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We have winners!

1BanditBootyCongratulations to BEC RUTLAND, who won a print copy of the lovely Rachael Johns’s JILTED!

Bec, please send me your snail details so Rachael can send you her book: christina AT christina-brooke DOT com.


A Kindle download of NO MORE MR. NICE GUY by Amy Andrews goes to SECRET NINJA!

Please send your kindle account details to me at christina AT christina-brooke DOT com.

Congratulations to you both. We hope you enjoy your prizes!

USA Today Bestselling Amy Andrews is in the Lair!

biopic2014I’m thrilled to bring yet another Aussie friend back to the lair. Today, its Amy Andrews with her new steamy read, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY. Isn’t that a fabulous title and a great cover, to boot! Welcome, Amy!

An Essential List for Nice Guys looking to Bring Out The Bad.

My sexy new Brazen, No More Mr Nice Guy, has been out for a couple of weeks now and it even hit the USA Today bestseller list – colour me happy! The story revolves around Josie, who’s thoroughly sick of being a good girl and Mack who’s done with being the nice guy. There’s some fruity cocktails and a sex-list. Hijinks ensue.

Hijinks that turn old friends into red-hot lovers.

NMMrNGupdatedcoverSo now, with my vast experience of sex lists (one), I think I am well qualified to speak about what every good guy hero with a bad-ass alter ego needs up his sleeve when a good girl with a bent to be bad comes knocking on his door.

  1. A pair of handcuffs. The good sturdy kind. Not that fluffy pink crap that’s going to come undone at the first hard yank!
  2. A bed with appropriate hardware to attach said handcuffs to. Mack’s wrought iron bedhead is perfect!
  3. A supply of neck ties. Even if he doesn’t ever wear them himself they make very good blindfolds and gags.
  4. The ability to be creative with ice.
  5. An illustrated sex guide. To get those creative juices going.
  6. Some yoga classes. He’s gonna need to be limber!
  7. A sense of adventure. Once a guy lets out the bad boy, there’s no wimping out!
  8. A dirty mouth. This one’s essential. Smutty talk is non-negotiablAACBe.
  9. A degree of exhibitionism. For when the libido takes over and an alley is handy.
  10. Willingness to share her with the latest model toyfriend and being smart enough to realise it’s a threesome he can handle. Extra marks if he purchases it for her.

Well….that’s my list. To go into the draw to win a Kindle copy of No More Mr. Nice Guy, tell me, what would you add to the list? 

Hero’s Booty!

BanditBootyThe winner of Amy Andrews’ HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO is


Congratulations, Becke!

Please email Christina at christinaATchristina-brookeDOTcom to claim your prize.

Amy Andrews is in the Lair!


Christina Brooke: It’s my pleasure to bring back to the lair someone who needs no introduction. The fabulous Amy Andrews! Her new book, HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO is out rocking the romance world. Congratulations on the new release, Amy!

Amy Andrews: Thanks to Christina and everyone at the Bandits for having me once again. I feel like it’s been ages since I visited and I’d forgotten what a seriously cool place it is to hang out.

I don’t know about you but whenever I read the words Holding out For A Hero my head fills with the husky, sexy tones of Bonnie Tyler.Thanks also for letting me talk about my new book – Holding Out For A Hero, my first ST contemporary romance. It’s been sitting on my computer for years now and I’m just so thrilled that Jake, Ella and the whole crazy crew are finally getting a chance to shine.

Or maybe I’m just showing my age because when I went on to youtube to find Bonnie’s clip, I discovered there’s a HOFAH for everyone!

There’s this one Or this one

And for the Richard Armitage fans out there there’s this one and this one and, oh my, this one

It seems every movie, every TV series, every period drama has its own version. There’s even one for the W


hovians out there

Or better still – a Doctor v Richard one!!

I hope y’all appreciate how much research I had to do for this blog. How many hours I had to spend on You Tube. How many clips I had to watch. It’s okay, don’t fret, what can I say? I’m a perfectionist – I suffer for my art.

But all this “research” got me thinking about heroes and particularly about Jake, from HOFAH – a very reluctant hero. Jake Prince DOES NOT want to get involved with Ella Lucas’s problems. He’s a retired national footy legend, he’s running a pub, he’s drinking Coronas for a living.

