Not quite what I intended….

Top Five Things That Happen When You Get Your Hair Cut Shorter Than You Intended:

1)  The very short hairs around your ears now stick straight out around the arms of your glasses.

2)  Your youngest child cries because you look like a boy.

3)  Your husband says kind things about how it wasn’t what he thought you were getting but “it actually looks pretty good on you.”

4)  You can’t stop feeling the back of your poor, shorn head.

5)  You resolve to wear your contacts to your next haircut so you can keep an eye on the proceedings.

So…that pretty much sums up my yesterday.  Have you ever had a haircut go awry?  Let’s hear all about it while I wait for my haircut to grow out…

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  • Okay, this is odd that I’m getting the GR today. But then we’re cleaning out the garage, so the extra help will be appreciated!

  • Oh Susan, I so understand your feelings on short hair! I periodically get mine cut then wonder, “Was that really what I intended?”

    When the kids were little I got my hair cut, came in and the baby burst into tears. I don’t think he knew it was me! Poor little guy!

    My daughter Lyndsey actually cuts her own hair, can you believe it? And it always looks cute when she does it. I can’t imagine just picking up a pair of sheers and cutting. I’d look like someone took hedge clippers to me!! 🙂

    • Susan Sey says:

      Your kid cried, too? That’s so reassuring! Though it has to be said that your youngest was probably a toddler at the time. Mine’s 7, & to be fair, she was overly tired. She was better this morning. I just happened to wander in at bedtime (always a difficult time for her) looking like a boy. It freaked her out.

      And I can’t believe Lyndsey cuts her own hair! That girl is a wonder to me.

  • I’m so glad you got him today, Suzanne! I have to leave for work in a bit and the GR home alone with Frodo is a frightening thought!

    Smoov, I am SO sorry about the less than stellar haircut. Although I am certain you rock it. I don’t think you could look bad if you tried.

    I have had two bad haircuts, both my own fault.

    The first wasn’t really bad because it is what I ask for, but it was tough to handle afterwards. When I left for college I had hair down to the back of my knees! Working on two bachelor degrees and working my way through college I simply didn’t have time to deal with the drying and the rolling and everything else. And like any college student I was always strapped for cash. I ended up selling my hair to a wig company in Selma, Alabama. They cut my hair in a cute little bob. It didn’t look bad, but the first time my Dad saw it I thought he was going to cry. And I missed my hair too!

    The second time I was forced to try a new hairdresser because my much loved hairdresser, Michael, decided to move to New Orleans and open his own shop. I was in grad school in Hattiesburg at the time. I should have made the trip to New Orleans. But again I was cash strapped and everyone said the woman who took MIchael’s place was good. She started the appointment telling me I was too old to wear my hair long. (By this time it was well below my shoulders again.) I told her I simply wanted the dead ends trimmed. That was all. She took the first snip and a HUGE hunk of hair hit the floor. She said it was an accident, but now she had to even it up. By the time she was finished I was in tears and had a SHORT functional ugly haircut. I was furious. I pitched a DIVA fit and refused to pay.

    Now when I go to a hairstylist I tell them in no uncertain terms I don’t care how old I am it is my hair and I will wear it the length I like! And I threaten them with a trip to the alligator farm if they forget it!

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, wow, Louisa! That sounds AWFUL. That hairdresser should’ve lost her license! At least with mine I can say that I think she was trying to do what I asked. I think we just have a certain inability to communicate on the fine points. It’s getting to the point that I might have to try somebody else. But it grieves me, because I feel like I always get a decent haircut, just not the one I asked for. That complicates things somewhat.

      And can I just say, hair down to your KNEES? Wow!

  • Kim says:

    Is your hair shorter than in your above profile picture? That’s a nice length.

    I usually make sure my hair is never shorter than chin level. I can then tolerate a bad haircut, because it grows quickly. If it were shorter, I’d worry that the cowlick in the back of my hair would stick up.

    My regular hairdresser moved a town over, so I’ve been trying new stylists in the last year. I haven’t found a regular one, yet. Again, with a chin level length, I figure no one can do too much damage.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, Kim, it’s shorter. Much, much shorter. The front’s not so bad but the back? I’m shorn like a sheep.

      I’m going to have your advice tattooed on my person somewhere–CHIN LENGTH & NO SHORTER.

      I ought to remember it, & no hairdresser should miss the memo….

  • catslady says:

    The one thing good about hair is it does grow back lol. I seem to go extreme – let it go too long and then off with it all lol. I still remember a haircut that my daughter got when she was about 8. I trusted my mom to stay with her when I had to leave for a hair appt. somewhere else. OMG we were both in bad shape. She had a bowl cut which was soooo horrible and I had dyed my hair the one in only time in my life and I looked like a hooker (it was that ugly black).

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, dear. I lived through the bowl-cut phase a time or two myself. Only back in my day (and I’m sure I’m dating myself now) we called it a Dorothy Hamill. Like naming it after a cutie figure skater would make it more bearable somehow? (No. It did not.)

