Sentinel Launch Party

Sentinel is live on Amazon!  Whee!  I’m thrilled, so join me and celebrate.  Sven has made his usual fabulous array of canapés, the bar is open, and the Golden Rooster is away (so far).

You may have noticed the green crepe paper streamers and the sun symbol string lights.  The green is in honor of the mages’ affiliation with nature and the lights are in honor of the way Rick Moore, the book’s hero, thinks about Caroline Dare, the heroine. 

Rick and Caro will be here soon.  They make a striking couple, so you’ll recognize them when they come in.  Rick is about six feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes. (Think Chris O’Donnell).  Caro is also tall, with long, black hair and grey eyes (think Erica Durance), and will be using a white cane.    You may also note a family resemblance to her brother, Griffin Dare from Renegade.

Sentinel_FinalWhile we wait for them, let’s take a look at the blurb so everyone knows what the story is about:

He’s on a Quest for Justice

Her Secrets are His Only Hope

When mage investigative reporter Rick Moore gets the unexpected chance to clear his father’s name, it looks like a dream come true. But there’s a price. He must first uncover the truth about the mage world’s most wanted fugitive. 

 Caroline Dare  knows her beloved brother had a reason for killing a member of the mages’ governing council. Real heroes don’t go rogue on a whim. Burned by shady reporters, she pours her devastating worry for him into her fabric art career and maintains stony silence about him.  But when her art is panned as a fraud because she’s blind, she’s forced to seek help from Rick, a man she knows only as a sexy arts writer.

 Helping beautiful, determined Caroline prove her art is her own gets Rick inside her well tended walls.  But as he wins her trust, he finds he’s losing his heart. Now he has a choice–give up his dream or betray the woman he loves.

Macon_CherrySt2And here they are.  Excuse me while I get them seated in the nook by the big windows.  Sven’s bringing us some yummy finger food along with white wine for me and Caro and a beer for Rick.  Since our guests are from Macon, Georgia, I’ll slide in a photo of Macon’s Cherry Street near where they met.

Okay, we’re back.  Rick, Caro, why don’t you tell our other guests a bit about yourselves?

Rick fidgets. “Uh, okay.”

Nancy:  “What’s wrong?”

Rick:  “I’m used to being on the other side of the interview.” [squares his shoulders]  “What do you want to know?”

Nancy:  “How about how the two of you met?”

Caro, patting his knee.  “It was the opening of my first showing.  I’m a weaver. I make tapestries–“

Rick: “Gorgeous tapestries.”

Caro smiles at him.  “Rick came to the show.  He was covering it for an arts publication but his true goal was to get to know me.  This was three years before Griffin’s adventures in Renegade, and Rick thought I might know where my fugitive brother was hiding.”

“I wasn’t the only one,” Rick reminds her.

“No, you weren’t, and you had a lot riding on it, clearing your father’s name.  Why don’t you explain that?”

He nods.  “When I was twelve, my dad was accused of using dark magic.  He was innocent, but the investigation and the scandal ruined my family.  My dad drank himself to death.”

Nancy:  “Oh, I’m sorry.”

Rick shrugs. “Anyway, my editor at promised he would push for an investigation if I could get the goods on Griffin Dare, the mage world’s most notorious fugitive.  No one had glimpsed him in the three years since he went rogue, even though mages can scry, magically locating anyone who isn’t behind a magical screen.”

“And maintaining such a screen,” Caro puts in, “takes a lot of power.  No one can do it indefinitely.  We all have to recharge at some point.”

“Right.”  Lacing his fingers through hers, Rick continues.  “So it seemed obvious someone was helping him.  Who better than his family?”

Caro said, “I can’t argue with the logic, but things took a twist neither of us expected.  Starting that night at the gallery.”

Macon_OcmulPath1“Yeah.”  Rick kisses her hand, and she blushes.  He continues, “I knew I was in serious trouble when we took that walk in the woods.”

“If you say so.  I thought he was a freelancer and novelist–he writes the Max Grant spy series–and by the time I knew differently….Well, one thing led to another, and eventually to Happily Ever After for us, though not yet for Griffin.  Nancy, why don’t you share the scene from Sentinel with our first meeting?”

