Here to Stay!

First, I wanted to say – I’m NOT LEAVING!  LOL.  I actually enjoy blogging and I don’t think I could express a single thought in 140 characters or less  🙂   I promise to drop into the Romance Bandits Facebook page on occasion, but if you follow me as an individual on Facebook, you know that I’m not there often.  I’m more of a face-to-face interaction sort of girl.   So I hope you continue to swing by the lair on occasion.  Hopefully, one of those occasions will be on the 23rd of each month, because I’ll be here.  (Also, be sure to stop by tomorrow when Morgan Malone will be blogging about her two new debut releases and next month when Caroline Warfield will return to the lair.)

But now that that’s out of the way, let me say that I can totally understand the renovation in the lair.  We all need to freshen up our environments occasionally.  That was the thought when my husband began our own “small” renovation project.  Have you ever noticed how the smallest of problems on the surface tend to have deep roots that take you places you never intended?  Yeah, that’s my life.  :-).

Honey Mushroom or Oak Fungus Armillaria Mellea Edible ng-52You may recall, if you follow my Facebook postings, that I had a problem in the spring with mushrooms springing out of the base of the toilet.  Let me tell you – if that isn’t freaky, I’m not sure what is.  We learned that the mushrooms were the result of a slow leak in the toilet.  Slow as in 20 years slow.  The wood beneath the tile became swollen.  Some of the tiles cracked from the pressure (we thought it was the house settling).  The wood decayed and fueled the mushrooms.  So we pulled the toilet, pulled up the tile, cut out the bad wood, replaced everything, had to buy new tile because the old tile was obsolete, and $1000 later – the mushrooms were gone.  Here’s our new tile.tile

We’d decided the time had come to pull down the old peeling wallpaper in the laundry room, kitchen, and dining room (and some in the family laundry roomroom where the cat had mistaken the rice paper wallpaper for a scratching post) and paint the walls.  I collected estimates which my husband nixed as too expensive.  He could do the project himself – once he bought the proper tools, of course.  Have you ever noticed that for all the stuff they keep in the basement, men never have the right tools. He started on the tiny laundry room well before Christmas and finished sometime in mid-January and suddenly realized that the quotes were not too expensive for the work required after all 🙂  The picture to the left is the freshly painted laundry room.

So we had to pack up the considerable glassware and breakables from the dining room, remove everything from the walls, anddining rm moved the furniture to the middle of the room so the painters could work.  What was quoted as a three day job, took six – with the downstairs fairly unusable while in process.  Meanwhile my husband decided to pack up and paint my son’s old bedroom so my daughter Stencilcould move into it.  That entailed doing much the same thing upstairs.  Furniture moved into my office temporarily.  I could not write in the midst of all that.  Could not.  Once the painters were done, I was able to put the big furniture and the breakables back, but the carpet cleaners came on the heels of the painters to do the rugs.  They did the whole house.  Again – could not write in the tiny space allotted.

But it’s all done now…temporarily.  Wish I had taken pictures of the place before, but here’s some after.  I love the fresh clean look.  The picture to the right of the gray top and dark gray bottom is from my dining room.  That replaced peeling blue wallpaper with pink flowers.  I stenciled the pattern on the left when we moved into the house about 30 years ago.   It was on the soffits in the kitchen.  The photo on the right shows the new painted kitchen.  It’s hard to see, but if you look above the doors, you’ll see the stencil is now gone (sniff).  The painting on the wall leading to the laundry room is of the farm where we picked our Kitchenpumpkins for carving when the kids were little.  The farm is gone – but I have the painting 🙂

In the midst of all this, we discovered the hardwood floor in the kitchen beneath the refrigerator is starting to buckle.  Why?  Another one of those *%#! slow leaks.  Good Lord.  Now I have to find someone to rip up the floorboards and fix the subfloor.  Life just seems to be like that sometimes, one unplanned thing after another.

I hope you’ll hang with the Romance Bandits as we freshen up and become more visible on social media.  But if you’d rather stay with the blog, I’ll be here in my newly painted writer’s cave.  Watch for me to emerge on the 23rd of each month…except for next month when I’ll be hanging out at the Houston TX airport.  I’ll be on the blog on March 25th instead… and whenever there’s a new author to bring to your attention.

