Maggie Robinson Has Got a Little List!

With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan!

I have for you today the very model of a modern romance novelist, Maggie Robinson.

OK, fine, I’ll forget the G&S from now on. I promise, under threat of the snicker snee.

Maggie is a lair favorite and goodness me, she’s been busy lately. She has a whole stack of great things to tell us about, including her latest release LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first instalment in the London List series. This sounds absolutely luscious.

You can read reviews and an excerpt here:

Maggie, absolutely lovely to have you back again! We love having you visit us. Congratulations on LORD GRAY’S LIST, the first book in the London List series released by Kensington Brava on 30th October. Can you tell us about this story?

I’m so happy to be back! The Banditas throw the best parties. LGL is a war of wits and will between Evangeline Ramsey, a strong, independent businesswoman, and Lord Benton Gray, the man who inadvertently broke her heart years ago. Here’s a little blurb:

Sometimes scandal comes looking for you…

Every Tuesday, The London List lands on the city’s fashionable doorsteps. Valets and viscounts alike can’t wait to read all the news that’s not fit to print. When Benton Gray’s scandals appear week after week on the front page, he’s forced to take desperate measures—he’ll make a gentleman’s agreement to buy the newspaper and shut it down. But when he meets the person responsible for reporting the gossip, Ben finds he’s no gentleman. It’s his lost love Evangeline Ramsey, wearing trousers and wielding a poison pen!

Sounds like great fun! What were the inspirations behind this book?

I saw an article on the illustrated blog “Missed Connections,” followed shortly thereafter by vintage lovelorn ads. I dreamed up a Regency-era newspaper that would be a clearinghouse for needy people looking for love and jobs, financed by the scandal on the front page. Originally, the book was called “Lord Craig’s List”, but the marketing department was a little leery of that, LOL.

Well, gray is definitely the shade du jour! The London List sounds like a delicious source of scandal. Can you tell us about the list and also about the series as a whole?

The paper has all the lists of anything one might need, naughty or nice. In the next book, February’s e-book exclusive CAPTAIN DURANT’S COUNTESS, Captain Durant reports for a very unusual job with scandalous consequences. The last book, LADY ANNE’S LOVER (August) has Lady Anne going undercover as a housekeeper who burns everything but the hero’s heart.

Love the titles. I notice that you’ve sold a series set in Edwardian London to Berkley Sensation for release next year. Yay, more Maggie Robinsons to read. Can you tell us about the Ladies Unlaced books?

Oh, I’m so excited about these. I’ve been dragged into the twentieth century, LOL. There are cars! The Evensong Agency finds a temporary husband for the heiress of IN THE ARMS OF THE HEIRESS in the first book (July), and Mrs. Evensong finds her own in the second (November). Yep. That’s four books next year. People are going to get sick of me.

Never! Maggie, you write a sizzling hot love scene. Can you give us any insight in how you go about creating these steamy encounters? 

My agent kept writing “more” in red when she looked over my manuscripts, so you can blame her. I used to be satisfied with a sentence or two. I always think my scenes are much more mental than physical, so what do I know? I had one reviewer rate the heat level as “YIKES!” which I thought was a little bit of an exaggeration. 😉

Personally, I often skim those long, long sex scenes in a book, and have to gird my own loins to write one. Speaking of which, here’s my question: Are you a skimmer or do you savor every thrust, lunge and lick? Who has written the hottest scene you’ve read? (I need inspiration.)

One commenter will get a copy of LORD GRAY’S LIST, or any book from my backlist if you’ve been wonderful enough to have already bought a copy.

Get commenting, people! This book sounds delicious!


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  • Jane says:

    Hi Maggie and Anna,
    I usually read and don’t mind those really long sex scenes, but there are times where the fatigue makes me skim. I think Lisa Marie Rice has written some of the hottest scenes I’ve read.

  • Rhyan says:

    I often skim. One or Two long Scenes in a book is about it for me. I like them med length. not to short not to long.

