She Said….

“This just doesn’t seem right.”

The three BB’s spared him a glance over their shoulders as they dragged Paolo by the wrist down the fifth hall from the left. Crazy women, Paolo grumbled to himself. Didn’t they know The Lair was like one of those magical mazes? You could be in here for years before you find the right portal. Cassondra had insisted on that layer of protection and it was only by the grace of Suz who liked her margharita’s fresh and frozen that all the cabana boys and gladiators had GPS bands on their wrists.

door  “We have to see what’s going on,” replied the lead BB.

Paolo screwed up his face. They’d managed to keep their faces in shadow or profile, so he    hadn’t been able to decide who they were. One had the tone of a school teacher and a definite Iowa accent. He wanted to test that theory but had refrained from shouting “Butter Sculpture Cow” in case he was wrong.  Another one was without a doubt an Aussie. She kept calling him a little “joey” and the scent of Tim Tam’s and Lindt chocolate candy swirled around her like an exotic perfume. His stomach growled.

The third? Well, he wasn’t certain, but he’d caught a glimpse of her sweater redolent with pretty kitty pictures. He gave her wide berth as she seemed the more determined one.

But, they could all be Avatars. BB’s were sneaky like that.

“Here,” said the Aussie. “I think it’s this one.”

They’d stopped in front of a large oaken door, similar to the one they’d just eavesdropped at. Paolo was shuffled in front of them.

“Touch it,” commanded the teacher in her best ‘you’ll get detention if you don’t’ voice.

“Why me?” he stammered. I mean this might be the correct one. After all, there was Irish music drifting from behind it, but the doors in The Lair were tricky. It could just as well be one rigged by the RS girls, Jeanne or Nancy. He did NOT want to go BOOM.

“Do it” the three said in unison.

Paolo licked his dry lips, closed his eyes and spread his palm on the wood. The shimmer came in brilliant, rainbow colors. Despite himself, he leaned forward to take in the scene.

“Himself will just have to deal with it.” The woman on the stool raised up from adjusting the strings on her hard shoes and pushed her thick fall of hair  out of her face. “Now I’ll start from the third beat.”

“Ye’ll start with taking a longer break,” replied a petite girl with short, spiked hair. She was brushing out Shannon’s dancing dress, a gift from the Leithprachaun High King. He’d tried to say that it was from his brother, Brady but Shannon knew that to be a lie. Brady was determined that she not participate in this competition.dressIrish

She sucked in a shaky breath. But she had no choice, did she? It was dance. Dance and win to gain Brady all he’d ever wanted.

To save his life.

And her own, if truth be told. She’d be a broken soul, more broken than she’d before meeting Brady Sullivan.  Crippled by an auto accident, her dancing career gone, her hopes for happiness shattered into a thousand pieces, the sexy, dark man had pulled her from the abyss. That he ended up being a magical, Irish warrior0 only added to the wonder of it all. And the danger.

“I don’t like it, Shan. Yer not back to 100% ” Siobahan, her assistant and friend shook out the dress. Royal purple shot through with platinum threads,  it would mold to Shannon’s body like a second skin save for the flared skirt. The cape was intricately embroidered with the same adding in peacock blue, forest green and gold. The designs were ancient, Patric had said, and would provide protection. Shannon swallowed. She’d be needing it.

She stood and went through the steps, biting back the grimace the pain from her injured leg caused. Brady’s sister had tried to heal it and it was better but would it be enough?

“Maybe a simpler dance?” suggested Siobahan. “A slip jig or a reel?”

Shannon hopped and skipped, her arms straight as arrows. “The requirement is The Dance of the Faire King. I don’t have a choice.”

Siobahan grumbled. “Only the devil himself would ask for something so advanced, with  ye  in the condition yer in,”

Aye, well. It was the devil who’d put her, put them in this position. “I’ll be fine. I’ll…”

The opposite door flung open, framing Brady like a fierce warrior of old. Siobahan gasped as Patric, Killian and three other of Brady’s Leithprachaun brothers popped in to flank him. Dressed in bracs and tunics they all held weapons. Her gaze flicked to Bridget who’d promised to keep her brother indisposed. She shrugged and gripped her scian tight in her fist.

“Shannon O’Malley,” Brady said in a firm voice. “Ye’ll not be facing this alone.”


The door went solid.

“Holy, shite,” the teacher BB said. “What’s going to happen?”

“Who are those other luscious men?” asked the Aussie said, popping a Red Velvet Tim Tam in her mouth.

