It’s the most wonderful time…

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…of the year!

Ladies & gentlemen, it’s awards season!

We kicked things off with the Golden Globes last weekend (Tina Fey & Rachel Poehler were amazing, as usual).  We had Oscar nominations come out on Friday.  The Screen Actor’s Guild awards are tonight.  And so it goes until we wrap things up with the Oscars on March 2nd.

For the next couple of months you won’t be able to throw a stone without hitting a fashion disaster, an ill-considered speech or a priceless reaction shot from a loser while the winner takes the stage.  

celineIt’s a scandal a minute this time of year, folks, & I for one am delighted. 

I’m not a mean-spirited person, but come on.  What else does one do with January & February?  (I already shoveled.  Now what?  Celebrity gossip?  Don’t mind if I do!)

So…what are we thinking about the Oscar nominations?  Is this the year Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins one?  Or is the Wolf of Wall Street too reprehensible?  

What about Barkhad Abdi for Best Supporting Actor?  He was the first-time actor who played the pirate in Captain Phillips.  I have a soft spot for him, seeing as he’s a home town boy.  (I’m not from Somalia, he’s from Minneapolis.) 


What are we thinking about Tom Hanks’ shocking failure to get a nod either for Best Actor (Captain Phillips) or Best Supporting Actor (Saving Mr. Banks)?  He’s such a pillar of the community, & I love seeing him up there with his wife of a gazillion years.  How often do we see that in Hollywood, huh?  There should be an Oscar for that.

How about Best Picture?  Of the nine nominees, I’ve only seen three: TWELVE YEARS A SLAVE, AMERICAN HUSTLE, and GRAVITY.  I’m hitting THE WOLF OF WALL STREET tonight.  That leave me about a month & a half to hit HER, NEBRASKA, CAPTAIN PHILLIPS, PHILOMENA,  & DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.


But based on what I’ve seen, I’m voting for AMERICAN HUSTLE.  I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I will say this–the story telling was exquisite.  And unlike so many movies where they serve up reprehensible characters & expect you to just go along with it, they made every single character sympathetic.  You felt for each & every one of this hugely talented ensemble cast.  The one guy with his heart in the right place, who was genuinely trying to make the world a better place?  He was the one who went to jail.  And I still left the movie feeling awesome.   It was a great story, and told by master artists. 

American Hustle Poster

That said?  I still have five movies to see.  I might change my mind.  I’ll get back to you. 

So…are you an awards show kind of person?  Will you be following the action straight up to the Oscars this year?  Do you have an opinion on who should get which award?  Share!  

For those of you who are really into it, here’s a webpage where you can download a ballot, or do a thing where you post your predictions on Facebook!

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Susan,
    All my friends who saw American Hustle were underwhelmed and a few said only Amy Adams and Christian Bale were good. I’m rooting for Leo, but don’t think he’ll win this year. I loved Gravity and think Alfonso Cuaron will win Best Director and I’m rooting for 12 Years a Slave for Best Picture. I love Lupita.

    • Jane – I agree with your friends. I was so excited to go and disappointed when I left. Good thing I had popcorn.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Well, every movie’s not for everybody–I saw Wolf of Wall Street last night & Leo’s performance was amazing. But I had a hard time loving the movie. It was a LOT of gratuitous sex, drugs & bad behavior. And yet there was no denying Leo’s performance. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out….

  • Patty L. says:

    I love the fashion. as much for the successful fashion as for the flops. 🙂 BTW it is Amy Poehler.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, hell, did I say Rachel? (scrolls back up.)

      Yep. I sure did. That’s my brain all over again these days. I wonder who Rachel is? Hmm.

      But that aside, I’m all about the fashion myself. Can’t wait to see who takes a big risk…

  • Helen says:


    Sorry I have not seen any of the movies and the only nominations I hear about are on the news 🙂

    I do watch what I see on the TV News of the fashions here and there maybe one day I should make time to go to the movies but with the massive TBR pile I have I want to read them LOL

    Have Fun

    • Susan Sey says:

      It does seem like this year’s best movie noms are based on books more than in other years. I’d particularly like to read the Wolf of Wall Street & 12 Years a Slave…

  • flchen1 says:

    I haven’t seen a one, I don’t think, Susan! If I happen to turn on an awards show, I’m sure I’d be raptly watching, but I tend to avoid that 😉 Too many books beckon!

    • Susan Sey says:

      This is a particularly tough time of year to watch TV because–books. Always. But the RITA & GH books are being judged right now. I just receive d packet of 8 books that need to be read–closely & with great detail–before March. Yikes!

      Then again, 8 free books, all romances? Yes please. 🙂

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are awesome. I think they should host every awards show. Although, I am looking forward to an entertaining night at the Oscars with Ellen DeGeneres.

