Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….What the???

Ok, ok….I’ll get it over with. Today is my birthday.mirror 3

And I’m stunned.

I look at the year of my birth, calculate the time, divide by days, carry the 2 and dang gone it! How did I get to be the age of my mother??

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am blessed in SO many ways, not just chronologically. But it’s impossible for my mind (my increasingly FORGETFUL mind) to wrap around the age of …I’ll say it. I’ll say it….56!


Wha…wha…gotta stop doing that cause yanno…fractured hips.

cream 3

In the mirror I see lines and wrinkles. The veins on my hands sometimes raise up (thin skin). I won’t have it! I’ll use every cream, serum, treatment at my disposal! Oh, sure lots of “younger people” get knee replacements and I haven’t graduated to the weekly pill containers…yet but I did have to recently upgrade to an AM/PM one!

And the things that fly out of my mouth (No dentures whew). But things like “Back in the day” or “Nowadays” or “You young people.” Good Lord.

Then you find yourself talking with a friend about the best way to sleep “orthopaedic-ly” toΒ  minimize aches, creaks and legΒ pain. Holy BenGay Batman.pill bottle

I just can’t correlate what I see in the mirror when inside me…inside me is still this little “whippersnapper.”

09-12-2008 09;05;42PM

Now off to take my cholesterol medicine so I can have birthday cake with my prunes :0

What about you? What was a defining moment when you realized you’d reached an age that surprised you?

PSΒ  AARP stop finding me!


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  • Helen says:

    Is he staying with me ?

    Have Fun

  • Helen says:

    Oh Happy Birthday Joanie and I say you look young and you are only as old as you feel you young whipper snapper πŸ™‚ I turned 57 11 dyas ago and with the arthritis really getting bad there are days that I feel 100 and then the grandkids arrive and I feel young again :0 (although very tired when they go home).
    I think that defining moment for me was when I turned 50 but I soon got over it I can still do most things and reading I can still do hopefully my eyes will keep going that is one thing that does scare me but I am happy and I am me and growing as gracefully as I can I have lots of friends world wide thanks to the internet and lots of loving family and friends close by life is good so have a great day and enjoy that cake.

    Have Fun

    Oh and the GR must have had fun yesterday so he has decided to stay and Corey and Caitlyn are here to play with him now and there is rice custard and jelly and ice cream for desert πŸ™‚

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Pfft..you don’t look a day over 40! I only believe you’re a grandma cause you post pictures of the little ones and there have been times I’ve thought “She must rent them cause she’s too young”


      Don’t let the GR overindulge with Jelly….he’ll have flashbacks to his hatching and curl up in your lap..for HOURS

    • Jo Robertson says:

      LOL, Helen, I think the grans keep pulling that rooster back to your house.

      And I say as long as you can play with the kiddies, you’re never too old!

      BTW, arthritis sucks — badly! So sorry for you.

  • Jane says:

    Happy Birthday, Joanie. I’ll probably moan about getting old when I start getting mail from the AARP urging me to join as a member. I’ve already started using anti-aging and wrinkle creams.

  • Ki Pha says:

    Oh, Happy birthday Joan!!!! As for me I’m still feeling the youngness in me even if my age is going up. But trust me, I am still young so I can’t complain about it to you ladies. But I suppose the age I am now surprised me. I still feel like I’m a freshman in high school. I am thinking about those anti-againg cream and wrinkles though…..

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Ah, little one…

      it’s never too early to start the creams!

      I do have a slight advantage in that I never smoked and being fair skinned never sat out in the sun. Those two things REALLY age a person’s skin. I once worked with a nurse whose face looked like a Shar Pei!

      • Ki Pha says:

        Wow! I do not like the smell of smoke and I don’t like being in the sun, I get burned easily so I guess I’m good in the aging process.

  • Amy Conley says:

    You are NOT old, I am a few years behind you and after last weekend, I promise, you are NOT old!
    For me, personally, the defining birthdays were not ones with zeroes in them. They were the ones with a 1 after the 3’s,4’s, and 5’s. But this year’s birthday really got me, and there was no one involved. It’s because ns, t year’s birthday will consist of double nickels, and I feel I should be or act a certain way, but it ain’t gonna happen! I am just always going to be me, whether it’s 18,25,37,41Β that’s just me. Oh don’t get me wrong, I do have 70 anx 80 year old days too. Just not many. πŸ˜‰

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Thanks Amy…for shouting that cause yanno…the hearing isn’t what it used to be either πŸ˜€

      I only had a “moment” at 40 when I realized the ole eggs were numbered…down to the single digits…and I had to accept I’d never have a child. THAT was hard.

