Match Game Winner

Thanks to everyone who played the Bandita Match Game today. The winner with four right answers is bn100. Congrats on your win. Be sure to contact me privately via the pull-down menu under the Mailroom/Contact button on the site. Now here are the right answers:

Suzanne Ferrell — Vin Diesel

Caren Crane — Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Joan Kayse — Dustin Clare

Cassondra Murray — Oded Fehr

Christina Brooke — Richard Armitage (This one fooled a lot of people since Anna Campbell is also quite the fan of Richard.)

Jeanne Adams — Tom Mison

Nancy Northcott — Victor Webster

Anna Sugden — Idris Elba

Susan Sey — Matt Damon

Tawny Weber — Johnny Depp (I believe this was the easiest one on the list. 🙂 )

Anna Campbell — Tom Hiddleston (though I thought about arm-wrestling her for him)

Trish Milburn — Richard Madden and Karl Urban