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Hi Everyone!

Have you heard about our Facebook Holiday Extravaganza  tomorrow? (That’s the 12th of December. The details of the event are here. Make sure you join us throughout the day as we celebrate the holiday season and give away lots of prizes!

The best thing about virtual parties is you can have anything you want–neither expense nor reality is a consideration. Hire a tropical island and some cabana boys, get Paolo and Sven (not to mention Sven’s taciturn brother, Lars) making cocktails, giving massages, the hockey hunks and Romans mingling with the croU135P200T1D353428F8DT20101224023730wd and… Wait, that sounds very familiar…

Our lair parties are the stuff of legend, but how about something a leetle more sophisticated? A marquee on the lawn with an oyster bar and Champagne? Or how about the great old Aussie barbie, with lashings of seafood and ice cold beer? A Spanish theme with paella and sangria?

Then there are the costume parties, which can be a lot of fun. These seem to be getting fewer and farther between for me these days but there’s nothing better to break the ice than checking out how ridiculous everyone looks.

Of course, if you’re in the northern hemisphere right now you’re probably thinking about mulled wine, roasting chestnuts and eggnog, but above all, you’re thinking about having your Christmas party somewhere warm.

Party_and_event_planning_disco_resizeMeanwhile, we in Australia are trying to beat the heat. For those of us who insist on doing the traditional things, Christmas fare can be a bit of a mixed blessing! The difference in season doesn’t stop us singing all the old traditional carols like “Let it Snow” and “Jingle Bells”, though. Our children grow up a tad confused about the whole Christmas thing.

What’s your favourite sort of party? What’s the last costume party you went to and what did you go as? Are you going to join us for Christmas frivolity tomorrow?

This is my last blog for the year, so I want to thank you all for the wonderful times we’ve had in 2014 and with you happy holidays and a fabulous New Year!

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  • Amy Conley says:

    Am I going to have company?

  • Jane says:

    Hello Christina,
    I’m going to try to make it to the Bandita party. The last time I wore a costume to party was a Halloween bash several years ago. I had on a fallen angel costume. I would love to attend a masquerade party someday.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christina from cold Indiana to your nice warm Australia. We can always trade places and then your kids could learn what dashing through the snow really means and how it’s not nearly as fun as the song makes it seem.

    I have never been to a costume party in my entire life closest I’ve ever come is getting dressed up for Halloween. I’ve also never had a birthday party in my life. I guess I wasn’t made for parties parties weren’t made for me one of the two.

    I will gladly come to the party as long as its warm there sand, sun and I don’t even care about to be in a boy’s I just want waves heat sunshine sand and more fans and more fun

    • Amy Conley says:

      oops sorry I did go to one Halloween party years and years and years and years ago. It was first date and I wore my sisters cheerleading outfit my little sisters cheerleading outfit at that. Well everybody’s always tell me have great legs so I figured that was a good choice. My date really liked it :-). He stuck around for a long time.

    • Amy, some people like more intimate gatherings than parties. I like a party where I know a lot of the people. Not so keen when I don’t. Yes, sun and sand would be enough for me right now, too! And don’t say sleigh rides aren’t fun. That would ruin the fantasy for me!

  • Mozette says:

    What’s your favourite sort of party? What’s the last costume party you went to and what did you go as?

    I love costume parties because you can go as somebody you’re not… I know that sounds crazy, but you can bring out something in yourself, you normally hide. 😛

    The last costume party I went to was a Go As Your Hero party… I went as Dr Who… and donned a red jacket, had a sonic screwdriver, invisible papers and even had a key to the Tardis (which was parked down the road to recharge – and no, nobody could see it while it was there). Everyone loved it while I gabbled on about how the party was an Earthly gathering of unearthly beings celebrating an ancient ritual of growing older each year… 😛

    I do love costume parties… just wish people would come to mine; as when I propose one, nobody wants to do it. 🙁

    • Mozette, love the sound of the Doctor Who costume! Some groups just don’t like dressing up–they are too cool or something. It’s sad, isn’t it? I think people always let their hair down a bit more at a costume party.

