Quick Five for Caffeine Lovers

Hi, everybody!  Today was Cassondra’s day, but something has come up, so I’m filling in until she can get back to her computer. Those of you who’ve been here a good bit may be aware that Jeanne and I have a fundamental difference of opinion about the marvelousness of Cherry Coke.  That’s my favorite form of caffeine, though I rarely indulge anymore, due to all those calories.

However, I’m fully aware that people other than Jeanne do not turn first to Cherry Coke for their caffeine, baffling though that is.  Most people I know turn first to coffee or tea.  The dh is a coffee man through and through.  He drinks tea only when in the UK, which I suspect is a vaguely “when in Rome” sort of thing for him.  I, on the other hand, much prefer tea, iced or hot depending on the season, except for first thing in the morning.

What about you?

1.  Do you prefer coffee or tea?

2.  Whichever you choose, do you like it flavored–mocha coffee, ginger peach tea, etc?

3.   Do you take cream and/or sugar?

4.  Do you have a favorite cup (or glass) for drinking your beverage of choice?

5.  How many times a day do you have this beverage?



*Bonus:  Where do you stand on Cherry Coke? *g*

(the mug above is available from Dallas Area Romance Authors, or DARA)



  • Debbie Oxier says:

    I only drink flavored coffee. Can’t stand it any other way. Hate iced tea but will occasionally drink hot tea. My very favorite is caffeine free diet Pepsi or coke. Can’t get through a day without one!

    • Debbie, you got the Golden Rooster! Congratulations! You gotta watch him, though, especially around chocolate.

      I like flavored coffee, but also regular. I have a weakness for caramel frappuccino, though that’s more like a dessert drink than an actual beverage.

      I have a friends who buy caffeine free Coke by the sleeve–and run through it really fast. 🙂

  • ki pha says:

    LOL Great topic to talk about. I actually think I’m addicted to soda/pop. I get cranky when I haven’t drunk a glass for a week or so, depending if we have juices in the fridge to supplement it.

    1. Between those two I’ll have to go with tea. I don’t drink coffee and well…. I only do rarely. Other than that then I just have water, juice, or pop/ soda.
    2. I don’t even know. I like jasmine though, and honeyed lemon for tea. Coffee… Forge?? Is that the coffee brand? Apple juice, organge juice, fruit punch.etc… I really love Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, Coke/Cola and other kinds are great too.
    3. Sugar yes, cream yes too. When I drink those.
    4. Hahaha It really depends on how much I want to drink. A glass cup, my huge soup mug, a regular mug, tea cups….
    5. More like once a day for tea and coffee is like once a year. But if it was a soda or juice then more likely it’ll be a lot more. 5 glasses probably??

    Cherry Coke is good, I drink it. Had it last week so yeah. It give it some flavor which I liked so I’m good with it.

    • Ki Pha–Yay! Another Cherry Coke fan!

      I had a friend in college who started her day with a Coke. She much preferred it to coffee. Because of the calories, she has recently switched to morning tea. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her drink coffee.

      My cup of choice also depends on how much I plan to make. I have a cool Jane Austen zombie mug I use when I want a BIG cup. And I love the DARA mug.

      I don’t know whether Forge is a brand. It’s a reasonable name for one. I have a green jasmine tea I like and am trying to learn to like honey, in hopes of gradually moving away from sugar and artificial sweeteners.

      I just read a book in which the heroine’s drink of choice was Dr. Pepper, and I once had a roommate who loved it. And we both loved the cute guy who danced his way through the commercial. But I digress.

  • Connie Fischer says:

    I have two cups of strong coffee in the morning with a little milk. It’s made by Starbucks and not “flavored.”

    I enjoy a glass of iced tea in the afternoon, unsweetened and not flavored. I don’t drink hot tea very often.

    I have a couple of favorite mugs. One, my son gave to me and another one says: I decorate with cats. This is because I’m a certified Crazy Cat Lady! 😉

    I think cherry coke is yummy but I would only want a taste or two because I don’t care for soda. I find it way too sweet.

    • Connie, I’ve noticed a lot of people getting coffee at Starbucks kiosks in hotels. I suspect there are lots of Starbucks fans out there.

      The cat mug sounds great!

      And YAY, another Cherry Coke fan! Though I do agree that it tends to be very sweet.

  • Hey Nancy!

    Love the WARNING mug, but alas a little disclaimer here. I don’t believe DARA has anymore of those mugs. I wish they did…a certain husband broke mine!

    I’m a Diet Coke or Tea drinker. I prefer spiced tea or hibiscus tea if it’s hot. If it’s cold I like good Southern style sweet tea. (Some places do NOT know how to make it right!)

    I prefer Diet Coke though for my caffeine consumption the most. And NO, I do not like cherry coke of any kind.

    • Oh, dang! I was hoping to get another one. :-/

      Something about your mentioning hibiscus reminded me that I’ve had passion fruit tea and red zinger, both iced, in restaurants and liked them.

      You are so right that many places do NOT know how to make sweet tea. I suspect some of them “make” it by the glass. {{shudder}} But you drink it when the weather’s cold? I will at a meal in the winter but not between.

