I’m Thankful for…

free-clipart-thanksgiving-jixemo9ieTomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We’ll be surrounded by family, including a spanking new two month old grandson, to stuff our faces with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pie.  Yum!  I don’t know why, but we always make enough food to feed a small army.  My daughter says she does that on purpose so she doesn’t have to cook for another week, however, the leftovers never last THAT long.  We send a lot of the food home with our guests so they can have a meal or two.

At least, that was the plan in early November.  I was in Orlando in the middle of the month and came home with a nasty cold which I immediately shared with my husband.  My daughter came home this evening with a cough.  Ugh.  I can’t invite my son to bring the baby into this.  So I was having my own personal pity party when I decided to make a list of the things I’m thankful for – to snap myself out of this funk.  Here goes:

  1. I have a new grandson – my first!  Looking forward to reading him stories.charles-richard
  2. I’ve written nine books – nine!  If I can finish the one I’m working on, I’ll get a shiny pin from RWA :-), a lot of satisfaction, and a cleared plate to start on number eleven :-).  It’s the start of a legacy!
  3. Speaking of legacy, I finished an eight year (at least) cross-stitch project. I’m surrounding the blog with pics of the skirt 🙂 I’m anxious to see it under the tree.
  4. The house looks good.  We hosted a dinner party on Friday night (I came down with the cold on Saturday) which went well.  Now the house is ready for Thanksgiving guests…of course my office is
    unusable as everything is stashed there behind a closed door.   🙂
  5. Speaking of dinner parties, I’m grateful for my friends.  I belong to a group of couples that meets every couple of months for dinner.  We’ve been doing this for thirty years!  Then there’s my writer redsantafriends – they understand the way only writers can, and my fabulous readers – love you guys to death!
  6. Got to see France this year!  Oh, and San Diego back in July– and traveled around Florida in January and November.  It’s been an exceptional travel year.
  7. Everyone in the family is healthy…except for this cold which will evidentually go away.  Things could be much worse.
  8. This Thanksgiving HAS to be better than last year’s celebration when we were staying in a local hotel while our floors were repaired.  We didn’t celebrate with family, we went to a restaurant with poor service that served a crappy meal about an hour after our reservation.  Yeah!  This year will be better than that – even if we won’t be able to taste all the homemade goodness.

I’m feeling better already.  Seriously better.  My throat doesn’t hurt as much and I haven’t had a serious coughing streak in quite a while.  I can see that there’s lots to be thankful for this year, even if the holiday isn’t quite the “perfect” I was anticipating.  Life is good.

How about you?  Any special plans for this thanksgiving?  Any surprises from past celebrations?  Oh, I have prizes!bookmarks  Remember when I did my September blog about France and I mentioned I had misplaced some purchased bookmarks? I found them. 🙂  Two people leaving a comment will be the owner of one of these magnetic bookmarks.

So let’s chat!  And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!



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  • Helen says:

    Hi Donna

    Oh I do hope you are feeling lots better by tomorrow and that everyone is there for a great day and give that gorgeous grandson of yours a cuddle for me 🙂

    I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Australia I think it is the best holiday I was at Costco this afternoon and there were heaps of turkeys and they had pumpkin pie (I have never tasted pumpkin pie) but it was way too big to buy 🙂

    I am thankful for my family and friends and all of the authors out there who write fab stories for me 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    Have Fun

    • Helen –

      I think I may have turned the corner yesterday. I’m hoping my husband and daughter will do so today so we can celebrate all have a family celebration.

      If the stores are selling turkeys and pumpkins pies, you have all the ingredients to start the Thanksgiving tradition yourself in Australia – you’ll be a trend setter 🙂 . But I think roasting a turkey works better in cooler temperatures…unless you try a deep-fried turkey but I think that’s a bit dangerous. I don’t think there is such a thing as a pumpkin pie that’s too big. 🙂 When you try it, be sure to have a can of whipped cream to squirt on top. Enjoy!

  • ellie says:

    Thanks for your wonderful giveaway. My son and his family, his little ones will be celebrating with us. I enjoy having them over. Precious time together.

  • ruth says:

    Thanksgiving is meaningful to me. One year was entertaining because it involved a few guests who were not able to get along although they did provide us with a great deal of amusement.

    • Oh my word, Ruth – That would be a difficult dinner to play hostess too – more like a sitcom episode 🙂 LOL . Sometimes I guess you have to be thankful that your guests didn’t kill each other and that the day is over 🙂 We had a Thanksgiving once where my sister who has hand coordination disabilities squirted my father-in-law in the face with whipped cream. Fortunately, everyone laughed, including her victim.

  • catslady says:

    We had our Thanksgiving last Sunday because my husband and one daughter have to work on Thursday. Maybe you could delay yours until you all feel better? If not, at least Christmas isn’t very far away. Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Catslady!

      No – we’ll be fine. I’m feeling much better today than when I wrote the blog yesterday. Besides we have folks driving down from Cleveland to join us. It’s their day off and those don’t come about very often. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  • Pearl says:

    Our most surprising Thanksgiving was when a guest brought along a couple whom I had never met and wanted to introduce us. A little inconvenient, although plenty of food and rearranging seating but the outcome was positive. Meeting new people is interesting and fun. Happy Thanksgiving. Stay well and enjoy your family and your grandson. Congratulations on your wonderful books and your success.

  • Jane says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Donna. My aunt is also hosting dinner, so we might stop over her house for a little bit before our meal. Probably will check out the online deals after Thanksgiving dinner.

    • Hi Jane –

      I was surprised to learn that Black Friday actually starts on Wednesday! Go figure! WIth a new grandson, I’m once again checking the toy store promotions – what fun! I’m afraid he’s going to be a spoiled little boy. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jane.

  • Mary Preston says:

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia, but I can still give thanks.

    I have never eaten turkey, but bush turkeys run wild up at my mother’s place.

  • Pissenlit says:

    Hee! Adorable baby outfit! Also, WOW! That’s really pretty! You have way more patience than I do! Cross-stitch is something that I’ve always thought was pretty impressive but have never attempted. I’ll stick to some instant gratification knitting and crocheting. 🙂