Since it’s polite to humor a guest, here’s Chapter 1, Scene 2:

“You hit it out of the park, baby.” Caroline Dare’s date, Jerald Layton, spoke softly in her ear. “I can hear the sweet cha-ching of money flowing in.”

Caro mustered a smile. Jerald’s focus on sales was only natural for an ambitious stockbroker. It wasn’t his fault this evening wasn’t perfect.

The soft fizz of champagne in the flute she held sent ticklish bubbles up her nose. She didn’t need eyesight to know the art gallery was busy, even growing crowded. The mix of cheerful conversation, footsteps on hardwood flooring, and the mellow tones of a saxophone filled the air.

Her magical senses picked out the denser, heavier energy of normal, or Mundane, humans and the more subtle, lighter vibes of the mageborn among them. Her show had garnered a great turnout with corresponding sales. And yet.

“This is an excellent start,” her dad said quietly from her other side. But his quick squeeze of her shoulder conveyed his understanding that she couldn’t just bask in this success. He and her mom couldn’t either, and for the same reason.

Griffin wasn’t here.

“You have a great turnout,” her mom noted. “I think you’re launched, honey.”

“You and Dad had a lot to do with the turnout. Most of these people are your friends.”

“Some of them,” her father admitted, “but not all. And they wouldn’t write the checks they’re writing out of friendship.”

Caro hoped so. Since graduating from college five years ago, she’d worked as a researcher at her dad’s law office, but that had been only a stopgap. Art was her love, even though her blindness had stopped her from majoring in it in college. This was her chance.

“Lara,” her dad said, “there are the Kents. Let’s go say hello.”

As Caro’s parents moved away, other footsteps came closer, quick, light, with the click of high heels on hardwood–Belinda Parkhurst, the gallery owner–and a second set with a heavier, flatter tread. A man.

All mages could pick up traces of each other’s moods when in physical contact, and sometimes, when the other mage’s emotional walls were down, at close range. That was handy enough, but Caro had greater sensitivity than most. She could also sense Mundane moods.

Belinda emitted excitement and pleasure. Good. Things were going well. Caro could picture the tall, slender woman with her wavy, graying hair brushing her shoulders and her face rosy with satisfaction.

The man with Belinda gave off mage energy, strong and focused, but he felt more guarded. Friendly, but with his emotional walls up.

They stopped in front of her.

“Caroline,” Belinda said, “this is Rick Moore from Georgia Arts Monthly. He wanted to say hello.”

Caro’s magical senses showed her the outline of a six-foot, broad-shouldered frame to Belinda’s left. She extended her right hand. “It was nice of you to come tonight, Mr. Moore.”

“I’m very glad I did.”

When he clasped her hand in his warm, large one, her pulse took a little hop. Odd. But maybe the unusual intensity coming from him meant she wasn’t the only one affected.

He shook hands with just enough firmness to show he wasn’t babying her. At exactly the polite moment, he released her fingers.

Absently, Caro noted Belinda excusing herself. Calling out to a customer, the gallery owner hurried away.

Unfortunately, Jerald was emitting a new, disdainful vibe. Rick Moore apparently didn’t measure up to what Caro was coming to know as Jerald’s standards.

Jerald slid his arm around Caro’s waist. “Jerald Layton,” he drawled, infusing the words with condescension. “Are you a collector, Moore?”

“No, a music fan.” The rueful note in his deep, smooth voice was charming, and his actual voice…its faint rasp set off tingles deep inside her. Caro repressed a shiver.

“So what are your impressions of the show?” she asked, smiling to make up for Jerald’s rudeness. She’d invited him tonight because he was mageborn, allowing freer conversation than a Mundane companion would, and they’d had a few fun dates. She hadn’t realized he was a snob.

“I’m intrigued,” Moore replied. “The press release we received said you took your inspiration from different types of music.”

Jerald’s hold tightened. “The cards by the tapestries say that.”

“I noticed.” Moore maintained his amiable tone.

