John Adams for President….No, not really…

blog - teddy Now don’t get worried or gear up for a political discussion here….

I absolutely refuse to talk politics in my favorite place to escape, The Bandit Lair.

PLEASE do not bring this current election here.

Okay, thanks.

That said, I was rereading the John Adams Biography by David McCullough and thinking that things have changed, and yet not.  There was plenty of mudslinging and downright lies back in the “good old days” too, when it came to politicking.  Adams and his rivals were just that, rivals, and had little good to say about one another.

A friend recently said – and please, Lord, I DO hope she was joking – that I should run for President of these United States.

“You’re honest, you already live there, so no relocation costs, you’ve never been arrested, you even drive blog - grinchsafely.”

As if these were the qualifications most needed.  Grins.

I wouldn’t touch the job with a 39 and a half foot pole, to quote Dr. Seuss’s Grinch Song.

In fact, I love the job I have.  Really, really love it.  And I think I’m very qualified for it too.

And I love the job perks.  Nobody tells me what to write, what to think, what’s politically correct for my “position” in the (non-blog - bookstackexistent) Writers’ Party.  I can write as little or as much as I can or want to.  I can write a book a year or ten books a quarter if I could manage the time in the writing chair.  Grins.

When it comes to marketing and publicity, I don’t have to worry about where or with whom I advertise.  If the book fits, it’s gonna sell to that market and I’ll see sales.  If it doesn’t, I won’t and I’ll stop going to that Con or Event or stop advertising in that venue.  Pretty simple.  I like - ravencon

One thing is for sure, going to Cons is not only great for sales, but freakin’ FUN!!!  Bandita Nancy and I attended two different reader/sci-fi-fantasy Cons in the last month.  The first was RavenCon, in Williamsburg, VA.  What a great Con!  Such friendly people, super accommodations, and other than the flat on the way home, a great time was had by all!

blog con carolinasThe second Con was this last weekend in Concord, NC.  Nancy and I were happily bouncing about ConCarolinas, listening to great panels on writing shared worlds, and participating, in  my case, in one about how writing and stories have changed in a post-9/11 world.  I also got to be part of a panel on medicine after the fall of civilization.  Whoa, talk about apocalyptic!  I was surprised to be on this panel, given my normal optimistic outlook, but Nancy reminded me that the Con folks didn’t know I wasn’t a big post-apocalyptic fan.  Ha!  I’m actually glad about that, since doing this panel with Faith Hunter and Darin Kennedy and Jake Bible was just a hoot!

Later this month, Nancy and I are going to be hosting some of the authors in the boxed set Modern Magic.  As one of the participants labeled it, it’s “10 metric tons of fabulous stories” – it’s blog - modern magicactually not that heavy, but it IS a monster boxed set for the outstanding intro price of $1.99.  Yes, you read that right.  One dollar and 99 cents.  Holy COW, that’s a steal!!  You can get it here:  You can get The Tentacle Affaire in this set, along with AMAZING stories from some of Sci-fi-fantasy’s best authors!!

But I digress.

As I see it, the biggest problem with politics today is that the people who really SHOULD be doing the job – great leaders and thoughtful men and women who have experience and intelligence – don’t WANT the job.  The people who DO want the job…well….let’s just say I don’t love any of the candidates.

This isn’t true with writing.  In the Writing Party, the candidates for Awesome Writer of the Year are so vast, we could never choose just one.  Ha!

So, here’s today’s fun….

blog - allegianceGive me your FIVE NOMINEES for the Writer’s Party’s Summer Beach Read Extraordinaire (This can be a current fav, a forthcoming summer book, or a longtime take-it-to-the-shore-for-sure favorite!)

Mine are:

Any “In Death” Book by JD Robb; Anne of Green Gables which I re-read every summer; forthcoming Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh; Any Bandit Book, but especially Bandita Nancy’s forthcoming Herald of Day, Bandita Anna C’s latest novella, and Bandita Kate’s new Bibilophile mystery!  And last, but never least, Illona Andrews Kate Daniels books.

Give me your FIVE NOMINEES for the Writer’s Party’s Book I’m Most Dying to Read (What books are you jonesing for that aren’t yet out?)blog - Lackey

OMGosh, I’m jonesing for Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh due out next week, and Archangel’s Heart due out November 1; Herald of Day by Bandita Nancy; Mercedes Lackey’s Study in Sable (due out tomorrow! Squee!) and Closer to the Chest, which isn’t out till October. (Sigh)  Oh!  And Barbara Devlin’s latest Brethren of the Coast story and her venture into Piracy with The Black Morass, due out July 4.

