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Banditas in ARRA Awards!

ARRA 2014The Aussie Romance Bandits have done well in the Australian Romance Reader Awards nominations for the best books of 2014. Christina Brooke is up for four:

Favourite Historical Romance – THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE

Favourite Continuing Series – The Westruthers

Sexiest hero – Xavier Westruther in THE WICKEDEST LORD ALIVE


Anna Campbell is up for five:

Favourite Historical Romance – WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite Continuing Series – The Sons of Sin

Sexiest hero – Camden Rothermere in WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite cover – WHAT A DUKE DARES

Favourite Australian Romance Author

Winners will be announced at the ARRA Convention in Canberra on 7th March. You can see a complete list of the nominees here:

National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Finalist!

Rake BDA RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS by Anna Campbell has finaled in the historical section of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award run by First Coast Romance Writers in Florida. Go, Richard and Genevieve!

ARRA Award Winner!

rogue coverAt the Australian Romance Readers Association Awards dinner on Saturday, 22nd March, Anna Campbell’s “Sons of Sin” series was voted favorite romance series of 2013!

Australian Romance Readers Association Awards!

christinaWow! Our Aussie Banditas have really done well in the nominations for the 2013 Australian Romance Readers Association Awards, announced 6th January on their website:

Christina Brooke, aka Madame, has been nominated for four awards:

LONDON’S LAST TRUE SCOUNDREL – Favourite Historical Romance of 2013

THE GREATEST LOVER EVER – Favourite Historical Romance of 2013

The Westruthers – Favourite Continuing Romance Series of 2013

Favourite Australian Romance Author

Rake BDAnna Campbell, aka Fo, has been nominated for four awards:

A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS – Favourite Historical Romance of 2013

Sons of Sin – Favourite Continuing Romance Series of 2013

Sir Richard Harmsworth from A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS – The Sexiest Hero from a Romance Published in 2013

Winners will be announced at the gala awards dinner on Saturday, 22nd March, at Cello’s Restaurant in Sydney. If you’d like to come (it promises to be a great night), tickets and information are available here:

Congratulations and good luck, Banditas!


2013 RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Awards!

RT Book Reviews has announced their finalists for the best books of 2013 and the Banditas have featured!

Congratulations to Christina Brooke, whose wonderful Earl of Davenport from LONDON’S LAST TRUE SCOUNDREL is up for the Knight In Shining Silver Historical Hero award.

Congratulations to Tawny Weber, whose A SEAL’S SEDUCTION is up for best Blaze of 2013.

Congratulations to Anna Campbell, whose A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS is up for best sensual historical romance of 2013.

Winners will be announced at the RT convention in New Orleans in May! Good luck, Banditas!

Bandits in ARRA Awards lists!

Wow, Romance Bandits sisters have made a major showing in the finalists of the Australian Romance Readers Association Awards, announced today.

Christina Brooke is up for:

Favorite Historical Romance of 2012 (MAD ABOUT THE EARL)

Favorite Historical Romance of 2012 (A DUCHESS TO REMEMBER)

Favorite Continuing Series (THE MINISTRY OF MARRIAGE)

Favorite Australian Romance Author of 2012

Anna Campbell is up for:

Favorite Historical Romance of 2012 (SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED)

Favorite Australian Romance Author of 2012

Best First Meeting between a Couple in a Romance Published in 2012 (SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED)

Best Love Scene from a Romance Published in 2012 (SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED)

Rogue High Res CoverFavorite Cover from a Romance Published in 2012 (SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED)

Congratulations, girls! You can find the complete list of nominees here:

Winners will be announced at the gala dinner at the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Brisbane on Saturday, 2nd March.

Good luck, Banditas!

Australian Romantic Book of the Year Award!

They’ve just announced the finalists for the Australian Romantic Book of the Year Award (the R*BY), the big local contest for published romance. I’m delighted to say that MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION is a finalist! Huzzah! Winners will be announced at the gala conference dinner on Saturday 18th August on the Gold Coast.

Susan Snarks the Golden Globes

by Susan Sey

I realize this is no secret but I’ll go ahead & confess: I’m a celebrity gossip junkie. Which means, of course, that my favorite season has just kicked off.

Awards season.

I don’t know why I love awards shows so much. If there was ever a group of people who needed to congratulate themselves less, it’s celebrities. These are fabulously gorgeous people who get professionally dressed up every stinkin’ day. Do they really need to do it again on their night off?

Apparently so.

Of course, the Academy Awards are the big deal & I wouldn’t miss it for the world. But my favorite, without question?