  • Barb says:

    Hi Maggie and Anna

    I enjoyed your The Courtesan Court series Maggie so looking forward to the new books … I usually read the really long sex scenes…if the author writes it I have to read it lol

    I think Jacquie D’Alessandro writes hot scenes

    Congrats on the chook Jane …he might not need any choccy as he has eaten all mine

  • Maggie, welcome back! Congrats on your new release and your boffo upcoming year. These all sound great. Besides which the cover fairy, I must say, clearly loves you.

    I skim if there’s no emotional content interspersed. If there’s emotional development during the love scene, I tend to read more closely.

  • Sheila M says:

    Oh yes, I savor each one, read them very very slowly….since I have no life myself!

  • Fedora says:

    Hmm… honestly, I think extremely long sex scenes sometimes tax my patience, unless they are somehow pivotal in other ways. Also, it depends on my mood and on how they’re written… so, I guess that means that sometimes I skim, and other times I savor every word 😉

    Hottest scenes? Hmm… so many… some by Katie Porter, Mari Carr, Jess Dee, Jayne Rylon, RG Alexander… among many others 😉

    Good luck girding, Maggie 😉

  • Melody May says:

    Hey Maggie, loved LORD GRAY’S LIST. I have to say I loved the reference to Jane street.

    I tend to be both on love scenes. Just depends on the situation.

    I think Alexandra Hawkins can write some juicy scenes. That’s all I can think of now.

  • Carol Cork says:

    Hi Maggie and Anna!

    Maggie, I love the premise of Lord Gray’s List. ‘…wearing trousers and wielding a poison pen’ – that sounds like my kind of heroine!

    I love the long, sensual love scenes as long as they’re written well with an emotional connection between the hero and heroine as well as a sexual one. Lisa Kleypas and Elizabeth Hoyt have different styles but they both write fantastic love scenes.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Oh my gosh, I have no idea who’s written the hottest sex scene…I read too much (NEVER), but I can’t really keep track. Although I must say the first author/scene which came to mind when I thought about this was Lila DiPasqua’s A MIDNIGHT DANCE. It happens in like the first 10 pages and it was intense, to say the least.

    Maggie, I must admit I LOVE the premise of this book! Think it might work now? I mean, I live in a little town and while it isn’t Peyton Place, it isn’t far off. LOL And we do have a small paper, things like this could get more subscribers. The editor would DIE if I went to her with an idea like this (I know her personally, like I said, small town), she’d love it, not sure anyone else would. I’d love to do it though.


  • Mary Preston says:

    Sometimes, I get the vapours just looking at the covers.

    I don’t skim the saucy scenes, in fact I might even read them twice. Yes, that puts me firmly on Santa’s naughty list I’d say.

  • Helen says:

    Oh Maggie

    I do love your stories and yes I read all of the lucious love scences what would a romance be without them LOL and I have to say Tawny Weber does write a good hot sexy love scence as do many of the authors I have read Anna Campbell did a few great ones in Seven Nights oh boy I need a fan LOL.

    Congrats on the new release I am looking forward to this one

    Have fun

  • Good morning, Banditas! Y’all have been busy while I’ve been snoozing. Thanks for the recs for those hot scenes–I’m going through all of Loretta Chase’s trad regencies right now which are so much fun but stop at the bedroom door. I love those books! Still so much tension and yearning w/o all the mess, LOL. I’ll check back in later–I have my annual checkup this morning where the doctor will tell me I still weigh too much.

  • Kaetrin says:

    I think Shannon McKenna writes the longest sex scenes I’ve ever read. There are some pretty awesome scenes in Out of Control and Hot Night. Rowr.

    I usually savor the sex scenes actually. If I’m disinterested in a sex scene, it is a very bad sign for me. That probably makes me a dirty girl. LOL!

  • Sheryl says:

    I don’t mind a few love scenes as long as they don’t take up half the book. I am not sure if I can name any certain one that writes hot scenes because I read both regular and paranormal romance. The book sounds great!

