Grounds For War–Jeanne & Cassondra Food Fight Day 2

Jeanne: So, Cassondra, were you surprised by yesterday’s food fight results? I know I was! So many people like Krispy Kremes! And I think you won the total overall vote for glazed donuts. (Pardon me while I roll my eyes, okay?)

Cassondra: Well, they’re popular for a reason.

Jeanne: Yeah, yeah. Okay. So moving right along…what about dipping? Do you dip your donut in coffFood fight milkee or tea?

Cassondra: Neither. I dip in milk. I like milk with my donuts.   Ha! Bet ya didn’t see THAT coming. *grin* Do you dip?

Jeanne: I’ve done it on occasion, in my coffee. *looks smug*

Cassondra:  *wrinkles nose* Speaking of coffee.  How do you like yours?  Do you go for the holiday specialties at the coffee shop?

Jeanne:  Ew.  I’d like to avoid it, but you know how it is this time of year. EVERYTHING has a “special holiday flavor” – I know that makes me sound like the Grinch,

Cassondra: *interrupts*   You’re a MEAN one, Jeeeeeeanne Grinch…

Jeanne: Snork! Great, now I’ll have the song stuck in my head all day….Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Griiiinch!

Anyway, I really hate flavored coffees or teas. I like my Starbucks Mocha, or plain coffee with creFood Fight Dec 2014 Jeanne's coffee from starbucks extra whipam. No caramel. No hazelnut. No vanilla, and for heaven’s sake NO PEPPERMINT!!

Cassondra:  What?

Okay y’all, you might as well know. I could order for Jeanne at Starbucks. I’ve seen her do it often enough. In fact, I HAVE ordered for her.  That’s it over there on the right.  “I’d like a Venti non-fat, extra-whip Mocha.” *tries to look taller as she bats eyelashes, pretending to be Jeanne*

Jeanne: Snork! You do that far too well!

Cassondra: If only I could look blonde.

Okay, okay.  Now when it comes to the fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks or Peet’s or Seattle’s Best–and Jeanne’s mocha definitely qualifies as one of those–or when it comes to a plain old cup of coffee, I don’t like many flavors. I like flavored coffee ONLY in certain circumstances, and only certain flavors.

But hey! This is one of those circumstances!  It’s that time of year, right? Peppermint things are dancing around Christmas trees for cripes sake.

Jeanne: *shocked*: You mean you DO like peppermint coffee?? How could I not know this about you?

Cassondra: *gesticulates wildly* How can you not like peppermint?

Jeanne: Oh, I like all those flavors on their own. I just don’t like them in coffee. Or tea. OMGosh, I despise flavored teas. Give me good old Earl Gray, or a hearty black leaf tea like Orange Pekoe. Twinings. Constant Comment. Hearty tea. And if its gonna be hot – perfect for this time of year – there’s to be no milk. No lemon. None of this foo-foo flavoring. Bleech.

Cassondra: I really, REALLY hate to break it to you, but darlin’, Earl Grey Is. A. Flavor! So is MOCHA in coffee, for that matter. I like the idea of mocha, but honestly? It’s the textureFood Fight Dec 2014 Cassondra coffee. Mocha is chocolate flavored but it’s thick. It makes the coffee “thick.” So now I really want a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, but I can’t stand the texture so instead I get a peppermint latte with whipped cream and fancy fixins.  That’s it over there on the left.  Cuz I don’t want…you know…THICK coffee.

Jeanne: Snork! You are so picky.

Cassondra: YOU like thick coffee. Admit it.

Jeanne: Absolutely. Chocolate in coffee, and whipped cream, are naturally occurring additives. They’re fitting. They’re companion flavors. Adding other things, like the new Starbucks Roasted Chestnut Latte, are just icky. And seriously, they made a mistake the other day and made me a peppermint mocha instead of my usual mocha.

Cassondra: Yum! (except for the thick mocha part)

Jeanne: Hey! I’ve been going to “my” Starbucks since it opened – more than 15 years! – and they’ve never made it with peppermint. I took a big ‘ol drink as I walked out the door. Nearly choked. Turned right back in and handed it to the barista. Poor thing, he was the new guy.   He fight candy canes

“What?” he asked as all the other baristas gathered around. They know me.

“It’s Peppermint,” I said, handing it to him.   “Icky. No peppermint. Ever.”

Laughter from the other baristas.

“Just a mocha,” they chorused. “Not white mocha, not peppermint, nothing but mocha .”

“And extra whip!” the longest-serving barista added.

See? They know me. No foo-foo flavors.

Cassondra: WAIT just a minute. YOU get to pick WHICH flavors are foo foo and which are not just cuz you like some and not others? *waggles finger* I don’t think so. And they aren’t saying anything about the CHOCOLATE flavor—and the THICK coffee.

Seriously. Ew.

