Holiday Memories -and a 12 Day recap

Santa is tucked away in his bed, Mrs. Claus snuggled close.  The reindeer have munched down on their post-world-trip meal and are cozied in the hay for a recovery nap.  The elves shut down the toy factory for a well-needed break, their bags packed for the January vacation yet to come, while the repair crew is gearing up to retrotfit the factory for yet another technological upgrade (that technology, it just keeps on advancing).  

And here in the lair, under the tree is bare.  Sven and the crew are all enjoying their holiday gifts, and hoping for a little rest-time after the wild 12 days celebration, followed by the even more wild and awesomely fabulous party for Anna’s first sale news (another whoohooo for that!).  

For me, I’m in that after-holiday bubble.  It’s a little melancholy, filled with thoughts of holidays past, with smiles as I watch my loved ones enjoy their gifts, even as I wonder if I should have braved the insane shoppers to get them just one more thing.  I always miss family that lives further away this time of year, even though I spent hours on the phone with them on Christmas day and Christmas Eve.  I wonder how friends’ enjoyed their day, and wish we lived closer.  I start getting itchy to put the house back to normal, even as I sigh at the thought of tucking my favorite ornaments and decorations away for another year.  And I always do a minor freakout, wondering how those beautiful young ladies in the holiday pictures are my little baby girls -they are growing up so fast.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, and my favorite time of year.  So it’s always sad to see it end.

Today I’m tucking away my gifts in their new homes, offering around the last of the fudge with the threat that it’s going to work with my husband tomorrow (does anyone else do that?  send all the leftover goodies to work where they are inhaled, just to get them out of the house) and starting to think about the new year and all the work I need to get to doing.  I’m gathering my scrapbook supplies and going through photos to decide which will sum up our 2012 Christmas.

I think that’s one of my favorite holiday traditions – summing up the memories in scrapbook form.  It’s such a great way to look back over the years, to see the ongoing traditions and to watch the changes-both in the family, and in my scrapbooking style.  Scrapbooking lets me keep the celebrating going for a little while longer. And like decorating the tree, I get to decorate the photos for long-lasting fun.  I have one album dedicated to Christmas, so I can sit down and flip through the pages, enjoying year to year.  

How about you? Do you have a special way of commemorating each year?  However you celebrate, and however you hold those memories, I hope you had a fabulous holiday!!!  

I hope, too, that you enjoyed the Bandita’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration!!  There were a LOT of lovely gifts given, and a few people haven’t chimed in yet to claim their prize.  Here’s a summary of the winners – if you’re listed here, be sure to contact us to get your prize. And a big whoohoo and thank you to everyone who celebrated with us this season, and all the year through.  We appreciate you, each and every one 🙂 

Day 1.    Tawny’s – Blodeuedd

Day 2.    Joan’s –Maureen

Day 3.    Trish’s – Lianne.

Day 4.    Susan’s –Catslady

Day 5.    Christie’s – Melody May

Day 6.    Caren’s – Kaelee

Day 7.    Caren / Kimberly Hope’s – Leah

Day 8.    Beth’s – Amy Conley

Day 9.    Beth’s / Jeannie Watt’s – Sandyg265, Hellion and Fedora

Day 10. Kate’s – Jen Lakoske

Day 11. Donna – Lianne

Day 12. Joan’s – Deb

Grand Prize – Nancy’s – Pissenlit



  • Fedora says:

    Thank you for all the sweet memories, Tawny and Banditas, and for the recap! In our house, it’s fun to go through old photos, even just on the computer, and remember the kids when they were teeny and the little video snippets confirm that yes, they did indeed sound different then 😉 It’s funny how much things change, even in a year! What a year it’s been in the Lair! Here’s to more sweet memories to come!

    • Hey, Fedora, did you see you were on Santa’s lucky list? And not just for the Golden Rooster!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Fedora, those old videos are so fun. I’d forgotten about those. We have a few, too – just enough to hear the tiny squeaky voices *g*

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the year in the Lair. We loved it, too, and it was so special because of awesome readers like you!

      It seems kinda mean to stick you with the rooster as a thank you, though *g* Tell you what, if he’s a problem, go ahead and send him to my house today. It’s close enough, he’ll find his way 😀

    • Fedora, we’re glad you have a good time here.

  • Wow, didn’t we have fun over the Christmas party? And what a lot of prizes. And man, did Pissenlit score big! What a fantastic prize that was.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      It really was a fabulous party, wasn’t it! I loved all the fun and holiday cheer! And talk about prize booty. Pissenlit really did score some fabulous goodies.

  • Amy Conley says:

    This was the strangest, most empty Christmas in my life. Zero pics. Never want to relive this one again. Thank goodness for the Banditas and the rooster. You guys kept me distracted and made me laugh. And I got an extra Christmas pressie too. So it wasn’t all that bad. Thanks ya’ll.

  • Mary Preston says:

    I love Christmas & everything about it. You don’t lose the magic with age.

    Thanks for a great time & bring on the new year. I’m ready!!