  • Caren Crane says:

    Maggie, welcome back to the Lair! It sounds like you have been insanely busy – all the better for us! 🙂

    As to steamy scenes, I tend to savor them. I love best the ones where the emotional stakes are very high and the hero and heroine have been pining for each other, the sexual tension thick as London fog, for a good while. That said, some of the best sex I’ve ever read was in an old Black Lace book of Emma Holly’s. Not a shapeshifter book (something that doesn’t necessarily do it for me) but a good old BDSM. That’s not really my thing, either, but Emma Holly is such a spectacular writer that she makes whatever is happening reasonable and well-motivated for the characters, so I hop right on that ride! When she makes people want each other, they re-e-e-ally want each other. 🙂

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Welcome back to the Lair, Maggie! What a delicious-sounding concept – will be sure to add that to my TBR list.

    I must admit, these days I tend to skin the sex scenes, so glad I’m not the only one! Not that I don’t think are some very well-written ones, but I am impatient to get on with the story. I love sexual tension and the build-up of emotion and physical flirting, but beyond that … *g*.

    That said, you can’t beat our very own Tawny Weber when it comes to sexy writing!

  • Tammy S. says:

    I can’t skim, I feel like I might miss something. Bertice Small, and Lisa Kleypas are two of my favs.

  • Janga says:

    Great interview, Maggie and Anna!

    Maggie, I love Lord Gray’s List. It’s my favorite Maggie Robinson yet, and that’s saying a lot since I thought Master of Sin was more than excellent.

    I admit I’m often a skimmer of hot scenes. I don’t have the time or interest to read love scenes that are affixed to the story like decorative stamps on a package, doing nothing to reveal character or advance plot. Elizabeth Hoyt writes some of the hottest scenes I’ve read, but they always serve the story as well as increase the sizzle factor. Cecilia Grant is another author who writes hot scenes with great skill. But I really don’t think you two need lessons. I don’t skim scenes in Maggie Robinson or Anna Campbell books. 🙂

    • LOL, Janga! Thanks for the lovely words. 🙂 I don’t skim Anna’s scenes either.

      • Maggie, given I never skim, it’s probably not much of a comment to say I don’t skim your love scenes – but even I did, I wouldn’t, if that makes sense. Hey, Janga, what a lovely compliment. Thank you. I always try and get across some sort of plot point/character revelation in the love scenes. And pretty much right up to the end, each sex scene makes things worse in the long run rather than better, however much fun the characters are having in the heat of the moment, snort!

  • CrystalGB says:

    I read every word. 🙂 Lauren Dane, Maya Banks and Nicole Jordan are some of my favorites who write sexy scenes.

  • catslady says:

    I don’t really look for the detailed sex scenes but once I am committed to a book I do read everything. I enjoy the emotional bonds more lol. I would recommend Kathryne Kennedy – a bit of magic never hurts!!

  • LilMissMolly says:

    I’m a skimmer and will actually skip whole pages if it goes on too long. Then, I will not buy another. I’m OK with a paragraph or two, but that’s it!

  • It all depends. If I don’t feel any sparks between the characters, those are usually the times when I skim. It’s just hard to read a sex scene when the two going at have no chemistry.

    There have also been a few times I’ve skimmed because the scene was just way too long. I’m talking like ten pages too long.

    • 10 pages! I don’t think there are enough body parts to warrant that, LOL.

    • Danielle, what an interesting comment. Actually if there’s no spark in the love scene, I’ve often missed the spark in earlier scenes anyway. I used to doggedly go on and finish books I didn’t like but time is too short now. If I’m not hooked by about 100 pages at the latest, it goes on the charity pile.

      • @Anna, I was the same way. I would read on in hopes that it would get better but alas I had to stop doing that. With the amount of books on my TBR pile I just can’t devote time to books that I can’t get into.

  • Back from the doctor. Actually it was just routine bloodwork this morning, so he’ll yell at me Thursday when I go back. And the best news on the radio, at least for this Anglophile/romantic: Will & Kate are expecting!

