He Said….


“What the?” Paolo put a hand to his chest.  He breathed out a sigh of relief at the three BB’s who had snuck up on him. “Oh, sorry. Ya’ll startled me. Can I get you a refreshing beverage?” It was after curfew. Nobody was supposed to still be in The Lair. Those gladiators would have some explaining to do. Not that he was brave enough to do it. He focused back on the BB’s ” No? What was I doing listening at the door? What door? There are lots of doors in The Lair.”door

“Shite on a stick!”

Paolo gave a nervous laugh. “You’re right. That was pretty loud considering it was, ah…behind a door. Accent? Oh, there might have been a bit of an accent, I wasn’t really paying any attention.”

The BB’s took a step toward him. Paolo swallowed at their determined expressions. Gladiators v BB’s? Both were forces to be reckoned with.  “Ok, ok. It’s a new door, put in by Joanie T. Saw her directing several construction workers in putting in more than a few. You know those Banditas…they’re pretty secretive when they have new projects. But this one, THIS one is intriguing! Whoever’s in there had been going at before I started eavesdropping…er, I mean it caught my attention.”

“Of all the blithering edjits.”

Paolo raised a brow. sent a sideways look to the ladies.  “Care to join me?”

The BB’s exchanged looks then grinned. Paolo shuffled out of their way then joined them in a gasp. “Wow,” they said in unison. The door had shimmered into a clear window. “Ssshh…” said Paolo. Let’s listen.”


“The blasted, infuriating woman!” Brady Sullivan fumed as he paced before his brother’s huge stone fireplace. “The stubborn, willful…”

“…beautiful, smart…” added another man lounging in an overstuffed chair. The man favored Brady–black hair, blue eyes the pulsating blue of a Star Wars light saber. Neither were built like bouncers but there lay the advantage when an enemy underestimated the strength and power of a Leithprachaun warrior.

“Aye,” replied Brady, throwing his hands up in the air. “and sexy. Don’t be forgetting sexy.”

The other man smiled. “Never, brother.”

Brady pulled up and sent a menacing glare to his brother. He might be High King of their clan, but he was a major pain in the arse. “Patric, ye’ll be watching what ye say about my woman.”

Patric’s lips curved into a knowing smile.

Brady ran his hands through his hair. “Ah, shite.”

“Now don’t be riling up the boyo, Patric. Ye know he’s on the edge.”

Brady opened his mouth to dispute  his other brother, Killian’s observation. But the plain truth of the matter was, he was right. Everything in him was trembling like a bowl of gelatin: his legs, his hands, his thoughts.

His magic.

“Aye, yer right. I concede it. Shannon’s my woman. Mine.” To protect, to cherish, to love. To die for. “That’s why I can’t be letting her do it.”

Patric sipped on a tumbler of Jemeson’s. “Ye’ve no say in the matter.” Patric raised his hand cutting off Brady’s protest. “Tis  the only way. Ye need yer treasure. We need yer treasure…”

“Don’t say it…” warned Brady.

Patric ignored him. “The world needs yer treasure.”

Brady sank into a chair. “And I need her. Ah, shite. Tis a fine mess.”

Patric poured another drink, handed it to Brady. “She’s yer cailin. She chose to do this, to make this sacrifice. Ye can’t deny her that.”

Brady downed the whiskey in one gulp. “Feck if I can’t. I’ll….”

He never finished the sentence but slumped in the chair. Patric waved a hand to keep the glass from shattering on the oak floor. He nodded to the woman standing behind Brady, her hands still glowing from the sedation spell. “Will he be out long, Bridget?”

Bridget nodded grimly. “Long enough…I hope.” She raised crystal blue eyes to her brother. “Will it work out then?”

Patric’s glass filled with amber liquid. “It has to sister. It has to.”


Paolo’s heart thumped in his chest as the door went to oak. Leithprachauns? High King? That was the guy who was hanging out in the barroom just last week. What was going on? What does the world have to do with it? Somebody needs to know about this. If danger’s been brought into The Lair, the Bandits need to know.

“Slow down cabana boy,” one of the BB’s said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

Paolo stared at her. Man, these BB’s were perceptive. “But we have protocols.”

“No protocols for this,” said another. “There are two sides to every story. We need to find this Shannon.”


“But nothing.” The third one grabbed him by the collar. “Show us those other doors.”


Wow, some shenanigans going on and poor Paolo’s in the middle. Who are the mysterious BB’s? Is it one of YOU? Tell us how you managed to break in.  What kind of mission is Brady worried about? Give us your best guess.

Tune in tomorrow for She Said… drum


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  • flchen1 says:

    Oh my, oh my!! What on earth is happening?!!

  • flchen1 says:

    What I want to know is whether there will be Irish dancing lessons… well, I suppose with Brady sleeping away, he won’t be the one doing the jig! Paolo?

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Aye, good mornin’ to ye Flchen! Dancing, is it? Well…there will be…There HAS to be but it won’t be our boyo who’ll be giving us a jig. He does, however, play all the instruments of the homeland. They and their music are, shall we say, INGRAINED in him? Hmmmm..

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Dancing! YAY!!! I hope he can keep a beat on that bodhrun…if so, we’ll have us a gay old time!

  • Amy Conley says:

    Brady is worried about their castle being over-run by a strange group of majikal women, and what their plans are once they get inside the castle.

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Strange, is it? Ah, Amy girl ye have a suspicious mind, ye do.

