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Giving Thanks

Happy-Thanksgiving(((Psst, I’m in the kitchen!!)))

You know, it’s Thanksgiving today here in the US. So while you’re taking part of your morning off to check out the antics here in the Lair, I’m in my kitchen cooking. Actually, I’ve been in it most of the week, since our family dinner takes me days to prepare. So, at the moment I’m probably making Oyster stuffing for my turkey, a requirement in this household and I thought I’d tell y’all a few things I’m thankful for.

1. Bad Plumbing.

Yep, bad plumbing. Our house is nearly 50 years old and that means major plumbing issues that we’re saving $$ to repair, but in the meantime we have learned to work around it. In particular the drainpipes from the washing machine to the outside. See, the washing machine functions just fine, until it drains. Then I have to make a mad dash from whatever spot in the house I’m at to stop the washer before the water backs up into the house and all over the laundry room floor. Then I have to wait at least one full minute, two are better, turn it on , watch for the water, turn it off and repeat at least once more. Then we wait through the rinse cycle and repeat the on and off process until it kicks into the final spin.Bad_plumbing_medium

What a major PIA that is! How can I possibly be thankful for it?

Well, I’ve taken this up as extra reading time. See, I’ve set a chair near the laundry room door, and I have a book on it that I read during each time I wash a load of clothes. Of course, those 1-2 minutes wait times seem to be more like 5-10 minutes or 1-2 pages. 🙂 But, I don’t feel guilty about reading during the time I should be writing, because I can’t write when the washer is going anyways!

So, yes, I’m thankful for bad plumbing.

2. Bacon.

Let me say that again. I’m thankful for BACON.

baconAbout five years ago my dear hubby, we’ll call him the Jazzman, went on a restrictive diet of his own making. One of the things he deemed not worth consumption, (along with shrimp, lobster, bread, and anything processed) was pork products. Now, I make a killer pork roast and wonderful ham. I’ve mastered porkchops that aren’t dried out and sausage in various forms, but when bacon went on the do not serve or cook or eat list, I nearly died.

But I was patient. Ordered bacon on food when I went out, occasionally cooked it when he wasn’t home, and waited. 

This past spring, Jazzman was doing some more reading, (always a scary thing around here), and he came to the conclusion that bacon, especially organic bacon, might be okay for us to consume.


So, yes, I’m thankful for apple smoked organic bacon grilled outside and the pleasure of having it several days a week!

3. A slightly too small dining table.

Actually if you’ve seen my dining room table, (Joanie has), it’s huge, solid cherry-wood with big thick legs. I LOVE this table! It seats 8 comfortably. The problem is when the whole clan is here it gets a little crowded. 8 adults and 5 growing kids. I did the math the other day, and I think I’m gonna be one chair short. I probably should make a kids table this year, but a couple of those little ones still need to sit with parents in order to see that they eat and no mischief occurs. Well, no mischief that their dads and the Jazzman don’t start! 🙂

I love having this big clan and all the little people here for the holidays. I love the passing of the food, the conversations, the laughter, even the adults wetting the tops of their crystal glasses and making humming sounds with their fingers, (the Jazzman taught them this when they were kids!) 🙂 And at my house, they drink different amounts from their glasses to make harmonious chords in their rim-ringing!

Yes, I’m thankful for the slightly too small table and all the chaos at holidays and family meals!

4. Bad Weather.

Stormy-WeatherNot traumatic weather. I would never wish hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis or earthquakes on anyone, let’s be clear on that. But I do like it when there’s snow or rain in the forecast, the skies are cloudy, grey or dark. I seem to get a lot of writing done during these kind of days. Something about the charged atmosphere seems to lend to my brain’s functioning in a writing sort of way. Of course, due to the dark skies and cold weather I usually require a nap, but hey my subconscious can work out a problem with the books while my eyes rest. Right?

Hehehe, yeah, I don’t really buy that one, either!

Another reason to like cold or stormy weather. I have an excuse to make a big pot of soup. I love making soups. Chopping up a boatload of veggies, searing meat or chicken and tossing it all into the slow cooker with stock and letting it cook for hours and having a hearty meal at the end of the day is wonderful. What’s not to like about a meal that virtually cooks itself? And luckily for me Jazzman loves soups and leftovers! He’ll eat them for lunch for days.

See…bad weather, the sort I like, is another thing to be thankful for.

5. A mother who loved to read.

The four previous reasons were all sort of making the best of bad things, but not this one. 

write-web-copy-your-customers-will-love-reading11I grew up watching my mom take time from her day to read. She read each and every day. Maybe only a page or two, often half a book, but she always read. She taught me my letters and letter sounds and to read simple words before I even hit Kindergarten. When I started reading in school, she let me read to her. My books were Dick & Jane readers with simple 1-2-3 word sentences. But she listened and helped me sound out each and every word. Because of this I was always in the advanced reading classes. She took us to the library and even though there was a four-book limit for kids my age, Mom would always talk the librarian into letting me get seven or eight books, assuring her I’d read them all before I had to return them.

As I grew, I started to read chapter books. When I’d run out of them, I’d find a simple romance novel lying around. Usually a Barbara Cartland. Then I moved into bigger romances, Woodiwiss, Joanna Lindsey, Patricia Matthews. If Mom left it lying around it was fair game. Even after I married and moved out. Whenever I came home I’d see what books Mom had finished, then I’d usually take 5 or 6 of them home with me. She’s yet to forgive me for taking THE GIFT by Julie Garwood home BEFORE she read it. That was the first of Julie’s books I read. Immediately I went to the books store to get her backlist!

Because Mom and I love a lot of the same writers we exchange books and often have long conversations about books, stories and writers. She’s also my biggest supporter.

So, THANKS, MOM! I’m very grateful to have had a mother who reads!

6. Readers, including all our wonderful Bandit buddies.

I’m so thankful for readers. Y’all are wonderful! You keep us charged with the desire to produce more books. You tell us what you like, what you don’t. You challenge us to write tighter, bigger, deeper. (Uhm, let’s not go the erotic route on that last line, okay?)

a3b9af4e55b598b98cebe89a6827a400Here in the Lair we’ve come to know y’all so well. Many of you are our biggest fans. You help us welcome our friends/guests and buy many of the books we introduce to you. When the last of the Banditas launched our first books and fledgling careers we already had fans. YOU GUYS! 

Publishing, and indie publishing in particular, is a very scary step into the unknown. But like Indiana Jones in the third movie, we took a step of faith that looked like a huge chasm leading to our death, but instead, there was this nearly invisible bridge…our Bandit Buddies…to keep us from falling to our doom. The smiling faces we know popping up to chat with us on other blogs so we wouldn’t be Nellie-no-friends. You were the ones who bought our books and chatted them up to your friends, both in person and on line to notch up our sales. You are the ones who read our books and left honest reviews for them at Amazon, B&N and Goodreads. You are the ones who retweet our goofy tweets and sales or like and share our FB posts to all your friends.


 So, what are you thankful for today? Have you ever seen the bright side of something like bad plumbing? Are you thankful for bacon? Tell us a great Thanksgiving story or a story that made you thankful for something that surprised you! I’m cleaning out my office and have a bag of books from RWA National this year I think I’ll give to one reader today in thanks for being here.