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Let’s Talk Chocolate – Quick 5!

What better way to start off the week with a chat about chocolate?!

Chocolate 1I know there are a few chocolate aficionados … okay addicts … in the Lair ūüėČ That’s leaving aside the pesky Rooster and his Tim Tam fetish! Sven and the cabana boys have to make an extra effort to lock the Deadline Chocolate¬†Cabinet when the GR is around as he has a nasty habit of ¬†pecking at all his favourites. Still, that’s better than when Ermingarde gets a burning desire (literally) for some Cadbury’s!

I know too that there are a number of our dear BBs who can be quite overcome by the mere mention of the ‘C’ word!

Now, I must admit that while I really like chocolate, I’m not obsessed about it ;). Those of you who know me, know I’m more of a savoury person than sweet. But when I do get the urge to eat chocolate, I have particular tastes – good, old-fashioned milk chocolate. None of your fancy 98% cocoa for this gal. I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, naturally. I also like a lot of the big chocolate brands (like Mars, Kit Kat, Twix and Bounty) – as long as they’re made over here. They taste different when they’re made abroad!

Sorry, not a lover of Hershey’s. Reese’s though, is fab!¬†Do I like artisan chocolate or¬†chocolate¬†from Switzerland or Belgium? Absolutely – as long as it’s milk chocolate. Oh, and doesn’t have something floral in it or Turkish Delight <blech!>

CadburySo, over to you …

1. Dark/plain, milk or white?

2. Favourite centre and least favourite centre in a chocolate selection box?

3. Favourite flavour to go with chocolate?

4. Favourite chocolate brand and flavour/variant?

5. If there was no chocolate in the house, I would …

One lucky commenter who also ‘likes’ my Facebook Author Page¬†will get a bag of Cadbury’s treat-sized chocolate!¬†(If you’ve already liked my Author Page, don’t worry – just say so in your comment and¬†you’ll¬†be counted in the prize draw!)

Feel Good Films – Winner!

I’ve had to drag the cats in from playing outside in the snow to do their duty. They stuck their wet paws into the bag and come up with a winner!

Congratulations to:

Laurie G!

A bag of Cadbury’s chocolate will be on its way to you!

Please send your snail mail info to me at Anna at AnnaSugden dot com or via the contact link here on the RB website!

Bandita Booty!!

by Anna Sugden
I’m sorry I’m late announcing this – totally my fault – life got so busy!

Without further ado, the winners for the signed hardbacks of the UK Edition of Eloisa James’ Desperate Duchesses are:


Maija P


And as an extra bonus, because I was so late announcing the prize, I’m offering some genuine Cadbury’s chocolate to:



Please send your snail mail details to me at and I’ll ensure your prizes are sent out to you ASAP!

Bandita Booty Galore!

by Anna Sugden

Just been to the supermarket and picked up my Cadbury’s prizes – the lady on the till probably thought I had a serious chocolate problem!

I have two lots of prizes to give out.

First, for outstanding creativity in Collective Nouns. It was a very tough decision! So many great ideas. Thank you all for playing. But, I had to pick some prize winners so, *drum roll* the Cadbury’s goes to:

Pat Cochran

Cas 2 AJS

Ms Hellion

And a special bonus to Keira’s daughter, if she emails me her Barbie and bunny collective nouns.

Second, a winner from my Oreo blog. My tuxedo cat, Jersey Girl, put her paw into the pot and pulled out …


Congratulations to all the winners!! Please email your snail mail addys to me at Anna at Annasugden dot com, and I’ll get the chocolate treats in the post to you.

How do you eat your Oreo?

by Anna Sugden

Picture the scene … a lovely sunny day in the centre of Cambridge … a quaint tea shop set on a cobbled street, in the shadow of the majestic architecture of King’s College. A traditional English tea is served – fruit scones, jam and clotted cream. [clotted cream, by the way, isn’t something you put in your tea – it’s a spread, made from cream, for your scone].

Then, the debate starts: which comes first? Cream before jam or jam before cream? [The correct answer is cream first *g*].

In true English style, there then has to be a debate about how you pour tea – milk first or tea first? [I don’t mind which, as long as there is milk – none of this lemon or honey business!].

All of which got me thinking.

There are debates about several foods and how you eat them.

Boiled eggs, for example. Do you smash or slice?
Spaghetti/pasta – do you twirl or chop?
Bars of chocolate – one segment at a time, bite away or all at once?
Apples – do you peel and section or bite?
Pringles – one at a time or by the stack?
Ice lollies – do you lick or bite?
Boiled sweets/mints – do you suck or bite?

And, of course, the ever-popular … how do you eat your Oreo? (or for those of us who live in countries without Oreos, Bourbons, Custard Creams or other ‘cream sandwich’ type cookies).

Do you split the cookie in half and lick out the cream? Do you eat one cookie bit first, then the cream, then the rest? Do you dunk and bite or shove it all in?

Come on, you can tell us. And to tempt you into sharing your habits, I’ll even sweeten the pot with a prize of some Cadbury’s chocolate … the real stuff … from England … to eat any way you please [I haven’t forgotten last month’s prize winner for the best collective nouns – I’ll announce the prizes together!]