Spring Books, Springboks, Reeboks and Heading into Bloooom Time!

snowWe got 10″ of snow in the DC area on Thursday.  The kids were off Friday too, thanks to that 10″ snowfall.  We’d already had a snow day on Monday, and two days off the previous week.  So, with that, we’ve had only two weeks since January 1 where the kids have been in school for a full 5-day week.

Now, for the kids, this has been fun.  For those of us who are parents, trying to actually do jobs for which we get paid?  Its a nightmare.  As a writer who works from home, it’s already hard enough to get everything done.  For those of you who’ve never tried it, working from home is a challenge.

It SEEMS like it would be great – do some work, sneak in an extra load of laundry, a little more work, do a little billpaying or whatever – then get back to more work, right?


Those home-things are the things you HAVE to turn off.  You have to put the hours in at the desk, doing the work.  If you start doing the other “home chores,” its too easy to get caught up in them.  As anyone knows, there’s a never-ending supply of house stuff to do at any given time. When you work in an office, one where you get up and drive every day to a building that isn’t your house, there’s a definite pressure to actually Do the Job, right?  Sure, everyone makes the occasional personal call – sets up a doctor appointment, takes a call from Mom – or steals a few minutes to write a few bills so they can be mailed.  But those are stolen moments, and peer pressure makes you get back to the WORK of work.HPIM1396

When you’re home, working, no one gives you the “Get back to work!” stink eye when your mom/sister/brother/friend calls.  No one cares if you take a two-hour lunch.  There’s no one to disapprove if you do the entire week’s laundry when you should be working, or pop up to school for an hour to see the Halloween parade.

Just you and the dog or cat or the simple silence.  So you, the worker, the writer, the owner of your business, YOU have to be the one who cares.

And that’s hard.

booksstackedBut I’ll tell you a scary secret….shhhhhh….lean in close…..Here’s the deal: If you don’t value your work time, your writing time, your creative time, or even you “me time,”  and protect it with jealous fury, then no one else will value or respect it either.

You’ll be barraged with “Oh, since you work from home, can you pick up all the kids?  I’ve got an important meeting…”  And, “Oh, you work from home?  Great!  You’ll be perfect for PTA President next year, you have LOTS of time!”

Why is it that people assume working from home means extra time?  I just can’t figure this out.  It’s WORKING from home.  Not Slacking From Home.  Not Pretending to Work From Home.

This, however, is not how books get written.BehindEnemyLinesfinalforBarnesandNoble

Books get written by assigning working time, making SURE its undisturbed even if you have to put up a privacy screen, and putting ye
olde butte in ye comfortable chaire and yon hands on yon keyboarde.

I’m hoping to get out a number of books this year, so I am jealously guarding that writing time.

One book, which is forthcoming this month, is a single story form of the novella that was in the Christmas Anthology, A Jewel in Time.  That story, BEHIND ENEMY LINES, is set in WWII.  Its my first historical and I hope to revisit the time period next year in another series.

But for now, I’m working on getting back to my roots, sharpening my Suspense and Mystery prowess and delivering a whole lot of rollicking good reading as we head into Spring, and Bloom Time.

(By the way, don’t you just love that cover?  Once again, the fabulous Lyndsey Lewellen delivers!!)

Saut_de_gazelle_SpringbokSo for those of you who’ve been with the Romance Bandits from the beginning, you’ll appreciate that I’m actually going back to “The Beginning.”

Coming soon, I’ll be reissuing the very first book I every published with Kensington/Zebra.  Originally titled Dark and Dangerous, the book will be updated, have a new title and some new scenes.

It will now start a series, as was originally intended when Kate Duffy and I started together.  The idea was that Dark and Dangerous would come out.  Dark and Deadly would follow it.  Then there would be a follow up book to Dark and Dangerous, then a new two-book series, and then the final book in the Dark and Dangerous trilogy.  Then more new stuff, then a follow-up to Dark and Deadly….you get the picture.

The illustrious dragon of the editing world, Kate Duffy, was a long-term planner.  She built careers, not one-book-wonders.  (Her words, not mine)  Gotta tell you, I still miss her.  She and I got as far as that two-book series….(Deadly Little Secrets and Deadly Little Lies respectively), but she died before we could execute (so to speak, bwahahahah!) the rest of the plan.

Now, with independent publishing, I’m going to be able to finish.

I LOVE the finish line.  LOVE.  IT.  Fall Winter 2014 009

I run.  Not well, not fast, but I run.  (Usually NOT in Reeboks, and definitely NOT like a springbok, tho I had fun playing with the names for the title of the blog!)  When I enter races, I love the finish line.  I love having run.  Don’t always love DOING it, but love finishing it.

