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Shana 3I’ve got a great treat for you today. Shana Galen is such a popular visitor to the lair and she’s here to tell us about her latest book (out 5th March) IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY.

Here’s the blurb:


Fallon, the Marchioness of Mystery, is a celebrated courtesan with her finger on the pulse of high society. She’s adored by men, hated by their wives. No one knows anything about her past, and she plans to keep it that way.


Warrick Fitzhugh will do anything to protect his compatriots in the Foreign Office, including seduce Fallon, who he thinks can lead him to the deadliest crime lord in London. He knows he’s putting his life on the line . To Warrick’s shock, Fallon is not who he thinks she is, and the secrets she’s keeping are exactly what make her his heart’s desire . . .

shanaRT Book Reviews awarded IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY top pick status, and said: The second in Galen’s Jewels of the Ton series is a gem of a read, and Galen is at the top of her game. The suspense builds alongside the passion as her three-dimensional characters are trapped in an adventure-filled labyrinth. Galen is a grand mistress of the action/adventure subgenre.

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Shana, welcome back to the lair! We love it when you visit. I’m so looking forward to IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY, book 2 of the Jewels of the Ton series, which is out on the 5th March.  Can you tell us about this story?

Thank you for having me back, Anna! I had a blast on my last visit.

Shana 2IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY is about Fallon, the Marchioness of Mystery. She’s one of The Three Diamonds, a trio of glamorous Regency courtesans. Of the three women, Fallon has the darkest past. There is a reason she has kept it a mystery. And then she meets Warrick Fitzhugh—she actually doesn’t so much meet him as he insinuates himself into her life. He’s the youngest son of an earl and a spy for the Crown. His life is in danger, and he knows Fallon has information that will help him apprehend the man trying to kill him. Fallon isn’t exactly cooperative, so he blackmails her and drags her along on what becomes something of a wild ride.

What were the inspirations behind this book?

The series was inspired by real life courtesan Grace Dalrymple Elliott. She was a courtesan—some say a lover of even the Prince of Wales—who lived in Paris during the Revolution and spied for the English. Fallon’s story was also inspired by Dickens’s  OLIVER TWIST. I had Dickens’s Nancy in mind as I wrote Fallon’s character.

Shana 4Any hints about the third story in the series?

I’m writing SAPPHIRES ARE AN EARL’S BEST FRIEND right now. It’s about Lily, the Countess of Charm, and Andrew, Earl Darlington. She has always been in love with him, but he has never looked at her twice. Now they’re thrown together in this final instalment, where they must deal with a traitor to the Empire as well as the villainous Lucifer from WHEN YOU GIVE A DUKE A DIAMOND.

What other exciting things have been happening in the world of Shana Galen?

I just turned 40 and got a new car! Ultimate Sportsfan threw me a surprise party with lots of friends and family, and the biggest surprise was a 2013 VW Beetle in the driveway with a big red bow. On top of that, we went to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate. He spent too much at the gambling tables, and I spent too much at the spa.

shana 5 Happy birthday! Sounds like a great celebration! I’m intrigued to know whether you see any particular trends in historical romance at the moment (apart from luscious, romantic covers!).

I’m seeing more historicals featuring heroes who have tattoos. That’s been an interesting trend to watch. I write a lot of action and adventure, and I’m noticing more authors penning books in that vein. Of course, Joanna Bourne comes to mind, newish author Tracey Devlyn, Jillian Stone, Elizabeth Essex. I’m seeing more pirate books too, which is a trend I certainly embrace.

Ooh, interesting. Do you have a question for the Bandits and Bandita buddies to get the conversation off to a great start?

I’m wondering what trends your readers are noting. Anything I haven’t mentioned? And, readers, do you like reading historicals that deviate from the status quo or do you prefer those that stick to the traditions of the genre?

BanditBootyThanks, Shana! Get commenting, people. Shana has very generously offered one commenter today a copy of IF YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY (international). Good luck!

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  • Tuesday Carlson says:

    So excited for the new Jewels book! Can’t wait to read it, I love all of Shana’s books!

  • Helen Sibbritt says:

    Hi Shana and Anna

    I too am looking forward to this story I loved the first one (actually I love all of your books Shana and have them all) can’t wait.

    I love historicals and am very happy if they deviate or stay the same I rarely do not enjoy a good historical the adeventures the clothes the romance love it all LOL. I have not noticed anything other than what you have mentioned. Sounds like your birthday was fab.

    Congrats on the release

    Have Fun

    Anna see ya next week whoo hoo of to Brisby on Monday can’t wait

  • Katie says:

    I love strong female leads and Fallon sounds like she going to be one heck of a strong heroin (: can’t waitto read “if you give a rake a ruby” !