So how about you?  Any remodeling projects on the books?  Any stories about small projects becoming a big deal?  Tell me so I won’t feel that a curse is hanging over my head 🙂

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  • Heidi Howard says:

    the kitchen looks so much fresher! We spent last year adding on a 20×20 ft sunroom. We paid as we went, so it was slow. Just finished this week. It is beautiful. Every, single step we disagreed on. What color brick, walls, why brick? Why wood ceilings and walls? Central heat and A/C? I am so glad that is done! I like the new, just don’t really like getting there

    • Hi Heidi –

      Looks like you ot the rooster today! Too bad the kitchen is finished, you could have put him to work (though not sure how professional the renovation would have looked 🙂 )

      Sounds like you did far more than just a paint job! I had thought this one would go slowly, too. I had sort-of planned to move into the dining room while my husband did the kitchen, then shift back into the kitchen when he started the dining room. I think I could have handled that better. But having everything worked on at once – while much faster – was a much larger disruption. But now everything is fresh and clean.
      Thanks Heidi!

  • flchen1 says:

    Oh, Donna! We had some very similar leak issues! We discovered one of ours because of … slugs. Inside our bathroom. Yes. Ewww…. When the contractors went underneath the house to take a look, they discovered that there was a slow leak that resulted in HUGE slugs and various kinds of fungus-y stuff under the house. Yes. Disgusting. We redid the whole bathroom. *sigh*

    We had some other water issues later too… The hot water heater rusted out, flooding our garage, which was ahem… carpeted. *sigh* That was a mess to dry out and clean.

    And a water line leading outside broke also, needing to be repaired and THAT needed drying out.

    And the during a major storm, I woke up in the middle of the night thinking, “Huh. That water sounds awfully close.” Because it was. Running down our bedroom walls 🙂 During that storm, so much water got through the roof to the insulation that the ceiling our our guest room fell in. That was some more unexpected remodeling 🙂

    Anyway, we haven’t had anything else wet too recently 😉 Fingers crossed 😀

    • Good Heaven Fichen! – I think I would be paranoid everytime it rained. But the big question is …did any books sustain water damage? That would have been a tragedy!

      I was so embarrassed by those mushrooms thinking they were growing due to a lack in my cleaning somehow. But I googled the situation and discovered it was common! Well, at least several people had mentioned it. Here’s the thing – I had been chasing around a sewer gas smell which showed up occasionally for years. I thought it was due to an improper toliet seal in an upstairs bathroom (#1 answer on Google). I called the plumbers, they’d reseal the toilet and charge me in the process. Bet it was all from this downstairs problem. Geez

      And hey – I read yesterday that the new beauty treatment is ….snail facials. They put the snails on your face and the slime that they leave behind helps get rid of wrinkles and lines. Bet you could have used those slugs! 🙂

      Thanks for the stories, Fichen

  • Jane says:

    Hello Donna,
    Luckily no major repairs for us, but our bathroom faucet is a bit leaky and we’ve called the super a few times and he keeps saying he has to order the part. I was talking to my friend in Detroit and the cold weather caused her boiler to burst and it’s going to cost them a few thousand dollars for it to be repaired.

    • Hi Jane –

      Those water problems are never easy or inexpensive to fix – and they ALWAYS come at the worst possible time. I hope your friend didn’t have water difficulties in this deep freeze we’re having. Ice can do major damage as well.

      LOL on ordering the part for the faucet. That takes what? Two minutes? And it takes a day or two to show up? But at least you have the super to fix the minor/major stuff. The last time my husband fixed the faucet – the hot water began running out the cold faucet, and the cold water out the hot. 🙂 But then, I didn’t marry him for his plumbing skills…well, at least, not THAT kind of plumbing 🙂

  • Helen says:


    Sounds like you have been having fun we seem to be OK at them moment fingers crossed it stays that way one of my author friends whose name is Donna as well had those huge fungi mushroom things growing under her bedroom floor because of a leek in the bathroom clever girl she on holiday for a week while her hubby fixed the problem 🙂

    I will be hanging around

    Have Fun

    • Hi Helen –

      That you will be hanging around is like the best news of the day. 🙂 I will only be blogging once a month – not the two days I was doing – so to me this is like going back to our original days. Plus I can give new writers a platform from which to blog, so it works out.

