Introducing The Winter Wife!

Hey, listen up!

We’ve got a launch party in the lair today and I hear gossip that Santa Claus may just turn up.

They know how to party up in the North Pole – why do you think Rudolf has that red nose? And those rosy cheeks on Santa are nothing but broken veins as a result of his constant tippling in the eggnog!

Hmm, I use to think Paolo’s pink cheeks were because he was perpetually embarrassed by the shenanigans in the lair. Now I’m wondering if maybe he’s tapping the margarita barrel. Clearly we need security cameras in the lair!

Now it’s quite possible that when you hear about today’s launch, you may wonder if YOU have been drinking enough to see double. But no, it’s just a trick of the light!

In 2010, I had a long short story called “Upon a Midnight Clear” published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE. It was my first reunion story and I really loved the Earl of Kinvarra and his countess Alicia. I’ve always had a secret yen to revisit them and give them a little more space to breathe (the MAMMOTH stories are capped at 13,000 words). I also thought after I’d sent it in that it was a pity I hadn’t made it a Christmas story – after all, even the title comes from a Christmas carol and the story is set on a wintry night in Yorkshire.

Cue the boom in indie publishing.

This seemed an ideal opportunity to expand “Upon a Midnight Clear” and put it up as a stand-alone Holiday novella. So voila! You’re not seeing double at all – this is a new and improved version of this story!


Here’s the blurb:

Will a chance meeting on Christmas Eve…

Alicia Sinclair, Countess of Kinvarra, cannot believe that fate has been so cruel as to strand her on the snowy Yorkshire moors with her estranged husband as her only hope of rescue. During their rare encounters, the arrogant earl and his countess act like hostile strangers. Now that Alicia has fallen into Kinvarra’s power, will he seek revenge for her desertion? Or does the dark, passionate man she once adored have entirely different plans for his headstrong wife?

..deliver a second chance at love?

Sebastian Sinclair, Earl of Kinvarra, has spent ten wretched years regretting the mistakes he made with his young bride, but after long separation, the barriers between them are insurmountable. Until an unexpected encounter one stormy night makes him wonder if the barriers of mistrust and thwarted desire are so insurmountable after all. When winter weather traps Sebastian and his proud, lovely wife in an isolated inn, could the earl and his headstrong countess have a Christmas miracle in store?

You can read an excerpt on my website here:


Or you can simply click on the cover at the top of the blog. 

TWW is also available in other e-reader formats through Smashwords here:

So why the title change? A couple of reasons including the fact that there have been substantial alterations in the original (although the plot is the same). There’s also the fact that ‘midnight’ seems to be playing a prominent part in my titles lately. MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSSION came out in 2011 and A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS, book 2 in the Sons of Sin series, is out next year. Another midnight title seemed a midnight too far.

I think with this time of year being so busy, it’s the perfect time to pick up a novella so you can get your romance hit without committing to 400 pages. Are you a novella fan? Do you have any favorites?

I’ve got three downloads of THE WINTER WIFE for commenters today to warm up their lead-up to Christmas. Good luck!  




Be sure to come back to the Lair on December 13 when we kick off the annual 12 BANDITA DAYS OF CHRISTMAS! Prizes and recipes every day!! Roosters. Starbucks goodies. Books. Dragons. Books. Cookies. Godiva. Books!! (By Banditas and friends like Annie West, Miranda Neville, Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, JD Tyler, Deb Marlowe, and many more!) You know you want the cookies, for sure, so come home to the Lair for the Holidays! Who knows, you might win something, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun!!

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  • Melody May says:

    I love novellas. They tend to be favorite after I finish a novel. Gives me break. Sometimes I’m just looking for something short to read.

  • Jane says:

    Congrats on the release, Anna. I adore novellas and some of my favorites are Lisa Marie Rice “Fatal Heat” and Pamela Clare’s “Skin Deep.”

  • Amy Noble says:

    Novellas are great when you get parts of a story that wereent included in a full length novel, the only problem is when you love the story so much that you wish there is more to the story but if there is no connected books there is no more. Novellas are also a great way to get the feeling of how an author writes without having to commit to a full length book. Anthologies are a great way to find new authors to read but they sometimes frustrate people who only are interested in one author’s story so re-releases are a good idea.

