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TIme for some Bandita Booty

Thanks everybody for sharing your love of calendars with me.  Got some ideas about using mine more efficiently.  Loved that so many have difficulty throwing away those gorgeous photographs as well.  Those pretty calendars definitely bring out my hoarder instincts 🙂

The winner of the peacock calendar is…….

Trina Morgan  !!!!!

Trina, I need you to contact me at so I can get your mailing info.  Hope you enjoy 16 months of Peacocks 🙂 !

Thanks everyone –

Have a great New Year!


Time Keeps On Slipping Into the Future…

One thing I love about January (and no – it’s not the snow) are the new just-waiting-to-be-filled calendars.  I have to admit it.  I LOVE calendars.  They offer such possibilities – all those blank spaces.  They make me feel organized, even when I’m not.  They’re great communicators, reminding me when my aerobics class starts up, and when my various writer groups are meeting. 

Planner padMy can’t-live-without calendar is something called a planner pad.  Here’s what it looks like.  No pretty pictures.  Just lots of writing room.  The planner pad shows one week at a time.  The top third is for listing the things that need to be done for the week.  I allot a bit of time every Sunday, just me and a cup of chocolate mint truffle tea (It smells heavenly!) to sit and think about the upcoming week.  I consider the things that need to be accomplished for the family, for my writing, for myself, etc.  It’s like the old Steve Miller song.  Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.  I feel as if this special time, just me and the calendar, keeps time from slipping away without purpose.

So I schedule my page creation writing goals in achievable chunks.  Sometimes I’ll add under writing the need to check out a research book or watch a DVD.  I’m currently watching science dvds on string theory, black holes, and quantum physics.  LOL.  Quite a difference from my research on scotch distillation…or maybe not.  After a glass of scotch (or a few of those single malt infused pieces of fudge my agent sent my for Christmas), the theoritical possibilites seem to make more sense.  🙂DVDs

I schedule out the family needs – put up the Christmas decorations, take down the Christmas decorations 🙂 , break out the Valentine’s decorations.  My daughter has a birthday this month so I jotted down that I needed to shop for her – both for gifts and a card – and that I’d need a cake.  Can’t have a birthday Book Cakewithout a cake!  If I could, I’d make one like this – isn’t it beautiful!

I have a section for promo.  Right now I’m giving away a book from my backlist every Friday through January and February to someone chosen from my author page “likes.”  Most of you are on that list so let me take a moment to say Thank You for that (Mwah!)  But I also put blogging reminders in this section, and the need to order swag for The Whisky Laird’s Bed.  It’s a neverending thing – promotion.

Then finally – I have a section for me.  Ever notice how it’s easy to overlook the things you need to do for yourself?  We always put ourselves at the bottom of the priority chain – so it’s good to be able to reflect about the things I want/need to do just for me.  It’s an attempt to keep that time from slipping into the future. 

The middle section of the planner pad is broken down by the days of the week.  This is where I schedule out the days I plan to work on those tasks listed above, plus all those routine sort of things that don’t require planning but still need to be done. I like that there’s a space to check off things as they’re completed.   There’s a certain sense of accomplishment in seeing that nice row of checkmarks.  Plus there’s always those days when nothing has gone right.  When every attempt to finish a task becomes an exercise in kicking over rocks to find more things that need to be addressed first.  On those days I can look at my planner and pull out some simple task then check that one off as complete.  Yeah, I like that.wall calendar

The bottom third of the calendar is for scheduling appointments.  At least until tax season takes off, I don’t need that.  I tried to use the section to keep track of how I used time but the calendar ends at 9 PM and I’m generally working till 2 AM.  🙂  So it becomes something of a note pad.

However, this is not the only calendar in the house.  I keep a pretty wall calendar in the kitchen for the entire family to note their appointments and what not.  It’s the hub for family organization.  I keep the calendar near the phone so we can quickly double check to see if we’re available on a particular night.  I think every family has a calendar just like this on their wall – what graphics/pictures do you have on yours? 

Downton AbbeyBecause calendar prices are always discounted 50% after Christmas, I patiently waited this year till after the holiday to buy another calendar.  This one is the Downton Abbey weekly calendar.  I justified the purchase to myself saying that I’d use it to keep track of the progress of tax returns.  But really, I bought it for the pictures – all those beautiful dresses and funny retorts from the Dowager Countess.

I bought another calendar to give away to someone leaving a comment today.  Here it is – a peacock calendar 🙂  So tell me, do you have a fondness for calendars?  What kind do you use? Are they absolutely essential or just pretty decorations.  Any tips for a great way to use them?  Let’s chat.Peacock calendar

As TIme Goes By…

By Donna MacMeans

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Where has the year gone? Suddenly it’s cold and I’m thinking about baking cookies, buying Christmas cards, and buying a 2009 calendar.

Of course you can’t buy just one calendar. There’s the big month at a glance calendar that hangs in the kitchen with all the family events, birthdays, medical appts., exercise classes, etc. There’s my personal month-at-a-glance dayrunner calendar to track writing events, accounting classes, aerobic classes, etc. Then there’s my smaller weekly calendar that I use to track writing progress. These are all paper calendars – which I admit our my favorite. I like the pictures 🙂

The banditas maintain a yahoogroups calendar so we can keep track of our various blogging days. I belong to a goal setting group that also uses an internet calendar for its email reminders on meetings. I don’t maintain a personal computer calendar or a PDA calendar but I know many do.

I’ve read that calendars are man’s (or woman’s) attempt to organize their busy lives, to – in a sense – control time. Given that time is determined by the cosmos, this is our attempt to link our daily lives to the heavens. But I wanted to talk about the paper variety. I was at the bookstore today and the variety never fails to amaze me.

I’ve loaded this blog with calendars that I’m thinking would appeal to the tastes of the various banditas. Can you match up which calendar goes with who?
Not sure I’ve got one for everyone, but I tried.
I hope I’ve got the click throughs set up that you can click on any of these images if you’d like to buy it. Are you a calendar afficionado? What type of calendars do you prefer? I must admit I used a calendar with lunar phases marked to keep track of the moon in THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT. I’ll send a copy of THE TROUBLE WITH MOONLIGHT to one commentor.
So let’s talk 2009.