Going All British!

rogue britAhoy, my hearties! Feast your eyes on this purple beauty!

What’s that you say?

Is this a new release from Anna Campbell?

Hmm, the title sounds strangely familiar, yet I’ve never seen that handsome fellow and that blonde wench before. Who can they be?

Why, they’re the wicked and sexy Jonas Merrick and the brave and passionate Sidonie Forsythe from the first book in the Sons of Sin series, SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED. 

Sidonie, as you’ll notice, has had a bit of a makeover and is now a blonde, but I must say I love the tension between these two in this picture. You just know sparks are going to fly! 

Rogue from GCP siteIf you’re regular visitors to the lair, I don’t think it will be any surprise when I tell you that I’m a bit of an Anglophile (along the lines of the way that Bluebeard had a few marital issues!). But while my books have come out all over the world (we’re currently at 16 languages), I didn’t have a British publisher.

You can imagine my excitement last year when Harlequin Mills and Boon in London bought the first three Sons of Sin books for a range of European territories, including a U.K. release. Yay!

Now I’m delighted to announce for U.K. Bandita Buddies that Rogue came out as a Special Release in both print and e-book in Great Britain on 21st February. A week after Valentine’s Day strikes me as a lucky release day for a romance.

If you don’t live in the U.K., but you’d like one of these gorgeous purple books, you can order them post-free from the Book Depository: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1455512079/ref=as_li_tf_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1455512079&linkCode=as2&tag=romanbandi-20 And I’m also giving one lucky person a chance to win their own lovely purple book at the end of this blog.

IMG_0012There’s a new blurb for the U.K. Rogue: 

‘I’m your payment, Mr Merrick.’

When notorious Jonas Merrick finds the wife of his greatest enemy up to her neck in debt to him, he offers her a bargain – she can work off the debt…in his bed. But Jonas is more than a little surprised when her innocent, naive sister arrives in her place, bravely offering herself to the scarred, brooding rake. Unexpectedly moved by young Sidonie’s beauty, innocence and wit, the ruthless loner finds her seduction a much more compelling prospect. Instead of a martyr in his bed, he wants seven days to make her come willingly.

IMG_0011But when the week is up and the world intrudes…will beauty claim her beast?

Works for me!

The U.K. version of SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED is available at all good booksellers including:

Amazon UK

The Book Depository

Mills and Boon

You can read an excerpt here: http://annacampbell.info/rogue.html

IMG_0009By the way, the photos illustrating this post are from my visit to Haddon Hall which is one of my favorite stately homes. It’s one of the most romantic places I’ve ever been – no wonder it pops up as the setting for so many historical shows, including the lovely BBC JANE EYRE featuring Toby Stephens as Mr. Rochester.  When I visited in 2007, they had costumes from the series on show in the rooms where the scenes had been shot. A lovely touch!

If ever you’re in Derbyshire, don’t miss it.

BanditBootySo let’s stay British with our question today. If you’ve been to Great Britain, what were some of your favorite places and why? If you’d like to go to Great Britain, what would you especially like to see?

I’ve got a signed copy of a U.K. edition of SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED up for grabs today for someone who comments. International giveaway. So good luck!

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  • Megan says:

    I’ve been, but we missed out on the Tower of London and I’m still so sad. I can’t wait to go back and FINALLY get to see it!

    • Megan, I think this is the first time you’ve been our first commenter, isn’t it? You win the dubious pleasure of the company of a mythical bird called the Golden Rooster. Congratulations!

    • Megan, I went back during my first trip to the UK in January 1985. I remember how freezing cold it was for a warm-blooded Aussie. I’m hoping to do another UK trip early next year so I’m going back – I think it’s time for a revisit. Hope you make it next time. I remember it was fascinating and huge!

  • Teresa Kleean says:

    Oh Anna,
    I’ve never been to Great Britain, but I would love to visit some of the places you’ve mention in your books. I would love to go to Stone Hedge also, Yorkshire, visit the Abbey where Downtown Abbey is filmed. Theirs so many places. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

    • Teresa, I think it’s more fun for me to dig out the pictures than for you guys to see them! That was such a lovely trip so I love revisiting memory lane. Hope you make it to the UK one day. A lot of the settings in my books are based on actual places, like Inveraray Castle in Claiming the Courtesan or Burleigh House in My Reckless Surrender.