Give me your current Favorite Read of the Week

Mine is a book I picked up at ConCarolinas by author Ursula Vernon called Castle Hangnail.  It’s a Middle Grade story about a witch, a school and the fact that the school needs a wicked witch or else the Board of Magic will blog - castle hangnaildecomission them.  Molly is a very polite witch, and at 12 years old, she’s a bit young for the job, but she assures the Castle Keepers that she’s up to the task.  Hijinks ensue and I’ve yet to discover just how they’re gonna make this work, but I’m loving the journey!  Grins.

Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading as Summer starts, and get more ideas for filling up my Kindle!

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  • Helen says:

    Woohoo Hi Jeanne

    What a great post and yes Politics YUK we are going through the same thing her we have and election on July 2 at least ours don’t run as long as yours LOL enough said

    Hard decisions here I too am looking forward to Nalini’s new Psy Changeling one but I have to catch up with the last 2 first, I have just read Christine Wells The Wife’s Tale WOW and have Anna’s novella on pre-order I am reading Anne Gracie’s newest out July 5 The Summer Bride and Suzanne’s newest will be out soon.

    Too hard a decision for me LOL

    Have Fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Helen! I’m so excited about Anna C’s new novella! WOOT! And I’m lol about yucky politics. YOU are so lucky that your election stuff is shorter. OMGosh, I’m so tired of it and we’ve got months to go. Sigh.
      And I’m SO jealous that you can easily procure Christine’s latest gem. :> Can’t wait for it to go live in the USA. Also really looking forward to Suzanne’s Exposed!!

      Stay cool…and have fun with the Golden Rooster!

      • Helen says:

        WOW The Rooster hasn’t visited for ages what fun we are going to have

        I forgot to mention Donna’s books as well I loved Charming The Professor and am really looking forward to her new one 🙂

        Have Fun

    • Helen, congrats on snagging the GR! i hope he’ll behave.

      • helensibbritt says:

        I am sure he is going to cause a bit of mischief he hasn’t been here for so long 🙂

        Oh and Nancy can’t wait for your new one either I do love your stories 🙂

        Have Fun

  • Jeanne, thanks for the shout-out for Herald! The book actually is coming out this month. Finally!

    The Nalini Singh would’ve been on my list, too, but I’ve read an ARC so I can review it for the Romance Dish. I’ll just say it was worth waiting for. 🙂

    Besides Bandit books, which are always on the list, I’m waiting for Linda Castillo’s next Kate Burkholder mystery, Patricia Rice’s Whisper of Magic, the conclusion to Anne Gracie’s Brides series, and Nora Roberts’ Bay of Sighs.

    A lot of the books I was waiting for are out now, so I’m technically not waiting anymore.

    Just found out Kate’s latest Bibliophile mystery is out today. Snagged my copy!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh! Kate’s book is out today? Must go snag MY copy!! Grins.

      Thanks to you, I’m going to get hooked into that Annie Gracie series as well. You are bad for me, when it comes to recommending stories because I almost always love what you suggest. Sigh.

  • Congrats on nabbing the GR, Helen! Hide the Tim Tams ! He is no doubt looking for cooler weather as it is already HOT here in LA (Lower Alabama.)

    Any Bandita book is always on my TBR stack as soon as it comes out. Really looking forward to Nancy’s newest!

    I recently finished Elizabeth Hoyt’s Duke of Sin and goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! There is not a more wicked hero in the land than Valentine. And in this book you find out why. It is heart breaking, frightening and wonderfully, passionately romantic.

    Marrying Winterbourne sees Lisa Kleypas back at the top of her game. LOVED it!

    And Mary Balogh’s Only Beloved was a beyond sighworthy finale to the Survivors Club series.

    Right now I am reading a great deal about mental illness and its treatment during the Regency era as I am teaching a workshop on the subject at the Beau Monde Mini Conference in San Diego.

    And I happen to think you would make an infinitely fine POTUS, Duchesse!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Awww, why thank you Duchess! I think I would be a very impatient POTUS! Ha! While raised to be polite – no excuse for rudeness, young lady! – I don’t think my good, Southern Girl training would hold if I had to deal with Congress. Heeheehee. My more bloodthirsty tendencies might come out.

      Also, the job turns your hair grey. SERIOUSLY grey. That is totally unacceptable.

      On a happier note, I wish I could hear your talk about mental illness in the Regency.

    • Thanks, Louisa! Herald is a change of pace, as I said to Helen, with the romance in the back seat. We’ll be back to the Light Mages soon, though.

      It hasn’t been so hot here, in the Carolina Piedmont, but we know that’s on the way.

      Stay cool!

  • Jane says:

    Hello Jeanne,
    So many new books out there, but first I need to finally read The Girl on the Train before the movie comes out.