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Celebrating 2012

I think if another person asks about my resolutions for the new year, I may very well scream.

When asked, I say I’m making a resolution to lose weight (generally as I’m popping another calorie ridden morsel into my mouth), to be more disciplined in my writing (but then family matters intercede), and to clean out my office (if you saw my office, you’d know what a tremendous task that is). 

The thing is – new year’s resolutions focus on the things you feel you don’t do well with a mind to improve.  I recall reading someone saying the key to success is to identify those things you don’t do well – and  then quit doing them!   🙂  Focus instead on the things you do well and work to do those things even better.

With that advice in mind, I looked back on 2012 with an eye to what I accomplished.  Here’s what I found;

1) Released a new book, The Casanova Code, to excellent reviews.  That’s always worthy of celebration.

2) Entered Redeeming the Rogue in a number of published author contests and finaled, placed or won nine of them.  That sort of validation always feels good.

3) Dusting off the Victorian riding hat, I participated in nine book signings and two reader events.  Love meeting romance readers – they’re the best.

4) Taught workshops in six different venues including the prestigious Thurber House.

5) Went to Scotland to gather research for my next book.  (yes – drinking that scotch was for research – i swear!)

6) Did my first skype interview with a book club (and isn’t that technology amazing!  Thank you to Anna Sugden for showing me the ropes).  I also sent out a ton of first chapter books to book clubs everywhere.

So I didn’t lose weight, but I am able to close the door on 2012 knowing that the year didn’t exactly go to waste.  

I did a quick tally of 2012 releases in the lair and discovered that as a group we released 26 books and a number of novellas and short stories.  Wow!  That’s a lot of good reading!  Here’s a rounddown:


We love first sales in the lair as they represent a culmination of years of hard work.  In many ways, they represent dreams come true and this year, we had three of them.

Anna Sugden announced the sale of her hockey hunk stories to Harlequin on December 18th.  I’m still offering up toasts for this one.  Way to celebrate the holidays, Anna!

Nancy Northcott sold her first two books and first novella last year.  Her debut book, Renegade, released in 2012 and earned a starred review from Library Journal and a 4-star “hot” rating from RT.  That first review is always a nail-biter, but she did great!

Joan Kayse broke into the indie publishing scene with her first book, The Patrician.  Let’s hope the next in the series isn’t far behind.

OTHER RELEASES (which you can find in the Bandita library)

Trish Milburn achieved a record number of releases in one year in the lair – eight books!  WOW!

Close on her heels, Tawny Weber released four books and a novella.  She also has a January and a February 2013 release so look for more launch parties in the lair.  

Suzanne Ferrell had a banner year.  Her Ellora’s Cave release, Cantrell’s Bride, released in August.  She jumped right into self publishing with three releases, Kidnapped, Hunted and Close To Home. Watch for her January 2013 release, Bella’s Touch, and Close To The Edge sometime in Feb/March.  

Jo Robinson published two historicals and a young adult book (writing as Jo Lewis), along with three novellas. One of those historical novels has been nominated for a Romantic Times critic’s choice award.  While we’ll have to wait until May for the announcement of the winners, just being nominated is a serious achievement.

Kate Carlisle released two more novels in her bibliophile series (I love those books!) and Beth Andrews gave us two new Superromances (I love those as well!)

Anna Campbell made the jump from her old publisher to the new, Grand Central, with a new series, Sons of Sin.  Her 2012 release, Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed, generated some great reviews.  Her first audiobook was released through Tantor Audio, and her 2011 release, Midnight’s Wild Passion, has been finaling and winning in many published author contests.  Anna also was voted favorite Australian romance writer at the Australian Romance Reader Awards. No surprise there, she’s one of our favorite Australian romance authors.   😛 She ended the year by releasing her first indie publishing venture, the novella, The Winter Wife.

Wow – All that productivity sort of puts me to shame…but I’m not alone  🙂 .  Several other banditas had one release this year –

Christina Brooke released Mad About the Earl.

Susan Sey published Kiss the Girl.

Christie Kelley. – Bewitching the Duke


Several banditas had other accomplishments beyond publishing to celebrate.  Both Trish and Caren celebrated their 20th wedding anniversaries on the exact same day – isn’t that amazing?  Caren and her dh, however, celebrated their anniversary during the Pirate’s Week Festival on Grand Cayman Island.  They had a celebratory dinner at Tukka, an Australian restaurant. The GR approved of the setting as chooks run around wild all over the island! 

Nancy and her dh celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Savannah, GA.  I love that she snapped this photo.  Can you see the name of the ship?  How apropos is that!  In November, they went to the Okefenokee swamp so she could do more research for the Protectors series.  Good thing as we need more books in that series.

Christie Kelley moved into a new house in 2013, and Christina Brooke moved into her new “old’ house (renovated).

And finally, Joan Kayse welcomed her long awaited “Great” GODdaughter into her heart.

2012 was a busy year but 2013 holds excellent promise for even more books and more accomplishments by the banditas.

So how about you?  Share your 2012 accomplishments, your special trips, your milestones and we can celebrate the passing of the old year together.  I have a bookmark from the Edinburgh Castle from my research trip to send to someone leaving a comment. You can use it for one of the above fabulos releases  🙂

Let’s chat!