  • Teresa Hughes says:

    Happy Birthday Joan!!!!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Happy Birthday, Joanie! You look fabulous!

    The birthdays that are hardest for me aren’t my own but those of my younger brothers and nieces and nephews. I still haven’t caught up with the fact that I’m 62. πŸ˜‰


    Hmmm, I’ve never been too surprised by my age, I sort of enjoy all of them. I am surprised that my grandkids are getting older, that’s for sure!

    I do try to keep moisturizers on my face and hands…otherwise… well, it is what it is! (Psst, you’re now officially older than me until November! HA!)

  • catslady says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I turned 63 at the end of last year so was able to apply for SS πŸ™‚

  • Patty L. says:

    Happy birthday! I am 38 and still feel like I am 21, but my body sometimes feels 60. Lol. Age is just a number, take your meds and eat your cake you are still young.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Still laughing at your post, Joanie. What a great piece of reading to wake up to!

    Ah, baby chick, you’re such a chickadoodle! 56 sounds like a great age to me!

    My daughter and I were having a long mother-daughter talk the other day while she bemoaned having an almost 15 yo daughter and I silently thanked the gods that I had the most easy daughters in the world!

    I told her that the ONE thing I regretted NOT doing was learning to meditate, some ritual to bring the calm and peace back inside me. I could see she was so twisted up about her daughter, can’t sleep at night, etc.

    It’s all about the meditation. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to learn it.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Oh, and the age? Gotta say that 70 hit me hare 40, fine; 50 great; 60, okay with that. 70?? WTH??? My mom was 75 when she died. Is this how she felt?

    It’s kind of terrifying, so I sympathize with you Joanie, but you look marvelous and not a day over 45!! I swear!!!

  • Shannon says:

    I think 51 was especially hard. So was 41, but that was mainly external; my birthday was eight days after 9/11. I was hundreds flying home from London. The airport was so jammed they had us sitting out in the mist in a parking garage using portapotties with no toilet paper.

    At work recently, I have been feeling old as the 20 somethings go on about their parents being so old and stupid. I can feel them look at me and put me into that category. For a moment I feel 16 and not fitting into the crowd. But then I think of all I’ve lived, learned, and loved. My life has had a few ups and down, but your post made me think how rich I am at this time in my life.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Bring those whippersnappers over here….I’ll hit them with my walker!

      But you are right. I SO wish I’d had the confidence I have now for those times in my 20’s and even 30’s

      I might not have wasted those eggs :0

  • Jo Robertson says:

    And the truth is, Shannon, that a person knows almost NOTHING at 20 but thinks she knows everything!

  • Thank you for my morning chuckle, Joanie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

    You are a year older than me until December. Yes, I will be 56 and I have no idea where the years went.

    And those AARP stalkers need to leave us alone! I am NOT retired. It will be a while before I can BE retired! If you aren’t going to give me enough money so I CAN retire – LEAVE ME ALONE !! Sheesh. I think I get another grey hair every time I get one of those cards in the mail.

    Most of the time I don’t feel 56 – whatever that is supposed to feel like. But there are days I drag myself home from a day working in a deep freezer in Walmart, crawl into a hot bath, slather myself with Ben Gay and crawl into bed feeling 90.

    I am fortunate like you, Joan, in that I never smoked and I have spent much of my life in winter climates. In spite of the fact I live in the Deep South I do not spend time out in the sun without a hat. And thanks to my mother’s ancestry I don’t burn when I get some sun. I just tan.

    My Mom is 78 years old and still does crazy stuff like cut her own grass and climb up on ladders to change light bulbs. She can still out mall crawl her 22 year old grandson. (“How do you get Nana to stop for lunch at the mall? She wants to go into every store!”)

    I still love Disney movies, working in my yard and learning new things. And of course I love to read and write. I think those things certainly help to keep me young in mind and after all, that is what is the most important.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Thanks Louisa,

      I started early with the hair highlights cause you will NEVER SEE A GRAY HAIR ON THIS HEAD!