Here’s the deal. I don’t like ANY pre-flavored coffees—like those pre-flavored beans you get at the grocery store?  I know, I know, lots of people like those. But me?  Blech. Gross me out the door.

Jeanne: Whew! I’m glad we agree there, I was beginning to worry!food fight cinnamon

Cassondra: Yes, but if I go to a coffee shop, and it’s the right time of year, I’ll get a peppermint flavored coffee. It just seems fitting.

And here’s a secret–once again—just a plain cup of coffee, with no fancy steamed milk or froth and no espresso. At home, during these long, dark days of winter, I’ve been known to pull the cinnamon out of my spice cabinet and put a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in the coffeemaker on top of the ground coffee. *slurp* I learned this trick from one of my favorite little restaurants in Nashville, Calypso Café. They serve fabulous cinnamon coffee year-round, and they’re known for it. Just the right hint of cinnamon. And it’s REAL cinnamon. You know—bark from a tree–nothing fake. It’s an antidepressant.

Jeanne:  Okay yeah. I’ve had that coffee. It was decent. But I wouldn’t want it very often.

Food Fight Dec 2014 KeurigCassondra:  Oh! And y’all…..there’s this whole other thing. I happen to know that Duchesse Jeanne has drunk the Keurig Koolaid. *pauses for effect* Yep, that’s right. She’s gone to the “pod” coffee. Which to me, is kind of like having a pod person replace your husband, but whatever.

Jeanne: I LOVE my Keurig! I don’t make a whole pot and have to throw it out!

Cassondra: I make a whole pot, and I don’t throw it out. Just sayin.

Jeanne: That must be what puts the famous sarcastic bite in your humor. And seriously, if I drank the pot? *Boing! Bing! Smash! Crash! Boing!* That would be me, barreling oFood fight dec 2014 cuisinartff the walls for the rest of the day.

Cassondra: Hey. I own that sarcastic bite. But seriously. A pod-brewed cup, while a VAST improvement over sorry single-serving hotel packages, does not taste the same as a POT of brewed coffee.

Jeanne: Oh, yes it does. What do you think is different?

Cassondra: A pot has time to sit there and mingle. It has time for all the coffee molecules to dance around each other and become something fabulous. Coffee from a pod can never escape its humble beginnings. It just can’t.

Jeanne: *rolls eyes* I love my Keurig. Serious Keurig love. A hot cup anytime, always a great taste. And look at all those gorgeous colors you can get if you buy a mini Keurig! That’s like the desktop model!

food fight KeurigminiCassondra: So it’s a Keurig of mini colors!

Hey, looky there. I made a joke.

Jeanne: Snork! Always a comedian in the bunch. Coffee from a Keurig is damn close to as good as a pot –as in 99% close. And hey…NO PEPPERMINT in sight! How about that? Besides, as the only one who drinks coffee in the household…yeah, like I said, I’d drink the whooole pot… so really, by brewing only a cup at a time, I’m doing the world a biiiig favor.

Cassondra:  Okay, I’ll give you that.  Nobody wants to face either one of us on too much caffeine.

Jeanne: Which brings up an important point. You ALL need to know that, while Food fight dec 2014 coffee groupingflavorings are at issue here, and definitely worth a fight, my evil twin and I are akin in one MAJOR thing.

We drink coffee for YOUR protection!! (Bwahahahaha!!)

Cassondra: Alas, it’s true. You don’t want to talk to me between the time I’ve gotten up and the time I’ve had the first cup of coffee. Word to the wise.

Oh and speaking of tea–Earl Grey or English Breakfast.  Herbal tea at night.

Jeanne:  *raises eyebrows*

Cassondra:  Hey, I’m not a complete throwback. *raises pinky finger in the air, sips mock cup of tea*

Jeanne:  Snork!

food fight half and half Cassondra:  And although I’ve weaned myself off of sugar in coffee. I use cream. Lots of it. Real half and Half. No fake creamers allowed.

Jeanne: On THAT, my evil twin, we agree. Lots of cream

So…How about it Banditas and Buddies? Coffee or tea in the morning?

With cream? Sugar? Or black and strong?

Do you like any additions? Peppermint? (BLECH!)

Cassondra: Hey! So do y’all like peppermint? Especially at theFood Fight 2014 Keurig pods holidays? Caramel? Chocolate? Chestnut flavoring? Hazelnut? Pumpkin pie spice? Cinnamon?

Do you go for the special holiday drinks at coffee shops? Like the Pumpkin Spice latte or the Peppermint Mocha?

Or do you shuffle in, caffeine deprived, and say, “tall dark roast coffee please”?

Jeanne: Do you have a favorite coffee vendor? Are you a coffee snob and like Starbucks, Peets, Seattle’s Best and their ilk? Or do you refuse to get into all that…

Cassondra: *interrupts*… Like my mom–she buys her coffee at the grocery store.   If that’s what you do, is it Folger’s? Maxwell House? Store brand?Generic?  Special roast or the plain old original?