At least one of the men wasn’t being an ass. This territorial bit from Jerald was new. And unwelcome.

Before Caro could try to smooth over his curtness, Moore continued, still in an easy, relaxed voice, “Ms. Dare, I particularly like the one called Spring. The color gradations are subtle and engaging, and the song that inspired the work, The Cypress Knees’ ‘Georgia Morning,’ is a favorite of mine.”

“A lot of people like it. That’s why it’s a hit on the indie charts,” Jerald muttered.

Ignoring him, she responded, “Make it Caro, please.”

“Thanks. I’m Rick to my friends. How did you choose that song for the work?”

The warmth in his voice wrapped around her like a buffer against Jerald’s mood. Smiling at Moore, she admitted, “’Georgia Morning’ is a family favorite.”

Griffin especially liked it. She’d played it whenever she worked on the Spring tapestry. Every color she’d chosen for that particular piece, every bobbin of thread she’d wound, had been with him in mind.

“There’s a lot to be said for family favorites,” Moore observed.

Jerald cleared his throat. “Sorry to interrupt here, but–”

“Then don’t.” Caro kept her smile in place despite the urge to drive her stiletto heel into Jerald’s toes. Maybe Moore was only being polite with his compliments, but he sounded sincere.

“I’m here to do a piece for Georgia Arts Monthly, as Belinda said,” Moore told her. “I’d love to talk to you about your work when it’s convenient.”

“Really?” Delight bloomed in her heart, fast and deep, and her cheeks heated.

The outline of Moore in her magical awareness nodded, then tensed, as though he realized she couldn’t see any detail in his reaction. “Yes,” he said. “This is truly amazing, and the response you’re getting shows that there would be interest.”

Wow…but…Reporters tended to pry at doors best left closed. Caro swallowed a sigh.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t give interviews.” With some regret, because she liked him and she did want her work to make a splash, she cooled her voice. “It’s family policy.”

“I see.” Although Moore still sounded relaxed, his deep voice carried a tinge of disappointment. “If you change your mind, I’d be glad to send you the questions by email ahead of time.”

Before she could refuse again, he added, “And now I’m sure there are others who’d like to talk to you. It was nice meeting you, Caro. Layton.”

His shape and his footsteps receded into the swirl of life energy in the gallery. Too bad. He’d seemed like such a nice guy.

But she couldn’t let down her guard, even for the sake of her career. Too many people wanted to write sordid stories about Griffin or his family. Because he was a painter, even Mundane publications like Peachtree Arts Bulletin had glommed onto her “missing” brother, supposedly homeless and mentally ill.

Caro swallowed a sigh. Best to guard her privacy and steer clear of any reporters. Even part-time ones. And especially charming ones. They always wanted something.

If you’d like to read all of Chapter 1, click here.

Rick shakes his head. “I still can’t believe you were with that guy.”

“I’m not now.”  Caro grins.  “The best man won.”

“Damn straight.”  Rick tugs her to her feet.  “Now we’re sorry, but we need to go.  I’m on deadline for my next book, and Caro has some work to catch up on.  Thanks for having us today.”

Nancy:  “You’re always welcome.  If you’ll follow Sven down to the courtyard, Ermingarde will give you a ride home.”

“The dragon!”  Caro’s eyes gleam.  “I was so hoping for this.  Even if the ride is likely to be a bit swoopy.”

“Just hang onto me,” Rick assures her, “and it’ll be great.”

Smiling, she wrinkles her nose at him.  “That’s my lifetime plan.”

“Aww.”  He kisses her quickly.  “Mine too.”

The guests of honor are gone, but the party isn’t over.  We have lots of munchies and–

“Where are they?”  The GR rushes into the room and angrily surveys it.  “I had a story idea for that guy.  An exposé!  The inside scoop on you women.  How you hog the food, drink the best wine.”

Sven presses the intercom.  “Demetrius.  Cleanup in the library, please.”

“On it,” says a deep voice from the intercom.  “I can hear the the little pipsqueak through the speaker.”

