Love, Holidays, Bookish Besties…AND A LAUNCH PARTY!!


Do you have a Best Friend? Most of us have more than one. And most of us have a circle of acquaintances who we call for lunch, or a movie, or even a night out on the town.

But that best friend? She’s the one you call when your boss just made a pass and you don’t know what to do. Or he’s the one you call when you need to write a breakup letter to your boyfriend. Or the guy-friend or girlfriend you call to be your “date” for a wedding you don’t want to go to, but have to, and you know your ex-boyfriend/husband/lover will be there.

Besties are all that. They’re moral support. They help you talk things through – whatever those “things” may be. They’ll laugh with you till you both nearly wet your pants. They’ll help you pack when you have to move, and share the box of tissue that you both need to have because you’re moving.  They’ll be there till the last box is packed.

Besties are just that…the best.

They answer the phone at 2 am, when they see your number come up on the screen. They tiptoe out to the driveway in their PJs at nearly 4 in the morning to give you your spare keys, when you’ve been at a party and you’ve lost your house keys.

They tell you the truth when shopping – “Yes, it DOES make you look fat. Here, try this one!” And when you talk about that guy you met on Friday who drives the Mercedes? “No, I don’t think he’s divine. I think he’s a moron!”

When you’re a writer, your Besties take on a new set of challenges. You MAKE them read your stuff and tell them to be honest. Put on the spot, they have to tell you what they think. Ohhhhh, that is a minefield! It’s worse than the dress thing or the boyfriend-is-a-moron-thing.15072009067

It’s dangerous to the friendship. It’s like callin’ the baby ugly, as we say down home.

But your REAL Besties won’t let you down. They’ll still be sweet. They’ll tell you it’s a good first draft (even when you and they both know it’s the 12th draft.) They’ll tell you they like the story, but honey, you SO need to work on your spelling! (“OMG! Didn’t we both have Mrs. Jones for English in 9th grade? Did you SLEEP through that class?”)

And when you get past THAT stage, and maybe a few more, they’ll say, “HEY! Let’s write a book together!”
Nothing is more fun.

I have the privilege of introducing two of my absolute Besties today. We met at the Denver RWA Conference in 2001 and have been laughing all the way ever since.

And yes, we wrote a book…TOGETHER!! WOOT!!!

Y’all have had fun with my friend Barbara Devlin several times before, here in the Lair, starting all the way back to her first novel in this series, ENTER THE BRETHREN. Welcome Barb!!

And Bandits and Banditas, may I introduce debut author Caitlenn T. Ainnsley!!

WOOT!! SVEN!! We need drinks!!  Snacks!  Canapes, streamers, and yes, more cabana boys!

We’re celebrating because, Barbara, Caitlenn and I are, collectively, The Sultry Sisters. And we’re the proud authors of a holiday anthology called A JEWEL IN TIME (Isn’t that cover – above – lovely!? Thanks Lyndsey Lewellen! You can click on it and it’ll take you to Amazon if you’d like take a look!)  The anthology stories follow a magical, gold and gem-studded glory of a brooch through the centuries, as it passes from mother to daughter. The beautiful gem is a master jeweler’s work, and it’s key to each young woman’s fate. The jewel is passed down in the Douglas-Gascoigne-Lake family (whom we first meet in ENTER THE BRETHREN), and it passes each generation to the eldest daughter.

Here, in brief, are the three storylines:

Three incomparable women, one incredible jewel…

It is the Age of Sail, and First Lieutenant Mark Douglas of the Royal Navy has set his sights on a fiery society miss with a spirit to match his own. What happens when Lady Amanda Gascoigne-Lake’s father rejects the sailor’s suit, and an ancient brooch with mystical power portends doom?

In WWII Europe, Lady Grace Corvedale flees Paris as the Germans approach, but Hitler has learned her brooch may have mystical powers, and he vows to possess it -at any cost. Lt Robert “Dix” Dixon, an unofficial attaché to the British Embassy, is dispatched to rescue her, but can he outwit The Führer to save Grace?

When a series of tragic events leaves Olivia DuBois stranded in Boston during a blizzard, a handsome Brit rides to her rescue, and the California girl falls hard. Emerson Gascoigne-Lake manifests the quintessential knight in shining armor, but does a family heirloom foretell true love or destroy it?

CaptainofHerHeartfinalJeanne: Barb, most of our Bandits and Buddies are familiar with your Brethren of the Coast books.