    • Amy, what a thoughtful response and I agree with you 100%. One of the beauties of the Mammoth Anthologies is that they give you a taster of a lot of authors, people who haven’t necessarily hit your radar otherwise. I’ve definitely read novellas where I want more – but that’s probably a good thing! There’s nothing worse than wearing out your welcome! I’ve got a novella called DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES coming out before A RAKE’S MIDNIGHT KISS next year. It’s connected to the other Sons of Sin stories so I guess with that one, there is more.

  • Fedora says:

    I love novellas. I think the ones that have clicked really well for me are ones that are some how tied in to longer stories or that pick up a couple who has some past history. I think the limitations don’t rankle as much when there’s already something to build on…

    One of my favorite holiday novellas is a contemporary, Maybe This Christmas, by Jane Blackwood in the Jingle All the Way anthology–it’s a second-chances story, and it gets me every time 😉

    Can’t wait to pick up The Winter Wife, Anna! Sounds like a winner!

    • Hey, thanks, Fedora! I really loved revisiting these characters. Actually as a writer, I fairly quickly realised that novellas are easiest as reunion stories. As you say, something to build on. I think you can do a novella with strangers if you get to the point where there’s the possibility of forever after. Very dificult to get to forever after in that length. Thanks for the recommendation. I’m reading more and more novellas!

  • Mina De Caro says:

    Every year around this time I like to revisit A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas. Delivering a great character development, sizzling chemistry, convincing plot, and an accurate historical setting, within the limited space of a novella, is an art. The same goes for another fav of mine, Karen Marie Moning’s novella Into The Dreaming. Happy holiday reading everyone!

    • Hiya Mina! Great to see you here. Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve read a lot of Lisa K but not that one – must check it out. And same goes for KM Moning. Love her Highlander time travel stories, especially Dageus and Drustan. Sigh.

  • it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with Anna’s novella launch!

    I love seasonal novellas. You get that taste of a novel without all the subplots and “heaviness” of a full novel – and that it fits the season is just perfect. You know – I’ve read a number of novellas but darn if I can think of any titles. Must be the hour.
    But CONGRATULATIONS to Anna on expanding her earlier story and bringing it into the light.

    • Thanks so much, Donna! I’m really excited to have a specifically Christmas release this year. So much so, I’m already thinking about a novella for Christmas next year. Hmm, a December launch party could become a regular event on the Bandita calendar!

  • Hi Anna! Lovely to see your beautiful Upon a Midnight Clear expand into even more awesomeness! I can’t wait to get my new iPad so I can download and enjoy. Novellas can be just right for my mood sometimes, especially reading on an e device. One of my favourites is Courtney Milan’s Christmas novella. Name now escapes me but it was so touching and poignant. Good luck with the novella! I’m sure the foray into indie publishing will be a huge success!

    • Christina, thanks so much for the congrats and for saying such nice things about WW. I’m pretty sure the Courtney Milan was called This Wicked Gift. Brilliant story. That whole anthology – had Mary Balogh and Nicola Cornick as well – was great. I’ve been recommending it left, right and center. Hope the new ipad comes soon!

      • Yes, that’s right. I was too lazy to look it up. Sigh. The iPad is just awaiting my investigation. Yet another thing on the to do list that isn’t getting done! Need to put rocket under self.

  • Annie West says:

    Anna, congratulations on the release of your Christmas story. I hope it’s read and enjoyed by many, many new readers who haven’t yet discovered your longer books. That’s the wonderful thing about ebooks, isn’t it? You can then go and discover other books by an author you’ve just found.

    I did a lot of novella reading early in the year and am hoping to do some more soon. It was a bit of a mixed bag but generally they were fun reads and left me wanting to read more by the same author.

    • Annie, thanks so much for swinging by. And thank you for the congratulations and good wishes. I think novellas are a great way to dip your toe into an author’s work. I love the way when they’re good, they’re so tight. Not a word is wasted!

  • Helen says:


    I read this one on the weekend and loved it I haven’t had time to even email you yet LOL.

    What a great story I too loved Sebastian and Alicia they had changed a lot in those 10 years apart. I do love a good novella especially when I am really busy like Christmas time I still get my reading fix in between all the things I have to do.