He’s wastin’ away in Margaritaville where it’s always five o’clock.

Life is good. At least on the surface anyway.


He certainly doesn’t want to get involved with a woman from his past. Especially when she’s asking him to step back into a world that held him up high then cut him off at the knees – football.

But then this happens –

“Hi, Cam,” Ella said trying to sound casual and friendly. Cameron grunted at her. “Can you let me know when the footy’s finished? I need to talk to you.”

Cameron rolled his eyes. “Shit, Ella. Nag, nag, nag. That’s all you do,” he said, glaring at her as he grabbed his phone.

“Cam,” she called after him as he turned to go back inside.

“Fuck off,” he threw over his shoulder.

Jake blinked at Cameron’s profanity, shocked by his utter rudeness. He looked at Ella and saw her complexion pale as her knuckles grew white against the back of the chair. Then her cheeks turned pink as everyone at the table sat in uncomfortable silence.

He felt a white-hot welling of anger bubble up inside him. No wonder Ella had looked so strained earlier. Her brother needed a serious attitude adjustment. But amid the heat simmering inside him was a kind of primal recognition.

Cameron Lucas was a product of Huntley.9781760080327_Holding-Out-for-a-Hero_cover1 As he had been.

Cameron Lucas was him—before football.

“Okay,” Jake said. He stood to leave. If he stayed he may be tempted to give Cameron the whopping he deserved right now instead of making him pay for it on the field.

“I’ll be there Monday at three o’clock. You got yourself a coach.”

And I think maybe that’s what makes a hero. Or at least one kind of hero, anyway. Someone who does something for somebody else, even when they don’t want to, even when they’re going to be forced to confront their own baggage, because it’s the right thing to do.

And let me tell you, Jake – when he finally steps up to the plate – is one hell of a hero

So, tell me, for a chance to win a digital copy of Holding Out For A Hero, does the reluctant hero do it for you? Or do you prefer for the hero to jump right into it and get the job done? What’s one trait you admire most in a hero? And, btw, you are absolutely allowed to say, a six-pack or buns of steel – no judgement in the lair!


Happy October!

I love fall.  There’s so much to look forward to–chunky sweaters, soft scarves, fresh-picked apples.  Then there’s the first frost, first pumpkin pie, first crockpot chili…  Some among us might say football season (I’m looking at you, Suz & Jeanne) but some of us married Nebraskans without full disclosure about much of every weekend would be sacrificed to televised Husker coverage.  (It’s extensive.  I should’ve been warned.)

But here in the Lair, there’s something for everybody!  And October is looking awesome.   Check out what’s in store for you!





Love a good historical?  Check out Christie Kelly’s new release ENTICING THE EARL!

Kick Start



More into the witty contemporary?  Caren Crane’s KICK START is now available as a trade paperback!




Trish--Out of the Night


Looking for something a little darker?  How about Trish Milburn’s OUT OF THE NIGHT?


Click on the covers for more details!






On Wednesday, October 2nd, Anna Campbell hosts lair favorite Annie West (, who’ll tell us about her latest passionate tale, AN ENTICING DEBT TO PAY. Annie’s always great fun and we look forward to hearing about what’s going on in her life!  Plus she’s giving away two copies of her new book!  

Caren--Bullet Proof - New



On Thursday, October 3rd, our own Caren Crane will host Regan Black and Debra Webb as they discuss the Magic of Mentors. Regan and Debra will share what makes their professional friendship so beneficial – and so productive.  They’ll be giving away an autographed BULLETPROOF totebag & a $10 Amazon gift card, so swing on by!






On Friday, October 4th,  Sara Jane Stone will be celebrating her debut release, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, with us!  Tawny says that this is one hot, hot debut, so you might want to wear oven mitts.  One lucky commenter will receive her own e-copy of COMMAND PERFORMANCE! 




On Monday, October 7th, Susan Sey invites Tamara Hogan to talk about all the things authors should never say on Twitter (but maybe want to.)  Come hear all about it, & maybe win a copy of Tamara’s latest release TEMPT ME!







On Friday, October 11, Christine Brooks bring us another lair favorite–the fabulous Amy Andrews with her brand new release from Momentum, HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO. 







On Monday, October 21, Nancy welcomes Gerri Russell back to the Lair.  Gerri will talk to us about her new release, A LAIRD FOR CHRISTMAS, and dating customs in the 1700s.