      Smart Donna!! Though I’m not really sure I could relax leaving my husband to fix things on his own, 🙂 Things could have been worse. The slow leak did not damage the basement ceilings – which would have added to the expense. We recently noticed that the door to the refrigerator wasn’t closing tight as it should – like in the last month or so. When the paint guys pulled out the fridge to show us the damage, we realized the fridge was a bit titled due to the buckling board. We’ve pulled the fridge out a little to ease the pressure, but now we have to figure out what to do. It’s a pain.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Donna, the house looks great! We have what was originally my daughter’s bedroom, then office, then spare bedroom, and then office to redo. My grandson, Oliver got tired of walking all over the books in my bedroom, so he found empty boxes, set them on what was hubby’s side of the office, took all the books from my bedroom, at that time, and ended up filling 3 largs boxes with books. He then made a sign for the door shich says “library”, one which says, “open” on one side, “closed” on the other and a “no smoking” sign, all of whi h he taped to the door.
    While my husband is a wonderful wood worker, and K’d really love for him to make that room a library, we need an extra bedroom, for Oliver and all the other grands, with room for dressers, tvs, toyboxes, ect. I am HOPING to get that done by spring, which at this rate gives me plenty of time.

    • Amy –

      A library!!! That would be a dream! I have bookcases in many rooms. My husband and I were talking about changes/improvements to the kitchen and he suggested putting up bookshelves along the half-wall that divides the kitchen from the family room for all my daughter’s cookbooks – I could have kissed him.

      But I understand the need to accomodate the grandkids. How wonderful to have them so close! You’ll find a house filled with laughter come summer. Good Luck!

  • ki pha says:

    Sweet awesome you’ll still be around Donna! Plus Great house work! Hopefully we don’t have to do any fix up soon since we had to replace our toilet last month due to it making lots of noises. But I don’t like this new toilet because there’s just not enough water in the bowl. Argh~

    But I do need to do some cleaning and organizing so that I can finally get my bookshelf set up and finally have a place to store all those piles of books stacking up on the floor, drawer, and in boxes.

    • Thanks ki pha!

      Hope you still come by! And I hope you’re knocking on wood somewhere with the no need for repairs at the present 🙂 .

      I hear you about those new enviroment friendly toilets that use less water. I think they’re rotten. They don’t flush all that well if there’s something to really flush – if you know what I mean. I was in an office building restroom once that had two switches on the toilet. You pressed one when you needed the strong forceful flush and one when you didn’t. That’s my idea of saving water.
      My daughter’s bathroom has one of those newer toilets so I know of what I speak! Hugs –

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Glad you’re still going to post, Donna! Though I know I’ll see you around elsewhere too – hopefully on my side of the water before too long!

    Having just had our entire plumbing system replaced for similar reasons I sympathise. (why did we buy a relatively new build house – because we thought we wouldn’t have to deal with these problems!) Painting will happen in the spring! Then maybe we can replace some carpets – if Doc Cambridge is willing!

    • Hi Anna –

      Yes, we will be in touch – one way or another. 🙂 Are you coming to New York City this July? I’ll be there early. Call me!

      We’ve been in this house for 30 years and that must raise some sort of flag in the need for repair. I think because the previous years have been relatively repair free we’ve been a bit spoiled so I can understand your desire to buy a newer home. Of course, 30 years in England IS a newer home. LOL. Great that you have a handy husband to fix the needed repairs. I’m not anxious to get into cutting up the hardwood floor. That’s the pits.

  • Mozette says:

    Woohoo! You’re staying!

    Man! I thought you were all going to abandon us! *Phew!* You’re not! Yay!

    Now that you’ve asked us, I have had a few project that have been percolating over the last few months just coming to fruition. 😀

    A couple of months ago, just before Christmas actually, I drew up plans for a new work bench… and boy, was I excited about it! But money was the problem… I had very little of it and had to save up big. No probs! I finished up the markets over Christmas and put money away like crazy!
    When my folks came back from holidays, Dad and I found out how much money I had to play with and, ‘lo and behold, I had $140 get it all together! Dad was impressed! I spent every last penny of that on the work bench…and here it is!

    Then, I put my name down for the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave about 3 weeks ago… got my kit and told everyone I’m shaving off my hair to donate to Pantene’s Beautiful Length’s Campaign in Sydney. They make a wig out of it for people who are going through cancer treatment… here’s how much is going to be shaved off:

    So far, I’ve raised almost $400… if you’d like to sponsor me, you can! As much or little as you like… here’s the link to it:

    When you get there, it’ll say I’ve raised $262… but offline I’ve raised another $150 or so. I’ve also put a donation box at my local doctor’s office to pick up a day or so before the big day… my public event is at the Logan Hyperdome on 14th, March at 11am in the main court… I can’t wait! 😀

    I’m also writing another erotica book called ‘Lidia’s Games’… it follows on from one I wrote last year called ‘Rain’ about Lidia’s sister Lila… it’s hot stuff, very erotic and very um… interesting. 😛

    • Hi Mozette!