    Congrats on the release I am sure there will be lots of people reading it

    Have Fun

    • Helen, thanks so much for saying you enjoyed The Winter Wife. That’s fantastic! Like you, I like something short at this time of year. Means I can get my romance fix quickly! 😉

  • Barb says:

    Hi Anna

    Like everybody else I like novella and often read them between novels…. I have to say I have read TWW and loved it … so congratulations… I had also read it in the Mammoth Book of regency romance

    • Thanks so much for saying you enjoyed The Winter Wife, Barb, in both its versions. Sounds like novellas are really popular. You know, a few years ago, they really weren’t flavour of the month at all!

  • Anna I already have my copy of Winter Wife downloaded and once I get caught up on all my holiday shopping and baking for the clan over here in Texas, I plan on enjoying it!

    I love a good Christmas romance and a good novella, so this will be perfect for me.

    One of my favorite novella writers is Sandy Blair. She has two novellas in the Mammoth books, one in the paranormal book and one in the Scottish romance book.

    But my favorite of all her novellas is called The Accidental Duchess….which she will soon re-release as an indie book, too! YIPPEE!!

    • Suz, thanks for picking up The Winter Wife. I hope you enjoy it! Oh, how interesting about Sandy having a story in the Scottish anthology – I’ll have to read it. I’ve got that but haven’t got to it yet – you know the old TBR up to the sky problem. Love the sound of the Accidental Duchess. What a great title.

  • Deb says:

    Congrats on your novella, Anna!!! I like novellas, too, Anna, because they are a quick read during a busy time or just a quick fix between books. Some authors do a very good job of developing characters and stories….I’ve got several on my keeper shelf, but can’t remember authors right now….

    • Deb, there’s a couple of lovely Loretta Chase novellas. One’s called the Mad Earl’s Bride. Lovely hero! The other one’s something about stars from memory – while since I read it. I think it might even be a Christmas novella! Thanks for the congrats!

  • Maureen says:

    I do like novellas since they are quick to read and you can read the whole story, even when you are busy.

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Bought it. Read it. Loved it! 🙂

  • Mary Doherty says:

    I love ALL books! Novella or full length, it doesn’t matter. With your books Anna I will read anything you write.

  • Kim S says:

    I adore novellas at this time of year for the same reason you mentioned, time. There is no way I could pick a favorite though. I’m a bookaholic and have way to many keepers to lick from!

    • Kim, thought of a couple of Connie Brockway novellas I really like. “Lassie Go Home” in MY SCOTTISH SUMMER is really charming and includes collies, my favorite dogs. Another great one that I think she might have won a RITA for is “Glad Rags” in THE TRUE LOVE WEDDING DRESS. A real charmer!

  • Connie Fischer says:

    Hi, Anna! Yep! I sure do loves novellas. You’re right about committing to a longer novel. Sometimes, life gets in the way of my favorite pastime of reading. The last thing I want to do is clean house, do laundry, grocery shop and cook. Sheesh! I want to read. However, my family tends to take a dim view of this as things pile up, so I have no choice. However, sneaking in a novella now and then is terrific. That way, I get things done and read too. Win-Win!

    I’m ashamed to say I have not The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance yet but hope to get to it after the holidays. The Winter Wife is definitely on my Wish List as well. Yippee!

    • Connie, I hear you on reading taking second place at this time of year. I have however got major plans for some big reading time after Christmas and all its madness is over. The Mammoth Anthologies are always fun and they’re a great way to sample a stack of new authors!

  • Janga says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with novellas. I’m a one-course reader by preference, and I can almost always finish a novella before I have to move on to something else. I love them for that reason. I also love being able to try new writers with a smaller investment of time and money, and novellas are great for that. Many of them are also just perfect gems. I’ve been rereading a lot of Carla Kelly and Mary Balogh Christmas novellas recently and have been reminded of what treasures novellas can be. But I find some novellas frustrating because I want more of the characters and their story than the brevity of the novella allows.

    Reunion stories are my favorites, and I loved “Upon a Midnight Clear.” I think I
    emailed you when I first read it. Adding a Christmas touch to an already wonderful story should make it even better. I’m a huge fan of Christmas stories, and I look forward to reading “A Christmas Wife.”

