Happy Boxing Day 2016!

Well, it’s official.  The calendar has turned to a new page, and Christmas 2016 is over.  I feel as though I hardly had time to anticipate it before it was here, and now it’s gone.

Some of you celebrate the holiday, and some of you don’t.  If you do, I hope yours was merry, and if you don’t, I hope you had a relaxing day. I hope those of you who celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanzaa are having a happy one.

img_3655Our tree is a Fraser fir, with the same ornaments we use every year.  It looks much like very other tree I’ve posted a picture of on the blog, so I decided instead to post a photo of a favorite ornament, the little house depicted at left.  The dh and I got this in a Christmas shop on our honeymoon.

After the Great Water Disaster and subsequent floor refinishing, the living room floor is nice and smooth and shiny. The guys took extra care not to scratch it when they put the tree up.  I hope they’ll be as successful when they take it down.

We have our holiday meal on Christmas Eve, so we did that this year, too.  Yesterday morning, we got up and had coffee and explored what Santa had brought.  I got DVDs of Captain America: Civil War and Season 1 of Poldark, along with a couple of research books I’d needed, so that was all great.

Then the dh made Swedish pancakes, per his mom’s recipe, for brunch, and we opened presents.  Because we’re in no rush to open gifts, that took a while, though it went faster than in the days when everything periodically stopped while the boy played with whatever new toy he’d just opened.

img_3635Pictured at right is our candle tower.  We’ve used it for years, but this year, the dh couldn’t get candles for it.  The one place that always had them informed him they had none, that they’d stopped carrying “stick candles” because they were a fire hazard.  And tea lights just won’t cut it.

Luckily, he had enough spares from previous years to make the tower work.  We’re not sure what we’ll do next year, though the boy is confident that the proper candles can be obtained online.

And yes, those are books in the dining room. *sigh* They sort of spilled out of the main book places and had to go somewhere.

During lulls in the day, I thought about what my imaginary friends, better known as my characters, would be doing.  Griff and Val, I figured, would spend the day with his family in Macon.  After years of being without them, he wouldn’t want to miss a holiday, and Val has become part of that circle.  She has no family of her own, and those who’ve read Renegade know what happened to her guardian. Of course Griff’s sister and brother-in-law, Caroline and Rick Moore, would be with them.

Warrior_FINAL_3I have a deleted scene from Warrior I’d hoped to have up on my website but didn’t get to.  It’s a snippet from Griff and Val’s first Christmas together, his first in six years with his family.  If I can get it posted this week, I’ll update this post to include the link.

Edie and Josh are outdoorsy people, so they went to Colorado to see her family and go skiing for part of the holiday.  The rest, they’ll spend in California at his aunt’s house, with his sisters and his dad.

Stefan and Mel decided to alternate years spending Thanksgiving with her family and Christmas with his.  Right now, she’s still living in Atlanta and he’s still based in Brunswick, though that could change soon. He drove to Atlanta for the holiday, and her family came down from North Carolina to join them.

Will and Audra had a quiet holiday at the home of her mentor in Atlanta.  Tomorrow, they’re flying out to join Will’s parents in Paris.  Audra’s very excited because she has never been there.  If she knew Will was scheming to get her to the Alps and teach her to ski, she’d be a little nervous, too!

Roland met Peri’s family at Thanksgiving, and she’s meeting his this Christmas.  He knows they’ll adore her, but Peri’s anxious to make a good impression.

Kelsey Mitchell and Greg Reed aren’t together this holiday season. Work has taken a toll on their budding relationship, but I have plans for them in 2017.

the-magic-christmas-guy-finalAnd of course, Jenny Bridges and Mike McLean are currently seeing where the attraction between them can go in “The Magic Christmas Guy.”

So that was my Christmas day.  How did you spend yours?

Just to satisfy my curiosity, do you like to read deleted scene snippets?  Are you disappointed if they’re just snippets instead of a story with a beginning, middle, and end? Does your opinion depend on whether you’ve already read the book?

Do you watch Poldark? Have you read the books (I haven’t)?

Finally, do you have books in a place where most people wouldn’t expect to find them?