Paolo, shaken by the intensity of the scene, shook his head. “It must be a new series by Joanie T. I think I saw something on the Lair Bulletin board. Guardian Isle series?

“When?” demanded the cat lady. “When will we find out?”

“Soon enough.”

The voice came from a shrouded figure, cross-legged and floating three feet off the ground. “The clock is ticking and the stories must be told.

Wow, this is a LOT to take in. Have you figured out who the inquisitive BB’s are? What do you look for in a warrior? Can you dance? Irish dance? (Looking at Susan). Tell us what intrigues you about this glimpse into a brand new world.


Will it be saved?

Will it be saved?



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  • Lisa says:

    In a warrior I look for someone who can not only fight, but has a gentle side. One who protects and cherishes. One who fights for a cause or reason.
    Can I dance? Irish dance? I’m waiting for the River Dance company to call. Should be any day now. (Of course, I’ve been saying that for years!)

  • Helen says:

    Woohoo you found us out Deb Catslady and Myself had to know more about this story that I hope will be out soon 🙂
    I do love Irish dancing although I could never do it myself but reading about will bring it to life for me and I want a strong caring warrior who will love sensually thank you so much for this glimpse 🙂

    As for how we got in that must remain a secret otherwise all will be arriving 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Aha! I knew it! It had to be our intrepid Helen, Deb and catslady!

      Are ye proud of yerself then? Well, I can’t say I blame ye. As to sensual? Oh…indeed

    • Deb says:

      Lovely, sweet Helen, you are sharing the Tim Tams with your cohorts, aren’t you?! I’m still trying to figure out something totally Iowan to send to you.
      As for the butter cow sculpture, hahaha. That’s a reference to our State Fair and the Butter Sculpture every year. Clever, clever Joanie!

  • Shannon says:

    Ahh… now I can crawl back into bed, knowing that the suspects have ‘fessed. Of course sleeping now means another hour or two of less reading time. Sounds like, I will need those hours very soon…

    This story has such a nice combination of friends, family, and healing magic. And great character names! (BTW, my RL bro is Patrick Michael.) Plus that purple dancing dress, it’s royal and delicate at the same time.

    I did check Joan’s website (but not FaceBook) so I guess I’ll have to return to find out a title.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Ahh Shannon girl. Joan is woefully behind on website updates…what with dancing practice and all.

      The title is still evolving but it is Book 2 of my new Guardian Isle series set to debut by the end of the year. * Life sustaining treasures have been lost and only the Guardians set to protect them can rescue them..and the world.*

  • gamistress66 says:

    I have no doubt that those sexy warriors & the women that keep them in line will prevail in the end, but am curious as to how they manage it 😉

  • Deb says:

    LOVE IT!
    I would be in cahoots with Helen and Catslady any day as long as there are Tim Tams and sexy hunks (behind doors). 😉
    I can Danish folk dance, does that count?
    AND, really, do I have an accent? Hmmmm, maybe to others?
    Great story, um, recap, Joanie!

  • JOANIE! **casting my mom look at you** It isn’t nice to tease!!

    I soooooooooooo love this series. Cannot wait to get them to read…and are you writing every free moment? If not…I might have to send Patric in to give you a good kick in her arse!! 🙂

    LOVE the excerpt!!

    • Joan Kayse says:

      I’m tryin’ me best, Suz me darlin’ Though life and the DDJ are impeding me progress. …and the one bonus pay being only HALF of what was expected 🙁 But…there is hope still…….as ye know I have NINE to write and get out!

  • Amy Conley says:

    A warrior has to be able to fight, but not just with his hands. He has to be able to engage his heart too, and as we all know, sometimes (usually), those are the hardest fights of all.

    I can dance a bit,but not Irish dance. Sorry, but if I tried that you’d be burying me in a matter of minutes.

    The scene is beautiful, but scary to me…I hate heights. I’d feel let down being in that castle because I would be afraid to look out the higher windows and see the beaautiful landscape.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Well said, Amy and our Brady (all of his clan) have that very ability….though they must go through great trials to find it within themselves. Only when they realize it is for more than our worlds survival…will they find their treasure.

      Who says it has to be gold at the end of the rainbow? Hmmm?

      • Amy Conley says:

        The gold at the end of a rainbow is like heaven to me…it all means something different to everyone. For me the gold would be not only standing at the top of one of the castle’s towers and seeing the view of the sea, but also making my way down there.
        My view of heaven is very similar, it’s a warm,sunny beach, always.