Holiday Memories -and a 12 Day recap

Santa is tucked away in his bed, Mrs. Claus snuggled close.  The reindeer have munched down on their post-world-trip meal and are cozied in the hay for a recovery nap.  The elves shut down the toy factory for a well-needed break, their bags packed for the January vacation yet to come, while the repair crew is gearing up to retrotfit the factory for yet another technological upgrade (that technology, it just keeps on advancing).  

And here in the lair, under the tree is bare.  Sven and the crew are all enjoying their holiday gifts, and hoping for a little rest-time after the wild 12 days celebration, followed by the even more wild and awesomely fabulous party for Anna’s first sale news (another whoohooo for that!).  

For me, I’m in that after-holiday bubble.  It’s a little melancholy, filled with thoughts of holidays past, with smiles as I watch my loved ones enjoy their gifts, even as I wonder if I should have braved the insane shoppers to get them just one more thing.  I always miss family that lives further away this time of year, even though I spent hours on the phone with them on Christmas day and Christmas Eve.  I wonder how friends’ enjoyed their day, and wish we lived closer.  I start getting itchy to put the house back to normal, even as I sigh at the thought of tucking my favorite ornaments and decorations away for another year.  And I always do a minor freakout, wondering how those beautiful young ladies in the holiday pictures are my little baby girls -they are growing up so fast.  Christmas is my favorite holiday, and my favorite time of year.  So it’s always sad to see it end.

Today I’m tucking away my gifts in their new homes, offering around the last of the fudge with the threat that it’s going to work with my husband tomorrow (does anyone else do that?  send all the leftover goodies to work where they are inhaled, just to get them out of the house) and starting to think about the new year and all the work I need to get to doing.  I’m gathering my scrapbook supplies and going through photos to decide which will sum up our 2012 Christmas.

I think that’s one of my favorite holiday traditions – summing up the memories in scrapbook form.  It’s such a great way to look back over the years, to see the ongoing traditions and to watch the changes-both in the family, and in my scrapbooking style.  Scrapbooking lets me keep the celebrating going for a little while longer. And like decorating the tree, I get to decorate the photos for long-lasting fun.  I have one album dedicated to Christmas, so I can sit down and flip through the pages, enjoying year to year.  

How about you? Do you have a special way of commemorating each year?  However you celebrate, and however you hold those memories, I hope you had a fabulous holiday!!!  

I hope, too, that you enjoyed the Bandita’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas celebration!!  There were a LOT of lovely gifts given, and a few people haven’t chimed in yet to claim their prize.  Here’s a summary of the winners – if you’re listed here, be sure to contact us to get your prize. And a big whoohoo and thank you to everyone who celebrated with us this season, and all the year through.  We appreciate you, each and every one :-) 

Day 1.    Tawny’s – Blodeuedd

Day 2.    Joan’s –Maureen

Day 3.    Trish’s – Lianne.

Day 4.    Susan’s –Catslady

Day 5.    Christie’s – Melody May

Day 6.    Caren’s – Kaelee

Day 7.    Caren / Kimberly Hope’s – Leah

Day 8.    Beth’s – Amy Conley

Day 9.    Beth’s / Jeannie Watt’s – Sandyg265, Hellion and Fedora

Day 10. Kate’s – Jen Lakoske

Day 11. Donna – Lianne

Day 12. Joan’s – Deb

Grand Prize – Nancy’s – Pissenlit


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