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A Launch Party with a Little Something Extra for Midnight Special

 Wooohooooo, baby! It’s party time.


 I am so ready to celebrate.  Sven is bringing around the glittery hats, many with rhinestones and most sporting sweet feathers (that peacock feathered fancy hat is Donna’s of course).  The Cabana boys are bringing around margaritas, chocolate truffles and, of course, champagne.  Oh, and don’t forget a tootie horn! I’m all about tootie horns today!  Why? Because it’s party time!  


My latest book, Midnight Special, is out!! YAY and whoohoo.  And this one has a fun bonus, as it’s a 2-in-1 with Coming on Strong, a reissue of a reader favorite (which makes me giggle -I have readers who have favorites?  OMG).  So, really, this is a launch party.  But I had some news this week that I’d love to celebrate with you.  A little extra partying, if you will…

My last Blaze, A SEAL’s Surrender, hit the USA TODAY Bestseller list!!!  AHHHHHHHHH.  Did you hear any random screams, quickly followed by sobs of shocked joy last Thursday? That’d have been me!  This has been such a wild ride with this book, and it’s companion, A SEAL’s Seduction.  

A SEALs Surrender

I love these stories so much, especially as they are the ones that my husband has had the most input on (he tends to be my plotting partner and sounding board on anything military, since he’s a vet and still involved in a lot of that kind of thing).  But also because they were just fun, great characters to spend time with, ones that I really felt for and connected tightly to as I wrote them. To see their success… it’s amazing. And yes, I know its weird, but I’ve come to think of them as their own entities, not figments of my imagination *g* Life is easier that way.  Raise them up, give them the best you’ve got, give a kiss and send them out into the world while holding ones breath and hoping for the best.  Thats how books are 😀  So to see them do so well, it’s like I just watched one of my kids become a rock star.  Without the crazy lifestyle and tour bus, of course.  

USA TODAYSo woohoooo, it’s party time in the Lair!!!  Please, champagne all around.  Strawberries and chocolate, and jelly beans, too.   

But really, the USA Today celebration is the sugar on top.  The frosting, if you will *g*  Today we’re really celebrating the fun yumminess that is the release of Midnight Special! And I’m really looking forward to it because I get to share Hunter’s story!!!  Yep – it’s all about my hottie FBI hero from (the aptly named by our very own Christine, she’s so clever!) Sex and Lies Undercover Ops books.  I’m so excited about this story.

midnight special

I love Hunter, and have loved him since the first Undercover Ops/Sex and Lies book was out in 2011.  I was so thrilled to give him his own story!  He’s hot, he’s FBI and he’s a guy who is all about making things happen… his way.  And that’s sexy.  Bring in a very nosy, very ambitious reporter who has no scruples about hiding her identity to get a big story, put them together in a cozy train berth crossing the United States and… dum da dum… It’s Midnight Special!

You can check out a peek at the first chapter here.  And for members of my Red Hot Readers Club, not only can they read the entire Prologue and First Chapter, th


ey can also read an Exclusive Cut Epilogue!  You are a Red Hot Reader, aren’t you?  It’s free, it’s fun, and it gets you in to read this excerpt.  Hey, good stuff! 😀

Usually, I’m all about celebrating with chocolate. I adore it, especially with caramel and nuts (hang on, have to wipe the drool off my chin). But for some reason, this last month has been all about the jelly beans. I celebrated breaking the Amazon top 100 with Very Cherry flavored Jelly Bellys, then celebrated the Barnes & Noble and iBooks lists with Sizzling Cinnamon.  And when I hit the USA Today list last week, my adorable brother brought me a big bag of Green Apple as a congrats pressie.  So as a part of the celebration fun, I’m going to offer two signed copies (since its a 2-in-1) of Midnight Special!  To be eligible, all you have to do is let me know: What’s your favorite flavor of jelly beans?  

Heroes, Hunks and Hotties

I love romances for so many reasons, but the most obvious is the hero.  Nothing brings a book together for me more than the hero does.  He’s that fantasy guy that we female readers get to imagine ourselves romancing as we step into the heroine’s shoes.  The one we get to live out adventures, romances, excitement with, right?  Am I the only one who judges my romances by their heroes?  Yes, I empathize and relate to the heroine. But it’s the hero I’m falling in love with as I turn the pages.

A SEAL's Seduction cover

Personally I’ve got a soft spot for Bad Boys.  I think it’s a sneaking suspicion that those sexy, motorcycle riding, rough and ready heroes just know all kinds of naughty little tricks that the cutie-patootie Boy Next Door probably doesn’t.  I have friends who swoon over the Alpha hero, and others who swear by the Beta guy.  Some readers always buy certain authors books because they specialize in a specific kind of hero.    Do you? 


