Six Years…Any Great Kisses???

Six years ago I wrote a blog called Killer Kisses.  Some  of y’all won’t remember it, but you can click on the title if you want to read it. It was about amazing kisses in film, in books…and in real life.  My real life in particular. 

I’m not telling about the real life kiss in this blog.  If you want to know you’ll have to go back and read the old one. 

BUT…in gone-with-the-windthat tell-all post of November, 2007, I listed  a couple of kisses I’d seen in movies that couldn’t be topped. I asked for YOUR picks for best kisses, not only  in film, but also in books.

I’m updating that.

Shhhhh…..Okay I’ll tell you…I need inspiration for my current project, which, hopefully, you’ll get to read soon.  I want to know whether the kisses in my book measure up.  I need a marathon of great book and movie kisses to set the tone.

So…a lot of film has flowed under the proverbial bridge in six years.  A lot of books have been published and read. 

A lot of lips have been kissed, leaving a lot of audiences hot, breathless and…

. . .

Yeah…Anticipation is a lot of what makes a kiss great.  Maybe even what makes it epic.

So I need to know if I’ve seen the best ones out there.practical magic

I will take your suggestions and I promise…I pinky swear….that for research,  I’m going to watch said movies and read said books.****

**Those asterisks are to say that if the movie ends really badly, or one of the characters I love will die, you have to tell me that right now, or I will watch it without knowing  and I will drown in a pit of depression.  Then I will die and never write a blog–or a book– again.

Seriously.  Now YOU have to pinky swear.

If it doesn’t end in a Happily Ever After, tell me now. I’ll set it aside for a time I can cope with such a travesty.

But assuming we’re going to get an HEA…

There’ve been some awesome superhero films lately.  Any super-kisses?

kiss spidermanAny epic longing stares in the past six years?  Ones that can compete with the upside down Spiderman kiss? 

Or is it akin to the Great Cavern of Lack since the black and white flicks of the previous century?…You know how it is…the present-day producers can’t quite get it right–they can’t quite make us care–so they pay a fortune for special effects but they miss the point entirely?

Ahem…I digress..sorry.

To understand the basis of my criteria…the “I want you more than I want my next breath” longing stare and the glorious, desire-filled “This is the thing I’ve waited for forever” hesitation before lQuigley_down_underips meet lips….*fans self*…you’d have to read the old blog.  I know you don’t have time to do that, and it’s okay.…But understand, that this full experience, start to finish, is what I believe makes a kiss really ZING.

  Six years ago, I mentioned only two movie kisses, because I had so few that would make the list of “best kisses of all time”.  Now the list has morphed a little, so I’ll put my current top five list here:

 #5: Quigley Down Under—Okay, I know y’all probably haven’t seen this, and you’d have to know what they’ve been through, but when they get to the end, and he says, “What’s my name?” and she says, “Mathew Quigley” and he kisses her…

Oh, yeah.  That’s a really satisfying kiss. And it’s Tom Selleck, which is probably enough all on its own. 


#4:Practical Magic—Y’all get tired of hearing me talk about this movie but there are two amazing kisses in this one.  The first one is when she kisses her husbandMOHICAN large-to-be in the prologue(WARNING***husband dies two minutes later in prologue).  The second one is when she kisses the hero of the film. *heavy sigh* It’s a hot kiss and we are SO ready for it at that point.

#3: Spiderman –Are you kidding me? The man was hanging Up. Side. Down. From a web.  He’d  just saved her life and he’d loved her forever. Yeah.

#2:Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King—You know when Arwen shows up for Aragorn’s coronation ceremony at the end of the film…she’s not sure he still wants her, and he lets her know with…THAT KISS?

Yeah.  That’s a really good kiss.

#1: Last of the Mohicans–  Still number one after all these years. 

 “What are you looking at?”

“At you, Elizabeth.”  

*fans self* It just doesn’t get any better than that. 

But  I’m afraid I’ve missed some really good ones in the past six years. I need some serious romance.

 So tell me, Bandits and Buddies…

What have I missed?

Do you have films you princessbridewould nominate–from any time period– that would give my picks a run for their money? 

Any kisses that should go down in history as swoon worthy?

 Give me your top five kisses from movies or from books, and I promise, if I haven’t seen them (and they end with an HEA) I’ll watch.  OR I’ll read…AND I’ll report back.

What are the top five kisses of all time?  And why do you think they rate?

If it’s a novel, tell me the author.  It might take me some time, but I promise, I’ll bump these to the top of my TBR list!


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