    • Hey, thanks, Janga! So glad you enjoyed TWW in its original incarnation. I always wanted to deepen the emotion and put a bit more into the ending – the Mammoth people have to limit the length otherwise the books would explode into thousands of pages but I thought this story would benefit from just a little bit more, you know? Like the cherry on top of the cupcake! 😉

  • Anna Sugden says:

    I’m so looking forward to reading this over the holidays, Anna. Given all the busy-ness, it’ll be a perfect treat to escape with, for a short time, before diving back into the festivities.

    • Anna, thanks for saying you’re looking forward to reading TWW. One of the things I like about novellas about this time of year is that I don’t have to stay up to 2am to finish them. Just the right length.

  • Kassondra says:

    I have been itching for a nice Christmas story and finally I have found one!! Thank you Anna!! I cannot wait to read it. I have been an adoring fan of yours since we met at Rom Con in Colorado a couple years ago.

    Merry Christmas to you and to everyone else browsing on here today!!

    • Kassondra, wasn’t Rom Con fun? I’d love to come back again – the travel is problematic from Australia as you can imagine! Thank you for saying you’re looking forward to The Winter Wife. Thanks for saying such lovely things and for swinging by the Bandits today!

  • Nicole Laverdure says:

    Anna, I just bough yesterday your novella The Winter Wife and I can’t wait to read it. I find that a novella is a good way to discover an author’s style of writing. I would love to read some of your books. Reading Christmas stories really puts you in the holiday mood. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nicole! Really enjoyed swapping emails with you yesterday! Thanks for picking up The Winter Wife – hope you enjoy! Yeah, I love a Christmas story or 50 at this time of year – part of the season for me!

  • Melissa says:

    From Veterans Day to New Years I read nothing but Christmas stories…I absolutely adore them! And I try to sneak many novellas in there so I can read sooo much more! The Winter Wife is on my wish list…so looking forward to reading it!

  • Susan Sey says:

    Hey, Anna, congrats! the Winter Wife sounds wonderful–can’t wait to snap up my copy!

  • Miranda says:

    I love novellas. Then again, I love any book that keeps me turning the pages no matter how late I stay up. In the end, I always love a wonderful ending and keeps a smile on my face. The good ones stay on your “to keep” shelf and forever in your heart. 😉

  • Anna, I love novellas, especially if they give me a between-books peek at series characters. I don’t generally like anthos. They do offer a taste of different authors, and I like that opportunity, but I also like it better with bigger anthos, like the Mammoth books and Seal of My Dreams. I’m more likely to find a sampling of new authors in the bigger ones. In smaller ones, there’s frequently only one story I really want.

    • Nancy, I read somewhere that the digital revolution in publishing has meant a bonanza for novellas and therefore a bonanza for novella readers. And with the digital novellas, you can just download the single story you want.

  • I do love novellas, heck I write novellas! Only draw back, people seemingly comment ‘I wish it was longer.’ I take that as a compliment.

    Robert Silverberg says: A novella allows for more extended development of theme and character than does the short story, without making the elaborate structural demands of the full-length book.

    I so agree! All the best for your new release, Anna! I will be getting it, you can bet!

    • Karyn, actually having written a couple of novellas now, I’m not convinced that they’re actually that much easier than a full-length book. You still need great characters and a convincing character arc and you need all those things like the turning points and the black moment and the resolution. Just in shorter space. I find them a challenge! Yes, I’ve had a few “wish it was longer” comments from people too and I take that as a good sign that they want more. Nothing worse than wearing out your welcome! With my current writing schedule, it’s not really practical at the moment for me to write full-length books from scratch for indie pubbing. But I’m going to try and squeeze in a few more novellas. Next one is an extended version of the romantic ghost story from the Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance. Again, I loved those characters (there’s two couples in that one) and I look forward to giving them a bit more space on the page.

      • Cassondra says:

        Anna and Karyn, I’ve been working through a lot of novella ideas for my own series lately, and so far, I’ve found they take just as much front-end work, because you need all that same goal, motivation, conflict, and inner issues to write short as you do to write long. Certainly the page count and story development is far less onerous, but then again, writing short is much harder, to me, than writing long.

        Karyn, I envy those like you who can do it well and easily. I am not one of them.

