Oh, the Addiction

Hello.  My name is Tawny and I’m an electronic gadget addict.  

Yep, I admit it. I love my toys.  I really do.  I’m not quite so addicted that I have to have the very latest all the time, but sometimes, the very latest is so freaking cool that, yeah, I just have to have it. 

Years, decades even, ago, I went into the local Radio Shack for a battery for my cell phone, and saw the neatest thing. It was a Dell Palm device, and OMG it went online *g*  It did tricks, it was cute and it fit in my hand.  IN MY HAND!!  I was ecstatic, excited and even though it was a major stretch, just had to buy it.  I loved it.  Right up until I got my iPod.  


I didn’t get the first iPod because my SIL had one and hated all the problems with it. I did get the 3rd gen one, and never updated it because I adored the cute little case I had for it.  Once I had that, I started creating playlists for each book I was writing, organizing my music and taking it to exercise with me.  Nothing like music to get my feet moving faster!!  Then the iTouch came out, and yes, I had to have one because, well, I could go online while I was on the treadmill and hey, that was even more fun (but not as good for keeping up the heart rate.)  

I held off on the iPhone for a long time, figuring it was no biggie and that my plain ole cell phone worked just fine.  Then my daughter got the iPhone for her birthday.  Oh my… It was so cool.  I managed to hold off another year or so, but when it was time to renew my cell contract, yep, I got the iPhone 4.  Had to have it. I just had to!! I resisted the 4s and haven’t even looked at the 5 yet.  But I do love my iPhone.  


So much that I didn’t figure there was any reason to get an iPad.  I still don’t recall what  craziness got ahold of me and caused me to stand in line in the chilly weather the day the iPad 2 came out so I could get one, then, right that very day.  I had to have it.  Just had to.  sigh… I love my iPad.  I tried to use it as a laptop alternative for a while, but my mini keyboard has a way of making me crazy.  I did have a Nook, but gave it away since I  have both the Nook and the Kindle apps on my iPad, so I read on it. I have great

 workout apps, so I exercise with it.  I even bring it to book signings and have the slideshow playing with my book covers!  See, totally useful 🙂  


When my PC turned into a virus den, eating itself from the insides out, I gave in to my husband’s urgings and got the iMac with the 27 inch screen.  Hey, I’m have lousy eyesight and a big screen helps!  Yep, that’s the excuse I used *g*  And, of course, I work on the computer a LOT, so a good size screen helps.  I’ve been virus free for over a year now (knock on wood) and have to admit, while the transition from Windows to Mac was, um, interesting, it has been pretty awesome since I got the hang of it.  Yes, I love my iMac.

So, I should be pretty much covered, right?  

Naughty Christmas Nights -Weber

But Apple did it to me big time.  They came out with the iPad Air. I really love my iPad.  But there are two teensy little things about it that I wasn’t crazy over… The weight, and the camera.  The Air is a LOT lighter, and the camera is sick awesome.  Its a little smaller, has a much better processor and does more tricks.  Cool, right?  I managed to resist for almost a month.  Then I realized I was having to share my iPad with my daughter for school a LOT, and realized that it would be so much better to give her my old, heavier one and get myself a new lighter one (see how I justified that).  So, as I write this post, my new iPad Air is being restored with all of the info from my old iPad.  My daughter, sadly, isn’t quite as excited as I am since I’ve been loading the old iPad with all KINDS of educational things.  She’s afraid she’s going to be doing  all school, all the time.  

So how about you? Are you a device addict?  Can you resist upgrades, updates and new toys?  Where are you in the digital reading?  All digital?  All paper?  A healthy mix?

Oh, and in fun news… my newest Blaze will be out in paperback next week (11/19) and in digital on 12/1 – it’s titled Naughty Christmas Nights.  I hope you’ll check it out.  

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Tawny,
    I love gadgets. I’m coveting the iPad mini with retina display and if I had unlimited funds I would always get the newest model as soon as its released, but I usually resist the upgrades until I really need to replace the phone. I’m reading more digital books. I think it’s about 50/50 with paperbacks.

    • Jane, the rooster tells me you’re going to read him a story tonight – awwww!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Jane, I hear you on the cost!!! I swear, they are bringing out new versions of gadgets as soon as the old one hits the shelf.

      My husband refuses to upgrade *g* so he waits until our service provider is offering a ‘free’ deal, then he gets it. Its usually not the latest and greatest, but its newer than what he’s been using 🙂

      I think I’m right there with you on the 50/50 reading in digital and paperback. I’ve even started getting some of my favorite paperbacks in digital for travel reading.