Anna Campbell is holding a Halloween contest to celebrate a month-long price cut on her very romantic ghost story, THESE HAUNTED HEARTS, which is now only 99 cents. She’s giving away two copies of the novella (international). All you need to do is email her on and tell her the name of her 2012 Christmas novella featuring Alicia and Sebastian. You might just find the answer on Anna’s book page: For more information, please visit Anna’s contest page:

And that’s just what I can round up in advance!  Stuff is always cropping up last minute, so make sure to stay tuned!  

Turning over that calendar page always brings surprises–some welcome, some not so much.  Any surprises on your agenda this week?  



Sister Pact Winners!

Thanks to everyone for giving Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter a rousing welcome when they visited to talk about their wonderful book SISTER PACT! Ali and Ros have picked the winner of the signed copy of SISTER PACT, and it’s:


 Congratulations, Mary! Please email Ali and Ros on sisterpact @ (no spaces) with your snail mail detail and they’ll get your prize off to you. Happy reading!

Smart Sister Act with Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter!

by Anna Campbell

I’ve been dying to bring Alison and Ros to the lair. They’re such fun in person!

Alison is well known to us through her Amy Andrews persona as Mills and Boon Medical Romance (and now Riva/Presents) author extraordinaire . Their joint project SISTER PACT is Ros’s publishing debut. Not only that, but SISTER PACT is fantastic. I read it in one gulp last month. Seriously, I laughed, I cried, I hissed, I cheered. It’s a wonderfully rich reading experience and in between the riotous humor, it packs a big emotional punch. Definitely one for the TBR pile, guys!

Here’s their fun bio:

Ali and Ros are sisters who are as close as they are different. Ali married the first boy she ever loved. Ros tried to remember the name of hers the other day and gave up and had a chocolate bar instead. Ali thinks everything will work out. Ros thinks everything will get found out. But for all their differences, they are fiercely close and desperately proud of each other. Nothing feels real until it has been spoken aloud to the other. They both love to talk, laugh and write preferably over a bottle of bubbly and something coated in chocolate. They live in Brisbane.

SISTER PACT has its own website:

Ali/Amy’s website is:

You can buy SISTER PACT from Booktopia: and at all good Aussie book stockists.

Anna: Ros and Ali, welcome to the lair! Congratulations on the release of SISTER PACT. Can you tell us about this story?

Ali: Thanks so much, Anna. It’s fab to be here with the Banditas – we love your blog!

So what’s the story about ……

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… oh, hang on, that’s PRINCESS BRIDE.

Ros: But there is fighting and torture and revenge and chases and true love and miracles and a quest for money and honour, but something a lot more precious than that, for sisterhood. No Inigo Montoya. 

Anna: LOVE Inigo Montoya!

Ali: There is Nick, though. Hunky gorgeous hard man who can shear a sheep, build a shelter, light a fire and slay dragons all before breakfast.

Ros: And Lex who can quote Shakespeare and smuggles pink doughnuts ….

But the real blurb is here:

Two very different sisters. Once inseparable, they have long been estranged after an unimaginable betrayal.

Organised and uptight Frances married the only man she’d ever slept with. But no-one ever told her that seven years later she’d be having sexual fantasies about everyone from the pizza delivery guy to Denis Thatcher.

Scatterbrained animal-lover Joni never knew she was so attached to her kneecaps until she thought she might have to say goodbye to them forever.

After their beloved grandmother –  a game show addict – dies, they discover that they have each been left one million pounds in her will. The kicker is they can only inherit if they participate as a team in a gruelling reality TV program, Endurance Island.

They can survive the jungle. They can survive the humiliating challenges. But can they survive each other?

Anna: What were the inspirations behind this book?

Ali: Several bottles of fantastic New Zealand Sauv Blanc.

Ros: And a terrible addiction to bad reality television…

Ali: The crazy idea we could do it despite our mother’s presentiments of doom.

Ros: And lots of experience at sister stuff – love, laughter, and the usual catastrophes.  Most of all, we really wanted to write a book that nailed sisters – in all their glory, love and ferociousness.

Anna: We love call stories in the lair. Can you give us yours?

