Molly O’Keefe’s New Obsession

Please welcome one of my favorite authors, Molly O’Keefe, back to the lair!

Molly 014My new obsession – The Vampire Diaries

Two years ago, everyone I knew was talking about the Vampire Diaries. Raving about it. I had to leave rooms so friends could gush and talk about some guy named Damen. I resisted for as long as I could and truthfully, it wasn’t that hard. Teenage drama? About Vampires? It couldn’t be less appealing to me. But we got Netflix and there was nothing else on, so I took a chance and decided to watch a few. By the time a week had passed – I was through the first season and gobbling up the second. I am more than hooked. I am devoted.

I am as devoted to Vampire Diaries as I am to lists, so here are my top three reasons I love The Vampire Diaries.

  1. The pacing. There are reveals and twists and almost every single episode ends in a viable cliffhanger (as opposed to the fake ones of True Blood – gah!). This show moves at a CRAZY pace.  Just when I think I understand something – it changes. Just as I’m getting tired of a plotline – it changes. And no one is safe, anyone could die. My favorite characters could all be killed.  It feels dangerous. In the best possible way.
  2. The characters. It’s not just Damen. Though, there is no question, he’s fantastic. And Elena, oh, Elena could be tiresome. But she’s not. She’s gutsy and vulnerable. Most characters are shaded  – not all good, or not all bad. But what I really love about the characters is that they change, dramatically. It’s as if the writers think of a character and what they need from them and how they need them to behave and they start with the opposite, to show the character’s growth. A coward becomes brave. A selfish girl becomes a strong woman. A shallow mean boy becomes a tortured werewolf.  (as they so often do).

Crazy Little Thing Called LoveAnd the love triangle is beautiful.

  1. Diligent attention to theme. One of the producers said that at its heart The Vampire Diaries is about loneliness. And it’s not just a little bit about loneliness – every single character has experience with loneliness. All of them are searching for connection. For family and love. And it would seem so heavy-handed with ALL of them being alone. But they are together in their loneliness. And it looks different on all of them, but it’s true at the heart of every character and every storyline – there is loneliness. Which plays so well into the teenage angst and alienation that covers it up.

For those of you who haven’t watched it, trust me, it’s so good. For those of you that love it, what do you love about it? Molly’s giving away a copy of Crazy Thing Called Love so let’s hear from you!

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  • Laurie G says:

    I have not watched The Vampire Diaries. Wow! You watched the whole season in a week. I will have to check into this series.

  • Hi Beth! Welcome back, Molly. We love it when you visit! Interesting about the Vampire Diaries. I haven’t seen them either but they’re sounding more interesting – have to say I dismissed it as teenage schlock when I saw it was on cable here. Oh, man, I really do NOT need another show to angst about. What I need is two clones, one to read, one to write, and the other one to have an amazingly interesting life drinking and watching great TV and travelling to Venice! Do you think we can organise that? Pretty please with sugar on top?

    Congrats on the new release. As you know, I adore your writing!

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Anna, love the clones idea! I’ve decided that come H-E-double-hockey-sticks or high water I’m catching up on my tv/movie viewing after I hand in these revisions. I figure if I watch while I’m on the treadmill I’ll even feel righteous about it 🙂

      • The clones can do the boring stuff and we will go to Venice. I would like a clone just to go grocery shopping. Somedays the grocery store feels like the house of torture.

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Welcome back, Molly – great to see you here! I downloaded your latest yesterday – can’t wait to read what you have in store for Billy! We do love our hockey hunks here in the Lair *g*.

    I’ve never seen Vampire Diaries – the whole vampire thing hasn’t appealed. But on your recommendation, I might give it a go.

    • Beth Andrews says:

      We do love our hockey hunks here in the Lair *g*

      So true! I’m not big on Vampires either but I’ve heard great things about The Vampire Diaries.