      My, you’ve been busy! Love that you took before and after pictures of your work area. That new bench looks fantastic and much more functional than before. Makes you wonder how you managed before 🙂

      Good on you for donating your hair to such a worthy cause. They’re not really going to shave your head – just cut your hair short, right? Nice way to put a new start to the new year. 🙂

      • Mozette says:

        Oh.. .yes! Shave my head to around an inch or so shy of being bald. They can have all my hair to make that lovely wig… 😀

        And it’s all worth it too. I figured out how much money I’ve raised: $439.00… I do need more sponsors, though. My goal is $1,000… 😀

  • Heathercm2001 says:

    Oh those projects that get out of control are not fun at all. You are not alone! There always seems to be at least one on the to-do list. I had some roofing repairs done over the summer. Then I changed some light fixtures around the house. My big goal for this year is to stain the deck. I did it a few years ago, but didn’t do it properly, so it needs completely redone. Blah!

    I had the leaky toilet thing not too long ago, but caught it kind of early. Those darn wax rings. When I looked into how to fix it I found an alternative to the dreadful wax ring. It was a green foam material, almost like those stress relief balls. So much easier!

    • Hi Heather!

      How did you know that you had a water difficulty to know it had to be repaired? That’s the part that has me stymied. Had I known there was a problem, maybe we could have had it fixed sooner before it warped the floor boards. At best, we could have had it fixed while the old tiles were still available 🙂 Same thing with the refrigerator – I wonder if there’s a way we could have known?

      Hugs on the deck. We’ve come to realize the deck flooring will need to be redone every couple of years no matter what kind of stain we use. I do love the way rain beads up on it when the darn thing is freshly done though. 🙂

      • Heathercm2001 says:

        There was a little bit of water around the toilet every so often, and I’m paranoid about water/pipe leaks, so I try to inspect everything in the basement every once in a while.

        • The damage in both cases hasn’t made it to the basement… or maybe it has but not to the dropped ceilings. We had the basement remodeled a good 10 years ago. LOL, we’d be hard pressed to discover anything at the base of the basement fixtures – too much stuff! 🙂 How well – into every life comes a little drama, right?

  • Deb says:

    Donna, I’m so glad you will still be in the Lair. Today’s post had me laughing, nodding my head, and agreeing. Tools and men….I even bought my husband a new easy-to-tote-tool bag last Christmas, and do you think he can find just the right tool? HA!

    Our bathroom renovation was a major re-do. It started with painting and new flooring and getting rid of the huge wall mirror. But, DH decides, “Let’s get rid of the cast iron tub and put in a tub-shower combo. And, I will build a wall to do so.” I am so proud of him!!! He did it!! He’s never built a wall, never done remodeling, but, thanks to my BIL, who owns his own construction business, and Youtube videos, Jerry did it!
    Our next project is the kitchen. Imagine pink and gray linoleum countertops, copper trim, and grungy carpet. Yep, major overhaul. Painting is up first…we’ve had the paint for 2 weeks, but not the motivation. 🙂

    • Hi Deb –

      Well I hope you continue to stop by – otherwise my motivation is going to fade fast :).

      I love how every job seems to require its own unique tool. My husband has so many of them downstairs, and he went out and put special things to take down the old wallpaper. He also watched a youtube video that said you should run this device over the wallpaper to put pin pricks in it – then spray water mixed with laundry softener in it on the paper. It’s to make the paper come off in sheets. My daughter bought him a huge container of cheap laundry softener thinking he would use it for the other rooms. Well – that’s not going to happen 🙂 Not sure if the pros used a similar technique, but they were a lot faster in the wallpaper removal and then fixing up the wall underneath.

      Take before pictures of that kitchen! It sounds like it needs the updating 🙂 How blessed you are to have a son-in-law in the business! I need one of those 🙂

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    So glad you are staying. Love these postings.

    Last year (in addition to 2 surgeries 6 weeks apart for my husband and my retirement – which was supposed to give me MORE time ha ha ha) we completely redid our back yard: covered patio, outdoor game room, fish pond, new storage shed. Today I can say it’s beautiful, but we didn’t think we would survive it. Not our sanity, our checkbook or maybe our marriage (well, kidding). A 3-month project took 7 months, we had bad workmanship, delays due to the general contractor not planning, surly workers, licensing issues . . . seemed to go on and on, and we are still getting roof and some other issues fixed. But overall it is exactly what we designed and we love it. Just took a lot of deep breaths and chanting “it will be beautiful, I will love it . . . .”