Ros: Well, we got the chance to pitch to HarperCollins at the 2010 Bundaberg Writers Festival but Ali (the far more experienced of the two of us in such matters) couldn’t make it.  I had zero experience with such things and was convinced I was going to blow it completely.  Of course, I made sure I was lookin’ good and feeling sparkly by being up entire night before with multiple vomiting children (was still sponging puke off my shirt when they called me to go in for the pitch – nice!).  I then broke all the rules of playing it cool and just about crawled into the lap of Jo Butler from HarperCollins the minute she started saying nice things about the book.  Also displayed huge amounts of self-belief by continually shaking my head and saying “really?” at each compliment. She then started harassing Anna Valdinger to read the manuscript and we started to get tingles…

Ali: And then, I was at the Coogee Romance Writers of Australia conference a couple of months later and I spied Bandita Anna talking to HarperCollins Anna and I hadn’t met her yet just knew she was the gatekeeper. So I sidled up to Bandita  Anna who introduced me, being the polite, well-mannered Bandita she is and then HC Anna started raving about the book, compared it to Marian Keyes – yes, Marian freaking Keyes!!!  – and poor Bandita Anna was very confused for a minute but she caught on like wildfire and even though it was another couple of months before we got an official offer through our agent, the tingles multiplied! 

Anna: Great call story, gals! I remember thinking I’d stepped into an alternative universe for a moment there. Nice to know I can keep my wits about me when the next dimension takes over! I think most people will be utterly fascinated by how you managed to write a book between you and what impact that process had on your relationship as sisters. Can you give us a glimpse of your working method?

Ali: Step 1. Open a bottle of wine.

Ros: Step 2. Drink the bottle of wine between the two of you then come up with a plot.

Ali: Step 3.  Laugh a lot as plot gets wilder and you start thinking  everything is hilarious.

Ros: Step 4.  Read it in the cold light of day and cull the bits that are less lucid.

Seriously, though, we did some good plotting initially, but tried to balance it with letting the muse have her head as the story took shape.  Ali would write one chapter from her character’s point of view, and I’d write the next.  It was exciting seeing the next instalment drop into your in-box and wild (and sometimes terrifying) to see where the plot would go. 

The process was very much like a conversation between sisters – wild tangents and plot turns, somehow getting back to the point, having lots of laughs along the way and realising at the end of it all that you’ve learned a lot about each other.

Anna: Sounds like great fun! I only get to raise a glass with the characters in my head. Much better in the flesh. What’s next for you both?

Ali: We’ve just finished the second Joni and Frances instalment – Frankie gets kidnapped by a cult and Joni has to come to the rescue. Fingers crossed it will be in the stores this time next year.

Ros: Baby number four. 

Ali: I have a feeling some Aunty babysitting might also be in my future.

Ros: Booking my husband’s vasectomy. 

Anna: Snigger.

Ali: Not saying I told you so when four children really do drive my sister over the edge….

Ros: Using the respite offered by some maternity leave to do some revisions to a single title manuscript that I’ve had some interest in.  

Ali: More books for the Medical and Presents line for Harlequin.  Hoping to finally sell a much loved single title of mine. And please, please get a chance to read something from my enormous TBR pile!

Anna: Do you girls have anything to ask the Banditas and Bandita Buddies to get the conversation rolling?

Ali: Ros and I love the way women converse with each other and tell stories. It’s never linear, always meanders and diverts into little side alleys along the way but is always enthralling and hours can pass before you know it. When you get together with girlfriends or female relatives what are some of the weirder tangential conversations you’ve had?

Ali and Ros have very generously offered a signed copy of SISTER PACT (international) today to one of our commenters. Believe me, you will LOVE this book, so get commenting, people!

Raiding the TBR pile

by Anna Campbell

As many of you know, my third book TEMPT THE DEVIL was released about ten days ago and I’m on a major blog tour to talk about it (if you ever want to know where I’ll be, please check out latest news on my website). So I thought today it might be nice to talk about some books that are NOT by Anna Campbell!

For months I’ve been promising myself a few days of sloth between Christmas and New Year. It’s an Australian tradition. The Boxing Day Cricket Test Match is on (as I write this, things aren’t going too well for the Aussies with the South Africans really tanning our hides. If we lose this match, it means we’ve lost the series and it’s the first series the Aussies have lost on home ground in 15 years. Ouch!). People are busy playing with Christmas presents and eating Christmas leftovers and it’s hot and perfect pool or beach weather. Well, as long as you have your sunscreen with you!