Jeanne: Or do you have a substitute like Bandita Donna? She carries a sleeve of Diet Coke wherever she goes. While we’re waiting for the coffeemaker to get going, she’s on her way with a *pop..fffffffizzzz…ahhhhh!*

 And just for the sake of a survey….do you use a Keurig? Or do you brew your coffee in a pot?

Cassondra:  We’re doing the same giveaway again today… in honor of the 12 days of Bandita Christmas, Jeanne is giving away ANOTHER Washington, DC, Starbucks mug and a $10 Starbucks card so you can have YUMMY coffee with your Christmas Donuts.

And I’m doing another grab bag of  two random novels plus one piece of fun swag from my leftover box of conference swag. (Both giveaways are Continental US only.)


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  • Jane says:

    Hello ladies,
    I don’t dunk my donut. I’m not the biggest fan of flavored coffees or teas. I usually have coffee or tea with milk and sugar. Sometimes the food trucks that sell donuts and breakfast sandwiches have decent coffee, but I’m satisfied with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee as well as Starbucks. I don’t have a fancy coffee machine, but would love an expresso maker.

    • Jane says:

      Meant to type espresso maker.

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Ha! I didn’t even see that until you pointed it out. I’m so used to seeing it both ways.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      YUM! I don’t have an espresso machine either, Jane. But I”d love one. Mostly I want the steamed milk, which turns ordinary coffee into something really special.

      Oh, and you get the troublemaking rooster for the day. *grin*

      • Jane says:

        I so need one, Cassondra. Many of the nicer ones cost over $300.

        • Cassondra Murray says:

          Jane, yes they do. And I have some friends with the inexpensive ones, and after seeing those and working with them, I’d pass on those and go for the nicer ones if I could.
          I can’t drop that much on my coffee addiction at this point, but someday…

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hey Jane! You snagged the chook for the day! He takes his espresso (not that he needs it) With milk and sugar in the raw. He won’t tolerate the chemicals…yeah, that’s the chookie!

      I LOVE an espresso maker, but can’t justify it. I had a cheapie one – whatever you do, don’t go that route! – and it was fun until it kept “holding” milk. Bleeech. awful to clean. The fancy ones have the capacity to self-steam-clean. LOVE that. Grins.

      Have a great day with Himself!

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Jeanne we are not starting out this fight much at odds. I came to the same conclusion about the cheaper espresso machines.

        • Jane says:

          I really was thinking about getting one of those cheaper models, but now I probably won’t. Guess I should start saving up to get one of the super expensive European ones.

  • Shannon says:

    What fun!

    I usually take my coffee unflavored. I’m a bit more eclectic in my teas. I love Earl Grey but Oolong is good too. Once in a rare while, I’ll do a caramel macchiato with whip, but that’s just an adult milkshake.

    I’m with you about brewing a pot of coffee, and not throwing it out. It’s a wonderful morning when I can make that pot, putter in the house, drink as much as I want, and eventually ease into the day.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ah, but Shannon, would you use a Keurig to brew yourself a cuppa whenever if you had it? Hmmm? (Tempt, tempt!)

      Snorking about the “adult milkshake” Heehee!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Shannon, that’s a great way to describe a macchiato. They’re so adult, though, that I can’t handle the bitter bite–at least not the bite of the ones at Starbucks. Maybe I haven’t experimented enough. And they’re so beautiful with the swirls and colors of the caramel and the espresso down the sides (okay now I’m stopping to wonder if I’m mixing up a macchiatto with something else, but I don’t think so)

  • flchen1 says:

    Not much of a dunker, but my kids enjoy theirs with milk. As for coffee or tea, usually neither, but I will occasionally drink tea more than coffee. Except for the very occasional mocha when I need the extra hit of caffeine… We do have a Nespresso because DH does enjoy his coffee…

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Ooh, the nespresso brews that hot, rich dark, and VERY intense espresso. I’m not enough of a grown up to handle that yet. Hahahah!!! Talk about bouncing off the walls!!

      And Milk is the total bomb for dunking CAKE donuts.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Flchen1, I am officially outclassed by your husband in the coffee drinking competition. I love the smell of straight espresso, but I’m too much of a wuss to drink it straight. I even take my coffee drinks at Starbucks with only ONE shot in a grande size, which normally should have two. Not only is it WAY bitter, but it will eat my stomach alive. I bow low to your husband.

  • Helen says:

    My daughter has just bought me in a skim cappicino no sugar no flavourings just the way I like it 🙂

    I don’t dunk donuts but I do dunk biscuits I do love mocha coffee but it is not thick here in Oz and I have never had peppermint flavoured and even though I love caramel it is too sweet for me.