The GR puffs up indignantly.  “You keep that big lump away from me!  One of these days, the truth will come out.”

Zach scoops up the rooster from behind, surprising him.  “He has a…unique…world view,” Zach comments to Sven.  “I’ll just go meet Demetrius.”

Thank you, Zach.  Now that order has been restored, let’s talk careers.  Rick was an investigative reporter until he burned out, coming back into that work only in the hope of clearing his dad.  Caro worked as a researcher for her dad, a lawyer, while preparing to launch her dream career as a weaver.

What hero’s or heroine’s job (from a book or a movie) would you like to try out for a day, and why?  What’s the most unusual job you remember a character in a book or movie having?

One commenter today will win a signed copy or Kindle download of Sentinel.







  • Jane says:

    Congrats on the new release, Nancy. I would love to be an FBI agent like Mulder and Scully investigating and tackling cases of the weird and maybe unexplainable. The most unusual job I’ve come across was in a mystery series by Wendy Roberts where the heroine cleans up crime scenes.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Congrats on nabbing the rooster, Jane 😀

      I have to ask -the heroine cleaned up crime scenes… as a criminal hiding things? Or like a cleaning lady, scooping up the body bits and mopping up blood?

    • Jane, thanks, and congrats on nabbing the bird! I hope he’ll behave. He’s still in a bad mood from getting kicked out of the party.

      An X-Files job would be cool, if sometimes dangerous. It would never be boring!

      I think I’ve read some if that mystery series. I liked it. Does the heroine see dead people?

  • flchen1 says:

    While I LOVE reading stories where the characters are spies or secret agents or space explorers or warriors, I’m not sure I would survive even an hour in their shoes! 😉 I can’t recall the most unusual profession–I think they really run the gamut these days, from the seemingly mundane (mechanic, teacher, firefighter…) to the excitingly heroic (military, firefighter, parent… 😉 ) Wouldn’t mind sneaking in for a bit into Jeannie Lin’s heroine’s graceful shoes in The Sword Dancer, but would likely find myself suddenly clumsy 😉

    • Tawny Weber says:

      I’m with you, Fedora 😀

      As exciting as it is to imagine the lives these characters lead, I’m so NOT qualified to live them. Not even for a day LOL

    • Fedora, I love those stories, too, and I share your concerns about survival.

      I would love to have the coordination and grace to be any kind of dancer.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Congrats on the book Nancy. Sounds very intriguing.

    Most unusual job? Maybe the reverse of Tootsie or Mrs. Doubtfire. Either one would be great and playing a man, with the sexual diffetences between men and women, still, would be great.

  • Mary Preston says:

    In books being an archaeologist always sounds so romantic. I seriously doubt it is in real life, but I’d love to work on a dig for a day. I’m thinking Egypt.

    I can’t say that I have come across any job in a book that I would consider unusual. Not enough to raise eyebrows anyway.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Mary anytime I think archeologist I think of mummies coming alive, curses and mysteries. Very romantic!

    • Mary, I used to want to be an archaeologist, until
      I found out about the whole digging-up-bones bit. That put me off it, but I love reading archaeology-themed books. On Stargate SG-1, archaeologist Daniel Jackson was my favorite character.

      I hope you get to Egypt. A friend of mine volunteered on a dig in Iceland for two weeks. She said it was great.

  • Tawny Weber says:

    WHOHOOoooooo and happy dancing!!! Nancy, I’m so excited about your release 😉 Congratulations. And awesome excerpt 😉

    Hmm, unusual profession… Stephanie Bond’s body hunters weren’t very run of the mill.

    I’d love to change places with Eve Dallas, but only at night, when she’s off duty *g* I’d make a lousy cop, am horribly graceless and there is no way I could handle the physical demands of her job. The physical demands of her husband, though? Those I wouldn’t mind trying 😉

    • Tawny, thanks!

      Yeah, moving dead people would definitely qualify as unusual in fiction. And I’m so with you about Eve! It would be great to come to Roarke and his way cool house and toys, but Eve takes a lot of punches.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Snork. Yeah, the body hunters…different job there.

