Hanging Around the Lair

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday.  I hope you enjoyed the day, whether or not you celebrated Thanksgiving!

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, of course, today is that frenzied day of marathon shopping known as Black Friday.  The name comes from the goal of retail stores to make enough that one day to put them in the black for the year. Yeah.  I won’t be helping.  I’m all for businesses making money, but I hate crowds, especially frenzied ones.

I may venture out to our local independent bookstore, though probably not as it’s in a shopping center.  I certainly won’t be going to the mall.  Instead, I’m going to be working on my other Light Mage Wars Christmas story, “The Magic Christmas Guy,” which will be out next month.  When I’m not doing that, I’ll be pondering the upcoming Star Wars film and maybe watching this video, Pentatonix performing the Star Wars themes at the American Music Awards:

We all love Star Wars around here, of course, and this video is fabulous.  Watching the film clips in it reminded me of falling in love with Star Wars all those years ago.

If you’re not familiar with Pentatonix, you’re in for a treat.  I discovered them last year when their video of “The Little Drummer Boy” got a lot of play on the internet.

I was watching this Star Wars video yesterday afternoon, with it blown up to fill my computer screen, while the boy hovered in the background.  When the video ended, he said, “This movie better be good.”


It’s the holiday juggernaut film, with huge expectations built up.  So we have our fingers crossed! And I’ll probably watch this video a few more times between now and the movie’s opening on December 18.

I caught last night’s episode of Haven–not a rerun, which was kind of surprising–after dinner, and we watched the first half of the Carolina Panthers vs. the Dallas Cowboys before our guests arrived.  The Panthers won, 33-14, and it appears to us that both Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly are going to be very expensive for Carolina to retain, come contract time.

Today we’re just hanging out and avoiding any place that might have a crowd.  I’ll be here in the Lair some and home the rest of the time, most likely.  The cabana boys, gladiators, and hockey hunks will be conferring with Sven about decorating the Lair for the holidays, and the banditas will still be on holiday.  Ermengarde is flying around, working off her big meal from yesterday, and the GR is holed up in his room, muttering about something. We’re hoping this doesn’t mean he’s thinking up trouble.

Feel free to join us before, after, or instead of hitting the holiday sales.

Forget+Me+Not+anthologyWe’re also celebrating the release of Forget Me Not, an anthology to benefit Alzheimer’s and Brain Health.  Caren contributed the Lakewood Confidential novella, which ties into her Cross Springs series.

The authors are also giving away a Kindle. For more details on the anthology and the giveaway, check out Caren’s website.

Meanwhile, kick back and hang with us a while.  Sven has some pretty little sandwiches (no turkey), and the bar is open.

If you had a holiday yesterday, how was it? Did you go shopping today? If not, what are you doing instead? What would you like from the Lair bar?



  • flchen1 says:

    We had a lovely day–lunch at my sister’s family’s place. DH took care of the turkey, and the rest of us contributed various sides and rolled away from the table stuffed 😉 We were blessed to hang out with a couple new friends as well as old ones and family too.

    No plans to shop today… maybe a little on-line shopping if the mood hits 😉

    Sven, I’d love a mug of hot spiced cider, please! It’s a little chilly here 🙂

  • Jane says:

    Hello Nancy,
    More dancing Cam. I stuffed myself and needed a cup of coffee to keep me from falling asleep. I can’t wait to see the new Star Wars movie, too. They just released the trailer for the upcoming Captain America Civil War and I’ve already watched it a few times. It looks so good and it’ll be fun to see Cap and Iron Man on opposite sides.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Jane, I’m so excited for Star Wars and the new Cap! Fingers crossed they are both as amazing as we expect them to be. It makes me nervous, waiting!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! I am LOVING that Civil War trailer! Woohoo!! I’ve watched it a few times myself.

      And yes, more dancing Cam! Grins. Mine was a happy football household last night thanks to Cam and Jay Cutler. My hubby is from Chicago, so when Da Bears won in Lambeau….yeah, it capped Thanksgiving quite nicely!

    • Jane, our guests arrived during halftime, so we missed the second half of the game. We did get to see Luke Kuechly score his first NFL touchdown off an interception. You may be interested to know that an article in this morning’s Charlotte Observer quotes Cam Newton referring to Kuechly as Captain America.

      We saw Downey and Evans on Jimmy Kimmel the other night. They showed the trailer, and I agree, it looks fabulous!

      I had wine with dinner, then coffee, and so was kind of wired until about 2 am. As a result, I’m getting a late start today.

  • Caren Crane says:

    Nancy, like you I avoid the Black Friday madness like the plague! We had a great meal at my brother’s house and allmy ssiblings were there. My kind of a good time! Tons of delicious food, lots of wine and many hours of raucous conversation. Perfection.

    Now I plan to drink coffee, eat pie and do lots more talking! The cabana boys need to bring coffee, for sure. Later I will switch to more lively beverages!

    Also, I adore Pentatonix! I listened to the hour-long version of Winter Hymnal the other day. Maybe more than once! 🙂

    • Caren, I must now check out Winter Hymnal. I haven’t put Christmas music on the iPad because I play its songs in the random shuffle pattern and don’t want to hear carols at other times if the year. I may need to get the CD, though.

      Safe travels home!

  • Helen says:

    Oh Nancy

    We have a big shopping day here in Oz on Boxing Day the day after Christmas and I never go I do not like shopping and when I need to go I go and slow days lol 🙂

    As for the new Star Wars movie we can’t wait for it either it is released on Dec 17th here which is the last day of school and my grandson Jayden is already pestering me to have it off so we can go 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Helen, I look for the slow days, too! It really aggravates me that stores will not post the dates of their holiday promotions online in advance. I want to avoid those dates.

      I don’t know whether we’ll get to Star Wars the first day. I kind of doubt it. Online ticket sales have been so heavy that I wouldn’t be surprised to find no tickets available for the first week. Be sure to let us know how Jayden likes it!

  • I only had to work 7 until Noon today and frankly it didn’t get hectic until about the time I left. They said the Black Friday crowd last night was fairly tame at our store. At another store closer to my Mom’s they had to tase a guy over a video game. Good grief. You don’t change your perspective on this unless you have seen the lines at Russian grocery stores for bread in the 80’s. If those people could stand peacefully in line for bread I cannot understand beating the crap out of each other for a video game. Tomorrow is the big game and the crowds will be big until about 30 minutes or so before kick off. Some Walmart big wig from Arkansas is coming Monday which means management at my store will be a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and Adolph Hitler. Hope I survive and still have a job at the end of the day. My patience for this sort of insanity grows shorter and shorter. There is no man on earth worth the kind of pressure they put us under for a visit from some home office dude.

    • Louisa, I’m glad your day wasn’t hectic. To me–and I know the retail establishment does not agree–nothing that takes place on Thanksgiving Day qualifies as Black Friday. Because it’s, you know, not Friday but _Thursday!_

      When I worked for the Feds, people from DC were always coming to interrupt our workdays for things that could’ve been accomplished entirely by memo, so I sympathize. Maybe this visit will be mercifully brief.

  • Amy Conley says:

    Stayed in all weekend. Didn’t even take my jammies off today. Watched a couple good movies tonight, but thsat was it. Quietest Thanksgiving weekend, ever.