September in the Lair

Hi, everybody!  It’s that time of the month again.  We’ve had some work done on the website, so the RSS feed should be working now.  If you signed up for it but are don’t get announcements for the scheduled posts, including this one, please email us.

Here’s a preview of the month ahead.

On September 8, Jeanne’s regular day, she’ll be back in the lair to talk about fall and going back to school and how delightful that is for writers.

DANGEROUS WEAKNESS2 (5)On September 14, Caroline Warfield visits the Lair with her latest release, DANGEROUS WEAKNESS.  She’ll be talking about covers which is an incredibly important topic to readers and writers.  I can see her blog inspiration as her latest cover is a beauty!  Be sure to stop by 🙂

September 17 will be a rollicking day as we spend it on Trish & Nancy’s Annual DragonCon report.  Yes, these intrepid banditas are plunging into the fannish crowd in downtown Atlanta again, and they’ll report back on their findings.  Nancy’s covering the parade for the Daily Dragon, so she hopes to get some good pictures.  And Trish always has great photos from DragonCon. Join them and fly your geek flag (or just watch them fly theirs)!

September 23rd is Donna’s regular day.  Crossing my fingers…but I think I’ll have a cover reveal for my time travel, CHARMING THE UrsulaLeCoeur_TheDeviousDebutante_800pxPROFESSOR, by that date as well.  I’m excited, this book has been a while coming!

Ursula LeCoeur will join us to discuss her newest release, THE DEVIOUS DEBUTANTE, and opium use in Victorian society on September 24th.  Isn’t that a problem today as well?  Some things never change.

Nancy is actually blogging again on September 26.  This is her regular day, and she’s going to be talking about the Books Under the Bed, those early efforts writers either couldn’t sell or decided they didn’t want appearing in the world attached to the authors’ names, or both.

What’s on your agenda for September?

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  • Ki says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be a great month.

  • Amy Herring says:

    A time travel novel? Hoe did I miss that project? (Kicks self.)
    In my best squeaky Oliver voice, “More, please?”

  • Amy Herring says:

    Correction: A time travel novel? How did I miss that project? (Kicks self.)
    In my best squeaky Oliver voice, “More, please?”

  • Jane says:

    Happy September and congrats to Anna on the new release.

  • Helen says:

    Doesn’t time go fast the days are starting to get longer over here in Oz and my TBR pick is growing 🙂 so September is I hope going to be a month to try and get some of them read LOLwoohoo

    Have Fun

  • Mozette says:

    Woah! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in here!

    First off, I’m sorry for not visiting – life has been getting away on me. John Lennon’s quote on life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans rings so true in this day and age!

    I’ve be crafting and writing and getting together with family… in that order.

    There’s a book I’m pulling together on Flash Fictions – from the creepy’n’cooky to the tear-jerkers to the funny to the ‘what the heck?’ … and then there’s my ‘Angel Love’ book I’ve gotten back into looking at from last year too.

    Then, my craft stall is going okay. I’ve got new lines coming in and I’m hoping they’ll take off. So far, I’ve painted up 2 flower portraits – and if they sell today (Saturday) I’ll get in and do more.
    However, with September being the beginning of my really busy season of weekend markets, I’m looking forward to working harder on my products and leaving my writing towards Christmas.

    So, there you have it – my year in a nutshell, and my plans for the rest of the year too. 😀

  • September is going to be rockin’ in the Lair !! I’m looking forward to it as she brandishes her Branson Guitar Fly Swatter!