    Now I am either brave or insane, going to do a “facelift” in the inside. House is 25 years old, have never really done any remodel, need to bring it into this century at least. Replacing floors, painting walls, new shower stall, and new kitchen sink, lights, tile and backsplash. The contractor (who is not the same as the outside contractor and was recommended by our painter, the only one we love and trust) says this is minor work in contracting terms. I guess we’ll see about that. Hoping to get started in the next few weeks. I am already taking the deep breaths and chanting so think I am prepared!

    Your pictures look great – enjoy!

    • Hi Sally!

      Thanks, I feel so loved 🙂 . Please stop by in the future, though, just so I know someone is reading the posts!

      My husband is officially retired – which is why we decided to take on the project. Actually, what started everything was one of my neighbors deciding to sell their house and all the changes the realtor had them make. We started thinking about our house. It’s big – too big for two people (I harbor dreams of my daughter someday moving out). Someday, we’ll put this one on the market. So we figured we would do some updating now. I have a friend who is a realtor who said wallpaper was not in fashion – nor is stained woodwork. White woodwork is the “in” thing – but there’s no way I’m painting over my wood. I draw the line at that!

      I’d still like to have the kitchen spruced up with a new countertop and updated backsplash. Those projects are now on hold till we resolve our refrigerator leak problem. Does it ever end? I’m thinking that’s a no. 🙂

      • Sally Schmidt says:

        Our house is too big for 2 of us (plus the granddaughter that may never move) but it isn’t feasible to move. We did decide to use rooms for different purposes now – instead of standard (old style) kitchen/eating nook/TV room we are going to use that as one big eat-in kitchen and use the living room & never-used formal dining room as the TV/gathering room and my READING room.

        • Sally –

          It sounds like a good plan – a “country” eating room and then a great room. Funny about the never-used formal dining room. I think most of us are like that. We use the dining room for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and an occasional winter dinner with guests. Otherwise we entertain on the screened in porch or patio. I think our dining room is used more for my writing (I can’t stand to be in my office for writing. It smacks too much of Accounting) and puzzle – assembling. The formal living room is for the Christmas tree and a place for reading & hanging laundry to dry. LOL . Our modern families aren’t quite the thing of the past, are they?

  • jcp says:

    Good luck on your remodeling.

    I’ll still be hanging out on the blog. I like Goodreads but the other social media not so much, jmo.

    • Hi jcp –

      Facebook is growing on me, I think because I like the photos. But there’s so much cutsey stuff like – use the first letter of your first name to find your elf name – that I just don’t feel I have the time for.
      But I’d rather blog. One day a month works well for me. Hope you stop by and visit.

      I’m still trying to figure out Goodreads. LOL- by the time I do, I’m sure there’ll be another media I’ll be expected to master. Guess I’m old school.

  • Cassondra says:

    Donna, I have bought Steve every tool that he’s ever needed, since we’ve been on a restoration project in this old house for fifteen years. But there’s not a project we start–even a small one–that he doesn’t say, “If I had X tool, this would go so much easier!”

    A lot of times I’ll walk to the garage and come back with X tool he just asked about, and he’ll go, “oh.”

    Alas, there aren’t many home structure or infrastructure issues we haven’t faced, but his year we had our first ice dams, and I was really afraid that the ceiling in our bathroom would be compromised. I’m not looking forward to going in the attic, to see how much insulation will need replaced. Fortunately the ceilings are one-inch-thick beaadboard, so they can take a lot more than drywall can, in comparison. But still, this summer is going to be “the summer of the repairs” for us. Not looking forward to that.

    Love the colors you chose, and the update has to feel really good.

    • Hi Cassondra –

      You know, I hadn’t thought about it until I read your post – but do you think that “this would go so much faster if I had so & so,” is like an advance defense mechanism to explain why the repair didn’t go well in case it didn’t? Everything it seems can be fixed with by a certain tool – LOL.
      Now my husband would have said he had to make an emergency trip to the hardware store, disappear for an hour, come back with the tool PLUS other things that he thought we needed, and then would discover that he had that very tool after all! 🙂

      Thanks for the cover love. We’re trying to keep things neutral which is hard for someone who LOVES color. That dark gray for the dining room lower half is my needing for a substantive color. LOL.

  • Colleen C. says:

    I could not imagine seeing mushrooms growing in the bathroom oh, my! Project wise… I am painting drawers my father is making for my parents’ walk in closet… they are coming out nice!