      But it’s been known for awhile that our BB’s ARE a magical group..esp. after a launch party. Hmmmm

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        Och, now, Joanie me lass! Ye know that I’m not from Eire, but from Caladonia. However, I’m always up for a party. Grins. And you KNOW our BBs ARE majikal. Take Amy, for instance….

        • Joan Kayse says:

          Aye, Caladonian…our Amy is a full of magic…ye can see it when she eats chocolate. She literally glows…

          Fess up woman! Are ye one of the BB’s ?

          • Amy Conley says:

            I believe I just might be…but beware, my majick tends to have a mind of itself from time to time.

  • Helen says:

    What is Shannon going to sacfice for her love her body her life we need to find out and also who the BB’s are that got in but I am sure they will save the day 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Aye well Helen m’dear. There are many sacrifices when ye love someone…even if yer not willing to admit it.

      But who DO ye think are the BB’s holding Paolo host…er, holding Paolo’s attention? There was a whiff of Tim Tams in the corridor. (Looks pointedly at Australia) Hmmmm

      • Helen says:


        Perhaps it is Mary and I have sent some Tim Tams overseas I can’t possibly be that smart as too break into the Lair without an invitation ?

        Have Fun

  • Shannon says:

    Eeek!! While I am sure this is another Shannon. I do like doors–I can probably dig up pictures of doors in Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Istanbul, England and Scotland. Big doors, ornate doors, and little doors (the priest hole). Doors open and close… Brisk air comes in this time of the year. Blog doors bring in new authors, great books, interesting ideas, and wonderful quick 5s.

    And I love magic. I do want to be the Shannon with the magic. (Especially if it’s ordinary magic where my house is cleaned) And it sounds like she has power, my kind of gel.

    Of course, I can do paranoid. You all have been talking to my investigator to see I can be trusted with state secrets. He’s now checking out what happened in Hagerstown.
    “Is she addicted to anything?” You do know the right answer is books, darnit, books. I swear I did not provide any inside information on SEALs, well maybe, I told some one that Brody was something more than a bad ass.

    So I’m going to name my top suspects: Obviously Joan is in on this. Caren is always up to trouble. I swear I saw a peacock feather, so I name Donna as a person of interest. Anna is gearing up for hockey season, so she’s probably NOT involved. As for Nancy, she’s got time on her hands after a launch or two. What about Christine, Anna, or Tawny?

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Ah, Shannon…keeper of the name. Ye’ve done a find job of deflecting suspicion from YE!!!!!

      Cause ye see, me darlin’ Twasn’t any of the BANDITS who are sneakin’ about. Twas BB’s. Are you one of them? Who are your cohorts. HOW did ye get into the Lair after curfew?

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey now…what happens in Hagerstown STAYS in Hagerstown! SNORK!!!

  • Lisa says:

    BBs. Hmmm. Best Buds? Brutal Banshees? Bickering Barbaras? Ballet Belles? All things are possible in the land of the Leithprachaun, right? Tis a tease you’ve given us, Joanie T. Where’s the rest?

  • Joan Kayse says:

    BB’s me dear Lisa is the acronym for Bandit Buddies 😀 As to the rest? Well ye’ll see a bit tomorrow and then the fates will determine where “the rest” is 😀

  • Deb says:

    A regular door, or a portal to another time? OR, another sexy hunk behind the door? What will happen with Shannon?
    Possible statements/questions or titles perhaps…..


    • Joan Kayse says:

      Ah Debbie, me luv…ye’ve the wit of the Irish. “As the Stone Turns”….Brady just shivered in his enchanted sleep.

      There’s lots behind every door in The Lair…sexy heroes, magic, danger, dangerous, sexy magical heroes 😀

  • gamistress66 says:

    we’ll never admit to which of us BB’s is guilty (this time) or our secret as to our snooping — after all, can’t have those ways suddenly blocked, filled, alarmed, etc. otherwise we’ll may never (or at least it’ll seem that way) find out what is happening & what Shannon is about (need to make sure she’s approved match for our dear sexy Brady) 😉

    • Joan Kayse says:

      Yer a crafty one gamistress…as yer name implies.

      The Bandits have a crack security team (ahem…though the gladiators seemed to have taken the night off). As to Shannon girl? Well, she’s just the right fit for our boyo and it’s driving him mad. 😀

      • Jeanne Adams says:

        I’m a wee concerned about their absence, JT. Do we need to have a spot of “hunt the gladiators”? Grins. I’m SURE the BB’s would be up…so to speak….for that! Ha!

        Do you think they’ve been enchanted into sleep? I’ve never known them to miss their security measures, doncha know….

        • Joan Kayse says:

          Tis a possibility as yer right…my boys are ever the ones for duty.

          But their are dark forces afoot and even they and their weapons (including their loincloths) are no match for those that would rule the world.

          Ha! See there? A stack of loincloths. BB’s to arms! We have naked gladiators lost in the Lair!

          • gamistress66 says:

            a stampede to distract — hmm, Joan are you up to something? 😉 and did you at least give “your boys” some warning as to just what “their duty” might entail today 😉

  • Joanie, I can’t say how people might’ve broken into the Lair because that we be, ya know, telling. *g* I’m guessing the mission is dangerous but that’s the best I can do. It’s an intriguing setup.

  • Joan Kayse says:

    That’s it for tonight. Join us tomorrow as we see what Shannon is up to!