      I suspect there are a lot of Diet Coke fans. But I’m sad for you that you miss out on the wonderfulness of Cherry Coke. *g*

  • EC Spurlock says:

    I can’t drink coffee — too much acid — but I love my tea! I drink it iced in the summer and hot in the winter. I have an entire cabinet (made out of the drawers from my grandmother’s old sewing machine) full of different types of tea and also a shelf in the kitchen cabinet for the bigger tins that don’t fit.

    I start with 2 cups of plain jasmine green in the morning for the cholesterol/BP, then fill up my Tervis cup and keep refilling it throughout the day at work with the orphaned teabags I keep in my desk. If I’m having a relax with a cup in the evening, then I usually take a flavored tea with sugar.

    When I was little, my family always took their tea with milk and sugar. But when I went to college and discovered flavored tea, I stopped taking milk so I could taste the flavors better. I stopped taking sugar, except occasionally to bring out the flavor in a fruity tea, about five years ago when my doctor said I was prediabetic and wanted me to cut back. I still drink sweet iced tea, though, since I don’t have it very often. Although there’s one I buy by the case in summer: Xing Mint Tea in a can. Most. Refreshing. Tea. EVER.

    DH is more of a Coke guy, although he will drink tea or cocoa when it’s cold. We both like cherry Coke although I have to say I prefer vanilla Coke!

    • Hi, EC–

      I have several different kinds of tea, too. I tend to have it in the afternoon or early evening, except for non-caffeinated herbals (peppermint, lemon jasmine, green tea with flavors). I don’t take milk in the herbals. As you say, it disguises the taste. Plus it’s not always a good addition to whatever flavor is in the tea.

      If I have more than one cup of coffee in the morning, I’m a ping pong ball for a while. That’s what limits my morning intake, though I agree there’s a lot of acid.

      I’ve never had Xing Mint Tea. I’ll have to check it out.

      Yay on the Cherry Coke! I’ve had Vanilla Coke, and I like that, too.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Nancy

    Here are my answers

    1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

    I prefer coffee but I do enjoy teas as well

    2. Whichever you choose, do you like it flavored–mocha coffee, ginger peach tea, etc?

    I love most falvoured coffee and I do like different teas as well but not iced tea

    3. Do you take cream and/or sugar?

    I have milk but no suguar (Iam sweet enough LOL)

    4. Do you have a favorite cup (or glass) for drinking your beverage of choice?

    Yes at home I have a lovely cup with flowers on it that says Mother with love that I got for mothers day of one of my daughters a few years ago

    5. How many times a day do you have this beverage?
    I normally have 2 cups of coffee a day unless I am out with someone then I have more 🙂

    And as fro cherry coke we don’t have it over not that I have seen anyway so I haven’t tried it but it would probably be way too sweet for me I drink pepsi max

    Have Fun

  • Hi Nancy –

    Thanks for filling in.

    My favorite drink is an ice cold can of Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink it first thing in the morning and probably the last thing at night. If I absolutely have to chose between coffee or tea. I’ll take tea (hate coffee – unless we’re talking ice cream). I prefer iced tea but have been known to drink the hot stuff occasionally. I like flavored teas – my favorite hot tea flavor is chocolate truffle mint. Yum!

    However I’d still drink a Diet Dr. Pepper if I could – and if there’s no Dr. Pepper, than Diet Coke.

    • Donna, I was happy to fill in, seeing as I’m sitting here anyway. It makes a nice break from revisions.

      I’ve never had chocolate truffle mint tea, but it sounds intriguing. Do you find that a lot of flavored teas have a stronger scent than taste, even if you let them steep a while?

      Do you remember Cute Dr. Pepper Guy and his commercial?

  • catslady says:

    I am a coffee lover. Black, and freshly ground. Although on occasion I will order a mocha but it is more like a dessert and beverage lol. When I was a teenager my friends and I would wait at a local drug store for me to catch my bus (most were walkers but I lived quite a distance and there were no school buses so I took a public one) and I always ordered cherry coke. This was a soda fountain so they made it themselves with the syrup first. I haven’t had carbonated beverages in ages. I know it’s not good for you and I’ve lost the taste for it. I have a whole collection of mugs so I switch on and off quite a bit. And I drink it all day and night long.

    • Hi, Catslady–My hometown had two soda shops where you could get a fountain cherry coke. The bottled stuff isn’t nearly as good.

      I like having different mugs to choose from, too.

      When I order fancy coffee, it’s a treat and, as you say, more like dessert.

  • Helen, your cup sounds lovely!

    No iced tea, eh? I’ve never seen iced tea in the UK. I wonder if it’s distinctly an American South thing.

    Milk but no sugar–the dh takes his coffee the same way, and for the same reason. 🙂

    Yeah, Cherry Coke is pretty sweet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pepsi Max. I wonder if it’s marketed here under a different name. Or not at all.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Nancy,
    1. Coffee
    2. Just regular. I don’t really like flavored coffee/tea.
    3. Cream and sugar.
    4. I have several mugs I use.
    5. 1-2 cups a day.