      And I’ll third that bit about Roarke…Woohoo!!

  • Helen says:


    I am so looking forward to reading this one I have it downloaded onto my kindle and will be the next book I read 🙂 woohoo

    I am not sure what I would like to try for a day probably an investigater maybe Agatha Christie 🙂 and at the moment I can’t think of an unusual occupation

    Congrats on the release

    Have Fun

  • Tracey Parker says:

    Congrats on the release!
    I would say I would love to be an author….writing in any kind of way. I am horrible when it comes to writing.
    I think the most unusual job was a food tester…. I understand it was needed in uncertain times long ago but still strange to me.

    • Tracey, thank you!

      If you want to write, I think you should. You may be better at it than you think, and in any event, writing is a skill like any other. It improves with use.

      LOL on the food tester! That job is a bit dangerous for me!

  • Shannon says:

    Given my penchant for historicals, I considered the few limited options. Then I read where Australia was going to revive knights and dames. I suddenly wished I could be one of those tough heroines who disguise themselves and become knights. Oh to have the coordination and the strength to wield a sword. The nerve to actually knife someone with a dagger. To become a landed lord, with farms and tenants. Of course, I also considered the downside, having to defend such territory, being hot and sweaty with few baths, the lack of indoor toilets, and the politics of kings and neighbors.

    I am a researcher/writer at work. As my current account winds down (probably closing March 2015), I wonder what my next area of interest will be. I want it to have more publication opportunities than I currently have. It would be lovely to have a colleague who is in their 50s rather than the 20-somethings that surround me. I would still like to have the same boss; she is great.

    • Shannon, I think there must’ve been women who wanted to learn knightly skills and lordly management but weren’t allowed. Ad you say, though, there were definite downsides!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    WOOOHOOO – another book in the Light Mages series!! So excited!! I’ve already downloaded my copy!

    I’m with Tawny on the Eve Dallas thing :).

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Nancy!!! WOOHOOO!!! I’m so excited about the release of SENTINEL!! Everyone is going to love this story. It’s such a fabulous story, a great romance. Love. It. :>

    As to professions, I’m not sure anyone’s written about it, but I’d love to be a symphony conductor or a conductor of one of those enormous 1000 voice choirs. Grins. Oh, the power! And the glory of that much incredible music!! :> Grins.

    I think I’d make a good cop or investigator too…hmmmm…..

  • Jeanne, thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Oooh, conductor–how fun! I was in band, you know.

    Yes, I think you’d be a great cop or investigator.

  • Paula Eckard says:

    Wow, Nancy! Another book! Congratulations on your continued success–may there be many more books to come!

  • Woohoo! Another story of the light mages! This one is already on my Kindle.

    As for another career – I wouldn’t mind being a superhero for a day. Or maybe a successful movie actress – that would be cool. And if I can’t be an actress – how about a Disney animator? I’d love to work on a movie like Frozen 🙂

    Wishing you lots of success on this one, Nancy!

  • bn100 says:

    travel writer so can travel
    mortician was an unusual job

  • Just by the way, this cover is also the work of the fabulous Lyndsey Lewellen. I love it.

  • Cassondra says:

    Hi Nancy, and WOOOOOT on the new release!

    I love this cover, and I love this story. (*gloats* Yes, I’m gloating because I got to read it early *grin*)

    Got my copy on my Kindle and going to use this as a reward for finishing a work project. I’m ready to read it again!

    I love Caro and Rick, and how fun seeing them here in the lair with you!

    Lessee…I can’t think of the most unusual career I’ve read about. That’s a toughie, since romance heroes and heroines often have such exciting jobs.

    If I could get my choice of jobs for a day or three, I’d choose to be a helicopter pilot. You have one of those in one of your stories–Josh–and he’s one of my favorite characters. Jill Shalvis also has a hot helo pilot in one of her books too.

    I’ve always wanted to learn to fly helicopters.

    Congrats again on the release, and I’m already Jonesing for the next story. Whose will it be?

    • Cassondra, thanks! I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for the pat on Josh’s back as well. You may remember he used to fly helitack, dropping water from a big bucket onto a fire via helicopter. I think that would be way cool.