    Coffee in the morning and I drink tea when I drop down to Barbs for a cuppa tea leaves brewed in a pot milk no sugar(iI am sweet enough lol)

    Have fun

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You ARE sweet enough, Helen! Grins. That’s probably why caramel’s too sweet for you! Grins.

      And yay on the dunking of biscuits! I love dunking shortbread in tea (black, with sugar), and even coffee. I’ll dunk a donut in coffee or milk, but NOT tea! Ha!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Helen you take your tea just like I do. I learned to brew it in a pot when I lived in England for a summer, and don’t like tea bags at all now (except for herbal teas). And I take it with cream, no sugar, though nobody would ever describe me as “sweet enough” I don’t think. You, however, fit that perfectly.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Oh, oh! I forgot to talk about dunking the biscuits! That’s how I learned to love coffee–when I was a little girl I’d get coffee (that was mostly milk) at my grandmother’s house, and I’d dunk the biscuits in the coffee. Now I don’t dunk anything but donuts (plain glazed yeast donuts Jeanne!) but I have such fond memories of cold winter mornings with biscuits and coffee. Of course, biscuits here are bread biscuits. Not cookies. I’m guessing you dip cookies, right?

  • Amy Conley says:

    I love coffee that it does not love me so I don’t drink as much. When I do around this time of year I do you like a flavor like peppermint I don’t want any kind of chocolate in my coffee I love chocolate and I love coffee but I do not want the two mixed not normal. And no I don’t like any other flavors either. Now when it comes to T and do you like my arbol T but I won’t drink anything that’s a berry flavor I’ll pretty much stick to peppermint spearmint echinacea if I’m sick something like that but no berry flavored tea that just is not normal.

    • Amy Conley says:

      and no milk in my coffee only real cream. And in my tea only honey.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      See, Cassondra! Amy agrees with me. Flavorings in tea and coffee are ABNORMAL. Grins. Bwahahahah!!!

      I totally forgive you that you don’t want to mix your chocolate and coffee – they can be so good seperate as well!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Amy I totally agree on the berry flavors. I think those are gross in any hot drink.
      I have this great Traditional Medicinals tea called Ginger Aid. It’s fabulous for the stomach and it makes me warm and tingly from top to bottom.

  • Kimh says:

    Love peppermint macho

  • Sally Schmidt says:

    Oh geez, I just realized I have become a coffee addict. I keep denying it to my husband but I guess it’s true. Yes, must have coffee first thing in the morning – from the Cuisinart in the picture, beans ground in my burr grinder. Black – half & half and sugar are for tea, not coffee. No fancy flavored coffee or tea, but I do buy a variety of beans – Starbucks, Peets, Trader Joe’s, grocery store . . . . Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is pretty good. I have a cappuccino maker and a nespresso steamer/frother but don’t use them much anymore. At night a nice cup of tea with sugar (or Splenda) and 1/2 & 1/2 is good sometimes. And it’s always a good time for coffee.

    I keep trying to wean myself from Starbucks — too expensive, do I really need fancy drinks? – but it hasn’t worked yet. I always seem to find one of the holiday flavors that I tell myself I’ll drink “just for now” but there always seems to be another holiday! Peets seems to be a better value but Starbucks has perfected some kind of magnetism that you can’t break.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hahah! LOL about the Starbucks magnatism. “Hi, my name is Jeanne and I’m an addict”
      “welcome, Jeanne! what’ll you have?”


      You are indeed a coffee connoiseur. I love me some coffee, but I’m not nearly as immersed. Hey, does that mean I’m not as MUCH of an addict? No? Didn’t think so. Grins.

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        You are a total addict. Just like me. Don’t even try to deny it. Snork!

      • Sally Schmidt says:

        And I also just realized the addiction seems to be spreading to include mugs and cups. I guess it’s like books – you can always find another one you like and you can never have too many!

        • Cassondra Murray says:

          Yup. Sally, one time long ago I wrote a blog about mugs because I was drowning in them. I have certain ones for certain moods. :0)

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Wow, Sally you’ve got the awesome setup with your steamer. That’s what I want–a coffee steamer. I don’t need the caffeine in espresso, but I would love my coffee with steamed cream instead of just half and half poured in. I drink cream in my hot tea, too, which also grosses Jeanne out. *grins*

  • Kaelee says:

    I usually only drink coffee in the morning and I drink it black. My brand of choice is Nabob (Canadain brand). The only exception is cappuccino which I absolutely love at the end of a great Italian meal. I abhor flavored coffee. However Cassondra’s cinnamon trick appeals a bit.

    I drink tea without milk or sugar and I enjoy all kinds and types. I do not like chai though. It’s the equivalent of Cassondra’s thick coffee ~ thick tea ~ ugh!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      HaHA! Abhoring flavored coffee is GOOD! Point for me!! Bwahahahahah!!!