    I’ve been an awards show junkie since college. I have fun watching the Red Carpet coverage and usually watch the entire awards show as well though I’m frequently doing other things (like reading) while I watch.

    It was interesting to watch the SAG awards last night and see who was nominated and who won the awards given by the acting community. I put a lot more weight into those awards than the ones voted upon by the press or the public. Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey seem to be gathering steam as we move toward the Oscars. They both won again last night for Best Supporting Actor and Best Lead Actor respectively. Same with Cate Blanchett for lead actress.

    • Susan Sey says:

      PJ, I’m just like you. I always have a book or something that I’m dividing my attention between this & the show. I wish I had caught the SAG awards last night–our cable is too basic for either station carrying it. Can you believe that? How can cable be THAT basic? Ours is. Sounds like I might have to make a bigger effort to see Dallas Buyer’s Club before March 2nd if you’re right about Mathhew McConnaughey & Jared Leto….

  • Diana Huffer says:

    I’m not that into awards shows. I read the nominations then the comments about the ones that weren’t nominated. What I love most is the fashions — it’s awesome to see them all “dolled up.” 🙂 I rarely get to see any of the movies, etc., until they come out on TV — by then, the awards are usually over. 🙂

    • Susan Sey says:

      Diana, do you follow any of the bloggers who “live blog” the red carpet? There are there two women–they call themselves the Fug Girls–and they are drop-dead hilarious. I love them , & their fashion calls are so right on. If you’re in it for the fashion, you should maybe check them out!

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Love the awards shows, Susan, though rarely watch them anymore because of the odd time they’re on for us. What I really love is the red carpet – it’s all about those dresses and shoes! I love those websites where you can vote on the dresses too 🙂 With all that money to spend and designers falling over themselves, it amazes me what some people wear. Do they not look in the mirror before they got out?!

    • Susan Sey says:

      I know, Anna! Sometimes you’re like, do you not OWN a mirror? Do you not have friends or sisters? Oh, you poor thing.

      That said, I’m so looking forward to seeing who takes a big risk, fashion-wise, this year. I love that moment when everybody goes, “Oh my…what is THAT?” We’ll touch base on March 3rd to compare notes…

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    Hate awards shows. Too political and its become a soapbox giving actors and actresses the chance to spout off about their latest cause.BORING! The only movie I am interested in seeing is Gravity. Wouldn’t give you 2 cents for the rest.

    • Susan Sey says:

      Gravity was awesome, no question. And I, too, hate when the speeches get political. Every time I see Bono step up to the microphone I take a bathroom break. (Don’t get me wrong, I love U2, but…keep the politics to yourselves, boys.)

  • Susan Sey says:

    Hey, everybody! I’m off to a morning full of commitments but will be back to play this afternoon. Be good til I get back!

  • Susan,

    Somehow I knew you’d be talking Oscars and awards this month. 🙂 I usually manage to see one or two of the ones up for awards, but I have a confession to make. NONE of them interest me. (Well maybe Gravity, but that’s because I love Sandra Bullock.) Shrug.

    Now, I did just see JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT. And can I say it delivered, both in plot, romance, suspense and stuff blowing up or being shot. 🙂 🙂

    I’ve also heard from a very reliable source, (my son and his GF) that The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is good. And of course I saw the second installment of the Hobbit. (Love me some Bard the Bowman.)

    Now red carpet fashion…girl, I am all over that with you! Can’t wear and wouldn’t wear most of it, but I do like to see what I think is good or bad and what the pundits say about it.

    And since I’m not a big basketball fan, (Only watch the buckeyes play) and the Football season is winding down, the Awards shows do break up some of the mid-winter boredom from TV…of course this year I’ve got the Olympics to drive my hubby crazy with.

    Hollywood, Fashion and Olympics…yeah, he’s going to hide in his office!!

    • Susan Sey says:

      Oh, Olympics! That’s my other TV passion! I love the olympics almost as much as I love my children. Kid you not. I adore it with a burning passion. I can’t WAIT to see the Sochi games!

      And I am delighted to hear that the new Jack Ryan movie is awesome, because I love me some boom. And Chris Pine? Yes, please.

  • catslady says:

    I’m afraid I am one of the few that just didn’t care all that much for American Hustle. I liked the actors and the music but it was kind of slow for me. Saw Gravity and it was good but not great. I wanted to see The Wolf of Wall Street but everyone talked me out of it. I should have gone. I think they have cheated Leo out of an Oscar long enough lol. Just saw Her and that was another slow one. With luck I’ll get to see more before the Oscars. I love watching those shows and Ellen is fantastic.