      • It’s about Vampire and it’s not. It’s about teenagers, and it’s not…honestly, if you can get past the first few episodes, which is heavy on vampires and teenagers – it really is fun television!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Molly, forgive me a bit of a fan girl moment. [begin fan girl gushing] I have loved your books for a long time and have adored you since I heard you give a workshop at M&M several years ago. A local romance book club run by several people in my RWA chapter featured your Can’t Buy Me Love. I’m the first to admit I do not particularly care for rancher types, but…it was your book so I read it. And loved it. And, of course, Luc was actually a hockey player and I love those, thanks to Anna Sugden. 😀 Thank you for all the wonderful books! [end of fan girl gushing]

    I have not watched The Vampire Diaries nor been even slightly tempted. However, all the things you love about this series, I love about Battlestar Galactica (which series I just finished watching last night). Like you, friends had been gushing about this show for nearly a decade. My husband had watched the entire series. I felt no attraction to it at all, despite my love of Star Trek TNG and Deep Space Nine. I was hooked at the pilot! The characters were so very deeply flawed and had all been through such tragedy, they were a tough group to love. But they were fascinating. People loved and lost and died and grew and were brave and weak and insanely strong and cowardly. Betrayals – or seeming betrayals – happened all the time. It was a roller coaster ride. I loved it, even when I hated it and every character made me want to hurl things and punch them in the neck.

    If Vampire Diaries is that sort of ride, it may be next in the Netflix queue!

    • Caren! Thanks so much for the kind words – oh, that’s so good to hear!! And yes, Vampire Diaries has quite a bit in common with BSG. I wasn’t interested in BSG either, but again, it was all my writer friends raving about it! Two really good examples of the story science fiction can really tell.

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Caren, BSG has been in my Netflix queue for about as long as Vampire Diaries *g* I really need to catch up on these shows!

  • HI Molly –

    I’ve seen an episode here and there of Vampire Diaries, but I don’t know the characters and so wasn’t drawn in. I think that might be a series best seen from the beginning. I tend to get that series confused with Being Human, another series with paranormal beings.

    Must say – I think that’s the best way to watch a series, one episode after the other on Netflix or on a TV marathon. Do you think that’s influencing series books? That readers wait and then read them one after the other with a bathroom break in-between? Man – I wish I could write them that fast 🙂

    • Donna! You are so right!! I love watching tv that way. Although I think you miss out on some of the antcipation of the week to week viewing. But, I love the back to back glom! It’s the perfect way to clear your head after finishing a book. Take a few days and watch a whack of television!!

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Donna, I think that’s a good point about watching the series all at once *g* The only show I watch weekly is Modern Family and that’s only because I record it on the DVR.

      My son, younger daughter and I all love watching series on Netflix – but it’s hard to turn it off and get some writing done!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Hi, Molly and Beth,

    Add my name to the list of non-viewers,
    even though vampires have resided in
    our television set since the Buffy days.
    DD2 was a devoted Buffy aficionada.
    I got glimpses of the Buffy and then
    Angel shows, especially if David Bor-
    eanaz was on the screen!

    Pat C.

  • Beth Andrews says:

    So glad to have you back with us, Molly! I adore your books and can’t wait to read Crazy Thing Called Love *g*

    Vampire Diaries has been in my Netflix queue for well over a year but I haven’t watched it yet because I’m afraid of getting hooked! Now I HAVE to watch it thanks to your great post 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    Another non vampire watcher or reader here.

    Someone commented that maybe readers save series books to read one after the other. Guilty as charged. I like to have the whole series if possible before I read any of the books.

    • Kaelee – I wish I had that restraint. Although one of the best reading experiences of last year was being able to read ALL of the Karen Marie Moning books back to back – I just gobbled them up.

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Kaelee, I’m that way sometimes and sometimes…I’m not *g* I do like discovering a new to me author and being able to pick up a series they’ve written and read the whole thing through, though 🙂

  • Susan Sey says:

    Hey, Molly–

    I’m such a fan of glomming TV shows. I get completely obsessed & the waiting to find out what happens next makes me crazy. So I didn’t tune in to the Sopranos until it finished its run (8 seasons? 9?). My husband & I slammed the entire run between July 4 & Labor Day one year. So I know about falling in love with quality writing.

    Vampire Diaries is now officially on my list.

    And I’m totally looking forward to Thing Called Love because any writer who has parsed out exactly why she loves a story so must pay exquisite attention to her own. 🙂 I bet it’s fantastic & I *adore* contemporaries.

    • Susan! Oh, man I kind of wish we had watched The Sopranos that way, because honestly, half the time I had no idea what was going on week to week. Or who they were talking about. I loved the series and LOVED the finale, but it might need a rewatch. And I wish I was able to put as much analytical thought into my own work!