Because heroes are so integral into my writing and I’m fascinated by the appeal that different guys hold, even if I don’t always get it, I run a Hunk of the Month poll on my blog each month.  Its fun to see which hunk category readers come up with—and who they feel is best qualified to compete.  I haven’t run fictional book heroes.  Instead, every month one of my Red Hot Readers chooses the theme and the heroes (vampires, FBI hotties, mustached cuties, etc).  We spend the month ogling hunks like Johnny Depp, George Clooney or in one case, Gerard Butler against himself in different time periods.    I’m always surprised when my clear favorite doesn’t win.  It’s like… huh?  You all don’t LOVE him?  (Seriously, some people don’t get all hot and bothered over Johnny Depp?  I mean, really?)

In my most recent pair of Blaze releases, A SEAL’s Seduction and A SEAL’s Surrender, the heroes are Navy SEAL’s (that fact is kinda built into the title there, isn’t it *g )  They both have an alpha intensity going on and are definitely take control kind of guys.  And even though Blake’s call sign is Boy Scout (because he’s so big on following the rules and being a good boy), he’s still got that sexy thing going on that makes me think “oh yeah, he’d know a few naughty tricks.”  (And boy does he!!!) Cade, on the other hand, goes by Slick.  He’s so smooth, always in control.  Well, always except with Eden. She has a way of pushing him off center (a way he really, really likes). 

A SEAL's Surrender

And (hauling out the sales pitch here)  just in case you haven’t checked out my SEALs yet, and if you were interested, this is the time to grab them up.  A SEAL’s Seduction is free at all participating digital stores (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Harlequin, etc) and right now A SEAL’s Surrender seems to be discounted.  Just in case you wanted to add a couple of new heroes to your reading list 😀 

So – when it comes to sexy heroes, if I had to pick just one, I’d say my favorite is the sexy, intense kind with a wicked sense of humor.  Lucky for us, there plenty of hero types to appeal to everyone.  But it makes me curious.  Do you have a favorite hero type?  One kind of guy who if you see him on the cover makes your fingers itch to grab the book?  How about an all time least favorite?  You know, that instant turn-off hero that you won’t ever read?    



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A SEAL’s Surrender -Exclusive Insider Peek

An inside peek at Tawny Weber’s March 2013 Blaze, A SEAL’s Surrender

“You’re not gonna get all girly on me, are you?” Cade asked, looking down and giving her a laughing sort of shoulder nudge.  Then he frowned and shifted, so he was standing in front of her instead of at her side. 

A SEAL's Surrender- Tawny WeberEden didn’t realize she was crying until he reached out, sliding his index finger over her cheek to wipe away a tear. 

“You’re sweet,” he said, his smile shifting.  It was still charming, was that gorgeous face capable of anything less?  But there was a warmth there Eden hadn’t seen before.  Something beyond charm, that touched her heart.  That scared the hell out of her.  

“And you’re a hero,” she told him, trying for a teasing smile.  It was a little shaky at the corners, but it was the best she could do. 

“You ever think about setting aside those rose colored glasses?” he asked, a hint of cynicism shining through for a second before he pulled the charm back around him like a cozy blanket.  “You’re gonna get taken advantage of if you aren’t careful.”

She’d rather just be taken. 

But for the first time since she’d dove into this crazy plan to seduce Cade, she wondered if she really knew him. 

Realizing she was on the verge of talking herself out of making a move, she figured it was now or never.    

She wet her lips, then, before good sense could warn her to stop, she stood on tiptoe, her fingers pressed to his chest for balance, and brushed her lips over his.

Much like his goodbye peck the day before, it wasn’t threatening.  Instead it was soft.  Gentle.  Almost sweet, except for needy aching heat it inspired low in her belly.  For just a second, his lips moved against hers, welcoming.  Warming.

She’d never wanted anything, anyone, like she did Cade Sullivan.  Never needed anything more than for him to want her back. 

Eden slowly pulled back, her eyes searching his.

“Is that a belated thank you for getting you out of the tree?  Or a payment in advance for helping you walk back to the car without breaking a leg?” he teased, his expression more avuncular than hot and bothered. 

She dropped back to her heels.  Worked hard to keep from letting the pout take ahold.  That’s it?  She worked up all her nerve, finally made her first move and he brushed her off?  Eden glared past Cade’s shoulder, staring at the water while she tried to gather a little composure. 

Give it up, she decided wanting to cry again but for a very different reason this time.  She forced herself to plaster a little fake cheer on her face and tried to smile as she looked up at him. 

And saw something. 


     She peered closer.

     He had that same chilly, distant smile going on.  His expression was as neutral as Switzerland.  But his eyes had a glow.  Maybe it was the moonlight reflecting off the water, but she’d swear she saw heat there.  Passion.  Desire.

     Her stomach tightened.  Her breath caught and excitement swirled through her entire body. 

     He wanted her.

     Oh, he clearly didn’t want to want her.

     But he did.

     She should focus on the message in his smile, the coolness in his tone. 

But it was so much more fun to see what she could do to encourage the passion in his gaze. 

“Last week was my birthday,” she said impulsively. 

“Yeah?”  Looking delighted at the safe subject, he gave her a playful shoulder pat.  The kind you’d offer a puppy who’d finally mastered a clever trick.  “Happy late birthday then.  I hope you have a great year.”