  • Tawny, I had to laugh. I am your absolute opposite! I’m REALLY slow to adopt new technology. I tend to think if it ain’t broke, why replace it? So I only got a digital camera in 2010 (why, why, why did I wait? That is one piece of technology that I adore!). I was still trying to buy records when they were no longer available and not yet trendy – that’s the other thing, I never hang on quite long enough to get kudos for being cool, sigh. My phone doesn’t even get the internet! On the other hand, I have a big screen monitor because I’m old and shortsighted and I spend so much time looking at it, that’s something that makes perfect sense to me. Currently thinking I probably have to buy a laptop – and an e-reader. Hmm, might make a decision by 2020!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL Foanna, we really are opposites, aren’t we 🙂 I think the digital camera (or the ability to take digital pictures with my phone *g*) is the best techie boon ever! I love having my pictures on the computer, because there I see them. Unlike the boxes stashed in the top of the closet filled with print pictures that I rarely go through because there are so many.

      Digital is so much easier to print from the computer and use for scrapbooking, too.

      You know, once you get a laptop and an e-reader, you’re gonna love them 🙂

  • Helen says:


    I am not very good at updating either 🙂 I do have a smart phone and an android tablet and a PC and I wouldn’t be without them I have never had an ipod but I do have 2 e readers a sony and a kindle and I love them although I do still read books but not as many as I used too the e readers are so easy to read on. I am so looking forward to your new release 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Tawny Weber says:

      HI Helen 🙂

      You are totally techie *g* I have gotten spoiled with the e-reader since reading a new book is a simple click of a button instead of a trip to the bookstore. But at the same time, like you I prefer paperback, so it’s a challenge.

      I hope you enjoy Naughty Christmas Nights 😀

  • Tawny –

    I was very resistant to changing from a PC to a Mac but my husband forced my hand by buying me a Mac Pro Laptop for Christmas one year. OMG – I LOVE my Mac! My next goal is to get a desktop for writing but for now I write on my laptop. My dh who had the original ipad just got the new ipad air. I have the ipad2 which I’ll keep for a while. I went to the iphone5 from the iphone3. So it’ll be a while before I make the jump to the next “big thing”.

    I have two kindles and my husband just gave me a nook he won at some business thing. I still prefer to read o paper book, but the kindle sure is convenient.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Donna, I’m with you doing the Mac love dance (but only in cyberspace, You can do the dancing in real life for me 😉 )

      I really really didn’t want to change over to a Mac, but once I did, I was totally in love. Its so weird, though, to have a huge ole monitor and no ‘computer’. I keep wondering how it’s doing all that stuff in there *g* I did finally break down earlier summer and get the Macbook Air for my laptop. I’d tried to use the iPad as an alternative, but I just can’t type fast enough on it 😀

      Wow on all the e-reading devices. You’ll never run out! Do you use you iPad as an e-reader too?

  • Connie Fischer says:

    I totally understand the addiction. My son and husband love getting the latest gadgets. My husband just got the iPhone 5s and the iPad Air. We all have Macs and iPhones. I have the first generation Kindle, Kindle Fire and am eyeing the Kindle Paperwhite. All this and I prefer reading a paper book! Go figure!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL Connie, theres just nothing as wonderful as holding a paperback book, is there?!

      I thought, being raised with everything techie, that my kids would be totally into reading on the e-readers. But while both have tried it, they still want old fashioned books.

  • Shannon Arthur says:

    I am not a luddite, who destroys new things or is a hater. But I am a late adapter. I have an old Mac Air that I’m enjoying for getting out and still having internet. But I have to admit, my bro set up the internet for me both at the hospital and home. Three options for internet, and I turned tail and ran.

    I did buy a Kindle Paperwhite this year. I love it except on airplanes. News said you could not shut off your tablets, but they lied. My airline made me close it down. Landing without a book is not my favorite thing. I have a bunch of paperbacks that people have given me or that I have bought on impulse. Evil book signings. (I hate saying I have your whole back list on Kindle, but I do.)

    My phone is old and thick and heavy. But it has a built in keyboard. When this battery dies, then it’s time for a iPhone (the latest). My bro suggested I buy used since that would give me people’s preloaded apps. That thriftiness that my mom instilled in me says if it’s not broke don’t fix it or buy new. Given my experience with the Kindle, I am looking forward to a new phone.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      ROFL Shannon 😀 I can’t say that I’m sorry that you have my entire backlist. I’m actually thrilled and flattered -thank you!!

      It does get overwhelming trying to keep up and know how to deal with all the gadgets. I was actually frustrated to find out that the new iPad has a different cord than the old one, which means I now need three – one for the laptop, one for the iPad and another for the iPhone/iPod. I think I was spoiled before LOL.

      That is so great that you have your brother to help you figure it all out. I can handle most techie things, but need my brother to hook up the TV cable *g* They do come in handy.