      Thanks for asking about the next book. It’s Will’s, and the title is Warrior. It should be out in late summer or early fall. I’m enjoying working on it, transforming Mr. Flavor of the Week into a one-woman man. *g*

      Lyndsey’s doing that cover, too, just btw.

  • Dawn Brower says:

    Congrats on the new release! I like the interview it made me want to read more.

  • Dianna Love says:

    Hi Nancy – Snoopy dancin’ for ya in GA!!! I’m so tickled for Sentinel – and just downloaded MY copy. 🙂 Who would I like to be for a day – I want Laura Croft’s job with all her wonderful toys, oh and her physical ability to do everything in that movie. They only other thing that comes to mind is helicopter pilot. I always wanted to be one. 🙂 Love to see you writing up a storm and getting these stories out. I’d have been out here sooner, but I was passing out congrats to RITA and GH finalists. It’s crazy out here today. 🙂 We need Griffin and Rick on duty!!

    • Dianna, thanks so much for coming by and for recommending that people stop in.

      I would love to have Lara Croft’s toys, and finding cool stuff would be fun. I could do without the being shot at part, though!

      As I said to Cassondra, I would love to ride along in a firefighting helicopter.

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    Congratulations on the new release!!! I’m reading it now and really enjoying it! I was a little nervous because I haven’t read the others yet, but I am having no trouble following along. I really want to read the others! 🙂

    I can’t think of one career I’ve read about, and like to try. However, I have read a few where the characters own some kind of small shop. I would love to do that! Own a small successful shop of some sort, like a bookstore, or craft store. I would love to go to work everyday!

    • Heather, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book. It’s especially good to know you’re not confused as a new reader. Since this is a prequel, I was hoping new readers might try it.

      Up the street from us is a lovely little shop that sells a bit of this, a bit of that–cards, glassware, knick-knacks, calendars, chocolate. It’s a great place to just go browse. I think having a place liked that would be fun.

    • Dianna Love says:

      So nice to see you here, Heather, and yay that you’re reading Sentinel already (not surprised with how fast you read).

  • Candace Fox says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Congrats on your release. Dianna Love sent me over to show you some love. Some day I want my own BookStore so I can have awesome Authors like Y’all come by for signings….Come on Lottery!!!! A detective is also one of my favs. Would love to investigate crime scenes….I just don’t want to carry a gun..hehe.. Congrats again…Candi

    • Candi, thank you!

      Bookstores are great hangouts. I love browsing in the different categories. By the time I finish romance, science fiction/fantasy, mystery, thrillers, biography, then military history, I could spend a day there.

      I would also love investigating crimes, and I think I’d be okay with carrying a gun. But I’d rather skip the part where the bad guys shoot at the investigators!

    • Dianna Love says:

      Ah, thanks for coming to the party, Candace! You would be a great book store owner. 🙂

  • Susan Sey says:

    Happy release day, Nancy! I’m so excited to grab my copy & sink into your awesome world building!

    As far as professions I’d love to try, I have to be totally unoriginal & say that I always love bakeries. Running a bakery is such a cliche in books anymore & yet I always ALWAYS buy it. Something about the idea of frosting cupcakes for a living just charms me. Plus those places always smell so good. I want to live where it smells like butter & sugar. I just do.

  • YAYAY!!! Nancy, I’ve downloaded SENTINEL and can’t wait to read it. Congratulations on another book coming out. Loved the excerpt!

    As far as jobs go, I think I’d love to have the job of the heroine in Chocolat, where she had this kind of witchy ability to predict which chocolate people would like. I love the way she brought the community together through chocolate! Or maybe it’s just that I like chocolate 🙂

    • Thank you, Christina! I hope you like it.

      Chocolat is one of those movies we almost didn’t go to–woman makes chocolate and interferes in little town, likely not much blowing up–but we ended up loving it! Having her abilities would be cool.

  • MichelleMB says:

    Congrats on the new release. I haven’t read any of this series, and unfortunately I just can’t make myself start a series in the middle, drives me nuts. The story sounded so intriguing that I just went and got Renegade instead. 😀 I’ll probably work my way up to this one.

