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Big Countdown to prizes

The winner of a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar is… HOLLIE  R !!!

Hollie – I need your email address to send the advent calendar and I’ll send it right out.  It kicks in on December 1at.  Enjoy!

Thanks everyone for setting aside your shopping on Friday for a little bit to chat with me.  Hope you all have a great Holiday season and if it gets too stressful…don’t forget about that whiskey-a-day calendar  😆


The Big Countdown!

Welcome to Black Friday – the official start of the Christmas buying season!

Now that you have plenty of turkey leftovers for dinner tonight, you can spend more hours at the mall shopping – or not.  I hate the Black Friday crowds, so I’ll do my shopping later -and probably a good portion on the internet at that.

No matter how you shop, you might want to consider adding an advent calendar to your purchases to make the season a little more festive.

I remember as a kid my mother used to bring home an advent calendar.  Each day as you counted down to Christmas, you’d get to open a little cardboard window to see a Christmas related picture inside.  The really cool advent calendars had chocolates or little prizes behind those cardboard windows, but not ours – just a little picture.  Still, it was fun and helped us to visually see the days left until Christmas.

Now that I’m older, I’ve discovered advent calendars can be for adults as well as kids.  I thought I’d share a few here as you prepare for your big countdown.

I love this.  If you look closely, you’ll see red numbers from 1 to 25 scattered about the box.  Each number represents a cardboard window.  Punch the window open and you’ll find a “wee dram” of whisky – a different one for every day leading up to Christmas.  One of those days will reveal a one ounce bottle of 50 year old scotch.  My husband sent me the link to this gem as he knows I’ve been researching Scotch and distilleries for my next book.  Have a question about any of those terms?  I’m your girl.

Now the calendar is a little pricey as calendars go, but if you’re interested – here’s the link:

Last year Christine Brooke sent out an advent calendar from Jacquie Lawson.  I absolutely loved it with the joy of a child on Christmas morning.  The calendar itself was a wintry London scene.  Each new day when you to digitally decorate a tree, or decorate cookies, or watch cuddly musical bears play Christmas carols, or design snowflakes – all on the computer, of course.  The scene was even lit according to the time of day.  If we opened the card at night, the London sky was dark and the windows in the houses had a soft glow.  Open the card in the daytime and people would be strolling in front of busy London shops.  Very cool – and very reasonably priced!  I’m not certain the demo will run on the blog (sorry – I’m techno deficient) but to learn more about Jacquie Lawson advent calendars, and see the actual demo – click on the link.

Martha Stewart has some ideas for homemade advent calendars.  This is only one of several.  I like that it can go on the fridge – the classic repository for all holiday decorations. 🙂 If you’re crafty or just need an activity to keep the kids occupied, check out this link.

For the overly stressed, I thought you might like the bubble-wrap advent calendar.  You get to pop a bubble every day till Christmas (though I’d probably toss the thing on the floor and pop all the bubbles at once.  Can’t stop at just one).  Not for pet owners.


In my search for unique advent calendars, I found this – a lego Star Wars advent calendar with one scary looking Santa Claus figure.   Sorry, couldn’t actually upload an image.  If you’re interested, check the link:

And finally – here’s a free online advent calendar for you.  The website won’t allow peeking so you’ll have to save the site till December 2nd (I wonder why it doesn’t start on the first?  hmmm).  Still – there’s always the fun of anticipation.  🙂

 No matter how you count it down, wishing you all the best this holiday season!  As a bit of a thank you, I’m planning to choose a name off the “likes” on my facebook fan page on November 25 to win a rare copy of  THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY.  But that’s only a couple of days away so, if you haven’t done so already, hop over and like the page.  Here’s a link:

How about you?  Did you used to have an advent calendar when you were little?  What kind?  Do you have a special way to count down the holidays?  I’ll give someone who leaves a comment the gift of a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar.  🙂   Let the countdown begin!