The Golden Globes.

Why the GGs? For one thing, it’s the first major awards show of the season. We’re all fresh & interested.

But second–and far more important–celebrities can drink at the Golden Globes. Considering the endless bottles of champagne at their tables, one might conclude they’re practically encouraged to drink. And when celebrities drink, they give tipsy, ill-advised acceptance speeches.

I love the Golden Globes.

My husband, however, feels about the awards season the way I feel about the football season: Meh.

So I watch a great many of these shows alone. Which is not all bad. I’m probably as irritating as an armchair quarterback. In fact, I know I am. I have proof.

Here is a record of my brilliant & witty commentary on the whole thing, from the red carpet action straight through host Ricky Gervais’ final acid-dipped salvo. You can ignore me any old time.

Hey, Christian Bale. Are you preparing to play Jesus next, or Barry Gibb?

Michelle William’s daisy dress. I dunno. Not working for me.

Is the sound cutting out, or are people really cursing that much?

This is the most gentle play-off/stop-talking music I’ve ever heard.

Ricky Gervais just introduced Bruce Willis as Ashton Kutcher’s dad. Hee.

Helen Mirrin is just hot. I’m sorry, she is.

And Chris Colfer is adorable. I want to put him in my pocket. I think he’d fit.

Am I alone in wondering if Lea Michele is really crying happy tears for Chris Colfer? Or is she just hogging camera time again?

Michelle Pfeiffer has a bangin’ body. Why, oh WHY would she wear saddle bags?

Wowza, Helena Bonham Carter. Still wearing your Bellatrix LeStrange hair?

I hope Tony Parker is at home gnashing his teeth because Eva Longoria is polished to a fine gleam.

What is it about Steve Buscemi’s wizened little self I find so appealing? He’s like a skinny little turtle inexplicably walking on his hind legs, and yet…I can’t look away.

Whoa, Jenny from the block. Not feeling the spangled poncho. You look like you’re wearing a harem girl’s skirt around your neck.

Justin Bieber is just snack sized, isn’t he?

I love it that Ricky Gervais just brings his drink out to the podium with him.

Anne Hathaway’s shoulder pads are like mini storage units.

Good lord, Al Pacino. Is Snooki doing your hair?

What is wrong with Dennis Quaid’s hair? It’s gone the way of Meg Ryan’s face.

On a side note, what the HELL is Tilda Swinton wearing? She looks like a nurse/nun as channeled by Maria from the Sound of Music. Maybe she made it herself out of old curtains?

Hey, dang, there’s Temple Grandin, hugging and kissing Claire Danes a little longer than Claire finds comfortable. Heh. And Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking like she’s already started drinking her disappointment away. Sorry, J Love.

I think Helena Bonham Carter has a crow trapped in her bosom. It looks sharp.

Ooooooh, Zac Efron cut his hair and packed on some muscle. When did that happen?

Hey, Aaron Sorkin. Boy, do I miss the West Wing. Did you know he has a degree in musical theatre? And occasionally dates Kristin Chenoweth? I wonder if he’s still occasionally dating cocaine?

Wow, Olivia Wilde went full out princess sparkly. I like it.

Blair Underwood….is that a leather jacket? A leather tuxedo jacket? Bold move, Mr. L A Law.

Melissa Leo just ended her speech with a heart-felt woohoo. Nice.

It would be tough to make a figure like January Jone’s look dumpy but damn, that dress made it happen.

Aw. They bleeped out the first few seconds of Paul Giamatti’s speech. I bet he cusses funny.

I don’t know how I feel about the sequined rose crowning Natalie Portman’s bosom. I think it’s pretty? Maybe if the dress weren’t such a blah color? A little awkward, though, when she announces her boyfriend totally wants to sleep with her, which is obvious because, hello, she’s preggers. Hmmm.

Poor Ricky Gervais is taking some jabs from the crowd tonight. Huh. It doesn’t seem like lighthearted fun, either. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the after parties tonight.

I like Sandra Bullock. I like her so much I want to kick Jesse James in the nuts myself. But oh, honey, those bangs are doing you no favors. Somewhere Kat Von D is smirking into her beer.

So how about you? Do watch the awards shows? Do you keep track of the awards or are you just in it for the fashion faux pas & the awkward moments? Will you watch the Oscars this year? What did you think of the Oscar nominees just announced? Exciting!

The BIG Awards Ceremony!

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy

Tonight’s the night! Saturday night of RWA’s National Conference is the BIG awards ceremony! This is the ceremony where romance writers honor their own with the Rita and Golden Heart awards, our industry’s equivalent of the Oscars, Emmys, or Grammys.