        • Cassondra, I think Anna mentions it in the comment below, if you keep the plotting to a minimum, short stories and novellas are easier to control.
          For the few short stories I have published, the action/plot takes place in one night. For the novellas, it has varied to one night to a few weeks. I find you try to cram anymore into it and as Anna says, you come to grief. As for me, I have to try and write longer! That will be the next challenge for me to tackle. 🙂

        • Cassondra, the first time I wrote a full novella (DAYS OF RAKES AND ROSES which is out next northern summer as part of the Sons of Sin series), I had put aside a month and it actually took me twice as long as that to write. Admittedly, I was struggling with the form at the time! But then I had an epiphany. I was talking to Stephanie Laurens (name dropping here) and she said that the front-end work for a novella is just the same as for a book. As she and you point out, there’s still all that structural stuff that needs to be there. So that’s coming from the top.

      • You’re right, still a great deal of work with a novella. I think you have hit on a successful formula, shooting out a few novellas in-between your other print releases is a great idea! Also a great avenue for exploring secondary characters! 🙂

  • Cassondra says:

    Wooot! Anna, congrats on your foray into the indie world! I just hit the download button on my kindle.

    What a stunning cover, and what a tender vignette you’ve chosen. I can’t NOT buy this after reading that blurb. Excellent job!

    I’m on a Jill Shalvis marathon at the moment, burning through all of her Lucky Harbor books, but I’ll take a break after this one, for The Winter Wife. It’s even a striking title.

    What a brilliant lass you are! Of course, we knew that. ;0)

    • Hi Cassondra! Thanks for picking up the Winter Wife – much appreciated. So glad you enjoyed the snippet and the cover. I LOVE that cover. Thinking of using it as a basis for all my indie things. Like the oval and then the font. Love that red! Glad you like the title – I think Alicia has lived through winter before she gets back with Sebastian as well as the obvious meaning of them being stuck in the snow. And I like alliteration! I used to love Jill Shalvis’s category romances – must check out her single title stuff. I’ve heard such great stuff about it. Happy reading! x

      • I won one of the Lucky Harbor books last spring. It was my first Shalvis, and I devoured it. Definitely recommend checking it out. I’m looking forward to reading The Winter Wife. Which I already have. 🙂

        • LOL, Nancy! A bit of time travelling a la Doctor Who going on there, I see! 😉

          Jill Shalvis had a book out last year that was on nearly all the best of lists for 2011. Reminded me how much I liked her shorter stuff. Really must check out the more recent books.

  • CateS says:

    Congrats…. And I think Novellas are great.. and it’s much better to leave readers wanting than to wear out your welcome…

    • Cate, thanks for swinging by. Glad you’re another novella fan. Actually something I’ve learned with writing novellas is that you can’t have too much plot or you come to grief. You’ve got to pick something that you can resolve satisfactorily in that small space.

  • Novella’s and I have a love/hate relationship. I love them if they are done right and feel like a complete and whole story. There have been some that I’ve read that just felt rushed and as if things were missing.

    I have read quite a few this year and one of my favorites was Three Schemes and a Scandal by Maya Rodale.

    Anna, I will definitely be picking up a copy of your novella because it just happens to be one of my most favorite tropes and it looks really good. Congrats on the release. =)

    • Hey, thanks so much, Danielle! I know what you mean about sometimes novellas feeling like they’re missing things. But a really good novella is such a wonderful thing! Thanks for the recommendation for Maya’s. I’ll have to check it out.

      Hope you enjoy the Winter Wife. Thanks for hosting me for the fabulous Christmas event you and Rita are running between Ramblings with this Chick and Not Another Romance Blog:

      Your invitation to write a teaser to a story has given me a really good start to next year’s Christmas novella! I’ll have to dedicate it to both of you!

      • Aw Anna, you are too sweet! I’m glad that you enjoy the event because we always love having you. I’m so excited that your scene is going to be turned into a story. I definitely can’t wait to read it!

  • Congrats on the new release, Anna! And you’re right, this is a great time of the year for novellas, when we’re all so busy. Looking forward to reading this. The weather turned cold overnight, so it’s great staying in and reading weather.

    • Ooh, the weather outside is frightful, so reading a book is so insightful… Hmm, need to work on that lyric, Trish. Thanks for saying you’re looking forward to reading THE WINTER WIFE!