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  • EC Spurlock says:

    Glad you had such a lovely and relaxing Christmas, Nancy! I just had a nice quiet relaxing day with my kids; but I had a number of wonderful surprises this year. One of the magazines I had freelanced for for years closed their doors, but my editors sent me a beautiful hand-painted mug and a lovely note of appreciation. I was also named CSR of the Year at my day job, and my coworkers gave me a specialty printed hoodie with Edna Mode from The Incredibles on it (they say I look like her, so that’s my code name and icon on the network).

    I’m always happy to read snippets, especially if it’s an author I’m not familiar with. It gives me an idea of whether I can relate to the author’s voice, plot and characters. I’m more likely to actively look for the book if I’ve already read a snippet.

    And we’ve got two bookcases in the living room, two in the family room (not counting the one built into hubby’s computer desk), a small one in the kitchen for my cookbooks, and at least one in each bedroom. Plus magazines hiding in the bathroom cabinets. 🙂

    • Thanks, EC!

      You really had a banner year. Congrats! It’s too bad about the magazine closing. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

      Your house sounds as book-oriented as ours. Except we kerp our bathroom magazines on the back of the tank for easy access.

      Thanks for the input on snippets. I enjoy reading them but don’t want to assume all readers are like me. One reason I like excerpts and snippets on author websites is that they give me an idea of the author’s voice.

      Oh, and it looks as though the GR is headed your way. I hope he won’t make trouble!

  • Jane says:

    Hello Nancy,
    Had Christmas brunch with my cousin and then we walked around the city a bit. I usually do read the deleted scenes if the author has them posted on their site. Love Poldark, but haven’t read the books. I have no interest in reading the Outlander books, but I do enjoy the TV series.

    • Hi, Jane–

      That sounds like a great way to spend a holiday. I haven’t read the Poldark books either and am behind on the show, which we didn’t discover until the first season was almost over. The DVD will come in handy.

      I also enjoy episodes of Outlander, but also am not drawn to the books.

      Thanks for the info about deleted scenes.

  • Deb says:

    Hi, Nancy! Merry Day After Christmas! 😁 As you read from my FB page, my family had an Israeli Meal. Success! Now another favorite country.
    How lovely to have your traditional Swedish pancakes!
    I will search out a book if I read a snippet. What better way to preview a book?!
    Sorry I haven’t popped in the Lair for ages. No excuses, just can’t seem to get with the program. Have a wonderful Christmas week!

    • Hi, Deb–Merry Christmas to you, too. Yes, I remember that about your meal. I’m glad it went well.

      It’s nice to see you here, and no worries about being away. Between the Great Water Disaster and the Book That Ate My Life, I haven’t exactly been a frequent presence here either! But those calendar pages have turned, too, and there’s a new year coming.

      Thanks for the input about deleted scenes.

  • Helen says:

    Hi Nancy

    Sounds like a fabulous Christmas we had a noisy one with 6 grandkids opening presents running around playing with them and then in the pool it was hot over here and after a big lunch the kids were swimming with the adults sitting around watching them although some were in the pool as well 🙂

    I rather like reading a few deleted scenes but more so if I have already read the book for me.

    And no to Poldark although I hear so many good things about it

    Pretty much with books all over my house LOL

    Have Fun

    • Hi, Helen–Sounds like you had riotous fun all day. The pool is a definite upside to Christmas in warm weather. We spent Christmas with my cousins in Florida one year, and it was pretty cool to eat my holiday meal outside on the picnic table while wearing shorts.

      Why am I not surprised about books all over your house? 🙂

      We’ve enjoyed Poldark, but I think it’s much better if viewed regularly. Otherwise, we miss things and then don’t understand what’s happening.

      Thanks for the input on deleted scenes.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I’ve never seen Poldark.
    I have books all around the base of my bed. And the side closest to thr wall and furthest from where anyone can see, or walk, is chalked full of books.

    Our actual Christmas day was VERY different this year, adults only, no kids! But by Tues we celebred twice with children, finally! Once at my dad’s house, then at our own house with 2 grandsons, better then none, but not enough for me, but I’ll skip that part.