It’s also a perfect time of year for reading!

I’ve been attacking the huge To Be Read Pile. And while I’m far from conquering it, I have made some inroads. Books I’ve enjoyed in the last few weeks include PLAYING FOR THE ASHES by Elizabeth George (an Inspector Lynley book), THE LACE READER by Brunonia Barry, THE KISS by Sophia Nash, THE FLAME AND THE SHADOW by Denise Rossetti and QUEEN OF DRAGONS by Shana Abe.

I’ve picked out five books to talk about in a bit more detail. All were an absolute pleasure to read. So if you’re looking for some recommendations to fill a few hours’ reading time, look no further!

The book whose cover features at the head of this blog, NEVER ROMANCE A RAKE by Liz Carlyle, is a fantastic, intense historical romance with a ton of emotional punch. It’s also got Liz’s trademark wit and passion – seriously the love scenes in this are HAWT! One of the most compelling heroes I’ve read for a long time too. I picked this up yesterday and didn’t put it down until I finished it. Highly recommended!

Amy Andrews who’s a Bandita regular (when she’s not breaking her arm to avoid us!) writes really emotional, heartfelt Medical romance for Harlequin. I’ve had her THE ITALIAN COUNT’S BABY on my TBR pile for a long time. Sorry, Amy! It’s been one of those years and I knew once I started this book, I wouldn’t want to stop. What an absolutely lovely story about an unlikely love between two damaged people. And as a bonus, there’s a stack of wonderful, drool-making descriptions of scenery on the Amalfi Coast, courtesy of Amy’s recent visit. The great news for American readers is that this book was chosen as a special Presents Extra release in the United States and you can order it from Amazon (just click on the cover). Generally, Harlequin Medicals aren’t available in the U.S. but this one is! Huzzah!

A book that’s been in the TBR pile since I went to the RWA conference in San Francisco in July is Rachel Gibson‘s TRUE CONFESSIONS. This won the RITA for best contemporary romance back in 2001 and it’s now been reissued in the Avon A line. What a charming, funny, gorgeous romance! It’s a fish out of water story (love that theme!) where a big city girl who writes tabloid stories about aliens kidnapping tourists and Elvis living in the Bermuda Triangle heads off to the wilds of Idaho for six months when her life in L.A. heads for the rocks. The hero, sexy local sheriff Dylan, is absolutely to die for and the story will have you laughing out loud as our heroine Hope runs into stranger creatures in the small town than she ever created out of her fevered imagination.

The next book is a delicious treat by Kelly Hunter who I recently hosted as my guest here on the Bandits. You all loved her and absolutely reveled in her dry as dust sense of humor. Her PLAYBOY BOSS, LIVE-IN MISTRESS is on the surface as light and luscious as chocolate mousse. There’s her trademark snappy dialogue and quirky characters. But underneath that sparkling veneer, this story packs a lot of emotional punch. It’s about taking a chance on love and letting go of old tragedy. I’m sure this book will come out in America before too long but as yet, there’s no confirmed date. However, the Book Depository in the UK will post books anywhere in the world without charging postage. It’s a great deal and even with the exchange rate, it makes it worthwhile checking for things that aren’t readily available in the North American market. You can order Kelly’s book here:

As a lot of you know, I’m a huge fan of Madeline Hunter. I’ve loved her work ever since Isolde Martyn from my Sydney crit group brought home an ARC of Madeline’s debut BY ARRANGEMENT from the Washington conference back in 2000. I think Madeline’s such a smart, elegant writer and I love the way she creates unusual, compelling characters. Her first books are medievals but over recent years she’s moved to the Regency. SECRETS OF SURRENDER is the third in her series based around the aristocratic Rothwell Brothers and their associates. The second book LESSONS OF DESIRE was a very deserving RITA winner this year in the Long Historical category. SECRETS OF SURRENDER has all the hallmarks of Madeline’s style – smart, offbeat characters (I particularly enjoyed the self-made hero), a plot grounded in real life elements of the Regency, an intelligent, rebellious, headstrong heroine, sizzling sexual tension. Can’t wait now for the last in the series, THE SINS OF LORD EASTERBROOK which is out in February!