Same thing with writing.  I don’t always love the process.  I don’t always love the editing.  I don’t always love the sheer amount of space writing occupies in my cranium.

But I love, love, love having written.  LOVE.  IT.  I love creating stories.  I love giving towns and people and love stories new life.  I love showing that love can always find a way.

HPIM0929So, those characters that originated in Dark and Dangerous will now be the genesis – The Spring Bloom! – of a new series.  Dana, Caine, Xavier and all the villains who chase them will leap forth to new, vibrant life.  (How’s that for flowery prose?)

The first book (formerly Dark and Dangerous) is retitled DEAD RUN.  Next month on April 8th, as we head into Bloom Time I’ll be back to Launch it.

Hope you’ll come back and see THAT new cover which Lyndsey Lewellen also designed.  And in subsequent months, I’ll introduce you to the characters from Dead Run who have thier own stories in which to shine.  You’ll find them in DEAD RECKONING, and DEAD WRONG.  These three books are the start of the #FaithfulDefenders series, all of which feature highly trained guard dogs, guide dogs, working and retired military dogs, therapy dogs, or Search and Rescue dogs.  (Those four dogs up on the right are my highly skilled BED dogs. They’re fearfully well trained at…nothing!  Grins.)

So, Banditas and Buddies, have you ever seen a police or bomb dog working?  

Have you ever seen a Guide Dog or Therapy Dog working or known someone who has one?

Did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show a couple of weeks ago?  (Or have you ever seen Crufts???  Going to Crufts is on my Bucket List!)

Do you think working dogs are interesting?Fall Winter 2014 018

What’s your favorite Spring flower?  I know Aus and everything in the Southern Hemisphere is heading into Fall, so what’s your favorite Fall Flower?

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, are you as ready for Spring as I am?  

What books are you looking forward to???

Let’s chat!  (That’s my guard dog over there…guarding the bed, and the clean sheets….)

(All photos belong to the Author except the SpringBok which is from Wikimedia Commons)

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  • flchen1 says:

    Wow, Jeanne! I’m excited for you! And for us readers! I can’t wait for you to execute (! 😉 ) your master plan! As for dogs, haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing a bomb dog or police dog in action live… They are very well trained, and I bet would be a pleasure to see!

    My fave spring flower? Tulips 🙂

    And bring on the new reads! Woot!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Mornin’ Fedora! I’m really excited, can you tell? I’ve been having so much fun getting all this planned and ready to rock and roll!

      I do so love tulips as well. I planted a gazillion new bulbs this fall, just before the first freakin’ SNOW! Hahaha! Hopefully, they made it, and I’ll get a bumper crop of fabulous tulips. Lord knows there’s been too much snow for the dear to dig them up and eat them. Grins.

      Any good books or series continuations you’re looking forward to this Spring?

  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    I’m so happy you have plans for the Dark books. I’m a big romantic suspense fan, so I’ll definitely be looking forward to those. I’ve seen dogs working when I’ve been in airports. I know some of them are bomb dogs and some work to sniff out agricultural/food and drugs in the luggage. I have seen guide dogs on the street and even on the bus. I always catch the dog show. My favorites this year was the Portuguese water dog and the English sheepdog.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! Wasn’t the Portie great? I have a Portie at my house right now! (She belongs to a friend) and she’s in that picture above as well. Her owner and I were tickled about the Portie. I have an Irish Water Spaniel, pretty uncommon breed, and it’s always fun to see them at Westminster. Grins. I’ve never entered, but one day, when and if I ever get back to showing, I’m going for Westminster just to say I have!!

  • Amy Conley says:

    Jeanne, I believe I’ve read the DARK RUNS book, enjoyed it, and wanted more. So, yea! To you!
    Yes, I’ve been around drug dogs, and dogs brought into nursing homes for patients. Neither case was for me personally. I do believe they are good for what they’re trained to do.
    I don’t watch the dog show, but hubby loves it!
    I love almost all flowers, mostly perinnals and wildflowers. I have some flowers, bulbs, which bloom before crocuses, but I have no idea their name. LOL The earliest I’ve seen them bloom in Feb 2nd, and with all the snow burying them, they may have begun to bloom already, but I can’t see them for the snow.
    There are 2 flowers I just can’t stand, but most ppl love, and those are geraniums and poseys. I’m more into flowers most people would never think of, like patchollli. Smells great year round, beautiful when they bloom, easy to care for, makes great homemade scents.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Amy! Isn’t it fun to watch the dogs work? They are so good at what they do! Grins. I’m excited that you’d read Dark and Dangerous. YOu’ll hopefully enjoy the next two as well!!