      Ahem….I was also appalled when my vet gave me the senior discount on Grayson’s license renewal :0

  • Joan Kayse says:

    A quick note:

    If you’re accessing our blog from Facebook, there are random words within different posts LINKED to something i.e. dentures. We do NOT endorse, nor did any of us put them there. It is not happening if you come through our website. Please disregard and accept our apologies.

    (Cause really…who wants discounted dentures?)

  • Becke says:


    Happy Day. As for AARP, I believe you qualify @ 50. Quite frankly, I love their magazine. It has some fantastic articles. I’ve thought of submitting to them! :0)

    Not one specific age bothered me until 50. That one threw me for a royal loop. Although I’m healthy, fit, and have as much energy as many younger than me, the sad reality is everyone is only one diagnosis away from the wrong side of the daisies.

    Enjoy every day. They are, alas, limited.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      “is everyone is only one diagnosis away from the wrong side of the daisies.”

      I guess that’s true and really….so many leave us too young. I’ve lost 2 friends already.

  • Joanie –

    I LOVE that photo of you at the bottom of the blog. I can see you in that little girl’s smile – and I can still see that little girl in you.

    I don’t see myself aging as much as I see my husband becoming an old man. We headed out to dinner on Friday night and he was bemoaning that we were running late and we’d have to wait for a table. We arrived at 5:45! What were we late for – the early bird special?
    However, when we went to see Addams Family last night at the theater, there was a line “When did I turn into my mother!” and I felt a poke in my ribs. My husband’s “gentle” way of reminding me that I’ve done that very thing.

    Happy Birthday, Joan. You have many, many more years in front of you and that little girl inside still wants to explore. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

    • Joan Kayse says:

      LOL Donna….late for the early bird special..LOL

      My brother took me out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and he TOO was whining about having to wait. He said “Look at all those cars!”

      There was no wait…we beat the church goers by an hour.

      I’ve had a lovely birthday weekend now doing my birthday laundry…:D

  • Happy birthday, JT! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and people are spoiling you rotten. Love that photo of you as a bub. So cute!

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Happy Birthday, Joanie! So happy to be able to celebrate with you, even if only on the blog!

    I think I realize my age most when I say something to my sons that I KNOW my mother said to me. Ha! Oh, and the fact that my 13 yo son is taller than me and going to high school next year. O.M.G. Then, I feel it.

    Otherwise, I agree with some others who’ve said, it’s just a number. I can remember being 20 and feeling 90 after a long day working in the yard. I guess I know how to pace myself better now, but still…grins.

    And I woulldn’t be 20 again for all the tea in China. 35 maybe but not 20….hahaha!

  • flchen1 says:

    Happy birthday, Joanie!! The only thing I really miss about my younger self is the strength and flexibility… I’d be SUCH an amazing dancer if I still had that πŸ˜‰ Hee!

  • Mozette says:

    Happy Birthday Joanie! I’ve had a few defining moments in my life… like the time when I tried to get back on a skateboard and the damned thing threw me off! I could stay on, but it was too light for me and the usual bits that I was used being on a skateboard weren’t on there… what a death trap that thing was!

    Or the time I tried to pick up a pot plant in my yard I could pick up last year, and now, I can’t…. oh, crap! When exactly did my back turn into chalk??? πŸ™

    Or just recently when I looked at probiotic yoghurt and thought it would be a good idea to start buying it because my gut/stomach would thank me…. um… yeah… and it did. πŸ˜›

    I’m 40 years old and my body is just going through those changes on me… you know the ones! I hate those changes. Anyway, I better get with them or they’ll bug me until I become the Crazy Cat Lady off The Simpsons. πŸ˜›

    Only kidding. πŸ˜›

  • Happy Birthday, Joanie! Great post.

    The birthday that seemed weirdest to me was 30. The others have pretty much rolled on through. Life events–the boy driving, his departure for college, our 25th anniversary–pull me up short more than birthdays. Because, hey, when your menal image of yourself holds at about 34, birthdays don’t change anything.

    Yes, I have an active inner fantasy life.*g*

  • Joan Kayse says:

    Taking my creaky bones off to bed and PRAYING for a budget day from work in the morning.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes and keep on keeping on (which is a saying that ALSO points out how old I am :0)

  • Kaelee says:

    Happy Birthday Joanie! I’m almost ten years older than you and the age figure didn’t bother me until almost two years when I qualified for old age pension (Canadian). 65 hit me hard. But now I’m looking forward to a few more milestones like a quarter of a century. Even though my body can’t do what it used to it still functions fairly well.