  • Jane says:

    I love the purple dress, Anna. I would love to visit Great Britain one day. I want to visit London and do all the touristy things like the London Eye and snack on curry chips. I also want to stay in those quaint villages you see in those British murder mystery shows. I must not forget to visit Bath for its spas.

    • Jane, I hope you make it. It’s a beautiful country and it’s easy to cover a lot of ground as a tourist and see a lot. I absolutely adore Bath. There’s a lot of Regency history there too.

  • flchen1 says:

    I’ve only been to London, about 15 years ago. It was lovely to visit, but I’d love to return and actually have more of a chance to explore! And yes, we’d have kids along this time, so that can make it both more fun and more crazy 😉 And gorgeous cover!

    • Fedora, I adore that cover, even if dark-haired Sidonie is a blonde and Jonas is much too pretty. I think they got that push-pull between them just right and that’s what matters. I’ve been to the UK several times including a long stay of four months in 2004 and I still have so much left to see. It’s amazingly rich in terms of interesting sites.

  • Amy Conley says:

    I want to go to Stoke-on-Trent to visit my great-grandfather’s house and try to find my great-great grandmother’s burial place.

    • Amy, I’ve never been to Stoke. I love fine china so I’d love to go to the potteries museum there and see all the Wedgwood and stuff.

      • Amy Conley says:

        Yep, that too, Anna. I’ve trace one side of my family line way back, so I would love to go to all those places for surre. I have pics of my great-grandfather’s family home and it still stands, also the building where my great-grandmother lived. But while re-tracing backwards, I also hope to find several times removed family.
        Now as far as going to any historical placed in England STONEHENGE would be my number 1 choice, specially for the Summer Soliste. 😉

        • Amy, you have to see Stonehenge. Amazing place! I think for summer solstice, it gets pretty crowded but I still think the experience would be fabulous.

  • Kat Sheridan says:

    The cover is beautiful! My only time in Great Britain was a 5 hour layover in London. We grabbed a taxi and got a whirlwind tour. I’d like to go back someday and see the Bodleian Library.

  • Rick Ensor says:

    Anna, I have had the privilege to travel to the UK on several occasions. My Wife and I loved Bath, the Roman Spa and the Jane Austen Museum (my Wife is a big fan). London was truly spectacular, the Lake District and the Cotswolds are beautiful. Edinburgh, however, is special; the Castle, the Royal Mile and our most favourite of all – Holyrood Palace. We love it’s majesty and history.

    • Rick, isn’t Edinburgh wonderful? I’ve been there a couple of times and I just love it. I was lucky enough last time to stay in the Grassmarket right underneath the rock with the castle. Used to get a shiver every time I walked out of the hotel. What a lovely list of favorites in the UK! And clearly your wife has wonderful taste if she’s a Jane A fan!

  • Patty L. says:

    What a beautiful cover I love the purple! As far as Great Britain goes, I’ve never been. Although my wonderful husband offer to take me to Europe next year, we haven’t settle a specific destination GB is on our list. Honestly I want to see it all. I want the history, the modern day events, I just want the experience to see it all.

    • Patty, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to wonderful places in Europe. As you say, it’s a banquet of history and scenery and what’s happening now. I hope you get to go! I’m hoping to make the U.K. again early next year. Haven’t been since 2007 and that’s too long. I need to feed my stately home addiction. Thanks for saying you like the cover. It’s awfully pretty, isn’t it?

  • Helen says:


    I love this cover purple is my favourite colour 🙂 and of course I loved this story what can I say 🙂

    Sadly I have never been to England but it is a place I would love to visit and I would love to visit a lot of the statley homes and see the grandness of them all thos big country estates and Buckingham Palace 🙂

    Have Fun

    • Thanks so much for those kind words about 7 Nights, Helen! I love that you loved the story so much.

      I’m hoping to see Buckingham Palace on my next trip. It hasn’t been open when I’ve been in London – it’s only been open to the public fairly recently. My good friend Annie West brought me back a few souvenirs from her visit there a couple of years ago including the world’s coolest pencil sharpener!

  • Warinda says:

    I’ve been to UK 12 years ago, and my favorite place is Jane Austen’s House in Chawton 🙂

  • Ki Pha says:

    Woot woot!!! Congrats Anna!!! I’m still surprised that after all this time you finally got to Britain. And gosh I just love that purple cover!!! It’s like a whole new book! 🙂

  • Mary Preston says:

    If I headed off to Great Britain, I would have to visit my Mother’s cousins first. Then I would love to hit all our historical family hot spots & then the tourist trails.