      And OMG yes! I hear you on the frustration of having to turn off the reader on the plane. I’ve gotten in the habit loading my app with books when I travel, but having to shut it down on takeoff and landing takes a lot of the comfort out of it.

  • flchen1 says:

    DH is a gadget lover so our household has all kinds of devices 🙂 I eventually learn how to use some of them 😀

  • catslady says:

    Keeping up with the latest trends gets expensive but it’s also the learning curve that bugs me. I want to be able to do it immediately lol. I’m also from the old school that you never throw out anything still works but that gets harder and harder with the speed of new technology. I like my print books – love being surrounded by them. But I was given an ereader but since I don’t travel much anymore and it’s not connected to the web and I don’t have wifi – I’ve only read one story on it so far lol.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Oh, the pain of that learning curve!! I hear ya!

      When I moved from my PC to my iMac, I bought Word for Mac because I’d always written on Word and I was on deadline, so didn’t have time to learn a new program (or deal with the frustrations of trying to change up my writing process). I’ve kind of regretted that, though, since Word doesn’t play well with some of the Mac elements, like iCloud. But I had enough to learn, darn it!! *g*

      Ooooh, being surrounded by books. I love that, too! Its an incredible feeling.

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Honey is the electronic “gadgeteer” in our house. In fact,
    what used to be the boys’ bedroom has become known
    as the Media Room. It is where Honey and all his elec-
    tronics reside! I have a cell phone, a digital camera, an
    e-reader, and a laptop (in fact, I’m on my second laptop)
    courtesy of Christmas and Mr. Cochran. He dragged me
    into the Electronic Era! I still am the worst electronics
    user in the world and I thank goodness for Honey! He gets me through my life in Electronics Land!!!

    Pat C.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Oh, Pat, your Honey sounds like such a sweetie!! He definitely takes care of you, doesn’t he. I am more techie than my husband, but he’s the one who’s always there, pushing me to go ahead and get the bright new shiny toy. He’s a bad influence 😀 I love that about him!!

      Wow that you have a media room 😀 That sounds so cool. Do you ever venture in there, or is it like my garage… no ma’am land.

  • Fun post, Tawny! My first home computer (over 25 years ago, wow) was a Macintosh (the little boxy one), but I used a PC at work every day so when I updated my home computer, I went for a PC and never looked back. I couldn’t switch to a Mac now if you paid me. (Not that you offered to pay me, humph.)

    I’ve upgraded my PC, by the way, but my brand new shiny computer is sitting over there all alone, waiting for me to take classes so I can learn all the stupid new updates to WORD and WINDOWS.

    As far as the digital reading issue, well … that’s my next big thing! I’ve never wanted an e-reader until very recently. I’m excited and nervous at the same time because, you know, it’s A MAJOR INVESTMENT. Okay, maybe not money-wise, but psychologically and emotionally, it represents a paradigm shift for me. Because, you know, I’m very devoted to paper. LOL

    • Kate, I so understand!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      I’ll pay you, Kate 😀

      C’mon. Come over to the dark side. We have cookies. Okay, maybe not cookies, but the Macs are pretty sweet. I didn’t think I’d ever change, either, but those viruses were killing me!

      LOL! You definitely need to go pat that bright shiny computer and let it know you’ll be playing with it after school 😉

      Ooooh -an eReader, huh? Have you decided on which kind? It is major shift! I had to tiptoe into it myself, starting with only reading non-fiction (it was more like work that way LOL) then slowly easing into fiction. The first fiction ebook I read was Foanna’s Midnight’s Wild Passion.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Hilarious post, Tawny! I am NOT a device addict at all. In fact, my Iphone 4 is way too smart for me. I only wanted to text and phone call with no limits. All of the bright icons on the screen make me want to scream. Or run and hide.

    My almost 5-year-old granddaughter downloaded ANGRY BIRDS, though and complained it didn’t do all the cool things her dad’s does.

    My one serious addiction is drinking Pepsis, and since I cannot control it, I’ve quite altogether. I got my 30-day chip on the 8th, but when I think about my I-phone I sure want to take a big swig from the perfectly blended fountain at my local 7-11.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Oh, Jo LOL, I am trying to imagine someone as totally together as you running from icons *g* I just can’t see it!

      I didn’t know there was a quitting Pepsi program 😀 Congrats on getting your 30 day chip! That is so cool, and takes incredible willpower. I hope your iPhone behaves and doesn’t send you to the fountain 😀

  • Anna Sugden says:

    YAY on the new book and the new iPad too! You know me … I say I don’t wanna, but I often succumb. You also know my biggest addiction – other than shoes – we both love those computer games! I’m okay now with what I have, but I suspect the next big update to the iPad and I’ll be there.