So let’s talk books! What have you read over the Holidays? Have you discovered any great authors in 2008? What were your favorite books of the year?

Amy Andrews Makes One Lucky Visitor Feel Better!

Thanks again to everyone who made Amy’s visit such fun when she popped by last week to talk about her wonderful Medical Romances and her romantic comedy. She’s taken everyone’s pulse and selected the remarkably healthy Eva S as the winner of her latest Harlequin release FOUND: A FATHER FOR HER CHILD. Congratulations, Eva. Please email Amy on with your snail mail details and she’ll send your book to you!

Amy Andrews Gives the Banditas a Checkup!

by Anna Campbell

Amy, welcome to the Banditas, although you’re hardly a stranger to the lair. We came to romances through a similar path – a relative that absolutely devoured Mills & Boons. What do you think appealed to your teenage self about those books? Has that changed over the years?

Thanks, Anna, for the welcome and having me along. I love the Bandita blog – such a great group of writers. What do they call a gathering of writers BTW? A gaggle? A clutch? A throng? Anyway…I digress. I guess I’m a bit nervous being on the other side of the blog *g*

So where was I? Right, yes, my mother. I started reading my mum’s romance novels at about the age of 11 or 12. She loved Charlotte Lamb and Penny Jordan. She thought I was a little too young to be reading them and thinking back now, I don’t blame her – man, those ladies wrote hawt! But I guess I was just preparing her for when I picked up PUBERTY BLUES at 13 *g* Of course my mother instilled in me the joy of reading full stop. Like many romance readers she was/is a voracious reader and reads across genres.

I think what appealed to me then was the whole teenage romantic notion of falling in love, of finding that one special person and all is right with the world. And, if I’m to be perfectly honest, reading the sex was quite titillating….er, educational. I think now I’m older and have lived a bit, the HEA isn’t the be all and end all for me and because it’s a romance novel I know the H and H are going to get that. Now what appeals to me is reading about the beginning. The rush of attraction, of two people having that insane can’t-get-enough-of-you chemistry that we all have at the start of a relationship before life and kids and work and leaving the toilet seat up drives us all mad. The zing. The sizzle. The dance. It’s not the sex – it’s the anticipation, the I-must-be-with-this-person imperative. I love it when an author nails this.

Can you tell us about your journey to publication?

AKA the long and winding road? *g* Three things inspired me to first put pen to paper. Temporary unemployment, minus zero temperatures, needing to keep occupied without getting off my electric blanket. My first ms was written in 10 days – a chapter a day. Yes, yes, I know – talk about ignorance being bliss! Naturally, it was rejected. But it’s amazing what rejection does for the soul. From that point on I became a writer. My goal – publication. To be perfectly honest I never thought I’d make it but I became determined to find out everything I could about the craft. I joined RWA. I joined a crit group. I attended workshops and conferences. I read How To books and even entered a comp. And gradually I honed my craft. I really do think that the majority of writers serve an apprenticeship. Yes, you hear about the lucky ones who get an acceptance on their first ever ms but, by and large, most serve time in the unpubbed wilderness. It took me 12 years. Of course, I wasn’t very prolific in that time – kids, work (that actually paid me) and life got in the way and I mainly just dabbled. When I think back on it, I get really cranky with myself. I think if I’d shown a little more dedication I could have been published earlier. But then, I’m a huge believer that things in life happen for a reason. So, 12 years it was.

You write wonderful Medical Romances published through London by Mills & Boon. I noticed their first romances were hospital stories so it’s a perennial genre and doctor and nurse stories are still terrifically popular. What is the appeal of this genre?

Maybe back when they were first published it was every girl’s dream (and her mother’s) to marry a doctor. At the very core of the doctor hero is a strongly Alpha personality – successful, single-minded and a little arrogant – and all the appeal that has for generations of romance readers. But in their hearts they are also deeply compassionate men. As for nurses, we have been romanticized since Flo Nightingale was coined the Lady of the Lamp, despite the very unromantic nature of our work. A series of wars has helped to nurture this image of us as ministering angels. Of course today the hero is just as likely to be a nurse and the heroine the doctor. Medical romance covers a broad range of health professionals from surgeons to social workers, physios to physicians, paramedics to police medical officers, vets to zoologists.

