May Coming Attractions….

WeCherry Blossomslcome to MAY!!  It’s supposed to be Spring in the USA, but I just saw Bandita Susan posting about how cold it is where she lives.

And a Bandita Buddy posted from Colorado, showing snow on the ground.  OMGosh!!

Mother Nature is NOT happily bringing spring.

It was 56 degrees at Bandita Jeanne’s son’s baseball game today.

Not.  Even. Close. To. Warm.

However, we’ve got warmth in the Lair, as usual.

Bandita Jeanne will be on on the 8th, for her usual post.  She’ll also be hosting two guests this month… One is a fabulous author and media consultant Amy DeLouise, who’s going to chat about how to talk to the media – and not end up as a Facebook Meme!

Second will be a wonderful group of authors who’ll be coming in to announce a heretofore secret project….bwahahahah!!  Stay tuned!


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  • Pissenlit says:

    No snow but it’s all wet and rainy and 9 ºC(…48 ºF?) here right now. Icky.

  • Jane says:

    Happy May. It’s been cold these past few days, but hopefully the warm weather will come back soon.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    We’re starting to heat up here in northern Cal. This week in the mid eighties. We’ve had strong winds and intermittent lightning strikes.

    There’s a 33 year old tree in our front yard that provides great shade in the summer, but the drought has caused is to suffer, poor thing. We might have to take it out!

    Wherever your neck of the woods is, I hope you can enjoy the moment!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    I’m looking forward to that author group mystery announcement!

    It’s been nice here in NC. In fact, my neighborhood pool opened for the season yesterday. You need to come visit, Jeanne!

  • Helen says:


    Well the weather is not getting cooler here in Oz either still way to hot over here I want autumn 🙂

    Sounds like another great month

    have Fun