Book FIVE, CAPTAIN OF HER HEART launches on FRIDAY, right alongside the novella! Tell us a little about it!

(Oh, and by the way, join the facebook Launch Party today…’cause we’re shutting the doors and having the throw-down party Friday night!! )

Barbara: As for CAPTAIN OF HER HEART, it’s Book 5, as you mentioned. It tells the story of Lady Alexandra Seymour and newly commissioned Nautionnier Knight Jason Collingwood. We got to know Jason and Alex in book 4, ONE-KNIGHT STAND, when they conspired to help Lance and Cara to the altar.

And as for my novella in our anthology, “Loving Lieutenant Douglas,” it goes back in time, 27 years, to 1785, when then Lieutenant Mark Douglas romanced Lady Amanda Gascoigne-Lake.

Jeanne: And Caitlenn, my friend, you’ve been writing for a long time as well, but gave fiction a rest for a few years as you worked on non-fiction. What made you come out of “retirement” to write this story?

Caitlenn: The easy answer is my friends–you and Barb–made me do it! LOL It came about when we had a girl’s weekend at Barb’s house in January this year and we celebrated her success as a self-published author and your decision, Jeanne, to go Indie. I guess it finally occurred to us how fun it would be to do a project together. Following pedicures and rolling enchiladas we birthed the theme and the element that would tie all the stories together.

Jeanne: That was SO fun!!

Barbara: It was wonderful to have you both here to celebrate!!

Jeanne: Yes, we got to REALLY celebrate too, because Barbara’s books hit the Amazon Bestseller lists and we were there to witness it! WOOT!!!

Caitlenn: It was fun, and so special too, because of the bestseller “win”!! For me, it was also especially touching that you wanted me to be a part of A Jewel in Time since I had put my fiction writing on the shelf while I ran my coaching and training business and wrote non-fiction. But, I guess that’s that what besties are for. They don’t let you give up on your dream.

Writing fiction is in my DNA and this project and your unwavering support has jumpstarted my fiction career. In 2015 I’ll be introducing an NewCaitlennamazingly fun, kind of crazy, heroine who’ll be the star of my series the CONSCIOUS GYPSY CHRONICLES.

I am excited that my debut is alongside two of my close friends. And I’m looking forward to making friends with my readers and giving them sneak peeks at what’s to come through my newsletter, Love Notes, that’s available from my website

Jeanne: You can also connect with Caitlenn and Barbara on their FaceBook Fan pages by the way! and

So, today, Bandits and Buddies, let’s talk about Besties!

Do you have a BFF? The kind who would bail you out of jail? (Or better yet, one who’d be in the cell with you, saying, “DAMN, that was fun!”)

What’s the craziest situation you and your BFF have gotten into? Did it involve the police?

Do you believe in fate or destiny when it comes to love?

If you could go back in time, to WWII, the Regency, when Barb’s other books are set, or even further, what time would you pick?

Have you ever been caught in a blizzard? Would you like to be?

If you get snow where you are, what’s the most you’ve ever seen?

Comment today for a chance to win! To kick off the release of the anthology, we’ll be giving away FIVE copies of A JEWEL IN TIME!

booksstackedAND…for MORE chances to win, come to Facebook tomorrow night from 7-10 so remember to join the group today so you can be in on the fun at our HUGE CELEBRATION!! We’ll be giving away books, prize packages, and a Kindle!!

To celebrate the dual release, Barb is also giving away Enter the Brethren and My Lady, the Spy, books 1 & 2, for the first time, ever, from Nov. 14-18 free via Amazon!

Go to Amazon NOW and get them!! And Captain of Her Heart is currently available for only 99-cents, through Nov. 21.

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  • Shannon says:

    Any chance he’s headed this way?

  • Jane says:

    Hello ladies,
    I have a couple of best friends. We’ve gotten into a lot of drunk hijinks, but none that required the cops to show up. There are times that I feel fate/destiny was the reason people met/got together. We get blizzards here every so often. I remember in 2006 we got more than 2 feet of the white stuff in one storm.

    • Jane…Have you heard this one relating to drunken hijinks and friends? A good friend will encourage you to do silly things when you drink. A great friend will do them with you. But a best friend will be sitting beside you in jail laughing with you about them.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! I remember that snow, we got it here an DC too. Urg!

      Had to LOL about not having the cops called. However…SHOULD they have been called? Snork!!