  • jcp says:

    I’m look forward to Grace Burrowes new historical coming out April 7.

  • Cassondra says:

    Hi Jeanne-

    I worked with SAR dogs for years, so am so looking forward to the emphasis on dogs in your series! Your romantic suspense is something I’ve missed a lot. You’re so darn good at it.

    Love the photos of the dogs…and is that the Halloween parade in that pic of the kids?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Cassondra!! I know about your running SAR dogs and you know I’ll be counting on your expertise! Grins.

      That Halloween parade is a very old one, but yes, my kids are in there somwhere! Hahah!

  • catslady says:

    I worked part time out of my house for a court reporter and then gave that up too but there were always those that thought I should be available to help them out because they “worked.” I use to say yes all the time but I’ve learned to say no to most of them but not all lol.
    When possible we always watch the dog show but missed the last one and since we had a beagle at one time we’re really sorry we missed it. I’ve seen guide dogs and I know not to pet them when they are working but I’ve never known one personally. I’ve always enjoyed the working breed and sporting breed the most.
    I’m so over this cold weather and welcome the first flower that wants to bloom!!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Catslady! Isn’t that the thing? “Oh, I’m working, so could you pick my kid up?”

      Ummmmm, I’m working too….


      I love watching Westminster, although I get a little annoyed with the commentators who don’t take it very seriously. :>

  • Jeanne, congrats! I love that cover. And I do hope Spring is finally headed your way!

    I do finding working dogs interesting. I’m amazed at the things dogs can do, like detect imminent seizures. Or herd sheep.

    I have several favorite Spring flowers. Crocuses because they herald Spring, hyacinths for their scent, and roses for their beauty.

    Am I ready for Spring?


    What books am I looking forward to?

    I just got the latest Sebastian St. Cyr from C. S. Harris and the latest One-Eyed Jacks from Cindy Gerard. Patricia Rice has another Rebellious Sons book due out. Gail Z. Martin’s Ascendant Kingdoms will have another installment in April.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Nancy! Like Catslady, I’m hoping my crocuses can actually be seen for all the snow! Hahah! I’m waiting patiently to see them peep through. :>

      I love your list! I enjoy Cindy Gerard as awell and will have to look up the Gail Martin one. I like her, so I’ll check that one out.

      • War of Shadows is due out April 21. She also has some short stories about JonMarc Vahanian and ones that tie into her Deadly Curiosities urban fantasy series.

  • Jeanne, I forgot to add that when I quit my day job to stay home with the boy and to write, a friend who’d being working freelance for years warned me that if I didn’t draw a line in the sand about my time, I wouldn’t have any. She was so right. I volunteered at the school, but I had to establish early that I would not be up there four or five times a week.

    It wasn’t only the school, either. If you work from home, people figure it’s “not a real job” and you therefore have loads of time. But that time has to be made up somewhere.

  • Woot !! SO looking forward to ALL of your books coming out and wowing the readers, Duchesse! You are so on the ball with your plan. I am still in a haze about this self-publishing thing, but I am trying to come up with a plan and QUICK to get my career in gear. I don’t know how much longer I can last at Walmart without becoming the star of an episode of SNAPPED !!

    I know working from home will be a completely different ball game, but I am SO looking forward to being able to do so in the near future. Fortunately, my only children have four legs and fur and so long as the bed is comfy, the food and water are plentiful and Mom gets up from the desk every now and then to take everyone outside they tend to leave me alone. Sigh. One day.

    Favorite spring flower? Tulips. I visited the Keukenhof in Holland when I was singing in Europe and it was an amazing experience. I have been a fan of tulips in odd colors ever since.

    I’m looking forward to Anna Campbell’s new historical coming out. And I have the new C.S. Harris coming my way. And I cannot WAIT to read the next Julia Justiss book. If you haven’t read the books in the Ransleigh Rogues series you are missing an amazing series. The latest, The Rake to Rescue Her, is an absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful read. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    And I am SO ready for some consistency in the weather here in LA – Lower Alabama. Freezing cold this morning – had the heat on. Seventy degrees this afternoon – had the AC on. Mother Nature is in serious need of medication!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Louisa, I’m snorking over the schizophrenia of Mother Nature! Grins. She seriously needs her meds, stat!

      Snorking too about the Louisa Cornell episode of SNAPPED! Hahahah!!

      It’s lovely, most of the time, working from home. I am not complaining, really. Its just sometimes, I’m totally baffled at people’s behavior and attitudes. Grins. And I must say, I think guys are better at drawing that “line in the sand” as Nancy put it. :>

      Looking forward to ALL your books coming out, Ms. Ma’am! And looking forward to catching up on a couple of those you mentioned as well. Grins. (Anna Campbell’s book FOR SURE!!)