    • Diane Sallans says:

      We all knew it was coming along soon. I relate William to my oldest nephew – they were born a week apart (30 years ago). My nephew & his wife had their first child 2 months ago, so in my mind Will & Kate are a little behind in the schedule. Best wishes to them – I think they will make wonderful parents.

    • Oh, I hadn’t heard about Wills and Kate. How lovely!

  • Diane Sallans says:

    I love Maggies’ books!
    Sometimes those sex scenes are way to drawn out and I do end up skimming until I hit some dialogue or a change to the action.

  • Connie Fischer says:

    Hi, Maggie! I’m so excited about reading your latest novel and cannot wait to get it!

    As for sex scenes, Sometimes I read every word but often times not so much. When I was younger, I took in every word. However, not so much today. I wonder is the old menopause has anything to do with it? (I can hear Anna Campbell laughing at me all the way from Australia!) 😉

  • Minna says:

    It depends on how the sex scenes are written, not to mention the rest of the book. I’ve noticed that if I’m skimming the sex scenes, then the chances are I’m skimming pages in the rest of the book as well.

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    Hey Maggie! Welcome back to the Lair! Always so fun to have you pop in. These books sound absolutely delicious and are going right on my list. :>

    Had to LOL about you “only getting nautier” grins.

    As to hot, hot, hot sex scenes, you can’t beat our own Tawny Weber, as someone else said. And one of the hottest things I ever read was in The Education of Mrs. Brimley by Donna MacMeans. Anna C’s steamy scenes have me getting the fan out and turning it on too. Snork!!

    I’ll sometimes read and sometimes skim, depending on my mood. So that’s a great non-answer! hahaha!

    Excellent news about Wills and Kate!

    • Hey, Jeanne, you’re not too bad yourself at the steamy stuff. There’s plenty of explosions in your books and not all of the dynamite kind! 😉 Thanks for saying that!

  • Alright, I am confessing. I read every word and intently try to image the whole thing. (Turns red with embarrassment) While all sex scenes are pretty similar I look for those that are a little different. No, not more bizarre — more sensual, more touching. My favorite scene is from Karen Ranney’s After the Kiss. Loved it.

    • Ooh, Diane, that scene was just beautiful! You’re so right! Ages since I’ve read that – need to read it again. It’s a beautiful story. Hey, no need to blush. So far the dirty old ladies have outnumbered the clean-minded lovelies! 😉 Signed a dirty old lady, LOL!

  • Guys, I’m heading down to Brisbane to see the lovely Bandita Christina Brooke so I’ll probably be off the internet for a while. I’ll try and get back but in the meantime, I’ll leave you in Maggie’s capable hands.

    Maggie, just in case there’s a hiccup with me getting back, thanks for being such a great guest and good luck with LORD GRAY’S LIST.

    And don’t forget to check back toward the end of the week to see who won the book!

  • Welcome back to the Lair, Maggie!

    Love scenes, huh? I’ve written one or two in my time! 🙂 While they are difficult to write well, a little mood music and dark lighting and some wine are always inspirational.

    As for reading them. I do love a good scene as long as it’s moving to the hero and heroine, changes them or their relationship in some way. If it’s sex just for sex purposes, not too interested and I will skim over it.

  • chey says:

    I’m a skimmer, especially if they are long or don’t fit into the story.

  • gamistress66 says:

    I admit I do both — read & skim the “bedroom” scenes. depends on my mood or the book. If there’s a lot of “action” happening but it doesn’t really add to the story, I’m more likely to skim it. Of course I’ve gotten caught where I’m skimming & then have to backtrack when realize I missed something 😉 congrats on the latest & upcoming releases. Good to know there’s more coming 🙂

  • Barbara Elness says:

    I don’t like to skim the long sex scenes because I’m always afraid something relevant might actually appear, but I’d certainly rather they were much shorter. I’d rather read more about the characters feelings and have the story develop further than get a play by play description of every sex act possible.