      And we’ve all lived through a rotten dye job or two. Hooker Black is a tough one, though. 🙂

  • Hellion says:

    A fine husband! What a keeper. *LOL*

    I think my WORST haircut was the one where I had long hair and it all all one length and heavy…and the stylist (I use the term loosely) put a “weight line” in my hair. Which basically gave me a mullet. What I needed was LAYERS, not one layer. *LOL* Awful. The smart thing would have been to cut it all off and start over, but I had never had “short” hair and was horrified by the thought…it was a horrible year as the mullet grew out.

    Since then I have had short hair–rocked it–and felt the “shorn lamb” back of the head thing you refer to…so I do know if I ever accidentally get a mullet again, just go short.

    Meanwhile YOU, my friend, are rocking the J Law Pixie look–totally play that up!

    • Susan Sey says:

      I’m going to clutch those words to my bosom & comfort myself with them in the night: “At least I don’t have a mullet. At least I don’t have a mullet. At least I don’t have a mullet….”

      Thank you for that!

  • What!! No selfie! I want to see!!

    I expect you still look darn cute so no sympathies from Ohio. 🙂

    My hair is poker straight. The only wave is loosely attributed to the two cow-licks in the back of my head. Yes, cutting my hair is a challenge.

    I used to perm my hair for some curl, but chemicals don’t work so well when you’re pregnant. So after the birth of my son, I really looked forward to the day my husband could babysit while I had my hair done. This was a new stylist that worked close to the house so I wouldn’t be gone long. I should have done some homework. The specialty of the shop must have been old-lady grandmom hair. I came home and my husband took one look and said – “you should sue.”

    Thankfully, hair does grow out eventually.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, Donna. I feel you. I can never tell what I want my husband to do: comfort me honestly, or lie to my face. (“No, seriously, it’s not that bad….”)

      I think I prefer honesty, but maybe only after a day or two of mourning. Until I’ve mourned, maybe he should be gentle with me.

      But you’re right. Thank god, it grows.

  • Jane says:

    Hello Susan,
    One summer in high school, my aunt convinced me to chop off my hair like the pixie cut Anne Hathaway was sporting a while back, but of course nowhere near as cute. My little cousin kept calling me a boy.

    • Susan Sey says:

      See? SEE? That’s exactly what happened! My 7 yo cried! She was better today but it must’ve been a shock when Mommy left & some teenaged boy returned. Poor kid.

  • Helen says:


    Not good when this happens but it will grow 🙂

    I remember when I went from long to short hair many years ago I was 7 months pregnant with child no 2 and I just couldn’t keep up with the waist length hair anymore so off I went to the hairdresser and she did everything she could to talk me out of it but I was sure I wanted it and whats more I wanted it permed as well LOL well the perm lasted a week on one side so I went from long to short hair and one side permed one side straight LOL these days I keep it short so easy to look after

    Have Fun

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh my goodness, Helen, that is quite a change! I can’t imagine what your baby thought, let alone your husband! And a PERM!

      That said, right about when baby No. 2 comes along is exactly when you DO need a big change. Good for you for taking a chance!

  • Becke says:


    My apologies to all because I was laughing at the stories. OMG, we do go through the ringer hair styles.

    Like Donna, I use to get perms. The pictures are dreadful so I just wonder what was I thinking?

    And yes, there were times I could have taken legal action. Too funny.

    My mom got mad at me because I was fussing while she fixed my ponytail. She hauled me to my Aunt, who was a hairdresser. I came home with a pixie.

    And yes it does grow back. I think the rate of growth is directly proportional to how bad the doo is.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, the perm years. Yes, there are whole chunks of the 80s that I spent permed into oblivion. I have since come to the understanding that if God gave you straight hair, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Best to just enjoy the shine, because curls are not happening. Ever.

      And I fear you’re right about the speed of hair growth to the severity of the hair cut. Hopefully I’ll have enough hair to connect with my scarf come winter…

  • Susan, I’m so sorry! I’ve had bad haircuts, and they’re so irritating because we can’t shut ourselves in the house for a month until they grow out.

    The last really bad haircut I had, I was in college. My regular haircut person cut it, but she had closed her salon and was seeing longtime customers at her house–using a kitchen chair in the yard. Yeah.

    When I went back to campus, people kept saying, “oh, your hair is so cute! But there’s this teeny piece sticking out.”

    It was never the same piece, either. :-/

    So I turned to a girl on my hall who cut hair. She came to my room and looked at it and finally said, “I can fix it, but to get it even, I’m going to have to go really short.”

    We had a debate tournament coming up, and I didn’t want to have distracting hair, so I told her to go ahead. It wasn’t quite a boyish haircut, but it was close. It did look good, though.

    I’d bet yours is cute, even if it’s not what you’re used to.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, Nancy, you totally took one for the team. You’re a sport, you are! I’ll bet you looked super cute in your shortie-short hair.