    • I agree Mary. Th magic as you get older is watching the little ones’ eyes open with joy and then being surprised by the gifts you receive…the ones you weren’t expecting!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Mary, I’m with you – magic is ageless, whether it’s the magic of Christmas, the magic of love, or the magic of laughter. Luckily, we had all three going on here this year!

      Thanks for celebrating with us, and yay – let’s rock the New Year!

    • Mary, we’re glad you have a good time, here. We love chatting with visitors.

  • Helen says:

    Thank you Ladies for another fantastic year and so much fun.

    I keep my memories in my head and with photos we had such a great Christmas lots of food and laughter. We still have lots of food left over and yes I have been taking some to work so as I don’t eat it all LOL.

    My grandkids are growing up so fast and each year at Christmas it really shows.

    Congrats to all of the winners well done

    Have Fun

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Helen, thank YOU for being here with us all year, and for helping to make it such a wonderful one!

      LOL on all the leftover food. It’s good to have a place to share it! I spent some time staring at the fridge this morning, wondering when I’d open it and not be greeted by tamales. Soon, I hope 🙂

      The kids do grow so fast – thats one of the things I love about holiday pictures. Those changes are fun to watch 🙂

  • Lianne says:

    Thank you to the Banditas and all who have made the 12 days such fun!

  • Joan Kayse says:

    I’ve so gotten away from taking “official” pictures…if it’s not on a Smartphone it’s not snapped. But this year…THIS year I’m cherishing and holding my Christmas memories in my heart like never before. When you get to be with ALL the loved ones…especially the babies and children….nothing can dim that…

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Joan, I’ve got a ton of smartphone pix, too! I think half of our pix last year were on my cell because the camera battery went dead *g* I just wish the quality was better on mine – thats the only thing I’m not loving about it.

      I’m SO glad you had such a wonderfully heartwarming holiday! I hope you did get a few pictures of you with the little ones 🙂 Although the memory will definitely stay in your heart forever, i”m sure 🙂

  • Anna Sugden says:

    I so wish I had your talents, Tawny! You are the scrapbooking goddess! Perhaps you could come and visit and show me how to scrapbook all the stuff from my sale *g*.

    We take lots of pics, which we share out around the family. But the memories are also attached to the year’s new ornaments for the tree. Decorating and taking them down each year is always a lovely trip down memory lane.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      I so wish you were closer, Anna, and we’d scrap your sale together. But since someone just insisted on moving back to England *sigh*, I guess I’ll have to figure something else out 😀 Count on it, though – I’ll make it happen 😉

      That’s so cool that you do the new ornaments each year and have the special memories attached to them! You know… speaking of scrapbooks, wouldn’t it be cool to take a picture of the new ornament each year and jot down it’s story, keeping them all in one book?

      Yes, I’m a scrapbook pusher. I admit it, I try to turn everyone on to the fun.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Scrapbooking makes me itchy just thinking about it! I do no crafts at all and my pictures are all held hostage in packets and boxes and on my PC. A few (usually terrible ones) make it onto Facebook, thanks to my family but that’s about it! I love looking at them, though, even if I do have to sit in front of my PC. 😀

    My youngest is really sweet and for Christmas she made prints of some select digital pictures, including one of me with my younger brother and sister, my mother and my maternal grandmother. I think it was from the summer before 7th grade. Yes, the most hideously awkward stage of life! Still, the pic was taken before I got the seriously misguided Dorothy Hamill bob. Someone should have slapped me hard and refused to let me cut my hair!

    The thought, however, was terribly sweet and really touching. Oh, and my husband got me a 60-minute Swedish massge. Watch out, Sven! 😉

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL – sorry to bring on the itches, Caren. I am a craft fiend, but I do have tons and tons of pictures in boxes and packets and on my PC, all waiting like nagging reminders that I’m not keeping up with my scrapbooking. The advantage to being the keeper of the photos is that I can delete or destroy the horrible ones of myself, so they never escape to Facebook. Unless my brother takes them. Those, he keeps. And shares. Over and over and over.

      What a great gift from your youngest 🙂 And yay – pre-bad haircut memories. I think we all had one of those cuts that, when we think back, makes you wonder if we weren’t being punished for something or other *g*

      But oooooooh baby – a 60 minute massage? Now that’s glory! Enjoy 🙂

  • catslady says:

    Thank you for the parties through the year and all the many blogs and comments – you guys are my favorite place to visit. And thank you for the win on the 4th day 🙂 I’m not so organized, Tawny, and haven’t taken any pictures in the last few years. I did it for what seems forever and now depend on my grown children to get all the memories in pictures! I’m looking forward to the coming year here at the Lair! Happy Holidays everyone!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      YAY!!! So glad we’re your fave 🙂 And thank you right back for hanging out with us and making the Lair so much fun! And congrats on the win 😉

      Oh, man. I hear you on the years without pictures. We have a few of those, too. I’m glad your children are capturing memories to share with you, though 🙂 Thats what my grandma asked for this year- pictures. Apparently we hadn’t been keeping her in the loop with enough of them LOL. Now that was a push to get the camera out!