    • Hi, Jane–

      You seem to like your coffee straightforward, like the dh does. We also have a selection of mugs, and I enjoy picking whichever one suits my mood, though the DARA one gets a lot of use, and I currently am about to take the Jane Austen zombie one back to the kitchen.

  • Susan Sey says:

    Oh, Nancy. Caffeine. A subject near & dear to my heart. I have very strong ideas about caffeine, & in what form it takes. It’s very tied to the clock for me.

    Wake up to lunch: Coffee. Mostly decaf with just a splash of caffeine because coffee is strong stuff & I don’t want to mess around. I throw in a dollop of skim milk if it’s strong.

    Lunch: My one-per-day diet coke. Because I dearly love me a diet coke. I’ve tried the cherry coke thing & it’s nice but doesn’t trip my trigger the way it does for some. Just how I’m built, I guess.

    Postlunch through bed: Decaf tea. Or even hot water. I don’t want to be up all night now that my kids actually sleep. I have YEARS of sleep to catch up on, & I like to stack the deck in my favor.

    • Susan, I don’t see how you get through the day on decaf, though I envy your ability to get rolling on just that. I used to use diet half-and-half and then learned it was just skimmed milk with cornstarch.

      It’s too bad you don’t like Cherry Coke. *sigh* But I know Diet Coke is very popular.

      Hot water? Now I’m curious. Why heat it if you aren’t going to brew anything with it.

  • Shannon says:

    Because of med problem/medications, I’m supposed to drink 64 fluid ounces every day. So I’m drinking coffee, tea, water, and soda all day long. I’m never without a drink in hand (sounds so risuqe.) As for cherry coke, one of my soda treats are Coca Cola Cherry Zero or Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry.

    About ice tea, I love it and drink more of it than I should. One of my writer friends who have lived all over the states with her military husband asked me one time, “Where would my heroine order ice tea and get unsweetened tea vice sweet tea without specifying one or the other?” I found that diffucult to answer. North Carolia it would be sweet tea, Virginia depends on whether you are in NOVA or not. But head up to Maryland and you could get it either way. West Virginia it would probably be sweet. I forget which city she set it in. I don’t think that particular book ever sold.

    My rule on caffeine is none after 3pm. Fortunately they do make decaf ice tea bags in the family size, now in the 48 bag box. So I get ice tea in the evening, not just water now.

    • Shannon, I also like Coke Zero in the cherry flavor, but not as well as regular Cherry Coke. Naturally not, considering that one has way more calories!

      That’s interesting about unsweet tea. My mom drank hers unsweet and always (in NC) specified.

      I can handle caffeine up until dinnertime. After that, I try to avoid it, but as you say, there are plenty of nice decaf teas out there.

  • Becke Turner says:


    Since this week has been a challenge, the easy five are more than welcome.

    1.Do you prefer coffee or tea? Tea. I don’t even like the smell of coffee.

    2. Whichever you choose, do you like it flavored–mocha coffee, ginger peach tea, etc? English or Irish Breakfast

    3. Do you take cream and/or sugar? I do two packets of carcinogens!

    4. Do you have a favorite cup (or glass) for drinking your beverage of choice? Yep, the clean one.

    5. How many times a day do you have this beverage? Once in the am. In the winter all afternoon and evening if I’m home and it’s cold.

    My drug of choice(DOC) is Diet Coke and I drink one every morning. However, I do like Diet Cherry Coke.

    I can’t do the regular variety. Too syrupy to me.

  • Becke, I’m sorry the week has been challenging.

    “Two packets of carcinogens, huh?” I love it! Also the clean glass bit. 🙂

    I have trouble with the artificial sweetener in the diet coke products. If I drink more than about 8 ounces, I get a lingering aftertaste. If only Cherry Coke were available around here in 2-liter bottles!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Hi, Nancy!

    1. Tea for me, hot or iced.
    2. Love the variety of flavors.
    3. Neither, sometimes a little Splenda.
    4. No, just whatever is at hand.
    5. Two or three times daily.
    6. No cherry coke for me, too sweet.
    I’m a Diet Coke girl!

    Pat C.

    • Hi, Pat–

      I like the variety, too. I used to use Splenda, but now I’m trying to use less sweetener in general.

      No Cherry Coke? Oh, dear. But yes, it’s very sweet. Even I have to admit that.

  • Mozette says:

    1. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

    I’ll drink tea and coffee… but I’m more of a coffee drinker during the day; and tea drinker at night. 🙂

    2. Whichever you choose, do you like it flavored–mocha coffee, ginger peach tea, etc?

    Nah, just grind it, make it taste good and no flavouring in sight please. 🙂

    3. Do you take cream and/or sugar?

    A touch of cream and I’ll sugar it to taste… but sometimes the coffee doesn’t need sugar and it’s just good the way it is. 😀

    4. Do you have a favorite cup (or glass) for drinking your beverage of choice?

    Not really, any glass will do. 😀

    5. How many times a day do you have this beverage?

    Two or three times…. I’m not a big coffee drinker, as too much caffienne isn’t good for me; actually when I drink too much of it, I can taste cigarettes… blech!