  • Anita H. says:

    I would love to go to Great Britain and not leave until I’ve seen EVERYTHING! I’d do all the touristy things and camp out near Buckingham palace and hope for a glimpse of the Royal family 🙂 Love the purple cover!!

    • Anita, that sounds fab! Well, maybe not the camping. It’s too wet over there to do much camping. What am I saying? I never think camping is a good idea! 😉

  • Cathy P says:

    The purple cover is beautiful! I have never been to Great Britain before, but if I ever go, I would like to see Buckingham Palace, Stone Henge, Bath, Cornwall, and everything to do with history.

    • Cathy, I hope you get there one day. One of the things that’s great about being a historical romance reader is that all those old places really ring a bell with you when you visit.

  • Barbara says:

    Hi Anna

    I was born in a village on the edge of the Cotswolds … Mothers from Coventry were evecuated to the villages for the birth of their babies during the war … Shows my age here lol… We didn’t come to Australia until I was in my 30’s….. We are going back in 3 months for a few weeks and will be based in kenilworth near Warwick and Stratford upon Avon so will be doing the tourist thing around and also visiting relations around the country…

    • Barb, I didn’t know about you being a war evacuation baby! How fascinating – although I suppose you don’t remember much about it. Hope you have a wonderful trip – I’m jealous. And you’re definitely in the heart of England where you’re staying!

  • Laney4 says:

    Never been. Doubt I’ll ever step off North American land, especially since my legs cramp up so easily these days….
    If I were to go (perhaps by twitching my nose like on Bewitched or perhaps by Star Trek’s transporter?), I’d love walking through a few countrysides, checking out a few castles and churches, sampling the local drinks in their pubs, checking out the food in grocery stores, but most of all having wonderful conversations with the local people.

    • Laney, such a pity about your health making long distance travel difficult. I have to say I don’t cope with flying long distances as well as I used to – and let’s face it, I was never great at shaking off jet lag anyway. And from Australia, everything’s a long distance!

  • Mozette says:

    I went to the UK in 1997… and yes, I was there when Lady Diana and Dodi died in Paris. How awful it was; but I was there when history was in the making, which was amazing when you think about it.

    Edinburgh – dispite the 1pm cannon going off all the time, I’d love to return there. At least we know what time it is. There’s the Tattoo and the Edinburgh Book Festival! I missed that darned thing by a day! 🙁

    London – yes… this messy, stinky, unusual, violent, weird, underground train system place is somewhere I walked around for 4 days with a map, a pen and 5 highlighters, and you know? I’d go and do it all again with another map and a set of Fabre Castel felt tip pens to see how long it would take me to walk around the parts of London I’ve ever wanted to see.

    Liverpool – I’ve been to the Beatles House, but I want to go to my Grandpa’s school – which isn’t in the best part of Liverpool – just to see where he grew up.

    Ian Anderson’s House – yes I want to go to the Isle of Skye and visit this man… just to hang out with him; even though he owns half the island, I’d love to jam with him and Jethro Tull for a day…. or two…. or a week. 😛

    Brighton – well… I was there for only 3 hours. I’d love to stay there for 3 weeks just to have fun, look around and enjoy the Pavilion – as the day I was there it was closed for renovations, the pond at the entrance was so dead, it had pond scum on it and the European Wasps were out in force… yes, they were after my red hair – not pleasant.

    Bath – I have been here… and even though I’m allergic to Sulphur, and it’s pretty strong here, I’d love to look around this city more than I got to last time.

    Winchester – if I knew what I know now about this city, I would have asked where the church was where the bibles were translated from Latin into English first off isntead of following the rest of the mob to cafe district. But I did get told off by a cop for obstructing traffic to get a photo of the statue of King Albert. 😀

    Aaahh… yes… there’s so many places I’d love to go and see again… next time, I would love to visit Scotland and not get drunk as a skunk – just once, not have everyone tell me that I ate everyone else’s Haggis and have me not remember it…

    and yes… that did happen… I had a blotto night in Scotland. Another story for another time, girls. 😛

    • Mozette, sounds like you had a fantastic trip! All great places to go. Hope you get back there again soon – sounds like your markers and your map need another workout!