Television had helped to keep this sub-genre alive particularly well. Who can resist House’s blue, blue eyes or McDreamy’s unshaven sexiness or, my all time favourite, intense, brooding Dr. Doug? And then there’s the sassy smart-mouthed nurses who are more than their equals and aren’t afraid to put the patient first above all else. When you have two such compassionate, committed professionals and have the emotional roller coaster of their work as a backdrop, the relationship is going to be intense and very, very emotional.

You work as a nurse. Does that help or hinder when you write your books?*g*
Well, if I’ve just come off three nights, it definitely hinders *g* No, seriously, as far as research goes, it’s fabulous. I’m a bit of a lazy researcher (yes, Anna, just like punctuation) so I try to stick with situations, illnesses, emergency scenarios I know really well or can at least access a person at work who’ll know. I’ve just written a conjoined twins separation story as part one of a trilogy about 3 sisters and there was a lot of research involved in that trying to portray the separation correctly (thank God for the www). It was even more of a challenge to do it without bogging the chapter down with too much medical detail which can be a tricky balance confronting all the medical authors. I also think, hope, being a nurse lends a certain authenticity to my writing. I have this dream, this goal I’ve been working towards, where I get to give up nursing and write full time but really, deep down, I know I would miss nursing terribly. I think I got really lucky in life. I found not one, but two jobs that I absolutely love.

I’ve just been lucky enough to read your wonderful February release FOUND: A FATHER FOR HER CHILD. And by the way, if visitors click on the cover, they can order it from Amazon. What a wonderful emotional read. I loved that it’s so firmly grounded in reality but still manages to be so passionate and romantic. Could you tell the Banditas about your new story?

I actually got the idea for Carrie and Charlie’s story from the relationship between Cuddy and House on HOUSE. The fiery female administrator there as the brake on the arrogant doctor. Keeping him in line. Ruling the roost. Not that Charlie’s arrogant, in fact Charlie is yummy! A good guy who just wants to be left alone to keep doing the good work he’s doing. Carrie is more like the Cuddy character – uptight and very fond of pin-stripes. I just love that dynamic – where the heroine is calling the shots.

Carrie has a daughter, a black mark against her name and an ex who deserted her at the worst possible moment in her life. Charlie has an ex, a med royalty bloodline his father won’t let him forget and a terminal disease hanging over his head. They’re so not what either of them need. Which made it half the fun! One of the things I love most about the book is the setting. I tend to write about issues, (which makes my ed a bit nuts from time to time) and this one’s no different. It’s set in a neighbourhood drop-in clinic and tackles a lot of issues around community medicine in inner city areas. I like the grittiness of the setting. In fact, gritty settings is one of the best parts about writing for the line.

What are you working on now?

I’m about to start my 16th medical. It involves a heroine who used to be a model but was stung by a box jelly fish while on location leaving her torso terribly disfigured. So she retrains as a lab assistant working in marine stinger research and hides behind her white coat and her microscope. Her boss, who she’s only ever talked to by phone, and who has this amazingly, incredibly sexy voice insists she join him at a symposium on a tropical island to present a paper she’d been working on. She discovers he’s been the victim of an accident too, damaging his larynx, but instead of hiding his scars, he flaunts them.

He’s going to teach her that beauty is more than skin deep and she’s going to teach him that being a one-woman man is infinitely more rewarding than a jack-the-lad with a chip on his shoulder. At least I think that’s what’s gonna happen…. Its still stewing.
Amy, do you have any plans to write outside the Medical line?

I have a project in the wind that’s out at a few places at the moment. It’s a romantic comedy and in a lot of ways, the book of my heart. It’s certainly the one closest to my real “voice” and I’ve had some very good feedback. I’m forever being asked to tone down the humour in my medicals – I guess a nurse’s sense of humour can be a little off 🙂 – and I find this a little frustrating. So hopefully I can expand into this genre and have the best of both worlds.

Amy has just the medicine for visitors to the lair! One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of her new release FOUND: A FATHER FOR HER CHILD which believe me is a wonderful read. She has two questions for us to ponder today – what’s your favorite medical TV show and why and/or what term WOULD you use for a group of romance writers? You can find out more about Amy and read excerpts of her books at her website and she’s a regular blogger on Harlequin Medical Romance Authors.