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Susan, I’m feeling this way about Homeland. I adore Damien Lewis but I just don’t feel as if I can get that invested in a show right now so I keep telling myself I’ll just pick up the DVDs later *G*

  • Hello Beth and Molly!

    I am a fan of vampire stories, but I haven’t watched Vampire Diaries yet. I’ll have to check it out.

    And I do tend to wait until a show has gone through several seasons before I check it out.

    Books, however, are a different story. I often tell myself I will buy the books in a series and wait until I have them all so I can read them back to back. Never happens. Books are like a big box of Cadbury’s chocolates to me. And those of you who know me know I CANNOT resist chocolate!

  • Hi Molly,

    My daughter went from a Twilight obsession to a Vampire Diaries obsession. She also read the books from both series. So have I. Vampire Diaries wins, hands down.

    Enjoyed your reading at Lady jane Salon in Naperville.

  • Beth Andrews says:

    Just wanted to let you all know I forgot to add to the post that Molly’s giving away a copy of Crazy Thing Called Love! Just corrected it on her post *g*

  • Marianne says:

    Believe it or not, my husband and I both love Vampire Diaries. It’s amazing that we both enjoy the same show. We’ve been DVRing it since the first season and make time to watch it together!

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Marianne, that is great that you and your husband both love Vampire Diaries! My husband would not be a fan *g* He’s not into paranormal, science fiction or fantasy – which is why the kids and I left him at home when we went to see The Hobbit 🙂

  • Susan says:

    I never thought I would EVER watch Vampire Diaries, but coincidentally was in my daughter’s room at uni last night when she had it on.. Could only stay for half an hour and in that time decided I will be starting at the beginning asap. Holy Hunkathon! (and other stuff too 😉

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Susan, that’s great! I felt that way about The Office before I caught a few episodes with my son and then it became a family favorite *g*

      • Holy hunkathon is right!! I gave up on The Office after Steve Carell left – it just wasn’t the same no matter how much I love John Krascinski…that spelling is all off.

  • Deelynn says:

    The last thing I need is another program to suck up my time. I am so easily addicted to any type of series, be it books or tv. I have become a court tv junkie….from Casey Anthony through Drew Peterson, the Michael Jackson murder (his name slips my mind) right up to the current Jodi Arias. I swear when this one is over I’m done. I have no more room in my life.

    Book series, however are another story (hahaha really, I did not intend that pun).

  • Helen Sibbritt says:

    Hi Molly and Beth

    Sorry I haven’t watched this show either but then again I don’t watch much TV at all LOL I have way too many good books on my TBR that I really want to read. Maybe one day I will catch up on some of the TV shows that I never seem to watch my daughters have a lot of them on DVD so maybe they have this as well.
    Have Fun

    • Beth Andrews says:

      Helen, it’s tough to find time for everything, isn’t it? We are so far behind on our TV and movie viewing it isn’t even funny. We used to watch a movie or two a week but that’s fallen by the wayside now that the kids are older and rarely home *g*

  • Janga says:

    No vampires for me in any medium. I know that puts me out of step with the majority, but that’s ok. 🙂 I do love the TV marathon viewing of favorite series. I’ve done that with West Wing and Monk a couple of times each and loved the experience, although some old faves haven’t stood the test of time well as these two.

    I watch so little TV now that I really think paying my cable bill should count as a charitable contribution. When I had to cut time from TV, writing, reading, reviewing, church, or family, TV was the easiest to give up. But I always find time to read a Molly O’Keefe book. I’ve been recommending Crazy Thing Called Love all over the place.

    • Oh West Wing!! Oh, I need to get the DVD’s for that – that show was the highlight of my week for YEARS!

      And Janga – thank you so much for the word of mouth recommendations! It really does mean so much from a reviewer and reader whom I really respect.
      (was whom right there? I never know)

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Hi, Molly, welcome to the Lair!

    I love Vampire Diaries, and of course, my favorite character is Damen, although Stefan comes close!

  • Barbara Elness says:

    I tried Vampire Diaries when it first came out, gave it a few episodes and just couldn’t get into it. There is just so much good television, I just can’t watch it all. 😀

  • Mary Preston says:

    I’ve never watched it. People rave about it all over the Internet though.