  • may says:

    I love the parks, I think. So big and pretty!

    • May, the parks are glorious. At one stage, I was staying in a very shabby hotel/fleapit that wasn’t far from Hyde Park. To escape the horrors of where I was living, I spent a lot of time in the park.

  • Shannon says:

    I have been to the UK four times, with it possible to do some touring three of the trips. I simply cannot chose between my favorites–the medieval part of Durham, Edinburgh, the Pavilion at Brighton, or Durham Castle. The Tower in London was so much history crammed into one short visit.

    My problem when visiting is that I like to immerse myself in a place, so I often spend a day in a place rather than get two or three things off my list. The British Museum or V&A… they just capture me.

    More of London and Bath are definitively on my next visit list.

    • Shannon, how lovely that you’ve been multiple times and you love it so much. And what a great list of favorites. I’m hoping with this next trip to hole up in a bedsit in central London somewhere and really hit the museums hard. I did a lot of them from top to bottom when I lived there in the mid-80s but that’s a long time ago and I’d love to revisit them all again. And I never really got the hang of the V&A so I want to try and give it a good going over this time round.

  • Shannon says:

    Oh, and no need to register me for the drawing. I now have all of Anna’s books. And no, I’m not naming a favorite.

  • Quantum says:

    Great news that Anna is at last appearing on Amazon UK kindle …. but to make the dream truly sublime I would also want audio versions on audible UK …… I’m just never satisfied. LOL

    Living in England for many years now, I may have become a little blase to the natural beauty and rich historic and cultural heritage.

    I think that it is the compactness that impresses me most. One can be walking the lakeland fells one day, sailing on the Solway Firth the next then pretending to be a Roman soldier standing on Hadrian’s wall at Housteds.

    The whole country is covered with historic buildings, and there is even a castle on the Welsh borders related to one of my ancestors! Whatever your mood or interest there is always something within easy reach! 🙂

    • Quantum, Quantum, Quantum, always more! 😉 I’d love it if the talking books got to the UK too – it probably depends on how well these books go. So make all your friends buy 10 copies! Snort! I agree with you about the UK being so compact. I’m also always astonished at how rich in culture every square inch is. When I had my four months there travelling, I really thought I’d cover pretty much every stately home. Didn’t get near that!

  • sandyg265 says:

    I’ve been a couple of times. I liked the Tower of London but my favorite place was the Scottish Highlands.

    • Sandy, my favorite place is the Scottish Highlands too, especially if you include the Western Isles in that designation. Such unbelievably beautiful countryside!

  • My mother is British and I grew up visiting my granny in Devon. It is very hard to name just one place … but I name Tintagel Castle that hugs the Cornish coast. Rumored to be King Arthur’s birthplace, it is fully of mystery, mystique, and merriment!

    it is cared by English Heritage and a must visit in the West Country:


    • Kim, how lucky for you to have family connections with such a beautiful part of the world. I love the West Country, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. I’ve been to Tintagel twice and it’s such an evocative place, isn’t it, with all those cliffs and the sea crashing on the rocks and the wind roaring. Something that gives me a giggle is the ‘Arthur’ flavor to the takeaway food there. Not sure I ever want to eat a Lancelot Burger again!

  • catslady says:

    All your covers are just gorgeous!!!! I have been to London but I really didn’t see anything of Great Britain and would love to. I enjoy the history and the buildings and would love to see more of the country. One city does not represent an entire country!

    • Catslady, London is endlesly fascinating but the countryside in England is just so gorgeous, I hope you get out there and see more of it next time you go. And because England is so compact, it’s actually quite quick to get out into really rural areas.

  • Congrats, Anna on the UK release of Seven Nights!! LOVE the purple cover, but then…I’m sort of a purple lover at the moment! 🙂

    I’ve never been to England, but if I did, I’d do a day or two in London, seeing all the touristy stuff, but then I’d like to take a train to view the countryside. Visit Oxford and Cambridge. Perhaps some small towns/villages…then I’d venture up north to Scotland…but then I’ve been wanting to take this trip for years, so would have to get as many countries into the trip as possible!