    • Jane,

      Given I’m a retired cop, and one of my longtime BFFs is still a Lieutenant on the department, we rely on Badge Americard to get us out of a tight spot. Don’t leave home without it.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I LOVE the idea of a book taking us through time, awesome idea.
    I have a Bestie, for the past 40 years! And yes, she recently came and picked me up cause I had more shots than I needed, LOL. And yes we stayed up all night and laughed til we were ready to pee our pants.
    I’d go back to the middle ages, even without the use of TP. 🙂 To me that is just a fascinating time period, so many things were happening during that time, so many changes were taking place, too interesting for me to miss.
    I was in a blizzard in1983, Christmas Day no less. It was AWFUL! The drifts were taller than me, it took three HUGE men to get my back door open since it had swollen shut and my front door was unusable for probably a week or more since the snow came up over halfway. And that was probably the most snow I’ve ever seen. It also was the turning point for me to get the heck out of Erie, PA.

    • Amy…40 years that fantastic! Wow…I am from Colorado originally and so I’ve been snowed in my fair share of times, but the doors never swelled shut!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Mornin’ Amy! OMGosh, that’s a LOT of snow! Halfway up the door. Wowie zowie. During Snowmaggedon we had it 1/4 up the door and I was shocked. Grins.

      Laughing about gettin’ the heck out of Erie.

      Middle Ages are fun, aren’t they? But I wouldn’t want to deal without TP. Ha!

      How great and fun to have a bestie for 40 years. That’s just delightful.

    • Amy,

      I’m right there with you. Have a BFF that goes back to kindergarten. When we get together, Mike leaves the house, altogether.

  • Wow, it’s gonna be a hot old night in the lair! The cabana boys are already starting to take off their clothes!!!!

    Welcome, Barbara and Caitlenn! And Jeanne and your friends, congratulations on the release of your anthology! It sounds absolutely spiffing! Love the idea of a mystical piece of jewellery handed down through the centuries.

    I’m fascinated by the past but I must say I wouldn’t like to live there permanently. Too few rights for women. Bad dentistry. Bad medicine. But that doesn’t mean if I had the chance to spend an evening at Almack’s as the belle of the ball (hey, this is my fantasy! It doesn’t need to be realistic!), I’d knock it back. No sirree.

    • Hi Anna…Thank you! Cabana boys taking their clothes off? Where? Send photos please. 🙂

      I’m with you regarding the past and women’s rights and the past is missing too many of the five-star luxuries I enjoy. Pedicures, spa days…ahhhh….

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Anna! I love that you want to be the Belle of the Ball at Almacks. I’d be there to cheer. Bwahaha!!

      I know what you mean though about living in the past. I believe in flush toilets, refridgerators, and air conditioning. Oh, how I love me some air conditioning.

      And Leah, we employ the Cabana boys here in the Lair for just these occasions. They’ve become so enamored of all the wonderful ladies who pop in for parties that they now volunteer. Ha!

    • Hey Anna,

      I’m right there with you, sweetie. Give me a night at Almack’s and a hunky duke, and I’m good. And I need to post more deer pics on Facebook. We’ve got a herd hanging around our feeder, especially now that hunting season has commenced. They hide out on my property, because they know I shoot back in defense of my deer.

  • flchen1 says:

    How fabulous, Jeanne! Happy congrats to you and Barbara and Caitlenn! This sounds like a lovely collection!

    As for BFFs, I do have a few. My bestest is my sister–she’s the one I’d call first if I was in jail 😉

    I’m not sure what the most crazy situation was, but I’m fairly certain it didn’t involve the law 😉

    When it comes to love as in life, I believe in the Ultimate Higher Power, so I do believe there are no coincidences 🙂

    I’d love to visit many of the times past–WWII or the Regency or ancient China, for instance–but I’m inordinately fond of modern comforts and conveniences so I wouldn’t want to stay permanently!

    No blizzards, and they do sound romantic but I’m not sure they’d be in reality!

    The most snow I’ve ever seen where we live is an inch or so. And that was over 30 years ago 😉

    • Hi! Thank you! Awww…your sister…that’s awesome! My sister and I are totally opposite. Love her, but hard to be besties when you have different values.

      I like the idea of visitng some past times, but coming back when you miss the conveniences we have today…I’m totally with you on that.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Morning, Fedora!! It’s been 30 years since you saw snow? Wow!