  • catslady says:

    I like most historicals and I love variety so as long as I care about the characters, the author can take me anywhere. I’ve enjoyed this series very much and looking forward to your latest!!

    • Wow, so many of you read the Duke and the Diamond book. Shana, that must be wonderful for you to see! Hi Catslady! Thanks for swinging by!

    • Shana Galen says:

      Thanks, catslady. I love that there’s so much flexibility in historicals. There are so many settings and time periods and characters to choose from. I could never get bored reading them.

  • sue peterson says:

    So loved the first installment of this series. Was gratified to know my instincts were correct – I really didn’t think they were sleeping around London. Enjoy your work very much and can’t wait for the other two installments. Cheers!!

  • Tamara Gill says:

    I LOVE THIS SERIES!! And I can’t wait to read more of the (Jewels of the Ton) ladies.

    I’ve read When You Give a Duke a Diamond and found myself smiling, laughing throughout the book while just LOVING the characters to bits.

    Such a fantastic, fresh voice. And so, I think it’s great to push the traditional Regency storylines. I like it very much indeed.

    Tam 🙂

    • Tam, I love people who push the envelope but I also love people who stay with the classic themes and do them brilliantly. So glad you’re another fan!

    • Shana Galen says:

      Thanks, Tamara! That’s so nice of you. I do like to mix humor with emotion. It’s always tough to know whether something I think is amusing will resonate with readers, though. Glad it did this time.

  • Landra Graf says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read this series yet, but I love trilogies and this one sounds delicious.

    I’m a huge fan of Anna’s Courtesan’s so I’m sure your’s Shana will equally excite.

    There’s been a bit too much of ‘He doesn’t love me, she doesn’t love me’. Rather then the conflict being a bit deeper then just the general love question.

    I’m also noticing a more less traditional approach to the Historical, which I don’t mind if things skirt the edge between traditional and not. I just want characters that act like adults, a good dose of conflict, and a plausible reason for the crazy.

    P.S. Spies is really huge lately. It seems every other book or series involves spy’s and people working for the Home Office.

    • Landra, I’ve noticed a rise in spies too (hmm, and perhaps poetic authors who can rhyme?). Love Liz Carlyles latest lot which seems to include spies and people with woo-woo powers. Interesting the comment about the love question being the main conflict. And thank you so much for saying you liked Courtesan!!!!

    • Shana Galen says:

      Laura, I have to agree about the does he love me or not conflict. I know some authors who did it well, and I love to read them, but I can’t make it work on its own. And, yes, spies are very popular lately. Pirates, too, it seems.

    • Landra, you wrote that you need a plausible reason for the crazy. I couldn’t have said it better. I need a reason for weirdness in the books I read. If there isn’t one, I’m unlikely to stick with the author.

  • Linda Thum says:

    Happy Bday Shana! Love all your books & can’t wait to read your latest. I’m curious what color the cover of the 3rd book will be :p

    I reckon I don’t read enough newly released books to note any trends. Language is spicier probably & the characters are stronger (have you ever read Barbara Cartland?!).

    I’ll read & enjoy anything as long as it’s well written be it a tried/true plot or something different.

    • Linda, seems that we’re all fairly easy to please here in the lair – which is a GOOD thing. As long as the book’s a good story with good characters, we’ll all read anything!

    • Shana Galen says:

      Linda, the third book is titled SAPPHIRES ARE AN EARL’S BEST FRIEND. I can say the cover fits the title 🙂

      I read Cartland years ago. Historicals have certainly changed!

      • Shana, when I was in my early teens, I read Barbara Cartland like she was going out of style – which, sadly, she was! They were great for a young girl interested in history and while I think there was definitely a downturn in quality toward the end, a lot of her stories were great. And the heroines weren’t nearly as wet as people think they were!

  • Mary Preston says:

    I haven’t noticed any particulars trends.

    I will read practically anything & everything historical, so bring it on & surprise me.

  • Aretha zhen says:

    Hi Anna and shana, I love reading historical that deviate from the status quo. I absolutely lOve the twist and turn that is the first book of this series when you give a duke a diamond. It is totally fun and unforgettable . Thank you in continuing create a good and wonderful books :). Wish you all the best and oh yes I for sure can’t wait to read this book !:)

  • Maureen says:

    Congratulations on the new book Shana! I’m noticing heroes and heroines who are not what they seem like the description of Fallon. It’s interesting to get to know them through the story and find out who they really are.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Welcome back, Shana and a big hug to Baby Galen!