      As for mine, I think I’ll get used to it. A couple of weeks will soften the oh-my-lord-that-is-SHORT up the back of my neck, & I’ll stop being surprised to find it all gone. Maybe by San Antonio I’ll have figured out how to make it cute & sassy. Here’s hoping…

  • Pissenlit says:

    Ahhhh! Number 5! Except that I no longer have contacts so I’m left with supposedly agreeing to some sort of hairstyle, removing my glasses and then being stuck with whatever it is they’ve done to my hair. *sigh* I usually don’t end up getting exactly what I ask for but I don’t really expect to anymore. Once, I even brought in a photo of a hairstyle from different angles. It had bangs. When I put my glasses back on, I totally didn’t have bangs and the haircut didn’t really look very much like the picture at all. I didn’t have any confidence in the hairdresser at that point so I just said yep, that’s fine, time to go. 😛 And it’s not so much a haircut but I got an absolutely horrifying perm when I was 16 that had me in tears when I left the salon. We’ll not talk about that.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, Pissenlit, I think I’ve had that perm. Repeatedly.

      Ah, the 80s.

      As for what to say when you put your glasses back on & realized you’ve gotten nothing like what you’ve asked for…what is there really to say? They can’t put the hair back on. And even if they could, would you want the girl who just screwed it up taking another whack at it?

      I think not.

      Best to just put on your glasses & toddle off to make the best of it.

  • Shannon says:

    Ahh, you poor thing.

    I haven’t had a really bad cut in a long time.

    My problem is that I tried to wear a bob with wavy hair. Not curly, just a slight wave. I could never get my hair to be straight and then curl under. There was a wave or a frizz or something. I am so glad that I finally went shorter with a style that doesn’t look too bad if my hair decides on a given day to wave and hairspray is enough to tame the frizz. Most days it looks pretty good.

    I mentioned to someone that I thought about going a little longer. A look of horror crossed her face. She kindly said, “I think you look best with short hair.” My other friend nodded.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Friends & sisters. What would we do without them?

      I should take mine to my next haircut, shouldn’t I? I think that would be wise.

  • Oh, Susan, hugs. There’s just something horrible about a haircut you don’t like, isn’t there? I know it will grow out but it seems to take forever. My worst haircut ever was in France – so much for the French and their fashion sense. It was basically a mullet and it made me look like a Nazi prison camp warder. And because it was so short and so layered, it took forever to grow out. After that, I started to grow my hair long – I think these two facts are not unrelated.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Amen to that, Anna! There is NOTHING like a bad haircut to teach us a life lesson about layers.

      And the French! They should know better!

  • Mozette says:

    Oh! It’s never good when a haircut goes weird on you… is it?

    I remember I did a Jon Bon Jovi… this is where he got sick of his Big Hair Rock’n’Roll Days and sat down in the chair in front of his hairdresser before a concert and said, “Surprise me!” and well… she did! 😀

    What my hairdresser did was almost give me a pixie hair cut! I said I wanted length, but nothing too short… and she found that cutting my hair was almost impossible. I have been told that my hair is something of a challenge and I’ve never really found a good hairdresser unless I pay hundreds of dollars to get my hair done… then they either move or go out of business! Damn… :/

    So, now, I’ve found a great hairdress, I’ve found out that she’s got Cancer, and is in remission… hope she keeps going for a few years – well until I find another good hairdresser who doesn’t cost the earth.

    Either way, I often find that a hair dresser often leaves my hair looking untouched or looking like I’m a sheepdog and my hair’s unmanageable. 🙁

    • Susan Sey says:

      Totally with you on that, Mozette! A good hairdresser is worth her weight in gold. The one I had moved too far away for me to reasonably follow her & she started to charge the earth so I’ve been without for several years. I just recently lopped off the ponytail, and have been hairdresser shopping.

      I don’t think I’ve quite found The One yet.

      But I live in hope….

  • Marcy Shuler says:

    I remember when my mom would get a cut and perm a couple times a year and when she’d come home we didn’t recognize her. LOL I’ve never had a bad haircut, but I did have a spiral perm that was quite memorable. My hair was much redder than it is now and it took the perm way too well. I ended up with corkscrew curls and looked like Bette Midler. It was the first time I had to buy a pick to get through my hair. 😀

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh! My high school self would’ve envied the heck out of a red mop of Bette Midler curls! We straight-haired girls never got those spiral perms to work. I’ll bet you looked fantastic!

  • Alyn says:

    I haven’t had a haircut in a long time. I lost a lot of hair after having my baby last year and it started growing back about a month ago. One day I was fixing my hair for work and I noticed that I had bangs! As for haircut gone wrong, that has never happened to me. On the other hand, ask any of my sisters and they’ll tell you to never ever let me trim your hair. They’ve gone from waist length hair to shoulder length hair after I “trimmed” it.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, I had that, too! The unintentional post-baby bangs. That’s weird, isn’t it? You’re like, “I did NOT sign up for bangs!”

  • flchen1 says:

    I am a giver of haircuts that didn’t turn out the way they/I intended 😉 I used to do that to my poor sister all the time, in the interests of “evening things out”… she hasn’t let me cut her hair in decades now 😉 And now my poor sons suffer through the indignity of slightly not-as-intended haircuts periodically. The youngest shouted after one particularly egregious episode, “Mom, you made me look like an old man!” 😉 Um… oops? 😉

    • flchen1 says:

      BTW, he’s eight. And for the record, it did NOT make him look like a “grandpa”… It didn’t!!