    • Suz, isn’t that cover pretty? And I’m with you on the purple. When I was about 11/12, my poor mother was driven mad because all I wanted to wear was purple. Luckily, it was the 70s and purple was one of the signature colors of the era. Hope you get to do your trip one day – if you can, spend a bit more than two days in London. There’s just so much of world significance there to see.

  • Hellion says:

    This question would be easier if you said, “List all the things in Great Britain you don’t want to see” which for me would be: dentists and loos. (Though I’d definitely have to see the loos rather repeatedly so I’ll just have to get over that. But in honestly I wouldn’t go to Great Britain because of their loos.)

    1.) London: all those things you have to see in London. Tower of London, the wax museum, the haunted stuff, the jewels, the abbey, the royal residences…

    2.) Harry Potter tour–like everything that remotely hints of Harry Potter, I want to see it. Even if it is the dentists and loos.

    3.) Jane Austen tour–or a Regency tour.

    4.) SCOTLAND. Specifically the Scottish Wars of Independence Scotland, but I’ll look at any part they let me see. Including the coffeehouse where Harry Potter was partially written.

    5.) That island town thing that has the cobbled walk that is covered by water when the tide is high?–totally want to go there.

    6.) Wales–it’s where my peeps are from. Apparently the pater familius at some point came from there because there was a price on his head.

    7.) Glastonbury, King Arthur, and wherever that apple tree is…and I totally want an apple tree souviner–can I take that on a plane?

    8.) I think GB counts Ireland, so I add: Galway. Mostly for that song “Galway Girl”, but it’s Ireland, you can’t really go wrong going over there. And there’s oysters.

    9.) A Vicar of Dibley like location to submerge myself in and get to know the locals. Be adopted. That sort of thing.

    10.) Gretna Green. It might be my only chance to be married…a sort of vegas thing.

    • Wow, Helly, that’s some list! I hope you’ve got a piggy bank on the go – this trip definitely sounds worth taking. I’ve been to a lot of those places and you’ve picked brilliantly.

  • bn100 says:

    like Buckingham Palace because it looks nice

  • Anna Sugden says:

    Lovely cover, Anna!

    Yes, I’ve been to Great Britain 😉 and I can’t wait for you to come and visit!

    There are many places I’ve never been to – one of the flip-sides to all the travelling we do is that we rarely explore at home. We plan to put that right – starting with a trip to Hever Castle, then Hampton Court later in the spring.

    • Anna, ha ha, yes, I thought you might have been to the UK once or twice (for those in the know, Anna is our British Bandita!). Actually funny you mention both Hampton Court and Hever. I went to both in 1985/1986 and I think they’re due for revisits. I think Hever was just so romantic and beautiful.

  • Kim says:

    It’s always interesting to see the different covers. I like the purple on the UK cover, but the writing on the US. Does this only confuse things? 🙂

    I’ve never been to Great Britain, but I would do the usual tourist itinerary – Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, etc

    • Kim, I’ve been really lucky with covers for this one. I think that gold cover is really sexy too. Especially as there really is a gold bedroom in the story. Hope you get to the UK one day – I’m sure you’ll love it.

  • Laurie G says:

    I’d love to hear a concert a Albert Hall, see the changing of the guard, Big Ben, Parliment/ government buildings, Carnaby Street, Trafalgar Square, Madame T’s Wax Museum, a castle or two , Stratford 0n Avon and anywhere else you’d recommend.

    • Laurie, you comment about the Albert Hall brought back wonderful memories of a gorgeous performance of the Messiah that I saw there on my first visit. For some reason, I never got back there. Must remedy that on my next visit. Great list of things to do. Once you know when you’re going, drop me a line and I’ll let you know recommendations.

  • julie taylor says:

    I would love to go to the U.K fullstop. I think it would all be amazing and have been told the gardens and park are just so pretty. I would love to win this book by the amazing Anna Campbell to add to my collection and in purple ohh just to die for. xxxx

    • Hi Julie! Lovely to see you here! Isn’t that purple gorgeous? It looks fab on my bookcase! Hope you get to the UK one day – it’s just such a beautiful and fascinating place.

  • Minna says:

    I don’t think Heathrow Airport really counts!

    I’d love to see Stonehenge and many other places that have already been mentioned, Liverpool included (and that would be my history and English teachers fault). I’d also like to visit JORVIK Viking Centre in York (I’ve been watching Neil Oliver’s Viking documentaries lately).

