March Madness…The OTHER Kind…

shamrock celticHey gals!  It’s MARCH!!  Wow, how did that happen?  I’m braced for the Basketball Fever that March brings, here at my house, and I thought I’d talk about that today.  However…

Bandita Anna C challenged me to something on Facebook.  To list 7 movies over 7 days.  Favorites.  Fun movies.  Things you liked.  I accepted the challenge.

Which leads me to another thing to triangulate into this post.  March makes me crazy.  I know, I know, you all KNOW I’m fairly nuts.  I’m a writer, so ergo, crazy to a degree.  But March makes me even nuttier than the nuttiest fruit cake.

Why?  By March, no matter how much I love Winter, and I do, I’m jonesing for Spring.  For daffodils.  For the amazing Basketball event known as March Madness.  For a few warm days.  For time in the garden.  For the RITA finalists to be announced.  For change.  For Baseball.  (As y’all know, Eldest Son is a baseball player.  Season started last weekend.  Grins.  Yep, it’s MARCH!!  Cold, windy, brrrr-American Presidenton-a-hillside-watching-baseball March.)  And for arguing professional baseball with Bandita Suz.

This year, lending more madness of course, is the political situation.  Now, I”m not going to debate candidates here.  We keep that sort of thing out of the Lair.  But no matter who you favor, this crap is crazy-making.  I wish they’d confine it to the two months before the actual election.  Then I could just hibernate, stay off the internet and off TV and ignore the whole thing for those few months.  But even I cannot go without news for 12 months, which it the timing it NOW takes to get through and election cycle’s worth of nasty, derogatory TV adverts.

As I said, not going to discuss candidates – and no flaming or comments on that please!

But, in selecting movies for the Anna Campbell Movie davemovieChallenge, and in thinking about what makes me crazy, I had to laugh when a friend of mine commented on my selection of the movie DAVE the other night.

She said, in essence, couldn’t we just watch DAVE for the next 8 months until the election was over?  SNORK!!  What a GREAT IDEA!!!

It tickled me so much, I thought of the next day’s movie – THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT – a bit more realistic, but so uplifting in it’s vision of a man sitting in the hot seat, who’s love for a woman makes him a better man, a better president, and a more honest person.  Nice.  Oh, and all the political maneuvering around the pair to try and break them up?  Brilliant.

That got me thinking about other movies with presidents.  The JOHN ADAMS mini-series.  That held special interest for me since the Hubs is related to THOSE Adamses.  Grins.air-force-one-gary-oldman-harrison-ford-7-rcm0x1920u

Then there’s AIR FORCE ONE.  LOVE that movie.  Love, love, love.  Now, I already had a thing for Harrison Ford, but seeing him boot terrorists off his plane?  Delicious!  Then there’s Gary Oldman as the incredibly believable bad guy, terrorist-with-a-gut-deep cause.  Oh, he’s so goooood at this.  The tension of whether or not the bad guy dictator is going to be let out of prison…will they save the plane?  And as an aside, Glenn Close makes a hell of a Commander in Chief in his absence.  :>

Independece Day movieDAVE keeps you guessing too.  What about the “real” president.  With the First Lady figure it out?  Will she fall for Dave?  I adore the shower scene in this movie.  It is a brilliant piece of writing, and the actors bring it alive.  Just perfect.  Timing, humor.  His nerdy accountant friend.  Grins.  LOVE this movie.

AMERICAN PRESIDENT keeps me delighted too.  Michael Douglas makes a great president.  Martin Sheen, his cynical and morally tired friend, is brilliant.  Annette Bening is just stellar as the activist turned reluctant girlfriend-of-the-President of the free world.  I absolutely adore that he wants to send her flowers and can’t because he’s not carrying a credit card or cash or anything.  As one of my friends would say, “now THAT is a funny bit!”jeff goldblum

Another President-in-Film that I admire is Bill Pulliam in INDEPENDENCE DAY.  So steady, despite his grief.  So ready to actually BE Commander in Chief.  His rousing speech at the end is just the stuff that action films are made of.  Adore that.  Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum as Mutt and Jeff kind of partners, trying to save the world one computer virus at a time.  Professor Okun, the nerdy underground scientist studying the mysterious aliens from Area 51.  (This brilliantly played by Star Trek actor Brent Spiner)  There are so many layers to this movie.  The relationship between Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch.  The relationship between Will Smith and his lady, played by the elegant Vivica Fox.  The relationship between the President and his wife and trspeechdaughter.  The relationship between Goldblum and his ex-wife.  And then, there’s Randy Quaid….