    Being a Brit, I steered away from reading historicals for many years as it didn’t hold much interest for me. My beloved Bandita sisters changed that with their wonderful books and recommendations. I love historicals with a twist – especially with strong heroines in unusual roles.

  • Betty Hamilton says:

    I LOVE Shana’s books! I’m looking forward to reading this on as well!!

  • Minna says:

    I prefer reading historicals that deviate from the status quo. The more the better. I’ve gotten really tired of books that are merely about the rich and iddle. And Barbara Cartland type of books? *SHUDDER*

  • eli yanti says:

    How about to mix between deviate from the status quo and traditions. love the cover book, always love red gown 🙂

  • Kelly Tinder says:

    Shana, I love all your books and look so forward to each new book you write. I totally don’t mind if an author deviates from the norm. I would read anything you publish. Thanks for hours of great reading!

  • Maria says:

    I love historical romances set during Jane Austen’s era but am also learning to love Victorian & Edwardian era historicals (think Sherry Thomas’, Lorraine Heath, Laura Lee Guhrke, & Juliana Gray). And I find I enjoy both traditional ballroom/drawing room stories as well as adventurous ones.

    • Shana Galen says:

      Maria, I like all historical time periods, though ancient Greek and Rome aren’t usually at the top of my list. Sometimes when I’m reading a Victorian, I forget it’s not a Regency and am jarred by mention of a train or something. If it’s a good story, I like reading it.

    • Maria, I love reading in a variety of periods too. I started reading historicals back when any setting would do – 18th century Russia, Renaissance Italy, 17th century Spain. Bring it on! 😉

    • Maria, I was a history major undergrad, and I enjoy a variety of time periods. I’m glad to see the market opening up more, and indie publishing offers some interesting options.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hi Shana!! Welcome back to the Lair! This sounds just as delicious as your other books! Woot!

    And a very, very, VERY happy birthday! Ultimate Sportsfan is a serious keeper! Grins.

  • melody may says:

    Hey Shana,
    I have notice that virgin heroes are popping up left and right. I’ve seen Sally Mckenzie wright two heroes that were virgin and I thought that was different. Then Elizabeth Hoyt comes out with virgin hero and now they are popping up here and there.

    By the way I’m all for pirate heroes.

  • Cerian Halford says:

    I can’t wait to read If You Give A Rake A Ruby, it sounds fab!
    I like romances that deviate from the norm and a nice traditional one as well. Just mix it up every now and then 🙂

  • Connie Fischer says:

    You pose a very good question today. It think it depends upon my mood. If I’m feeling lazy or sentimental, then I usually prefer a traditional novel. However, if I am feeling more curious and peppy, I like one that deviates from the norm.

    So glad to see Shana here today. Hi, Shana! *waving* Shana is such a nice lady and great author and I love to chat with her on Facebook. The same goes for my friend, Anna Campbell. So, Anna, if I can talk Shana into coming with me to Australia some day, may I bring Shana with me to share that pot of tea? 🙂

    • Hi, Connie–

      There are times when I just want to fall into a book I already know I like. That might or might not be a traditionally structured romance, but I know what you mean about being in the mood to just relax.

    • Shana Galen says:

      LOL! Hi, Connie! I need to hire you 🙂

      I do like to re-read my old faves when I’m sick or when I just finish a book. It’s like a comfort book.

    • Connie, wouldn’t we all have fun? Yes, I met Shana at my very first RWA conference in Atlanta in 2006. We’ve been fast friends ever since!

  • Sandyg265 says:

    I like books that are different from the status quo. I find them more interesting to read.

    • Shana Galen says:

      I agree, Sandy. A different book is fun once in a while.

      • Sandy, one of the things that annoys me about one particular trend taking over is that for a while there are ONLY books in that style, whereas like you, I like a change now and again. One of the nice things about the explosion in indie publishing is that I can’t see this happening again – there will always be those individual voices finding space now. Yay!

  • May says:

    Congrats on the new book! Love the first Jewel book so looking forward to this one. I like the idea of a more mature and jaded heroine. 🙂 Or heroines in this series… 🙂

    I noticed that there are a lot of dystopian books and erotic books out now thanks to The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades….

    • Shana Galen says:

      Yes to both of those, May. I have an idea for an older heroine but waiting to see what my publisher thinks. And erotica is very hot right now. I think dystopian may have run their course for a while. I heard editors aren’t buying so many right now.

    • May, something I’m noticing is LOTS of gray covers. It’s losing its charm a bit for me although I thought the 50 Shades covers were really stylish.