      I’m not keen on chai for the same reason you mention – it seems thick and cloying. Grins.

      Next time I’m in Canada, I’m going to see if I can find Nabob!!

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        It’s no thicker than mocha. I drink chai on occasion, and the bite of the spice offsets the cloying sweetness that I get with…you know…MOCHA.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      OKay score one for Jeanne, BUT…if you try the cinnamon trick, I bet you’ll come over to my side. Just a hint. Not much. I put about a tablespoon on top of the mound of ground coffee for a full pot.

  • sandyg265 says:

    I usually just have a cup in the morning. I’m not reall a big coffee drinker so if I’m home it’s probably instant. I usually only have brewed when we go out for breakfast. In the evenin I like a cup of tea.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Instant? Instant? Eeek! Say it isn’t so! Grins.

      I keep instant on hand for recipes and for a friend who just LOVES instant. It’ll do in a pinch, but…

      I love a cuppa before bed – tea that is – but sometimes it revs me up too much. (I get hot. Grins.)

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Sandyg, I can’t drink anything with caffeine in it in the evening, or I’m bouncing off the walls at 3 AM. I have to quit drinking caffeine by 3 pm, in fact, if I’m going to get any sleep that night. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not worth it to indulge in the afternoons. But I can have as much as I want before 3. I have decaf Earl Grey and English breakfast here for the evenings if I don’t want herbal tea.

  • Mozette says:

    Okay! Coffee I can do… it my language… my body loves coffee in the morning… afternoon… really late at night (especially if I have to drive a long distance).

    I love long cool ice coffee – home made – about an hour or so after breakfast. It’s gotta be made with Moconna coffee, mixed with Milo and raw sugar and please use full-cream milk – none of this diet, half-cream stuff. Otherwise it’ll taste like water.

    I’ll drink about 2 of those a day. 😀 So, yeppers, I go through a lot of milk in a week.

    Otherwise, I only drink hot coffee while I’m out at lunch or out at a big shopping centre walking around… and I usually order a regular latte. I don’t order it from anywhere else but Gloria Jeans – a very cool coffee place here in Australia where they sell cup-holders, mugs and other coffee delights instore and online. Their food isn’t too bad either. 😀

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oooh, ICED coffee. My mother loved it. I only like it on a really, really hot day. Of course, there are plenty of hot days here in DC. Grins.

      And I’m SO with you, full cream milk!! Yum!!

      We have a few Gloria Jeans here in the states. I’ve not tried their coffee, but have tried their teas. Very good. And I bought a great mug. :>

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ooooooo, Mozette, I love iced coffee. I don’t get it very often, but when I do it’s such a treat. In the summer it’s wonderful!
      I have never seen a Gloria Jeans. I’ll have to look them up online! And yes I agree. Whole milk is the thing. We have recently gone to using 2 percent because of my husband’s doctor-prescribed diet, but when I order out, it’s always whole milk.

  • Deb says:

    I like plain, regular coffee. I don’t like flavored grounds. Once in awhile, I will put a bit of cinnamon in the filter with the grounds. I don’t like flavored creamers either. I think my sisters have tasted every available cream flavor in existence, bleh. HOWEVER, I really like pumpkin cappuccino and will stop at the local market to get a cup. There is one coffee I like that can only be bought in those little sample-like bags called Highlander’s Grog, not flavored, but a bold roast.
    I have a Keurig. I used to drink a pot of ciffee each day, but like making a cup quickly when I want it. I use my grounds and my own filter since K-cups are pricey. Unfortunately, my 3-year-old Keurig sounds like Lake Michigan foghorn and brews less than a cup, so I think it is conking out.
    Lastly, I buy whatever coffee grounds are on sale; anything from medium to dark roast. Folgers by choice. Real cream and sugar, but will use evaporated milk since it is cheaper, and sometimes splash egg nog in at this time of year.

    • Deb says:

      I love English Breakfast tea, my fave! Constant Comment and Awake are close seconds. I like it strong and I like it sweet. I frequently have a cup of hot tea in the evening, and have found myself adding honey instead of sugar lately since it helps soothe sore throats. My husband, from Texas, makes sweet tea every few days and that is his beverage of choice. (He has a 2-gallon container he uses!)

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh, Deb, it does sound like your Keurig is on it’s last legs! Snorking about the foghorn!

      I too keep a gallon of sweet tea in the fridge and refresh it every day or two. Grins.

      Had to LOL about your sisters too. I’ve tried a bunch of the flavors, I just don’t LIKE them. Grins.

