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by Suzanne Welsh

This has been a productive week at my house. Yesterday I had three workmen stripping 1970’s era wallpaper and old chair rails from the dining room walls. They patched the plaster and filled holes from picture nails. Then they painted the eggshell white walls a lovely pale yellow green. They also painted the foyer a lovely shade of pale yellow gold.

Now you may be wondering what in the world this little bit of remodeling has to do with writing. Well, when we bought this house, we had a bedroom for each of the kids and one for us. As my children have moved in and out we managed to carve one room into an office for my husband. One where the door can clearly be closed while he works and when company comes.

But there never seemed to be a space for me to write. So I carved out ¼ of the front room which should be a dining room for my office. I have a large computer desk complete with hutch that faces away from the wall. I get plenty of sunlight, I have a filing corner, and a huge book case. There’s room for my chair, the trashcan, the shredder and of course space for Rocky the wonder dog, (aka my writing partner), to sleep in the sunshine or moonlight while I write.

We’ve finally been financially secure enough to buy nice dining room furniture, (which arrives tomorrow), have professional painting done and new floors put in, (those are coming in two weeks). All this is in preparation of having a space large enough and nice enough for the family to spend holidays and family meal nights together.

It is also time for me to consider moving my cave, (what we writers call our offices), to a small bedroom that will be an actual office. But for now I’m enjoying the fresh clean walls and the lovely color in my office/dining room. Oh yeah and it was great fun watching men work so efficiently yesterday!

So, writers, do you have anything special about your cave you’d like to share with us? And readers, do you have a room you’d love to do some freshening up to for the holidays?