      Happy Holidays -and cheers to a fabulous new year 🙂

    • Catslady, we’re so glad you enjoy coming to the Lair. I hope that never changes. We love having people come drop by to chat or just to read the post.

  • Deb says:

    My poor daughter will have no pic of the last 2 or 3 Christmases. I don’t have a decent camera and I am 12 years behind on scrapbooking. I am mad at myself each year for not taking pics. I thought I would get a camera last year or this year, so may have to buy one for myself.

    The Christmas blues haven’t set in yet. I really miss the tree, lights, and decorations. My DH is Mr. BahHumbug and insists the “stuff” all comes down Jan 1st. 🙂

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Deb, it gets frustrating, doesn’t it. I had a lot of picture plans for this holiday, but got sick. So while I have the pre-pictures (decorated tree, stockings hung, etc) I don’t have many people pictures that don’t have wrapping of ribbon flying in front of their faces. I was resigned to just accept it, then last night decided no. Told the kids and husband that I didn’t care what night it was this week, but before the tree comes down, they were sitting down for pictures. The groans- oh the groans.

      btw, I don’t scrapbook chronologically, so nobody actually knows how far behind I am *g* Except with Christmas… yeah, that’s usually a giveaway *g*

      I’m with you on missing the holiday prettiness once it’s gone.

    • Deb, I have lots of pictures but they’re mostly digital. I need to have them printed, partly as backup, and partly so I can look at them without the computer. But I’m way behind on putting photo in albums. Haven’t done it in quite a few years. So that would be the first step.

  • Tawny, I bow in your ability to think creatively/crafty this soon after Christmas. I was unable to get the newest grandbaby’s first year of life scrapbook done for his parents this year. (I’ve done one for the all the others.) But I did finish the giant, queen sized basket weave afghan for my son I’ve been working on for nearly 3 years! He was thrilled and took it to his apartment where he can wrap up in it while playing World of Warcraft!

    I am off the entire New Year holiday this year, so the tree is coming down then, so I can start the new year ahead of the game!

    If pictures were taken this year, it wasn’t by me!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Thanks for the bow, Suz 😀 I think it’s all the extra creative energy flowing because I haven’t written all month LOL. So I’m not sure it’s a good tradeoff.

      AWESOME on getting the afghan done -I’ll bet your son loves it. I adore anything knitted or crocheted, but haven’t managed anything as big as a blanket yet. I keep hoping, though. I’ve started a few, but they always turn into scarves or table runners or pillows instead *g*

      YAY for the holiday off!!! I keep thinking we should take things down this weekend, so as to start the New Year fresh and all. But I’m still loving the lights too much. Maybe I can find New Years lights instead… Hmmm

  • Pat Cochran says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Pat C.

  • Beth Andrews says:

    As I’ve been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a few of your awesome creations, I know firsthand how talented you are when it comes to scrapbooking *g*

    On NYE we often go around and say what we’re most proud of accomplishing during the past year and what our goals for the new year are. You know I love my goals 🙂

    Thanks so much to everyone for making our 12 days celebration so much fun! Congrats to the winners!

    • Tawny Weber says:

      LOL, well I don’t know about awesome, but I’m glad you’ve liked them, Beth! I’m actually going crazy today – My printer is out of ink and I can’t print any photos to scrapbook. I might have to hit the stores this evening!

      I like your NYE tradition 🙂 And I love goals, hmm, what a coincidence. I hope you have a lot you enjoy reciting in your list of things you’re proud of 😉

  • Tawny, I admire your craft skills, as always. We don’t have a particular way to commemorate the year. We drink champagne and watch the ball drop in Times Square, and that’s about it.

    I tend to look back over the year to see what I did well and what I wish I’d done differently, but that’s anytime from Christmas to early January.

    Thanks to everyone who stops by here, be it to comment or to lurk. Without y’all, the blog wouldn’t be any fun.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      Thanks, Nancy 🙂

      I think reflection is such a great thing to incorporate into the end of the year. Especially if we use it to make the changes we need. I do have an unfortunate habit of reflecting, pinpointing things I wish I’d done differently, then blithely sailing along doing the same thing over again 😀 Oops.

      And yes, exactly what Nancy said – we are so grateful to everyone who visits us!!!

  • Tawny and I want everyone to remember I’m hosting the Lair’s New Year’s Eve party. It’s a reading roundup, a chance to talk about books we’ve enjoyed this year.

    Rumor has it the GR will wear a tuxedo. I’ll believe that when I see it, but that’s what Demetrius said.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      WOOOOT!!!! I’m so ready for another party (said while flicking the confetti out of my hair from the last party). I love our celebrations -and this one is going to be a doozy! I hope everyone will join in for a lot of book-talking fun 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    Thank you to all the Banditas. If I’m feeling blue, I know I can get a chuckle or two on this site. I always come away with a smile on my face.

    Thank you Caren for the booty ~ I hope you got my email.

    • Tawny Weber says:

      YAY – so glad we can bring you smiles and joy, Kaelee 🙂 We do aim to please (well, we do. I can’t vouch for the Rooster).

      Thanks for hanging out with us!!