      I’m with you on coincidence…

      Love the fact that your Sis is your BFF. Mine is one of my BFFs too. So much fun.

    • Hi Fedora.

      I have two baby sisters–geez, I call them babies, and they’re in their forties. What does that say about me? In any case, they’re probably the only two individuals I’d kill for, on request. They have my heart.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Awww! That’s so great. But hey, they’ll always be your baby sisters, you know? I’m the youngest of four. Sometimes the others still ask me if I’m ready to drive yet. SNORK!

  • Mary Preston says:

    My best friends would be my sisters. I have 5 of them & since I am the sane , sensible one I would be the one bailing people out.

    I could do with some snow right now. It is so HOT!! I have lived through a lot of cyclones in my time, but no blizzards.

    I would like to visit the past, but I would want a return ticket.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Mary! Already hot? Wow, it’s so early yet in the spring where you are.

      Had to LOL about your sisters. Grins. And you’re being the sne sensible one is great. I am too. I’d be the one bringing the bail money. :>

      Like you, I’d totaly want to VISIT the past, but yeah, I want to be able to come back!

    • Hi Mary.

      Again, as a retired cop, I get all the late night phone calls. Even had a male cousin call me once, after he and his fraternity brothers set fire to a Christmas Tree lot. Talk about gag gone wrong. I kept him out of jail, but I think he’d have rather taken the ride, after I lit into him.

    • Hi Mary…I;m the sane, sensible, but sneaky sister, so I’m the one who would be bailing my sister out also.

  • Helen says:

    Woohoo this one sounds fantastic and yes I have a bestie and that is Barb we have been through a lot together and are always there for each other and we have laughed and cried but never got into trouble LOL maybe we should 🙂

    Have Fun

  • Shannon says:

    I believe in fairy tale connections, where love is deep and real. I envy those for whom it lasts a lifetime, but I still do pray for that to happen to me and a couple of single friends.

    I’ve always been torn if I would choose to go back to Regency England or an earlier Georgian period as long as I could be rich. I kind of like the idea of men dressing like peacocks, but the era of balls, house parties, and romantic picnics.

    I lived in Syracuse for three winters. I try not to remember the details, and if I never see a snow flake again,I would be a happy gal. I do remember wearing long johns under a full length velvet skirt to a Christmas party. A few years in the DC metro area we got 14-20″ in one fell swoop which isn’t a blizzard but created problems on the epic urban scale.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Shannon! Were you here in DC for Snomaggedon, then? Bwahahah! That was pretty epic, wasn’t it?

      And ‘Cuse would be c-c-c-cold! My SIL went to Cornell and I’ve heard stories about the epic cold and snow in upstate NY. One of my friend’s daughters is at Sienna in Albany. Her pictures last year made me jealous (as you know, I adore snow!) LOL about the long johns under the skirt. :>

      Happily ever after, that fairy tale connection is hard to find, but I’m living proof that it CAN happen. He’s my second husband, but my one love. Grins. And no one could be better for me. Doesn’t mean I don’t sometime want to lock him in a closet and throw away the key sometimes, but that’s very, very rare. Snork!

    • Hi Shannon.

      My series is set in the Georgian era, as I wanted the opportunity to include the Peninsular Wars. I love the Age of Sail, too. It was a brutal time, but it was also an age of elegance, if you had money.

    • Oh, you’ll love Barb’s books then–lots of balls–love reading about them. It’d be fun to be transported back there for a ball night, but the brutality of it…not so into that.

  • Mozette says:

    So, today, Bandits and Buddies, let’s talk about Besties!

    Do you have a BFF? The kind who would bail you out of jail? (Or better yet, one who’d be in the cell with you, saying, “DAMN, that was fun!”)

    My BFF is over in London… when we were together over there in 1997, we had so much fun travelling around by train to Stamford and Nottingham… it was wonderful. Her Mum thought we were long lost sisters… and I accidentally called Mrs Northedge “Mum”… hehehee… 😛

    What’s the craziest situation you and your BFF have gotten into? Did it involve the police?

    Aahh… no… we were out one night at a pub, having dinner. it was the last day of school holidays – so there were some kids around the streets who somehow got their hands on booze… and just as I was leaving the pub, a man turned from the bar with 2 pints and bumped me. He apologised and I didn’t know what for… by the time we were outside in the cold, I figured out why… he had bought some warm beer and tipped some of it down the inside leg of my jeans…. I had to walk home looking like I peed my pants! o.O

    And yes, the drunk school kids shouted at me that I peed myself… 😛

    Do you believe in fate or destiny when it comes to love?