    • Hi Colleen –

      Drawers in a walk-in closet! Heaven! Heck, I’d settle for a cleared floor in our closet. LOL.

      Yes – the mushrooms were a surprise – and I think they surprised the tile folks as well. My daughter first told me about them when I was in New Orleans for RT. I figured if I ignored their existence, they’d go away – and they did! They’d come up for a day or two and then wither and die, only to resurface in another week. Someone suggested putting bleach on the spot. I’m glad I didn’t do that as the mushrooms were only a symptom of the problem.

      LOL – I’ll be watching for mushrooms sprouting under my refrigerator now. Maybe my house is under some strange mushroom curse 🙂 (you know – that might make a book! LOL)

  • sandyg265 says:

    My Mom has the kitchen cabinets refinished and the countertops replaced. Then she didn’t like the old floor or the wallpaper with the new cabinet color. So we had to replace those. We also replaced the kitchen sink and faucet.

    • LOL Sandy –

      Isn’t that the way it goes? It’s hard to see the impact of a project until it’s done – then suddenly you can see all the other things that need to be fixed. Never-ending.

      While I need to change my countertops, I’m glad I waited until after the paint job was finished. I probably would have have chosen a different color than the one I have in mind now that I can see the whole kitchen. But one thing always seems to lead to another.

  • Donna, Your renovations look beautiful! But, I can appreciate the work. This horrible winter keeps causing the pipes to the two upstairs bathrooms to freeze when the wind chill is -10 or colder…really, that IS cold! But, various men have opined that it is insulation but none can agree where it is missing from and where it went (I think the pesky mice from the Spring took it all to line their nests). Last estimate for repair was $16,000! Now, with son’s wedding on March 28 and two books that have just been released…that kind of money is not available. So, I run the water, flush at all hours, use a space heater often and pray for unfrozen toilet lines. Spring and a NYT best-seller should solve the problem! LOL! See you tomorrow!

    • Hi Morgan –

      I hear you on the frozen water lines. Fortunately all of ours run on the much warmer south side of the house – but the hot water line to our bathroom sink freezes every time the temperature gets to the single digits. So we drip, and leave the under cabinet doors open so the heat can get inside (LOL – like that makes a difference). Dripping seems to work – but I have had to resort to propping up blow dryers to warm the pipe and thaw the blockage. Used to be that single digit nights only occurred maybe four times in a winter. This winter, we’ve dripped more than that easily! See you tomorrow!

  • catslady says:

    So glad to hear you’ll be staying – I was beginning to think everyone was leaving. Your remodeling looks wonderful. It’s been 30 years since we did a large remodeling – the main bathroom. We need to do the kitchen desperately but one thing leads to another that leads to another and it’s very expensive (sigh).

    • Catslady –

      I know! It’s to the point that you don’t want to do the smallest of things because you know that they won’t remain small for long. 🙂

      I believe Jeanne is sticking around the blog as well and everyone will drop in when they have a release. It’s just hard to find the time and the creativity 🙂 to blog more than once a month. But I don’t want to lose our connection, you know? So I’ll be around.

  • Donna, your renovation sounds gorgeous! But there sure is a lot of work between the “teardown” and the “gorgeous” stages.

    • Nancy –

      Fortunately, we didn’t have to do the work, we just had to survive the cooped up living spaces. Had I known what all this entailed, I would have scheduled things for the summer when we could have been outside (the dust from sanding the spackling was terrible!) but then we wouldn’t have gotten the big discount on pricing that we enjoyed (or the timely work).

  • Pissenlit says:

    Happy NOT Last Blog Post Day!

    Omigosh! Toilet mushrooms! Gah!

    ARGH!!! I hate remodelling/renovation projects! Something usually goes wrong and even if it doesn’t, there’s all the stress and hassle during the project! Ick.

    • 🙂 yes – definitely NOT the last blog day – put those tissues away 🙂

      Hopefully the Bandits renovation will go much smoother with less stress & hassle – and definitely no toilet mushrooms. 🙂

  • Kaelee says:

    I’m so glad that you will still be here once a month.

    We don’t have any renovation projects planned and hoping none surprise us.

    • Thank you Kaelee!

      LOL on the hoping! 🙂 The dining room wallpaper was easily 30 years old while the kitchen wallpaper was put off at 9/11 – how can I forget that day – so it was 14 years old. Someone said the typical life of wallpaper is about 7 years so we were l-o-n-g overdue. Hopefully the paint will be easier to maintain in the future.