      ANd my mom’s coffee of choice was Folgers!!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Deb, I think you are a closet flavor lover! *winks* You’re like me and you just like certain ones at certain times!
      The thing for me is that the flavors have to be REAL syrup–like real peppermint, not fake flavors. I can always tell fake flavors, and a lot of shops use those. So though I LIKE a peppermint latte during the holidays, I only get those at places where I know what’s in them. I have this thing about eating chemicals (I trust cows more than I trust chemists), and the flavored creamers are full of them. I just can’t do it. Not only do they taste cloying to me, but I know I’m eating stuff i can’t pronounce, so I just stay away. Steve, however, loves flavored creamers.
      I like cinnamon in my coffee year-round, though not ever day. I got really aggravated at Starbucks the first year they came to our town. They had the cinnamon dulce latte (very sweet, slurpy cinnamon treat –it was like drinking a cinnamon roll) in the fall, then they took it away about the time I got addicted. “It’s seasonal,” they said.
      “WHAT is seasonal about cinnamon?” I asked?
      They had no answer. I stayed away for a long time because I felt like I’d been the victim of a bait and switch.
      Snork. I’m over that little fit. Starbucks is my branch office.

  • Hellion says:

    I think tea is disgusting and won’t drink it in any form. I *TRY* because you know tea is good for you, but at best I feel like I’m drinking grass, at worst, I feel I’m drinking hot dish water. Bleck.

    Coffee. I do like me some Starbucks. And Seattle’s Best. I am a fan of the flavored ones, but tend to prefer the medium roasts best–not too light, not too dark–and then pour in flavored creamer. IF I’m ordering a latte, which is my preferred method of coffee, it’s a caramel latte. Coffee, 2% steamed milk, and a couple shots of caramel flavoring. HEAVEN.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Hellie, we finally find something on which we differ. The flavored creamers.

      But we are alike in our love of lattes. That’s my favorite coffee drink too!
      OOO, and caramel! *slurp* Omg. You’re making me want one.

      Now I do love tea, and I bet I could win you over to brewed tea (not at all dishwatery) hot and strong, brewed in a teapot, with cream and sugar. *grin*

      • Hellion says:

        You’re welcome to try. *LOL* Chai tea isn’t bad.

        I typically buy my coffee (Starbucks for the latte) than keep coffee and creamer at home on hand. (So we probably way differ on that! I’m a soda fiend…though trying to wean away to water.)

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Okay, though, alas, that’s still one for your side, Cassondra. She DOES like flavors. Urg.

      Hellie, I just don’t know what to say. *heavy sigh*

      Snork! And I do actually AGREE with Cassondra that if it tasted like hot dishwater, you’ve had terrible tea. Bleeech. I wouldn’t drink that either. I think most green teas taste like grass though, so we’re in sync there!

  • I am almost afraid to say this, but I don’t drink coffee. Ever. In any shape, form or fashion. (Ducks for cover.) Most Southern kids learn to drink coffee when they are nine or ten years old. It is usually half coffee and half milk, but that is how they start. I was in England from the age of nine until I was twelve. I learned to drink tea and I have been a tea totaller ever since. I drink hot tea every day and in the warmer months I drink iced tea as well.

    I prefer Earl Gray or Lady Gray, but I do try a variety of teas as I come across them. I take my tea with milk and sugar. Milk, not cream.

    And I generally do not use tea bags. I use leaves in a diffuser at home. I take tea bags with me when I travel as I only like certain brands of Earl Gray.

    And, like Helen, I love to dunk a good Scottish shortbread biscuit in my tea. Yum!

    I have either tea or milk with my donuts, but I don’t dunk them.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Louisa, we would get along fine as tea lovers. And I, also, like only certain kinds of Earl Grey. I love Twinings Early Grey, but I got this tin of (what I thought would be fabulous) Harney & Sons Earl Grey tea when I was at a tea shop on a trip. Paid a lot of money for it, too! I can’t drink it. And often, the Earl Grey tea bags they provide in hotel coffee stations are that same overpowering Bergamot flavor. I know that’s the main flavoring that Makes Earl Grey “EArl Grey” but I haven’t figured out why some of it is so strong and bitter astringent that I can’t drink it at all. I need to figure that out.

      I brew my teas in a mesh diffuser in a teapot, and don’t like them any other way, really. When I have to go with tea bags I feel like I’m slumming. *grin*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *sighs with delight* Shortbread in tea! YUM. I’ll forgive you for ruining fabulous tea with milk additions just because you like to dunk your shortbread. Grins.

      And Earl Grey’s my fav too, and usually just the Constant Comment Earl Grey. Like Cassondra said, there are brnads where that heavy spice – I didn’t realize it was bergamot! – overwhelms the tea itself. CComment usually gets it right. :>

      And really, how can you live? No coffee????

  • catslady says:

    I love coffee. I grind my own beans and drink it black and strong lol. On occasion I will get one of those fancy drinks at Starbucks but I consider it more of a dessert. And I do enjoy a hazelnut flavored black coffee. No on peppermint lol. I usually make a big pot and drink it for a day or two lol. I like the idea of a Keurig but I’ve just heard that all that heated plastic is not good for you (sorry for those that love them lol).