    I used to… not anymore. If it happens, it happens. I say this because I’ve had an abusive man in my life once, and trusting somebody else has been difficult. So calling it fate wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

    If you could go back in time, to WWII, the Regency, when Barb’s other books are set, or even further, what time would you pick?

    I don’t know… I don’t know that much about that time. Never really learned much about those times at school; only the bad stuff… so, really I couldn’t tell you anything about what time I’d pick. At school, I learned about wars that occurred in Egypt or Greece 2000 years ago. I kid you not…

    Have you ever been caught in a blizzard? Would you like to be?

    Yes! it was in the Aussie Alps and I was up on the slopes when it hit; just got off the lifts actually and they told us all to get back to the
    bottom as soon as possible and sign in. Visibility sucked big time! But I went down the usual slope I took a few days before and nearly ran into a shrub (thank god it wasn’t a tree!) and got to the bottom, took off my skis and signed in. We all gathered at the lodge, had lunch and hung out until it passed as the roads were closed too… a very boring day until it cleared and the snow plows cleared and salted the roads.

    If you get snow where you are, what’s the most you’ve ever seen?

    I’m a Queenslander. I have to travel a long way to see snow. But, we do see frost out west near Roma, on the Darling Downs and down at Stanthorpe where they grow apples. So, we do get chilly here in the sub-tropics. Once when I was young – around 10 years old – we had sleet… it was amazing we were that close to getting snow… right here in Brisbane! 😀

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      OMGosh, Mozette, that blizzard whilst skiing sounds dicey! So glad you got down safe.

      Snorking over the beer on the pants episode. I had that happen when I met a friend for lunch one day. The waiter tripped on someone’s coat while caryring the water pitcher. Spilled it all over me. Apologies, apologies, but hey, it’s water. No worries…until I stood up to go. My pal nearly wet her OWN pants laughing at how mine looked. Snork!!

      Relationships and fate aren’t something you hear me talk about that often, because, like you, I’ve had some not-so-nice experiences. However, if you CAN trust again, knowing what you know, I am living testament that making better choices you end up with a better man. Grins.

      So glad you have a bestie. London or Brisbane, besties rule. Does she ever come visit?

      • Mozette says:

        It was scary on the slopes… but we had a great instructor… he was not only a hottie, but one of the best. He told us what to do in a blizzard – no matter how tiny it might be… and that was don’t panic and don’t stay out there in it… and most of all, listen to the P.A system and do as we’re told. I also always carried Energy Chocolate with me when I went skiing on my own. Smiggin’s Holes was so crowded somebody was bound to find me if I got lost there.

        My Bestie doesn’t visit me because she’s flat out saving money to come here. She’s a singer and so saving money is hard to do in London… I’d love to go and see her when I get the dosh together again. 😀 I reckon we’d be exactly the same as we were years ago. 😀

        And I’d probably still call Mrs Northedge ‘Mum’ again by accident. 😛

    • Hi Mozette.

      I’m feeling your beer down the leg. I actually had a girl puke on me, once. Was hanging at a place called Humperdinks, in Las Colinas. AA and Navy pilots used to frequent that bar, so I always took home a fly boy. My BFF cop buddies Dee and Jorjana took me outside, asked the manager for a garden hose from their landscape stuff, and hosed me down. It was summer, so we stayed on the patio until I dried pretty good, and then we went back to partying.

    • So much fun reading all of your shares! Drunk kids can be so mean–hahaha.

      • Mozette says:

        Funnier still was the time when I had to do my laundry at Hannah’s house… and I had no clue how to use their washing machine… 😛

        Another story for another time 😀

  • Deb says:

    Jeanne, this is so exciting!! I LOVE the sound of this novella/anthology! I cannot wait to get it!
    I think I would like to go back to Revolutionary times. I love the history of our country, but there aren’t many books written about this time period. WWII would also be a neat era to go back in time. Even though it was a dreadful, dark era, it still manifested wonderful music, fashions, glamour.
    Snow in Iowa? Bahahaha, YEP! In fact, there were flurries yesterday and this morning. Actually, record lows for November….24 degrees with windchill of 7. The most snow we had over an entire winter was just four years ago. Record snowfall from late October until mid-April…56 inches.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Deb! Doesn’t it sound fun? I loved reading my pal’s stories. Caitlenn’s is LOL funny. I had my usual body count, and although I didn’t blow anything up in this one, I DID have a fabulous villain. Snork! And Barb did her usual brilliant job of pulling the reader back in time. With Barb’s books, you always feel as if you are THERE! Hope you enjoy it!