  • For me a historical romance has to pay enough attention to the details to convince me I am immersed in another time, it has to give me characters I care about and want to root for, it has to give me a real conflict – inside and out, the more tragic, exciting and poignant the better. If those elements are in there I know it will be a historical romance I will read again and again.

    I am always looking for a new twist on a well-loved trope.

    And I do enjoy action-adventure historicals as they give heroines a chance to show what they’re made of!! Looking forward to reading this one!

    • Shana Galen says:

      Louisa, you sound like you know what you like. I think your description of a great historical is perfect.

    • Louisa, beautifully put! Actually like Shana, I’m noticing a rise in action/adventure historicals. There’s still a lot of favorite girl going to London for the season stories around but there’s derring do tales out there now as well which is great.

  • Olga says:

    Sounds and looks like a very interesting read.

  • Quilt Lady says:

    I have been hearing a lot of good things about this book and I would love to read it.

  • Shana, welcome back! I have Lord and Lady Spy on my TBR pile and am looking forward to it. I love RS and intrigue elements in romance.

    I’m always open to something new and different, but romances with traditional structures are easier, maybe, to fall into. I haven’t noted a lot of trends except that historical events aren’t as prominent as they once were in romance and the plot outside the relationship, at least in historicals, seems generally to take a back seat. There are exceptions, of course.

    • Shana Galen says:

      Hi Nancy! I hope you enjoy Lord and Lady Spy. You are right about historicals. The trend is away from the sweeping sagas, for sure.

    • Nancy, that’s one of the things I miss about the old style historicals (mind you, they had hundreds of pages to play with and the modern reader isn’t so patient). I loved learning something about history or a place when I read. Obviously there are still books where you pick up the odd nugget of knowledge but the focus has definitely moved away from that grander stage.

  • Beth Andrews says:

    Welcome, Shana! I love historical romances but don’t read them nearly as often as I would like – must change that! Your series sounds fabulous 🙂

  • Hi Shana!

    Can I just say I absolutely love your title! Makes me smile every time.

    About the only trend that I’ve noticed is that there seem to be more courtesan heroines. I recall back in the day such a thing would be impossible, but Anna broke all sorts of molds with Claiming the Courtesan.

    I think historicals are sexier than they were before. LOL – not your mother’s historical any more 🙂

    This series looks fantastic. Wishing you great success!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Hi, Shana and Anna,

    I love historicals, no matter which time
    period, no matter whether there are
    changes from the “standard” or not!
    Your Diamonds book is on my TBR list and
    I am adding your Rubies book onto the
    list. Then it’s off to the bookstore for me!

    Pat C.

  • Hey, noticing lots of new faces today. Welcome to our new visitors and thank you to Shana for bringing in the punters!

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  • Nicole Laverdure says:

    Hi Shana and Anna
    I love historical romances! And love variety! Lately, I noticed a lot of stories with spies! The covers of your books are always gorgeous!
    Happy birthday Shana! And thank you for the nice giveaway!

  • Thanks to everyone who swung by today, especially all the new faces, lovely to see you. Thanks to Shana! Best of luck with Ruby! Although I’m sure you won’t need it, already sounds like a winner.

    Don’t forget to check back to see who won the copy of WHEN YOU GIVE A RAKE A RUBY.

  • gamistress66 says:

    sorry, late to the party, stuck late at work, then had trouble getting on ;/ one of those days. I feel you gotta shake things up a little to keep the reading interesting 😉 can’t say I’ve noticed any other new trends off hand (but I tend to be mildly obliviously buried in my own tbr & tbb piles — you know, can’t see forest thru trees 😉 but just cause I don’t notice , doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them 😉

    • Gamistress, sounds like it’s been one of those days. Hope tomorrow’s better.

    • Shana Galen says:

      Gamistress, you’re not late at all! Thanks for stopping by. Until Anna asked me the question about trends, I hadn’t thought much about it either. It’s probably one of those things that if you don’t notice it, the authors must be doing it right.

  • Barbara Elness says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of mysteries to be solved in historical romance, as well as action and adventure, oh and spies. It certainly makes things more interesting than just the usual going to balls and parties and misunderstandings.

    • Barbara, I’ve noticed a few mysteries too. And something I’ve noticed is that romances seem to be a large part of a lot of mystery series so the genres are squishing together a bit.

    • Shana Galen says:

      I agree, Barbara. I wonder if it’s because, like me, authors couldn’t come up with enough plot to sustain a story based on a misunderstanding. Whatever the reason, I like mysteries!

  • LilMissMolly says:

    Hi Shana! Love your books. I can’t wait to read your new one.