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Catslady, as much as anything with the Keurig, it’s the throwing away of all that packaging, and the cost of the pods. While it’s true that I like a brewed pot better, Jeanne is right in that Keurig is about as close as you can get to a good cup without brewing a whole pot. When I have that in hotels (some of them have a keurig in the rooms now) I’m always happy with the coffee. Not the same as getting out of a big urn though. *grin*

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      *Happy dancing* SEEE Cassondra! NO PEPPERMINT!!! WOOT!!

      Catslady, I actually hadn’t thought about the plastic and I do lament all the packaging, but…I found I spent more at Starbucks, and didn’t even make a pot at home and therefore was depriving myself of coffee. A great pleasure denied! Yikes! So…Keurig it is!

  • Lois M. says:

    No coffee for me, though there are many times I wish I did drink it. But then, given I do drink plenty of soda and tea, I’m guessing coffee’s caffeine also won’t wake me up anyway. LOL I prefer iced tea when it comes to tea, but I do love select flavors of the holiday Celestial Seasonings ones. And once in a blue moon, tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

    Dunking – nope, not of donuts or cookies or anything. 🙂


    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Lois, there are a surprising number of “non-coffee” drinkers here today! Tea and soda do not keep me awake nearly as badly as coffee, but if I drink them late in the day, even those will do it.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      No dunking? Oh! What you’re missing!! Grins.

      And no coffe either. Cassondra’s right, there seem to be a lot of y’all today!

      I love sweet tea and living in DC, I don’t get it – that is brewed with good tea and the sugar added while it’s hot so it is actually sweet. Here’s its all unsweetened. Bleech. That means Splenda for me because I can’t drink it w/o sugar and sugar just won’t dissolve in cold tea.

  • Kim says:

    I’m not a coffee drinker either, but I sometimes like to dunk cookies in it. Not very nutritious, but it’s tasty.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Kim, yes it IS tasty. I know lots of people who do that. Especially with the Golden Oreos, which I can overdose on if I’m not careful, coffee or no coffee!

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Kim, that’s actually what started me on being an actual bona fide coffee drinker. I liked to dunk, but not drink. Then I found Starbucks…..


  • EC Spurlock says:

    I love the smell of coffee but can’t drink it – way too much acid for my poor tummy! I am however a tea addict well on my way to tea snob. I have SO MANY TEAS! SO many that I converted the drawers of my grandmother’s old sewing machine into a tea cabinet and STILL have more in my grocery cabinet. About half of them are custom blends that I’ve gotten in various tea stores and most of them are loose leaf (because you can get up to 6 cups of tea out of a regular tea bag, so why waste?). I love my flavored teas! I will usually have a mug of flavored tea, with a little sugar to bring out the flavor, in the evening, and I start my day with one or two cups of jasmine green in the morning for the cholesterol benefits. And there is nothing in the world as refreshing as peppermint iced tea! The mint flavor makes it twice as cold. I also love a chai latte with whipped soymilk but there are not many places that do it right; I miss the college coffee shop in my son’s college town that made it just perfect!

    I’m also big on hot chocolate and I do add flavored or plain powdered creamer to the instant to give it more body. Want a real treat? Add 2 tablespoons French vanilla creamer and 1/2 tsp cinnamon to your instant cocoa. It’s the instant version of Mexican cocoa and it is really an indulgent treat! Throw some whipped cream on there and you have seduction in a cup.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Okay, EC, I’m not much of a hot chocolate drinker but that sounds wonderful! Grins.

      Had to LOL about all the teas. I have a bunch, but not like that. I did buy one of those boxes with the dividers like the restaurants have. I keep my teas in all the little divisions. It’s just a little fun thing for me. Grins.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      EC, I didn’t think I’d find anybody with more teas than I have, but sounds like you’re well ahead of me!

      For the instant hot chocolate, I make it with half milk, half half and half (how’s that for a crazy sentence?) and I make real whipped cream for the top of it (or cool whip if I’m in a hurry) *slurp* Love the sound of your mix though. I will have to try that.

      • EC Spurlock says:

        Cassondra, how do you get the liquid cream to blend smoothly with the instant cocoa? I’ve never been able to get it to work, which is why I resort to the powdered creamers; they seem to blend better.

  • pearl says:

    Tea with lemon since I don”t drink coffee. No dunking at all.

  • anne says:

    Coffee flavors with skim milk is my morning wakeup. love biscuit on the side.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Drat! One for your camp Cassondra!! Flavors. Bleech. Grins.

      But hey, I’ll take the biscuit on the side!