      Thanks again for the shortbread recipe. I think I’ll make that this weekend. Grins.

      Ohhh, you got the Snowmageddon snow in Iowa that year. OMGosh, I knew we had a LOT in DC, but y’all had a deluge of snow. I have a friend in MO and she would send me pictures. Wow. :>

      And yes, btw, the fashion in the 40’s? Awesome. Music? Awesome. Had so much fun doing my research. :>

    • Hi Deb.

      I think Revolutionary America would be my second choice, if I could travel back in time. Do you watch Turn, on AMC? I am addicted to that show.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Barb, I would love to visit that time. I’ve so enjoyed tracing the DH’s Adams line and learning about that period – so exciting! Of course, many hardships as well, but…

    • Oh, wow…reading about the chilly temps and the cold reminds me why I left Colorado for warmer weather. I’m in Las Vegas now and it’s a nice 70something degrees and sunny.

  • ellie says:

    Wonderful post. I would love to go back in time to World War 11 era which fascinates me. The bravery, Sir Winston Churchill etc. I have one bestie who is always there for me. Snowstorms aplenty, caught in many in Mtl. and stuck. Not fun and time to leave there.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Ellie! Isn’t Winston Churchill cool? I’ve read a lot of his speeches and they’re masterpieces of oration. He could create crowd sympathy, or fervor with such creative speech. Great skill, that. And he was really brilliant as well, which makes him even more interesting. Grins.

      Brrr on being stuck so many times! Did you mean Montana or the Moutains? Grins.

    • Hi Ellie.

      The WWII era was also an elegant but brutal time in our history. Women wore cocktail dresses and men worse suits and ties to dinner. And the music was fabulous. I have the 40s satellite station on my preset dial in my car. But my mother-in-law has told me so much of that time, that I’m not sure I would have wanted to live it. My late father-in-law flew B-24s over Germany. He was only 19. We have some amazing pictures of him, in uniform. And we have all his medals and wings.

    • Hi Ellie…
      Jeanne’s novella in the book is set in WWII so I bet you’ll love it! My grandparents told me too much about life during WWII–the rations, the poverty, the harshness. My grandparents had a farm way outside town and my grandfather went to war before he was able to finish building the house, so my grandmother gave birth to my father…alone in the barn. And they had no indoor plumping until my Dad was 7 years old. I can’t imagine using an outhouse as my main toilet.

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Me either, Leah! Pretty primative. Its so funny to think that in some very places people STILL live that way. As I said in previous posts…I adore indoor plumbing.

        And whoever invented the hot water heater and showers should be nominated for sainthood.

  • Good Morning, Banditas and Banditos,

    Sorry, but I drank the better portion of a 64oz. growler of Rahr’s X Anniversary Triple Chocolate Milk Stout last night, and I slept in this morning. So good to be back in the Lair with my BFFs Jeanne and Caitlenn.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Now that’s a party in an of itself, Barb! Celebration Station! WOOT!

      And hey, the book’s out, the party favors are stacked and ready to go for tomorrow night’s party, and our master chef and bartenders here in the Lair are ready to serve. What’ll ya’ have?

      So glad to have you and Caitlenn both here to celebrate with me! I’m delighted with our work and adore our cover so much!! Grins.

    • That’s a lot of beer! Thrilled to be hanging with you two here today!

  • pearl says:

    Travelling back to the 1940’s is my fervent wish and desire. Great and important period which resonates with me – WW11. Snow is what I grew up with. Walking to school and back, backwards because of the winds, blizzards, and cold. I wonder how we endured it. Memories of lengthy and harsh winters. No high jinks but lots of fun. Destiny and beshert is what I believe in.

    • Hi Pearl.

      See my response to Ellie about WWII. I find it a fascinating time in our history, and I’ve always wanted to write something set in that era. Maybe someday, I’ll do it.