    • Catslady – I almost fell asleep at the beginning of American Hustle – of course those lounge chairs that they have in the theatre these days might have been to blame. 🙂

    • Susan Sey says:

      I love Ellen so much. I’m so glad she’s back & Seth McFarlane (gack) isn’t doing it again. She’s so good at riding the line between making fun of the celebrities & staying nice. She’s never mean in her humor, & I love that.

      And, having just seen the Wolf of Wall Street last night, I can tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart. If you can’t handle a steady diet of sex, drugs and f-bombs, you won’t like it. At all. But if you can get past that, it’s an interesting story. There’s this one scene at the end I’m still trying to figure out, & I didn’t expect to still be thinking about anything the next day with this movie.

  • Dianna aka Hrdwrkdmom says:

    Not really into the awards shows other than I like to look at the fashions and ask myself the question “did they look in the mirror before they left?”

    • Susan Sey says:

      I know, right? That’s always the question. But it makes for good entertainment, so if somebody wants to wear feathers & call it a dress? Knock yourself out. It’s January. We have nothing else to talk about, right?

  • Shannon says:

    I’m not into award shows, either. They’re on past my bedtime, I haven’t seen all the movies, and I feel like such a cat when I pick at fashions.

    I saw something on TV at how the stars diet for the week before to fit into their gowns. They get up for a full day of grooming, everything from additional laser treatment, to mud baths, to additional plucking, and massage. (Well the massage sounds good.) And the work that must go into looking at gowns. It has to be something unusual and revealing to get attention and yet not look too unusual and too revealing. I admit I think “what were they thinking” on the day after pictures, but I also recognize that I couldn’t ever do what they do. So I focus on how marvelous most of them look in those stills the day after. And most of them do look gorgeous.

    • Susan Sey says:

      It is amazing how much work goes into looking that good. It makes me feel better about how grungy I look on an every day basis. I console myself with the fact that I’d look better if I had a team, too, but I’m a solo act. This is as good as it gets.

  • One of the things I do miss about not having television is not seeing events like the Oscars. I used to watch them every year.

    I do, however, get to see the dresses as people walk the red carpet on Oscar night via the internet. It intrigues me the way some people always hit the mark and others, well … some of them look like People at Walmart Go to the Oscars!

    I haven’t seen any of the movies yet and I probably won’t until they come out on DVD. I read the comments and reviews of people I trust before I buy.

    I was stunned to see Tom Hanks go without a nomination for what I have heard are stellar performances.

    The Wolf of Wall Street looks like a lot of crazy fun until you realize our entire economy is in the tank because of people like this. Then again movies are supposed to be entertaining. I tend to watch films that are funny, exciting, adventurous or romantic. The ones that preach to me or are made up entirely of introspection just don’t appeal. I watch movies for the same reason I read – to get a break from the real world, which is pretty darned tough to deal with at times.

    The one film I may try to see in theatres (If it is still there) is the latest installment of The Hobbit. Now THAT is entertainment!

    • Susan Sey says:

      I was shocked about Tom Hanks, too. Especially since his role in Captain Phillips was one of the purely admirable roles out there, & by all accounts, he nailed it. I’d really like to see that one.

  • Susan –

    As I mentioned as I read the comments, I’m not a fan of American Hustle – which was a disappointment to me as I was ready to love the show. I haven’t seen all the movies nominated yet. I really liked Gravity but mainly for all the incredible computer graphics. You felt weightless. That movie should win for special effects at a minimum.

    I saw last year’s Best Movie winner, The Silver-Linings Playbook, on TV last night. I LOVE that show. I love the way you feel when it’s over – the power of a happily-ever-after. I’m still looking for a movie that makes me smile and feel good when I leave the theater this year. Haven’t found the movie yet that I’d say – That’s It! That’s the best movie! But again – I haven’t seen a lot of the candidates this year.

    • Susan Sey says:

      I adored American Hustle, but I’ll be right up front. If I can’t have Matt Damon as my fictional husband, I’d take Christian Bale. And I wouldn’t be crying myself to sleep every night, either. 🙂 So it’s possible I’m biased.

      And Silver Linings Playbook was really, really incredible. I loved that movie with a burning passion.

  • Susan, what a fun post. Love the pics. I USED to be an awards show person. Not so much now. I gave up on the Oscars more than 10 years ago – it’s just too inflated with its own self-importance for me. This, however, is the first year when I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. I just haven’t seen any of the movies and I thought, yanno, this year I’m just not that interested. Must be getting old!

  • Susa, I enjoy watching awards shows but am more likely to do so when I’ve seen the movies that’re nominated. This year, like last (and the one before), unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of them. I may watch anyway, to see the celebs strut their stuff, but not with any degree of investment.

    We switched away on McFarland last year, just not caring for his brand of humor. I’m sure Ellen will be great!