LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!! Deadly Little Secrets is coming in September!

By Jeanne Adams

So, maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit but….

DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS is headed for a store near you SEPTEMBER 7th!!

And now that I have your attention by putting in something from TWILIGHT (A September calendar page, so it DOES apply!), I’ll tell you about DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS…..

I love this book. It was fun to write and even more fun to surprise people (my editor included!) with the twists and turns. The book is about cold cases and art fraud, friendship and danger. How’s that for vague? Ha!

It was interesting to research the book, discover how people smuggle paintings and how often, something happens and fabulous art ends up in a yard sale bin, or a library, or hanging on the wall of a little old lady in Poughkeepsie, who has no idea the painting is “real.”

(That’s one of my favorite paintings by John Singer Sargent over there on the left, by the way. No, quit looking at Robert Pattinson, the painting is over THERE….nevermind.)

Based on some very cool stories about just that sort of thing – lost art – and some other bits here and there, I created a cold case of art fraud for Ana Burton, brilliant, in-the-doghouse CIA agent who screwed up enough to get stuck on cold case duty. Rumor has it her data was wrong, and some of her team got killed. she’s not only stuck, she thinks she DID screw up, and if she did, she’ll never be the same.

Then there’s her opposite number, Gates Bromley. I researched security for high-profile individuals. Who has a body guard and why would you want one? What do they do? How does it work?

So Gates is in charge of security for billionaire art collector, Dav Gianikopolis. After reading about several high-net-worth security mavins, I created Gates. He’s at points Dav’s partner in business as well, so he’s not your average beefy thug, although he’s pretty darn delicious, I must say!

At first, he and Ana clash, but within hours of meeting with her about the nine-years-cold-case of art fraud, Gates is shot at, and so is Ana.

Someone wants that cold case to stay buried in the stacks, and they’ll stoop to murder to insure it.

(cue suspensful music….)

And that’s the story of DEADLY LITTLE SECRETS!

Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Sort of. There’s a lot more, and a lot of very, very twisty bits. The one overwhelming statement everyone’s made is….”WHOA, I didn’t see THAT coming!”

Heh-heh-heh. That’s just the way I like it.

Just before the book comes out, the publishing house sends it out for reviews. (This will make you crazy if you let it and it nearly gave me a case of the hives on this one.)

With great thankfulness, I received my third 4.5 star review and a TOP PICK from Romantic Times magazine.

To say that it made my day is a gross understatement. I squealed, I bounced up and down in my office chair. I emailed EVERYONE, then I called everyone: my hubby, the Banditas, my family, people I barely know.
Seriously, I was stoked.

So, between the LAUNCH and a good review, THAT calls for a CELEBRATION! SVEN!!! Bring a round of drinks.

Demetrius! Paolo! Hockey Hunks! Bring on the party hats and streamers! Implore the Goddess Sangria to bless our gathering ’cause

We are havin’ a LAUNCH PARTY!!!!!

Let’s get out the paint, the wall sized canvas and Paint the TOWN!!!! Grab a drink and a brush and a color and let’s GO!!!

(BTW, That’s another Sargent over there on the left…)

And if you want to be briefly serious, tell me:

Who your favorite artist is…

What’s your favorite research topic…(besides men, and sex…)

What your favorite color is….

And if you’ve ever kept a secret so well that no one EVER knew….

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