    • Hi Pearl…I grew up in snow also. My Mom always planned out Halloween costumes around having to wear a hat, a parka and snow boots. A few of the houses in the neighborhood would invite us in and serve hot chocolate or hot cider, so parents and kids could warm up before continuing to Trick or Treat.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Pearl! Great to see you! Oooh, howling winds? Blizzards? Yay!

      As you know, being a long time Lair visitor, I’m a snow bunny. Grins.

      And as you can see from the post, I love WWII as well. My story’s set there, so I hope you enjoy it!!

  • Cassondra says:

    Hello ladies and HUGE congratulations on this release.

    I”ve gotta tell ya, that cover is stunning. I’d buy the anthology just based on that!

    I’ve loved the idea of this since I first heard about it after you all decided to do it, and I’ve been so excited for it to come out. Brilliant idea, so I lift a glass to the three people who came up with it.

    Congrats Caitlenn on taking the plunge back into fiction!

    I don’t know exactly where “Housebound by a big snow” ends and “caught in a blizzard” begins really, because we have those in Southern Kentucky every now and then, but not often. They happened fairly often when I was a child, but we went through a cycle of warmer winters that spoiled us all. Now we’re moving back to “wintry winters” it appears. Chance of snow on Sunday, and it’s COLD here.
    When I was about ten, it snowed, then iced, then snowed, then iced, rinse and repeat, for enough days that there was a foot and ahalf on the ground and I could walk on the top of it without breaking through. That was a bad winter.
    Then in the summer of either my freshman or sophomore year…freshman I *think*…we had so much snow that we were out of school for the entire month of January. 30 straight days.

    I don’t know that those qualify for “blizzard” but in that long, cold, “out of school” month, the wind chill was -30. That’s really cold for Kentucky.

    • Hi Cassondra.

      You know, the idea for our anthology goes back so many years that I’d almost given up on it. We had discussed it when the late Judi McCoy was still with us and part of our group. Then, it was going to be a Wicked Sister anthology. But we’ve changed so much since our first meeting, back in 2001. Who doesn’t change, over the years? Wicked no longer resonated with us, as we are now. If I have one regret, it’s that we didn’t do the anthology when Judi was still alive. She would have loved this, and it would have seemed complete, with her in it. It’s her absence that hurts, I think.

    • Hi Cassondra…
      Thank so much for the congratulations and the welcome back into the fabulous fiction world! My parents are from Kentucky. Louisville. I used to spend summers with my grandparents on their farm outside the city. Fond memories of lightening bugs and making pickles.

      • Cassondra says:

        Caitlenn, that’s fabulous that you know this area! If you are ever near here, please let me know. I’d love to buy you a glass of wine and get to know you. I hear so much about you from Jeanne!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Cassondra! *Waves madly*

      OMGosh, THIRTY days out of school? Wow. When I was in high school we had such a snowy winter and the price of oil was so high that the school system put us on split shifts and taught all the classes in the high school so they only had to heat one building. Brrrr!!

      And walking on the top of the snow. Brrrr!

  • anne says:

    A thought provoking post and questions. Definitely experienced the worst winters ever and lived to tell the tale. Stranded, shoveling, trekking through 10 feet high snowdrifts, none of which I miss. what a life. Living during the 1920’s in Europe would be unforgettable before strife and the big war. Yes, there is a big part of me which knows that fate is what we believe in.

    • Hi Anne.

      Wow, 20s Europe would be fab, especially Paris. The clothes, the music, and the artists–what an amazing time. And there was a time that I could say I didn’t really know the pain of blizzards, but Texas winters have grown worse and worse, each year. We’re supposed to be in for a doozy this season.

    • Hi Anne…
      I can relate to the snow experience…I grew up in Colorado. Yes, the 1920’s era in Europe in high society would been fun to experience. I used to watch Highlander – the series on TV and I loved the flashbacks to those times.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Anne! Wow on the blizzardy conditions and shoveling. Grins.

      1920’s is such a cool era. The depression, not so much. But Europe was so cool in that time period….

  • So I thought I’d answer one of these questions…one of my besties is a retired police officer (well, two of them actually–I must have a thing for being close to those who follow the rules, although I don’t always–LOL). My sister found out that her ex-husband had a plan to kidnap her daughter and was distraught and didn’t know what to do. So my bestie and I hoped in the car and drove all night (she lived in another state), plotting our plan and then we “kidnapped” her daughter with her help from school that day and put her on a plane to her grandparents house in another state. It was so fast-paced and so many things had to fall into place just right, we were amazed we were able to pull it off. She and I now joke that you know someone is your best friend if you can call them at 10pm and ask if they’re up for driving across state lines to kidnap a child and they say yes without asking for details. 🙂

    • EEEEKKK!!!