  • Deanna says:

    I have to admit that I have an aversion to crowds so I tend to stick to more sedate 6 to 8 people dinner parties. Anything over, and I tend to make an excuse not to attend. Plus, I’m a control freak, so I tend to like to be the one throwing the dinner party. If not, I could be very reluctantly persuaded to go but that takes effort. The last costume party I attended was a small party I threw for my 26th birthday (see what I mean about being a control freak?). It was an Alice in Wonderland theme and I went as Alice. This was before the days of digital cameras but if I looked real hard, there might still be a photo or two floating around.

    • What a great idea for a costume party, Deanna. Love Alice in Wonderland! I know what you mean about preferring small groups. At other people’s parties I tend to find myself in a small group anyway.

  • ki pha says:

    Hmmmm I’m not so fond of parties but I enjoy observing from the sidelines. Masquerade is one party I absolutely love and the last “party” I went to was during Halloween. I was dressed up in a Victorian Steam Punk gears.

    But as for the party tomorrow, I’ll try to make it! Would not want to miss this at all but work calls so we’ll have to see.

    And have a great holiday and a happy New Year to you, Christina!!!

    • Thank you and same to you, Ki Pha! I hope you can come tomorrow. The party goes all day and into the night so hopefully you can make it at some stage.

      I’m so attracted to Steampunk — love the way it looks. Yes, love the idea of a masquerade, too! Such elegance and mystery…

  • Helen says:

    Hi Christina

    Oh I am looking forward to this party woohoo 🙂

    The last fancy dress party I went to was a work Christmas party for the 70’s and I went in jeans and an old love is T shirt nothing spectacular I realy don’t have much of an imagination for these LOL

    Ans I love any type of party as long as I can have a drink eat and be merry 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family Christina

    Have Fun

  • Shannon says:

    Like others, I’m a small group party. I prefer 10-12 people who want to be there. Since I get up at 4 most mornings these days, I find late nights hard on the system. I just don’t sleep in and catch up most times.

    Last costume party was one that I hosted. Best costume–some guy in a Iranian gas mask, chemical soldier. He didn’t take it off until midnight and we weren’t sure who he was. He said he did not drink evil alcohol when in costume, since a drink would have given it away.

    As for the Facebook party, I suspect I’ll miss it because of work. Then there;s my lack of proficiency with Facebook. The last one I attended, I had no idea what was going on, who was there, or which conversation I should join/not join.

    • Shannon, sorry to hear you won’t be at the Facebook party. I am new to this too so I will be learning tomorrow! But I think the key is to sign in to the prize pool 🙂 On every post there’ll be a link to the page to do that. (Oops, sorry I probably shouldn’t be telling you this!) Anyway, check it out. We’re all friendly and you can’t really do the wrong thing!

  • catslady says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a costume party. I like parties where you eat, drink and be merry lol. And where you get to talk to everyone. I also like smaller parties where you play games and get to know everyone. Pretty much any kind of party lol. I am planning on being here tomorrow – Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Any party in the Lair is memorable and above all else A BLAST !! As it is colder than a tin top toilet in a Siberian blizzard here in LA (Lower Alabama) right now – a luau in Hawaii or a moonlight party on a cruise ship in New Zealand sounds like just the ticket.

    I was so fortunate when I was singing and living in Europe as I attended a number of opera balls and a number of Fasching Balls (Mardi Gras)

    My favorite costume was when a group of us attended a Faschings ball in Vienna and our young baritone dressed as Henry VIII and we ladies dressed as his six wives! I drew Catherine Howard so at least I survived!

    I went to one opera ball as Lucrezia Borgia and another time I went as Lucia di Lammermoor complete with bloody nightgown and knife in hand.

    • Oh, I love the idea of the Henry VIII and his wives, Louisa. And the Lucia di L with the bloody nightgown and knife! Such dramatic costumes in the opera. I hear you on the Luau. I’d like a fine day for a party here. It’s been raining and storming for days!