    • Minna, I’ve never been to Liverpool. I really must do something about that on my next visit. I’ve been to the Jorvik Centre. It’s an absolute hoot. You go through a Tardis-Like time travel line which is great fun. And the shop is full of fun things – my nieces and nephews were most taken with their Viking booty from there!

  • CateS says:

    We went to Liverpool for a garden exhibition, back in the 1980’s.,. My brother-in-law was stationed in the UK.. Also did a weekend on the Thames with a rented cruiser..

    • Cate, I love the gardens over there. All that rain makes for such beautiful green landscapes. And how lucky you are to have spent a weekend on the Thames. I’ve had a few friends who have done canal boat tours and they’ve loved those. Such a lovely, leisurely way to explore the countryside.

  • Marcelle M. says:

    I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe this summer. I’ll be staying with my uncle first in Leeds, then go on a tour of England.

    The UK cover is absolutely gorgeous, Anna.

    • Thanks so much, Marcelle! I hope you have a fantastic time in Europe. When you’re in Leeds, make sure you go and see Bronte country. It’s spectacular and so atmospheric. And don’t miss York. It’s just gorgeous!

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Oh, that purple is gorgeous! How exciting to be published in the UK!

    I’ve never been to Great Britain. I hope to make it there someday. What would I like to visit? Everything! 🙂

  • Oh Anna –

    I love your purple cover! Of course, I love the gold one as well. Well done!

    The first thing I’d want to visit in Great Britian is that fabulous author and bandita – Anna Sugden 🙂

    I visited England about twenty years ago when writing a work of fiction wasn’t even a passing challenge. I fancied myself a painter back then. And I was in Scotland not all that long ago. Were I to return to Great Britian, I would allow a heck of a lot more time to visit and sight see. I’d want to see some beautiful historic estates, visit a lot of the smaller museums, swing over to Ireland and explore my maternal roots, revisit Scotland to see the lowlands and islands – places we couldn’t fit into our rushed week before… If I could afford it, I’d be there a month or more.

    Someday …

    • Hi Donna! Isn’t that purple cover something?

      I was so envious of your Scottish trip – and I look forward to reading the books inspired by your travels. I think with a trip like you’re talking about, you’ll need at least a month! Hope you get there soon.

  • Cassondra says:

    Hello Anna, and huge congratulations on this release! I’m surprised to hear that you haven’t been released in England before, knowing how you love that country. Woot Woot!

    I have been to England, Scotland and Wales, and I was there to study the gardens. Got my share of castles and houses as well, both country and city, as you can’t really avoid that if you’re touring lovely gardens. I think my favorite garden was Gertrude Jekyll’s gorgeous creation at The Manor House, Upton Grey. The White Garden is a favorite of course, but it’s the only Wild Garden she designed as far as is known (or was known then, anyhow)that’s been restored. I’m a fan of Jekyll, so her gardens will always fall on my favorites list.

    • Cassondra, thanks for the congrats. Yes, about time I went to England both in print and in person, I think. LOL!

      Gertrude Jekyll was a bit of a discovery of mine on my last trip in 2007. There’s a couple of National Trust sites where they’ve recreated her gardens. One of the most spectacular sites, although the garden is quite small, is at Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island. Such a beautiful place and the garden is so windswept and interesting. She did a lot of work with Edward Lutyens the architect, who was responsible for the renovations on the castle which at the time (early 1900s) was owned by the guy who owned Country Life Magazine. I think you’d really enjoy that if you ever get up to that part of the world – Northumberland.

    • And thanks for the heads up about the Manor House. I hadn’t heard of that one before. I know the white garden at Sissinghurst which is wonderful but I’d love to see GJ’s take on it.

      • Cassondra Murray says:

        Anna, Sissinghurst is the one I more often say is my favorite. They rotate in and out of the favorite spot. Sissinghurst was actually my first live view of Jekyll’s work. Of all the people I’d love to have studied under, she’s at the top of my list.

  • Becke says:

    As usual, you have a stunning cover. Congratulations on your success across the pond. That is awesome.

    Although my brother and sister did time at Oxford, (They’d love that reference) I’ve never been. Would love to go in the future. I’d like to visit one of each, please. The photos were awesome.

  • Barbara Elness says:

    Love the UK cover, very pretty! I haven’t been but would dearly love to go to Great Britain. I would especially like to see the British Museum, as well as all of the regular touristy things, such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Tower of London.