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ha! I don’t go for the skim milk–it takes too much of it to cut the bitter coffee, but YAY! I get another for the “will drink flavored coffee” camp! *grin*

  • Elaina says:

    Teas especially with ginger and lemon. Love them and no coffee at all. Dunk lemon biscuits.

  • ellie says:

    the smell of coffee is wonderful, but I will only drink tea since I am a tea lover. Not a dunker but love digestive biscuits to bits.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      You love the tea, and the biscuits but don’t put them together? Sigh. I guess there are just a few of us dunkers out there….we are rare. Heehee.

      I have always loved the smell of coffee and the taste of coffee flavored things – ice cream, hard candies, ice cream…did I mention ice cream? – but for the longest time I didn’t DRINK coffee. Then came Starbucks….

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Ellie, I know a number of people who feel just that way. They love the smell, but they don’t like the actual drink. I will admit to brewing coffee just to smell it in the past. Even if I couldn’t have it for whatever reason.

  • Maureen says:

    I usually drink tea but my husband and son drink coffee and a favorite in the house right now is Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut. I like mint and just bought Hershey Kisses mint chocolate kisses the other day.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Hi Maureen! I love mints in and of themselves, but NOT in coffee. Alas, woe is me!! Obviouisly, with the hazelnut you’re in Cassondra’s camp! Grins.

      But the question is, Do you dunk?

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Maureen, are you saying you put that mint chocolate in your coffee???? Actually that sounds kind of heavenly. A combination mint hot chocolate coffee. *slurp*

  • I have coffee in the morning, with cream and sugar substitute, and tea later in the day. I like flavors. My favorite coffee is a caramel frappuccino, and I’ve been known to get a cafe latte with a couple of shots of caramel in it.

    Never had peppermint coffee, but I like peppermint tea, so why not? Peppermint mocha might be worth a try.

    We drink grocery store coffee, which the dh flavors with cinnamon before he brews it. We do not have a Keurig or any other coffeemaker because we have no counter space. He uses a filter that sits on top of the coffee pot on the stove and pours boiling water through it.

    And Jeanne, Keurig makes LOADS of flavors for their coffee. Keurig alone does not equal “pure” coffee. *g*

    I’ve just been loving Celestial Seasonings’ Country Peach Tea, which I discovered because it was on sale.

    • Jeanne Adams says:

      Oh noes! The Very Bad Bandita Nancy is in CASSONDRA’S CAMP!!! YIKES!! What do I do???


      Okay, so yes, Keurig DOES make tons of flavored coffees and I confess, I did try a couple of the flavored ones that they sent in the starter pack. *choking, retching sounds* Ptoooey! Terrrrrrrible!! Awful! Terrible aftertastes, or over sweet and cloying or just plain disguuuusting.

      Keurig gets money from me for Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and Starbucks Blonde Roast. Grins. That’s it. Oh, and tea. It makes a great cup of tea too.

      I’m actually trying to find someone to give all the flavored coffees too. Anyone’s office or house need flavored pods??? Anyone? Buehler?

      Not even commenting on the peach tea. Okay cold, but hot? Bleech.

      So, yes, that was a comment. Sorry.

      Do you dunk?

      • No, I do not dunk. At the moment, though, I jingle, due to the bracelet of multicolored jingle bells I bought yesterday. 🙂

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        You don’t like those flavored coffees because they’re artificially flavored coffee grounds. If you had REAL flavorings in the COFFEE, not in the grounds, it’s completely different. No cloying icky-ness, and no gross aftertaste.

    • Cassondra Murray says:

      Nancy, the latte is the best way to have the peppermint, in my view. Taht way you’re not getting thick coffee. *grins*

      Love the sound of the jingle bell bracelet, btw.

  • bn100 says:

    don’t make my own coffee

  • Pissenlit says:

    Usually tea in the morning. Sometimes coffee. I love both. Sometimes tea in the morning and coffee later in the day.

    Strong Orange Pekoe with 2% or whole milk. Occasionally with 1tsp white sugar as a treat. Or if it’s coffee, something nice and strong with 2% or whole milk and 2tsp of white or brown sugar.

    No. No additions. Go away! Ew!

    Mocha is fine. Mocha isn’t a ewgrossblechadditionflavour. It’s chocolate. Chocolate is chocolate. That doesn’t count.

    Nooooo. No ew-y gross special holiday drinks. Yech!

    Caffeine yum now please, thanks?

    In no particular order, I usually hit up McDonalds, Second Cup or Tim Hortons for coffee.

    We don’t often keep coffee in the house, only sometimes and when it’s on sale. We always always always have Red Rose tea bags, though.

    Coke. I love Coke. The regular kind.

    Keurigs are wrong. As are mini cans of Coke. And small sized coffees. And decaf. And weird frou-frou flavoured coffees and teas.

  • Teresa Hughes says:

    I drink sweet iced tea all day every day! I cannot handle the taste of coffee at all! So no special flavors for me.