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Are you a book nerd? Or a book ninja?

You’ve seen them.  The quizzes that tell you which Disney Princess you are, or which 60’s Sterotype you are.  I see quizzes like this on Facebook constantly and generally do not take them.  I say it’s a matter of time but I wonder if I fear I won’t get the answer I wish.  Apparently, that is the concern of many people taking those quizzes, so I am here to say…


There is no science behind the quizzes.  They are just fun.  And the final answer you receive is likely to be a feel good, complimentary answer no matter how you score.

stack of booksSo I tried it with this quiz from Buzz Fee called “Can you quess the Famous Book from the First Line?”  While many of the other banditas are better read than I am, I do study first lines of a number of books.  I scored “book nerd.”  Not bad and probably accurate.  So I retook the quiz and purposefully chose the wrong answer (although I quessed correctly at three works that I didn’t recognize) and I scored a “book ninja.” I like that as well.  So you can’t go wrong.  Take the quiz here.

While researching quizzes like this, I saw a statement that the vast majority of people that took the quiz “What State Do You Actually Belong In?” received the answer:  Wisconsin.  So many in fact, that more people got that answer than actually live in the state!  Barbara Vey would love that.

Still working the book theme, how about this one.  Can you guess these banned books by their emojis?  Now I had to look up emoji, but it’s pretty obvious from the quiz.  An emoji is the ideogram or smiley used in Japanese electronic messages and webpages, the use of which is spreading outside Japan.  Basically, it’s this 😛  or maybe this :mrgreen: . So now that we know the terminology, do you know the books?banned

Sorry, no neat labels go with that one – just a number score.  I question, though, if all those books were truly banned books – or if they were titles that inspired easy emojis.  I swear I had a number of those books as assigned reading in high school.

And finally, just to give a smile to your day and include a little romance in the blog, we have “What Kind of Man Turns You On?”

Johnny Depp

Gotta say – they nailed me 🙂  (while I like Johnny Depp, the photo is purely for Tawny 🙂  )

Thank you Buzzfeed for the fun quizzes.  Now how did you score?  Did you try the quia a second time to see if you could get a different answer?  Did you like your ideal man?  Let’s chat!

Oh – and for any historical authors or there (or fascinated readers), I’ve started uploading my research books on fashion, etiquette, undergarments, locations, etc. to my pinterest page.  It’s an ongoing project – I have a ton of books and I’ve barely scratched the surface – so check back frequently!  🙂