As you know, the Banditas were all finalists in the 2006 Golden Heart contest. That is where we “found” each other, and so this award has a very special place in all our hearts! In case you didn’t know, the Golden Heart contest recognizes outstanding unpublished romance manuscripts in ten different categories. Up to 1200 entries are judged by members of RWA and are narrowed down to around 100 finalists. Editors from acquiring romance publishers judge the final round, and winners receive a beautiful pendant.

This year, our Bandita KJ Howe is a finalist in the Contemporary Series Suspense/Adventure category. KJ is a fantastic writer and we are all pulling for her to be the BIG WINNER in her category tonight!

Did you know the Rita award was named for RWA’s first president Rita Clay Estrada? (Be sure to file that away for future trivia contests.) This award is for outstanding published romance novels and novellas and the contest has twelve categories. Once again, approximately 1200 entries are narrowed by judges to about 100 finalists. Winners receive a beautiful statuette much like an Oscar or Emmy.

This year A Not-So-Perfect Past by our Bandita Beth Andrews is a Rita finalist in the Contemporary Series Romance category. So many of us Banditas and BBs LOVED Nina and Dillon’s story and we will all be hoping that our Wonder-Beth will be the first Bandita to bring home the lovely Rita statue!

There are many wonderful writers and books up for Golden Heart and Rita awards this year. By this time tomorrow, it will all be over and the winners will be announced. We’ll get to see all the fabulous pictures and share the triumphs. But they are ALL WINNERS just to have been finalists!

Awards are so much fun! We all deserve to win one once in awhile. For instance, Posh, Jo-Mama, and I, along with Lars, Marcus, Zach, and Paolo all deserve a “Holding-Down-The -Fort” award! What about you? What kind of award would you create and who would win it?

Hitting the High Points Down Under

posted by Loucinda McGary aka Aunty Cindy

Last Sunday was a very special Valentine’s Day for yer olde Aunty. Yes, my DH came through with a lovely bouquet of flowers, and my son even managed to buy me some candy. Both of these gifts were nice but not in comparison to the VERY SPECIAL email I received late that afternoon.

The email was from Margaret Mason, the Awards Coordinator for the Australian Romance Readers Association, congratulating me because “…The Treasures of Venice has reached the final round of the 2nd annual Australian Romance Readers Awards in the Favourite Romantic Suspense category.”


I’m sure I let out a squeal heard all around my neighborhood. Then I went to the website ( ), looked at the list of finalists and went into full-blown hyperventilation! I mean, look at the list for just romantic suspense:

Favourite Romantic Suspense
  • Burn / Linda Howard
  • Dark Country / Bronwyn Parry
  • Dark of Night / Suzanne Brockmann
  • Feel the Heat / Cindy Gerard
  • Hidden Fire / Jo Davis
  • Kindred in Death / JD Robb
  • Made to be Broken / Kelley Armstrong
  • Shoot to Thrill / Nina Bruhns
  • Stolen Heat / Elisabeth Naughton
  • The Treasures of Venice / Loucinda McGary

Way back in 2004 when I first started writing the manuscript that eventually became The Treasures of Venice, I never dared to DREAM of being included in such exhaulted company!


Even today, the idea that readers as far away as Australia are reading my books, enjoying my stories and loving my characters stretches the limits of my imagination (and you all know I do NOT lack for imagination)!

Truly, being a finalist for this award is the greatest honor of my writing career thus far. And the fact that I am sharing this honor with my fellow Banditas Anna Campbell and Christine Wells (both finalists in the historical category and Favourite Australian Author) just makes it that much more special!

In 2006 when this same story (then titled Jewels of the Madonna) became a finalist in the Golden Heart contest, I believed it just couldn’t get any better!

I was wrong.

Having my book recognized and singled out by readers is THE BEST FEELING EVER! My only regret is that (barring a lottery win) I won’t be able to attend the Awards Ceremony and dinner on May 15th in Sydney. But I will definitely be there in spirit, raising my glass of bubbly high, and I know that Fo and Madame and so many of our wonderful BBs and other readers will be there cheering when my name is announced!

And one of these days, I hope in the not-too-distance future, I WILL be there to attend, whether I’m lucky enough to final again or not. After all, I haven’t been Down Under since 1999. I think I’m past due for another visit!

My very best and sincere good wishes to ALL the finalists and kudos to the winners!

Okay, Aunty will stop gushing now and let the rest of you have a turn. Let’s celebrate some High Points today! Please share some of your greatest honors! Don’t be shy, step right up and have some cyber-bubbly.

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