Hill Country Hearts

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No one works harder than Texas Ranger Gwen Phillips. Her work ethic is partially driven by survivor guilt since she witnessed the kidnapping of her best friend when they were children. Though she works on lots of different types of cases, she works hardest on those involving kidnapped children. So when she is called to rural Pedernales County to help the local sheriff and his small staff search for a kidnapped girl, she’s all business. But as she spends more time with sexy Sheriff Cade Duvall, she finds her thoughts turning to things other than work.

When Sheriff Cade Duvall called in reinforcements, he hadn’t expected the Texas Ranger to come in the form of beautiful Gwen Phillips. Though he’s attracted from the moment he sees her, she seems determined to focus on work and work alone. He admires her dedication to finding little Haley Bright, but he also recognizes the signs of being a workaholic to the detriment of the other parts of her life. He decides he’s just the man to show her that there’s more to life than working every waking moment.

As they work together to find Haley, they come to realize that being dedicated to one’s job doesn’t have to come at the price of true love.