  • Kim says:

    Congratulations on the release. I enjoy Christmas novellas. Since it’s so short, I consider Lisa Kleypas’ Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and Mary Balogh’s, A Matter of Class, to be novellas. Courtney Milan has also written a few nice novellas.

    • Kim, Courtney has written some lovely novellas. One of my favorites is This Wicked Gift from the Heart of Christmas Anthology. Worth getting if you haven’t read it. Saw Lisa’s book had been made into a telemovie. Hope it comes to Australia.

  • catslady says:

    To be perfectly honest I don’t think I’ve read a novella. I use to buy the thickest books I could find because once I find a good book, I never want it to end lol. But I love variety so I’m sure I’d still enjoy one, especially Anna’s!!

    • Ooh, Catslady, you always know exactly what to say! Actually I like my books all different lengths – variety is the spice of life. I used to love the short stories they published in the women’s mags but here in Australia, they seem to be rarer and rarer. Sigh.

  • Diana Gould says:

    I would love to win the Winter Wife. Novellas are a nice change of pace when you just want a quick read. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • My pleasure, Diana. It’s been fun having a Christmas book out. Kind of makes me feel like Santa (well, the kind of Santa you have to pay $1.99 to before he’ll visit, LOL!).

  • TxDee says:

    I like the idea that you were able to develop the storyline more fully in this novella. I look forward to reading The Winter Wife, having a soft spot in my heart for second chance lovers.

    • TxDee, I”ve got a soft spot for reunion stories too, especially if why they separated in the first place makes sense and is the sort of problem that time might help to heal (hope that’s the case with TWW!). And I think Christmas is just the time for stories about forgiveness and reconciliation. Something that surprised me when I revisited Upon a Midnight Clear was that I thought I’d be really heating up the love scenes. I put in a bit more but really, the tone was sweet rather than hot and sweaty so the final product wasn’t nearly as steamy as I’d expected at first. Funny how expectations change as you write something!

  • Congratulations on the launch, Darling Anna! *blowing kisses!* I love novellas and I love a good love story and I love you! Can you feel the love? 😉

    Ooh look, I’ve already downloaded it and can’t wait to read it!

    • Kate, I’m feeling the lurve! Right back atcha! Thanks so much for downloading the Winter Wife – have fun with it. It’s bite-sized. I told a reader this morning to think of it as a mince pie! 😉

  • gamistress66 says:

    Hey Anna! 🙂 sorry to be late (hopefully just fashionably so) but couldn’t miss a lair launch (particularly one of yours) go without visiting & joining in the fun. Hopefully you haven’t worn out the guys or enjoyed all the refreshments yet 😉 never can be sure around here 😉 Congrats on being able to update your story the way you wished & sharing with us (even better)! While I don’t have a fave novella & don’t read them often, I agree that there are times that they are perfect for reading.

    • Hey, we knew you were coming so we saved you a couple of cool cabana boys and hot drinks… Hold on, did I get that mixed up? 😉 I really like the suggestion of using the novellas to clear the palate between two really good books. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Novellas and anthologies are my choice
    when I only have a short time to enjoy a
    bit of a read. I don’t have a particular
    favorite, I thoroughly enjoy those I do

    Congratulations on the launching of The
    Winter Wife! Hope it has been a grand
    day for you!

    Pat C.

    • Thanks so much, Pat. Yes, it’s been a great day. And it’s been lovely to share the launch of the Winter Wife with so many of you (especially as so many of you are novella lovers like me). I think I’ll do more Christmas specials – this is fun!

  • Thanks, everyone, for a great launch day here in the lair. You’ve sent the Winter Wife out into the world in style. Don’t forget to check back to see who won the three downloads of the novella!

  • Linda says:

    I prefer full length bks: i’ greedy n don’t want my stories to end so fast! I hv read a few good novellas that didn’t seem rushed or missing details; Forevermore by Lauren Royal for one

    • Linda, I’ll have to check out Forevermore! Sounds good. I hear you on the big book thing – I think because time has become such an issue for me in recent years, novellas just hit the spot.

  • Lianne says:

    Congrats on the new release. I sometime read novellas when I’m looking for a really quick read.