Many Faces of Emma

I’m so excited!

Back in November I learned that my book THE EDUC ATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY was made into a Japanese manga edition, which is basically a Japanese comic book.  My entire story is depicted in pictures.  Here’s the cover.  Don’t you love it!  I especially like that my hero is holding an artist’s brush in his hand. (And if you’ve read the book, you know why she is blushing :-) )  I get second billing on the cover.  The artist, Motoko Mori gets top billing which is appropriate as the entire book had to be reduced into dialogue and pictures with a much smaller page count.  I love how they depict emotion in the book.  Here’s a depiction of the big kiss scene.  Note the fireworks and discretely placed flowers.  


This whole experience, however,  made me  think about the various cover depictions of the same book.  


This was the original cover and is still my all time favorite.  I love the colors and the sensuality of the bared shoulder.  This cover is actually a painting.  I think the artist, Leslie Peck, did a fabulous job. This heroine looks quite a bit different than the manga heroine, don’t you think? 

Actually the manga edition is the second Japanese edition of this novel.  Here’s the cover from the first.  I’m thinking that the field of daisies is to suggest that the heroine is innocent.  Her gesture suggests that she has a secret, which is true – she’s pretending to be a widow but actually is quite the innocent –  but this is quite a bit different than the American version which suggests she’s about to expose all,  no secrets left there  :-)

Let’s take a look at two other covers for the same book.  I believe the image to the left – the one with the drool worthy hero – is Dutch, and the one to the right with the green dress is Norwegian.  

I love looking at the differences between all these covers for the same book.  All except the manga book have the heroine (and definately the hero) in some state of undress.   The Norwegian and the Dutch covers could probably be interchanged with any romance novel – not much unique there.  

So which cover is your favorite?  Have you ever read a manga book?  Do you find that the image you carry in your mind of the heroine in a book closely resembles the ones on the covers?  How do you feel about hero’s on the covers?


Let’s chat about romance covers and I’ll send a copy of THE CASANOVA CODE to someone leaving a comment.

OH!  and lest I forget -

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