Yeah.  Love that.White House Olympus

Then there’s the dual BLOW UP THE WHITE HOUSE MOVIES – both of which came out in the same movie season with almost identical plots.  OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN featuring the delicious duo of Aaron Eckhart as the President and Gerard Butler as the Secret Service Agent who saves him.  And then WHITE HOUSE DOWN with the oh-so-sexy team of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.  Yum!!  And things blow the heck UP!!  Living in DC as I do, it’s kinda weird to see monuments I recognize blow up that way.  Grins.  But fun in its own way too.

Last but not least, the Mini-Series Ken Burns did on the Roosevelts.  Just wonderful.

So what other movies can you think of that feature our American Presidents as prominent characters?

What’s your favorite “presidential” movie?

Would you date the President of the US (provided he was single, and good looking!) or would it be too much of a fish-bowl life for you?

What about a Secret Service Agent?  Too much danger?  Too much time away?  Or juuuuuust right?

If the President came on TV and said we were being invaded by Aliens, would you head for the hills, or hunker down in place?

(Photos are from Wikimedia Commons, Yahoo Free Images, Pinterest)


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  • fedora says:

    Ooh, Jeanne… I’d forgotten about so many of those! The first one I thought of was Air Force One, too! I also had been meaning to see Lincoln, but haven’t yet… Or what about In the Line of Fire?

    I don’t think I could handle the public eye aspect of dating a president, or even any public figure! It would be too much!

    And dating a Secret Service Agent? Maybe… Could I BE one? Honestly, probably not 😉

    As for the aliens, it’d totally depend–are they cute? 😉

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Fedora! Oh, I’ve not seen Lincoln, but we bought it so I can see it. My hubby’s seen it, and thought it was fabulous. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter is probably more my speed. SNORK!!

      Line of Fire is awesome. Loved that movie.

      As to dating, I think I’m with you. Too much fishbowl, not enough personal time. :>

      Secret Service? Ohhh yeah. I could probably be one too, although my firearms training is rusty. I’d need a LOT of PT! ha!

      Snork. Cute Aliens. Could be more deadly for being cute. Bwahahahahah!

  • Minna says:

    I don’t actually have a favourite presidential movie. But here’s one more to add for the list: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. That’s one movie that came to mind, though I haven’t actually seen it. But it just sounds so… crazy.

    I’d rather date a Secret Service Agent than a the President of the US (or any other president, for that matter)

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Minna, I’m with you on the dating. :>

      I’ve not seen the Vampire Hunter one either, but I kinda want to for the reason you stated. Sounds crazy, looks kind of campy and funny. I’ll have to see if it’s on Netflix!

  • EC Spurlock says:

    Some of my favorite movies on this list, Jeanne! And you may tell your hubby that his ancestor was one of my favorite presidents!

    My hubby was always convinced that The American President was the prequel to The West Wing; I think Aaron Sorkin wrote both? And it would be a natural progression for Martin Sheen as his Chief of staff to go on to become President himself. He was only sorry that Michael J Fox as the eager puppy press secretary never segued into TWW with him.

    For a hilarious take on the presidency try My Fellow Americans with James Garner and Jack Lemmon as rival ex-Presidents on the lam from assassins. And for a whole lot of Presidents (pre-Presidents?) I love 1776, which we watch faithfully every 4th of July.

    And I don’t think we ever need to worry about aliens invading. Remember they’re receiving our broadcasts out there, and all the election brouhaha will probably scare them off.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      EC, I’m LMAO about the aliens reading our broadcasts. Yes I think it WOULD scare them off. Ha!

      I’ve not seen 1776, I don’t think, so I’m adding that to my Netflix list! Grins. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen My Fellow Americans, but I’m going to look it up, sounds hysterical.

      Have you seen Nicholas Cage in Guarding Tess? It’s not exactly Presidential, but it’s good. And of course, both the National Treasure movies, featuring Nic Cage, have presidents in them…Grins.

      • EC Spurlock says:

        Yeah, DH was a huge National Treasure fan, in fact, it was the last movie he watched.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Jeanne

    I have only watched Air Force One and Independence Day of those movies and of loved both and no I would not date a President never or a secret service agent I think I am getting way to old LOL and if there were aliens coming hide in my house LOL.

    As for me I am looking forward to some cooler weather although I think it has got lost it is still like the middle of summer over here and the air con is getting a workout although the footy season has started 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Yay for footie season! Woot!

      Do you get all our movies in Aus? We so seldom get to see movies from other countries because we produce so many ourselves. :>

      We’re getting warmer spring weather, so we’re about at the same point, as you cool – hopefully! – and head into fall, we’re heading into Spring. :>

      • Helen says:

        Yes Jeannie lots of American movies over here all of them I suspect 🙂

        Have Fun