      That’s never a good idea, because children of divorce usually involve court-ordered custodial agreements, and kidnappings, when they cross state lines, are classified as federal felonies. Nasty affairs, there.

      • No worries Barb. We called an attorney that morning. My sister had full custody and did not have to get permission from the father to take her out of state, so no laws were broken, nor did we get her in trouble with family court. Remember, I pulled this off with another retired police officer…she never would’ve let a felony go down!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      OMGosh, all’s well that ends well, right? But I remember that escapade. And your driving half the night to go help pull it off. Wow!

      So glad it all turned out okay, but isn’t it amazing sometimes how synchronicities just happen and things fall into place?

      • It IS amazing, and so many things had to work out just perfect for us to pull it off. When I think back to it, I swear there were a team of angels moving mountains. I mean…think about this…we call the attorney at 7:30am and he answers his phone because he came into the office early that day and his receptionist didn’t come in until 8am. Before that, I had never called an attorney’s office and had them answer.

  • catslady says:

    I have one best friend that I’ve known for not quite 20 years. We met when our children were in girl scouts together and we just hit it off. We balance each other. And we’ve always had the other one’s back. But we can have such fun together too!

    As to snow storms – I was born in the snowstorm of 1950. They got 31 inches in a short time. My mom was taken to the hospital in a hearse because it was the only vehicle that could make it through. Thank goodness she got to the hospital in time lol.

    • What a great birth story! And how awesome to have a friend whose known you since childhood–through all those growth phases–certainly something to cherish!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh my golly, Catslady! What a story! In the hearse? Snork! How totally amazing. They sure can plow through anything though, I can attest to that, having driven one. :>

      I love that you and your bestie have so much fun together. Sometimes the people we meet through our children turn out to be the bestest besties ever, right?

  • Barb and Caitlenn, welcome! Congrats to y’all and bandita Jeanne on your new anthology. It sounds fabulous, and I bought my copy this morning.

    I do have be sties but have never engaged in any amusing antics or anything that involved the police.

    I don’t know that I believe in destiny, but I do believe in true love.

    If I could go back in time, I’d pick medieval England or the Roaring Twenties. Wouldn’t want to actually live in either period since I like having indoor plumbing and antibiotics.

    We do get snow here, though not usually a lot. In recent years, ice storms–ugh!–have been more common. The deepest snow I remember was about a foot.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Okay, we are SO going to have to fix the “no antics” thing. I see a drunken golf cart ride sometime in our future….bwahahahah! Grins.

      So many of us are talking about the plumbing. I’ll bet guys NEVER think about that when considering going back in time. SNORK!!

    • Hi Nancy! Thanks for the welcome! Yes, you’ve got to log at least a couple of antics…we all need those hilarious stories to tell when we’re sitting in our rocking chairs.

      Jeanne…I noticed that too and I bet you’re right, men probably wouldn’t consider those things. Wonder what they’d think was important?

    • Hi Nancy.

      Wow, Medieval for you? Hmm. Maybe if I could have a hunky knight in shining armor. And I’d love to swing a halberd.

  • Jeanne, Barbara and Caitlenn I am so excited to get to read this book!! YIPPEE!!!

    AS for time periods I would want to be in…well, it’s a toss up between the revolutionary war era, the post civil war or WWII….I think I could thrive in all 3. 🙂

    And yes, I do have my BFF, Sandy Blair. We’ve never been arrested, but she was there to watch my Julie Garwood meltdown…better known as THE Incident!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      SNORK! I remember that tale….

      And you’ve named three of my fab time periods too! Go, Suz! Grins.

      You got to see that luscious cover in process, what do you think of the final version???

    • Hi Suzanne! Thanks for the excitement around the book…I’m dancing around my house and pinching myself regularly that it’s actually happening after all these years of wanting to write a romance (since I was 18!)

      I love that you and your BFF have termed it The Incident.

    • Suz, darling.

      You will be joining us, as a very special guest, at the release party tomorrow night. So excited to feature your work, as well. Share the Indie love!!

  • Kim says:

    Congratulations on the new release. My sister is my best friend and I have been in several snow storms.

  • bn100 says:

    Yes, can’t think of any