:  Oh! And y’all…..there’s this whole other thing. I happen to know that Duchesse Jeanne has drunk the Keurig Koolaid. *pauses for effect* Yep, that’s right. She’s gone to the “pod” coffee. Which to me, is kind of like having a pod person replace your husband, but whatever.

Jeanne: I LOVE my Keurig! I don’t make a whole pot and have to throw it out!

Cassondra: I make a whole pot, and I don’t throw it out. Just sayin.

Jeanne: That must be what puts the famous sarcastic bite in your humor. And seriously, if I drank the pot? *Boing! Bing! Smash! Crash! Boing!* That would be me, barreling oFood fight dec 2014 cuisinartff the walls for the rest of the day.

Cassondra: Hey. I own that sarcastic bite. But seriously. A pod-brewed cup, while a VAST improvement over sorry single-serving hotel packages, does not taste the same as a POT of brewed coffee.

Jeanne: Oh, yes it does. What do you think is different?

Cassondra: A pot has time to sit there and mingle. It has time for all the coffee molecules to dance around each other and become something fabulous. Coffee from a pod can never escape its humble beginnings. It just can’t.

Jeanne: *rolls eyes* I love my Keurig. Serious Keurig love. A hot cup anytime, always a great taste. And look at all those gorgeous colors you can get if you buy a mini Keurig! That’s like the desktop model!

food fight KeurigminiCassondra: So it’s a Keurig of mini colors!

Hey, looky there. I made a joke.

Jeanne: Snork! Always a comedian in the bunch. Coffee from a Keurig is damn close to as good as a pot –as in 99% close. And hey…NO PEPPERMINT in sight! How about that? Besides, as the only one who drinks coffee in the household…yeah, like I said, I’d drink the whooole pot… so really, by brewing only a cup at a time, I’m doing the world a biiiig favor.

Cassondra:  Okay, I’ll give you that.  Nobody wants to face either one of us on too much caffeine.

Jeanne: Which brings up an important point. You ALL need to know that, while Food fight dec 2014 coffee groupingflavorings are at issue here, and definitely worth a fight, my evil twin and I are akin in one MAJOR thing.

We drink coffee for YOUR protection!! (Bwahahahaha!!)

Cassondra: Alas, it’s true. You don’t want to talk to me between the time I’ve gotten up and the time I’ve had the first cup of coffee. Word to the wise.

Oh and speaking of tea–Earl Grey or English Breakfast.  Herbal tea at night.

Jeanne:  *raises eyebrows*

Cassondra:  Hey, I’m not a complete throwback. *raises pinky finger in the air, sips mock cup of tea*

Jeanne:  Snork!

food fight half and half Cassondra:  And although I’ve weaned myself off of sugar in coffee. I use cream. Lots of it. Real half and Half. No fake creamers allowed.

Jeanne: On THAT, my evil twin, we agree. Lots of cream

So…How about it Banditas and Buddies? Coffee or tea in the morning?

With cream? Sugar? Or black and strong?

Do you like any additions? Peppermint? (BLECH!)

Cassondra: Hey! So do y’all like peppermint? Especially at theFood Fight 2014 Keurig pods holidays? Caramel? Chocolate? Chestnut flavoring? Hazelnut? Pumpkin pie spice? Cinnamon?

Do you go for the special holiday drinks at coffee shops? Like the Pumpkin Spice latte or the Peppermint Mocha?

Or do you shuffle in, caffeine deprived, and say, “tall dark roast coffee please”?

Jeanne: Do you have a favorite coffee vendor? Are you a coffee snob and like Starbucks, Peets, Seattle’s Best and their ilk? Or do you refuse to get into all that…

Cassondra: *interrupts*… Like my mom–she buys her coffee at the grocery store.   If that’s what you do, is it Folger’s? Maxwell House? Store brand?Generic?  Special roast or the plain old original?

Jeanne: Or do you have a substitute like Bandita Donna? She carries a sleeve of Diet Coke wherever she goes. While we’re waiting for the coffeemaker to get going, she’s on her way with a *pop..fffffffizzzz…ahhhhh!*

 And just for the sake of a survey….do you use a Keurig? Or do you brew your coffee in a pot?

Cassondra:  We’re doing the same giveaway again today… in honor of the 12 days of Bandita Christmas, Jeanne is giving away ANOTHER Washington, DC, Starbucks mug and a $10 Starbucks card so you can have YUMMY coffee with your Christmas Donuts.

And I’m doing another grab bag of  two random novels plus one piece of fun swag from my leftover box of conference swag. (Both giveaways are Continental US only.)


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