    I’ve thought I might be good as a late night DJ on a soft jazz kinda radio station. I’ve been told I’ve got a soft, sexy voice so it might fit LOL. Hmmmm unusual jobs, I suppose a fortune teller is one that comes to mind. Would be cool if you could actually see futures for real.

    • Michelle, thank you so much! Renegade was the first book written in this series. I hope you enjoy it.

      Sentinel is actually set three years before Renegade, but reading it after shouldn’t spoil anything.

      I don’t like to start series in the middle (certain people would say I’m a bit anal about that, and the way bookstores shelve, alpha by title rather than in publication order, though I understand why they do it), either. Occasionally, by accident, I do, but I’m happier reading in order.


      • MichelleMB says:

        I know it said it was a prequel, set earlier, but I know in my head it’s not the 1st book in the series. Yep, I’m weird that way too 😉 Once I bought a book without realizing it was 3rd in a series. I had to go out and buy and read the first 2 before I could read that one. LMAO

        • Michelle, whatever works for you is fine with me. And you’re technically right, Renegade was the first book published. I’m a member of the Science Fiction Bookclub, and I got a book because I forgot to send back the “don’t send this” paper. Once I had it in hand, it looked so interesting that I wanted to read it anyway, but it was the third of a trilogy. Gah! I had to go out and buy the first one immediately. Read it, loved it, bought the second, and finally read the one I’d had all along.

        • Cassondra says:

          Michelle, I’ve done that a bunch of times. I won’t read books out of order if I know it. If I screw up and read a middle book first, I have to IMMEDIATELY get the others and read those right then.

  • Delene says:

    Congrats on your Release today! Dianna Love sent me over to show you some Street Team Love!

    I’d love to own my own little book store. I could read and recommend all day 😉

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  • Sher Giambra says:

    looks like an awesome the paranormal books…and Dianna Love street team sent me over

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Congrats on the launch of SENTINEL, Nancy! Love this couple and their story!

    I’m sure there are lots of fun jobs in book and movies that I’d like to try out but I just can’t think of any right now. My mind’s a little fuzzy after a four-hour drive home that should have taken 2.5 hours. I envision an early bedtime. 😉

  • Woot! Happy release day, Nancy!! Looks like the party’s still hopping and no wonder. What a fun post! I love that excerpt and I’ve already bought SENTINEL, so I can’t wait to keep reading!

    Hmm… I think if I could change jobs for a day, I would be a spy. I know I’d be a good one. I’d find out lots of secrets and charge lots of money to reveal them. Heh heh. 🙂

    • Thanks, Kate! I hope you enjoy the book.

      I’m not surprised you’d pick a spy. You sort of write spies with Brooklyn and Derek. I think you’d be a great one. All the slipping around and investigating looks like fun to me, but the being shot at has less appeal.

      Looking forward to The Book Stops Here!

  • Becke says:

    Sorry for the late arrival. Had to work late tonight.


  • gamistress66 says:

    Nancy, Congrats on the new release! sorry I’m a little late to the party (luckily Sven is such a dear & always has enough for us late comers) 🙂 Rick sounds absolutely yummy (I think Chris ODonnell is sexy & cute) and Caro sounds delightful as well. Look forward to reading their story, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Gamistress, thanks! Glad you made it. You’re never late when the bar is open and the food is out.

      I thought Chris O’Donnell was great as Robin to George Clooney’s Batman, and I love him on NCIS:LA.

  • Beth says:

    I guess my fictional job would be a bounty hunter… lol

  • Thanks to everyone who swung by today. I had a great time and hope you did, too.

    • Gerri Russell says:


      I’m late to the party…but I wanted to pop in and say Congrats! Sentinel is a wonderful book. Wishing you all the best with the release.

  • Dacchic77 says:

    Nancy, I just saw this post so I’m too late for the party but not too late to say Congrats on the new release! Will Sentinel be available on B&N or ibooks soon? I can’t wait to read it!