    BTW Doc Cambridge finally succumbed and bought an iPhone – for pics of our grandson LOL!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL Anna -I love it!!! Go Doc Cambridge, take those baby pix (and send them to me *ggg*)

      Oh man,the games. I have always been so good about not allowing games on my computer. But on the iPad? Um, thats what it’s made for LOL. My latest addiction is Dark Manor. Have you tried it yet? You’ll like it 😉 Not that I’m enabling or anything… but, um, if you do, let me know your screen name so we can send each other pressies.

  • Becke Turner says:

    Hmmm, addictions?

    I like devices and I have quite a few, but I detest the learning curve. Also, my vision totally sucks so small screens don’t lure me in because I can’t see them!

    I guess if I have an addition, it’s shortcuts. I love a macro that increases my efficiency.

    My iPad frustrates me because I like a manual. Yep, I could sit and read a how to on softward-loved it. Then I would try a slick new tool. I detest the online documentation that totally sucks and forces me to watch a video. Gets on my very last nerve!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Oh, the videos!!! I hear you. I hate when there is no option. I learn better by reading, not by watching, so video is a lousy only choice.

      I think thats one of the reasons I’ve turned more and more to my iPad instead of my phone. Bigger screen, bigger text 🙂

  • Mozette says:

    The digital revolution? The addiction to it? Well, I’m okay with it… I have a love-hate relationship with it, honestly I do.

    I have an Apple Ipod Blade from a few years back now… got it for Christmas… and more than a few times I’ve wanted to throw it out onto the nearest highway for a truck to run over, all because I can’t get the information I want from Apple – simple, right? Right. Well, now it’s out of warrenty, I have found it’s impossible to get anything out of the bloody company. I have to pay them to tell me anything!

    So, now, these are things I do with it:

    play music on it (there’s my playlsit for when I want to list to music – but funnily enough my family constantly wants to talk to me on long car trips… just when we’ve all gone quiet)

    plan my grocery shopping lists (there’s an app called shopshop – it’s free and is great)

    make appointments on it (it has a great little thing on there where it gives you an alert to remind you… something I need)

    get my to-do list done (yet another app I acquired to get my things done around the place)

    play games (uuuh, just the ones I want to play, nothing else)

    do some writing on the notepad to be uploaded onto a computer later on.

    Yep, I get a lot done on it, and I’m often charging it up when I’m not using it… and when I’m in a wi-fi zone, I’m updating my apps… :D… as I don’t have wi-fi I only have broadband.

    Otherwise, I do have a few books I have downloaded, but much prefer paper books and vinyls to cds… but I do enjoy a little from both worlds – but I’m not addicted too much.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Ugh on the problems with the company. Thats so frustrating. But it sounds like you do get a lot out of your iPod. There are apps for everything, aren’t there! I’m always excited to see new ones, too.

      Have you ever checked out the author apps some authors are putting out? I’ve seen them and am intrigued 😀

      LOL on the chatty family on car trips. Mine is blessedly quiet, I need to thank them for that 🙂

  • SO funny you should write about this now Tawny because I was just pondering buying a mac for the first time. I loathe and despise Windows 8 (I’m still on XP on my crappy old laptop) so I thought maybe the answer between books is to get a Mac. But I’m skeered!! Not only of the price but of the transition. Maybe I’ll need to hit you up for advice now and then if I do get the mac. And which is better, the air or the pro?

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Madame, I was kinda freaked about changing over, too. I figured I’d had a lot of time spent with the iPhone and iPad, though, so I thought I knew how the operating system worked. I sorta was right. Kinda *g*

      But the learning curve wasn’t too bad. Its a lot less cumbersome than Windows and there are things about it that I absolutely love. Just yell when you want to chat 🙂

      My husband has the Macbook Pro and I have the Air. Since I use mine to write and he uses his to play, its hard for me to compare which is better. I do love the lightness of mine, I always feel like I’m going to wrench something when I pick his up. But the Air doesn’t have a cd drive. That was an issue for him, but i’m fine with it.

  • Pissenlit says:

    Am I a device addict? Not exactly… If I had oodles and oodles of money, then absolutely, I don’t think I’d be able to resist a single upgrade…but as I don’t, I’m perfectly happy as long as my device does what I need it to do. 🙂

    I’m at about 50/50 when it comes to digital and dead tree books. One of the reasons being that I’ve kind of run out of space for the dead tree kind. 🙁

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL thats the key, isn’t it – that they do what we need. My problem is, I keep deciding I need more 😀

      LOL dead tree books… I hadn’t heard them referred to that way yet. Digital is definitely easier to store!