  • Hey Jeanne –
    I have a cat that does the same guard thing 🙂

    Love your Behind Enemy Lines cover. Very Nice!
    And I totally understand the working from home dilemma. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but I do enjoy not driving to an office in those ten inches of fresh snow 🙂

    Can’t wait for the release of the series. That should generate enough heat to melt all this white stuff. 🙂

  • Deb says:

    Jeanne, first of all, congrats on the releases of your books! Yay!

    I can sympathize with you about the working from home and you’ll be perfect for the PTA statement. Only, what I used to hear, for many years, was…Oh, great! You’re a teacher! You’ll be great for teaching Sunday School. (Then it was Girl Scouts, then it was Bible School, which is okay since it is only a week long…except the year I was Director.) Seriously?? I teach kids all week long, plan all week long for lessons, sometimes on weekends, and you want me to teach and plan again on the weekend for Sunday School? Well, I did…for about 4 years. I agreed to help with Girl Scouts, only one afternoon a month.

    Your winter sounds like ours from a few years ago. When I was a senior in high school, many moons, and moons, AND moons ago, There was a snowstorm every weekend or Sunday night. There was no school on any Monday for the month of January that year. Sweet! Plus, being a senior, no make-up days!

    My fave spring flower…tough choice. I love lilacs, especially the lavender-colored ones, and their scent is heavenly. In fact, my home church has Lilac Sunday every first Sunday (I think) in May where people may bring in vases of lilacs and they are set around the sanctuary for the service that day. Jonquils and Daffodils are faves, too, because they often are a bright spot of color even with some snow on the ground or the the wind is bitterly whipping around. Tulips are pretty as well, but I have a pesky ground squirrel that won’t leave the bulbs alone, so no more planting them.

    One last note….I have seen a reading therapy dog in action with kids at the library. They love the Golden Retriever that comes there to sit with them. My friend Betty owns the dog and takes the dog to a local nursing home as well. There is a resident cat at my dad’s memory care facility. Bob the Cat just wanders in and out of rooms, and my dad enjoys petting him, even though he HATED cats before his memory failed me, so it is kind of funny to see Dad with Bob in his lap, ha!

  • Mozette says:

    So, Banditas and Buddies, have you ever seen a police or bomb dog working?

    A police dog, most definitely! I was once walking our family dog – Jessie – when out of nowhere the cops just erupted to bust a drug den around the corner from our house!! Woah!!! A cop came right up to me and my dog and escorted us to safety (but my dog being how she was, just had to sniff the other doggy poo, didn’t she? So, I picked her up and we ran!). It was exciting and scary at the same time… I was proud of my dog though, normally she picked fights with other dogs, this time she didn’t. But we were home 35 minutes late from our walk around the block.

    Have you ever seen a Guide Dog or Therapy Dog working or known someone who has one?

    We have service dogs all around our area working all the time. Some are in training, while others are working dogs. I used to know a young lady who had a lovely black Labrador called Dominique… he was a real sweetheart and helped me through a seizure at a movie theatre; making sure I was okay before returning to his mistress’ side.

    Did you watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show a couple of weeks ago? (Or have you ever seen Crufts??? Going to Crufts is on my Bucket List!)

    I’ve never heard of it.

    Do you think working dogs are interesting?

    Oh yes! They lead such wonderful lives compared to ordinary pets.

    What’s your favorite Spring flower? I know Aus and everything in the Southern Hemisphere is heading into Fall, so what’s your favorite Fall Flower?

    Actually our Summer is still sticking around and it’s been a very hot March… so everything is flowering still and our nights are still very sticky and warm… especially around midnight (where I’m always getting up and having an extra cool shower just to get to sleep… now, that’s not a great thing to have to do, is it?).

    But my favourite flower is a Gloxinia. My one and only plant died just a few months ago, and it was 26 years old! I amazed some collectors of these plants on FB as they are only supposed to live around 3 – 6 years and that’s it…. I got all kinds of questions of how I kept it so well… but I couldn’t answer them.

    For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, are you as ready for Spring as I am?

    What books are you looking forward to???

    I’m looking forward to reading ‘Bittersweet’ by Colleen McCullough and ‘Revival’ by Stephen King… otherwise I’m currently reading one called ‘Eucalyptus’ by Murray Bail.

  • Helen says:

    Woohoo Jeanne I am over the moon about this loved those first stories and I really need to catch up on some sorry I am exhausted just got home from the Aust Romance Reader Convention need I say more 🙂

    Have Fun