    • Barbara, sounds like so many of us want to do the historical sites! And they’re so fantastic, why not? Hope you get there one day. The British Museum is wonderful but overwhelming. Such a huge collection – and most of it completely fascinating (I must admit I tired a little going through the thousands of Greek vases!).

  • Anna!! Congratulations on the release of your British edition–and the beautiful cover! Hope I’m not too late to join the party. 🙂 I’ve been to the UK a number of times and couldn’t begin to name my favorite spot. I love every inch of it–well, except for that one inch where I got my heel stuck in that escalator going into the tube…never mind. 🙂

    Your photos are wonderful! I haven’t been to Haddon Hall but I won’t miss it on my next trip.

    Wishing you lots of love and big sales on this latest of your wonderful books!!!

    • Kate, aren’t you lovely? Answer: Yes, you are lovely! Thanks so much for those wonderful good wishes. So excited to have a UK release!

      Oh, I’d love to do the UK in your company. I think we’d have a ball. Perhaps we can coax PJ to come with us!

      One of the wonderful things about Haddon Hall is that it’s only a few miles away from Chatsworth, the home of the Duke of Devonshire, which is a fabulous treasure house. The two houses are completely different but so interesting to see together. Another thing I really love about Haddon Hall is that a family still lives there – really makes a difference to the feeling somehow.

  • Wow, Anna, how fantastic your books are coming out in the UK. It’s so hard to get into that market for historical romance writers. Congratulations!

    I see Haddon Hall every day, as a matter of fact… on the beautiful coaster you gave me that sits on my desk. It is beautiful, isn’t it? There’s just something about crenellations that speaks to the fairytale princess in all of us, isn’t there?

    As for favourite British places, one of mine has to be Bath, where you can feel as if you’re back in Regency England. I know it’s a bit trite. I’ll be interested to see what others come up with!

    • Bath couldn’t be trite if it tried (trite?). It’s so beautiful and you really get that feeling of Georgian Britain when you visit. Great choice. I remember particularly loving the bridge designed by William Adam. There’s a really nice tea room on that bridge that never seemed to have anyone in it. I could never work out why. You could sit right on the bridge in a bay window drinking tea and having cake and watching the world go by. Win, win, win!

  • Late to the party, but I had to stop by and tell you how much I LOVE that purple cover !! GORGEOUS !!

    And I am jotting down these spots to add them to my Return to Britain agenda. Don’t know when I am going, but I am determined to go before I have to tour Chatsworth on a walker. 🙂

    I visited Chatsworth when I was nine and didn’t remember it until I say Pride and Prejudice and thought “I’ve been there!”

    I also visited Longleat and it was amazing.

    I want to see the Tower of London again and Westiminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament. I was so young when I saw them and my perspective will be completely different this time.

    I would love to visit Bath as an adult as well. The only thing I remember from my childhood visit is the taste of the water. Not. Good.

    I LOVED the British Museum and the National Gallery as a child. I know I will love them even more as an adult.

    Places I haven’t see, but want to are the Soanes Museum. Audley End and Hatchard’s Bookstore.

    • Louisa, we’ve been saving the best of the party for your visit. Wow, what a great list of places to go. I’d love to see Audley End and Longleat. Maybe next time – although my schedule for next time is getting VERY long thanks to all of you! I’ve been to Hatchard’s. It’s got so much personality. Very tall and high! I haven’t been to many of these places since 1985/1986 and as you can imagine, I’ve changed quite a bit since then. Hey, do you want to join the road trip with Kate and PJ and me? We’d paint the old dart red!

  • Thanks so much to everyone who swung by to make sure I launched my British first edition with a bang!

    Don’t forget to check back to see who won the signed copy of the UK edition of SEVEN NIGHTS IN A ROGUE’S BED. Good luck!

  • SecretNinja says:

    Hi Anna! I`d love to visit Britain – I`d go visit Big Ben, Buckingham Palace or any other cool castles they have, take the tube. Maybe go to some museums and parks. I`d pretty much go anywhere they`d let me, really!

    I have to admit, I was always partial to your gold cover but the purple cover is equally as gorgeous!!


    • Hi Ada! So glad you love the purple cover. I love the expression on their faces. So much emotional tension which as you know definitely suits the story. Sounds like you’ll have a ball when you go the UK!