Eden knew he wanted her to stick with her friendly girl next door role.  It was safer, he didn’t have to worry about complicating things with sex.  Or brushing her off, she reminded herself trying to swallow past the imagined nasty taste rejection would leave.  That was probably complicated, too.  And not nearly as fun.  She tilted her head to the side, grateful for the salty ocean breeze cooling her warm cheeks.

Safe route?

Or dive in with both feet.   

“I think I will.  You see, I made a wish.  You know, on my birthday candle.  It’s the same wish I’ve made for the last handful of years.” 

“What’s your wish?” he asked in a slow, cautious tone.  Well, he wasn’t a well-trained special ops guy for nothing. 

“To have sex with you.”

Wishing for A Seal’s Surrender

It’s Par-Tay time!!!  I’m so so excited that A SEAL’s Surrender is hitting the shelves.  So in the fine Lair tradition, we’re having a major blowout.

A SEAL's Surrender

  Today’s treats include margaritas (of course) and a cupcake tower.  Cupcakes of every flavor are being passed around by our hunky cabana boys.  Why did we choose cupcakes to celebrate this particular launch, you ask (okay, so maybe you didn’t ask.  But hey, I am happy to fill you in you anyway 😉 ) A SEAL’s Surrender opens with my heroine, Eden, blowing out her birthday candle on a delicious cupcake.  And as we all do when we blow out candles, Eden made a wish.  A very special, very sexy birthday wish.  Or should I say, she wishes for sex. 

Check it out… 

I wish for a guy who worships my body, is great at sex and makes me feel like a well-loved Goddess.  Someone who loves me, for me.  Inside and out.  And is really, really good at it.

Cupcake-Tower  And if he could be six-foot-two, with sandy blond hair and dreamy green eyes, a body that made nymphomaniacs weep and a smile that melted her panties, that’d be nifty, too.

Eyes scrunched tight, Eden Gillespie let that visual play out for just a second.  Then, with a deep breath, she opened them wide and blew.

           The flame went out.  Thankfully.  Because she’d blown so hard, the candle toppled from its perch on the chocolate cupcake.  Good wishes did that, she told herself as she scooped up a fingerful of frosting and grinned at the woman sitting across from her.   

            “So?  What’d you wish for?”  Bev Lang leaned forward, her wild red curls bouncing like springs around her cheerful face. 

            “It’s a secret.  If I tell, it won’t come true,” Eden said primly before bursting into laughter.  Yeah.  Like she was gonna lose out on her body-worshipping lover because she put the word out that she was waiting?  Still, she pulled her cupcake closer and, since it was filled with molten chocolate, used a fork to enjoy the next bite.  And fill her mouth so she didn’t blurt anything out. 

            Because you never knew with wishes.   


           “I can’t believe you won’t tell me.  How long have we been friends?” Bev asked, putting on her best fake-affront look.  It wasn’t very effective since she still looked like she was waiting for a white apron and her boyfriend, Raggedy Andy. 

          “Eleven years?” Eden guessed, counting back to the first day of high school.  That’d been the year her dad had died, leaving her mom too broke to keep paying the exorbitant tuition to the private school Eden had always attended.  Secretly terrified, she’d put on a brave face in hopes that the public school kids would accept her more than the private school snobs had.  Bev had been the new girl in town, unaware that Eden wasn’t acceptable because of her zip code.  By the time she’d learned the ins and outs of Ocean Point social politics, she and Eden had been too good of friends for it to matter. 

            “Then as your best friend since ninth grade, I figure it’s my job to help you with the wish,” Bev decided, leaning back in Eden’s faded and frayed Queen Anne dining chair and digging into her own cupcake.  “I think this should be your year for sex.”

            “An entire year, dedicated to sex?” she asked with a laugh.  She was sure there was nothing more than dust motes and the faint air of neglect floating through the formal dining room.  But, still, it was all she could do not to look over her head to see if the wish was written there in the candle smoke. 

          “You should dedicate this year to the pursuit of sex.”  Bev scrunched her nose and pointed out, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings or anything, but it might take a little effort on your part.”


            When was the last time she’d had sex worth putting in a little effort?  Definitely not with that guy.  Not with any guy, if she were being honest.  Eden swirled her fork in the gooey rich chocolate, using it to make a design on the Meissen plate.  And when better for brutal self-truths that a girl’s twenty-fifth birthday.

     The last guy she’d had sex with had broken his foot trying to play he-man and do it against a tree.  Instead of accepting that he just wasn’t he-man material, he’d blamed her.  

     No wonder her love life sucked.  Look at the kind of guys she had to work with.   

Yep.  I think if I had that kind of luck in my love life, I’d be using my birthday wish on a sexy hunk, too.  Lucky for my husband, I will probably be wishing for something more fun this week when I blow out my own birthday candles.  Shoes, some fabulous book sale numbers, shoes, possibly a massage.  Or, oh, I don’t know.  Maybe shoes. 

How about you?  Do you blow out candles on your birthday?  And do you make a wish?  Does it come true?  (you can share after the fact, if it does.  The wish fairy can’t come take it back, right?)