Flummoxed By Fashion

denim horrorI recently received a catalog from a favorite women’s retailer. It was their offerings for fall and, I’ll admit, I usually love to see what they are pushing for the upcoming season. I have, over the years, spent thousands of dollars on clothes with this retailer. I have bought many things (including envy-inspiring jackets, Joan!) at this store. I depend on them to have fun casual clothes and also clothes I can wear to work and to writing conferences where I want to present a professional appearance.

craft suppliesApparently, when the designers were working on the fall collection, they got together and smoked a whole lot of recreational drugs first. Then they took huge bags of clothes gathered from thrift stores all over the world, dating mostly from the 1980’s but also from the early 90’s. They dumped the clothes in a huge pile, got out their Fiskars, and cut pieces and parts from random items, then sewed them together in a hodgepodge manner and broke out the sequins, gemstones, fringe and hot glue guns. The result? A fall collection of fashions so baffling that I am still moaning and shaking my head.

lace bomber1. A lace bomber jacket – I love a bomber (or aviator) jacket more than anyone. I own a gorgeous brown leather one I bought in 1991 that I still get compliments on every time I wear it. The one in this collection, however, is made of navy blue polyester lace. Yes, lace, with big old air holes across its entire surface. It also has a big silver zipper up the front and wide elastic bands at the cuff and bottom. What is the point of a “jacket” made of lace, first of all, and who would be tempted to wear such a concoction? And where would you wear it?!?

sequinned denim vest2. Sequined, acid-washed denim vest – I have had denim, lots of denim in my lifetime. I spent all of the 80’s and the early 90’s in acid-washed denim and, I’ll admit, I loved it. I had jeans, jackets, miniskirts. I never owned a denim vest, but if I had found a really cute one, I would have worn it. I have worn embroidered and decorated denim in moderation. I have never worn sequinned denim. Denim = casual. Sequins = formal. What do you get when you combine the two? A hot mess, in my opinion! This vest also has seams that run along the breastline (pretty common for denim), except this one has a zipper on the left seam. Yes, a zipper. Why add a zipper? I have no clue. Denim! Sequins! Useless zipper!

shiny sweat pants3. Shiny sweat pants – Now, they don’t call these “sweat pants.” They call them a “Soft Matte Shine Pant,” which means nothing. They are baggy, have those awkward front pockets that are located near the side leg seam and have a wide band of elastic gathering the ankles. But they are shiny and a grey/silver color. They are also paired with the lace bomber jacket and a t-shirt awash in silver studs. And strappy silver stilettos. These are sweat pants, friends, but apparently they are dressy sweat pants. Honestly, I have no idea what these would be suitable for. They don’t look great even on the super-skinny model, so I can only imagine how they would look at the grocery store or block party on a normal woman who could lose a few pounds. WHY?

pinstripe jacket4. Pinstripe boyfriend jacket with bejeweled cuffs – Okay, this is actually a terrific-looking jacket, except that it has three-quarter length sleeves, which I despise. Long, clean lines, sharply cut lapels and it comes at least mid-thigh on a tall woman. But…they took the cuffs on those unfortunate three-quarter length sleeves and they embellished them with “stones.” Yes, those fake gemstones in varying sizes. They are all clear (thank goodness), but still. The entire cuff, all the way around. Plus, this jacket says it is machine washable. Have you ever washed anything bedazzled with fake gemstones? Invariably, a percentage ends up popping off, never to be retrieved or reglued. This jacket needed no embellishment. It would only work on someone tall and thin, in any case, but without the fake gemstones I would have been tempted. Not now. Why embellish something that needs no embellishment? And again, where would you wear it? Too casual for formal, too formal for casual. I am baffled. And guess what? I searched their website for this jacket? Nowhere to be found! (gimme a suspenseful “meow-meow-meow…”)

shimmer jeggingsI won’t even begin a diatribe on shimmer jeggings, although those are in this catalog too. Along with a very loosely-crocheted mid-thigh sweater shawl with feathery bits hanging, inexplicably, from the hem. And black polyester skinny pants with a three-inch zipper at the ankle.

Perhaps they thought to appeal to a younger demographic? Or that women don’t actually need to dress professionally anymore? I have no idea. But whatever they passed out at the committee meeting where this line was approved, I want some. It must be gooood stuff. I can only hope that, for spring, they lay off the peyote and create something I could actually consider purchasing and wearing.

So…have you witnessed any unfortunate fashion trends lately? Been converted to something you thought you despised (like shimmer jeggings)? Been unable to find a favorite you’ve searched for because no one makes it anymore? Please share your fashion adventures! I’ll be over here searching for that pinstripe jacket. Maybe I could pry off all the fake gemstones…

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Caren,
    Those jeggings remind me of these pajama jeans I saw in a commercial. They do look comfortable. I guess acid wash denim is back in style and I’m not fan. I try to stick to the classics when shopping so I’m not caught with clothes that become out of style soon after you buy them.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Jane, I am with you on buying classics! Anytime I buy something that looks dated in a couple of years, I regret it. I have things like my brown leather bomber jacket that just keep going year after year. I am a bad combination of cheap shopping-averse, so I want clothes with “legs.” The longer they last, the better I like them.

      And those jean pajama things are positively horrific! I have to admit, though, my middle daughter has some jeggings that look great on her and she swears they are incredibly comfy. I suppose at 21 one can get away with those. I still don’t approve. 😛

      Lucky for the GR, his coat is always in fashion. Lucky bird! Don’t believe him if he tells you he needs to go shopping while in NY. He does not!

  • ki pha says:

    Wow! I’m not a fashionable person but those will not be something I’ll want to wear. I used to be okay with denim but I haven’t worn them in a long time like that. And skinny jeans, I hated them when I was growing up! And look at them now, they’re everywhere! I’ll admit that I held them away for a long time when they came back how many years now? and didn’t catch on to the Skinny jeans till about two years ago when I had too. Yes, had too. I couldn’t find a nice pair of black pants that wasn’t dress pants for work, so I had to turrn to those black skinny jeans. My sisters were shocked! And don’t get me started on those skinny men jeans! Awful idea ever! We do not want to see your man books down there. They look like they’re suffocating!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Ki Pha, I feel your pain with the skinny jeans! They are simply not for everyone But trying to find any pants that are cut to whatever is trendy (and those skinny jeans will not go away!) is tough these days.

      Men in skinny jeans often look like their gonads are in jeopardy! My son glommed onto those as soon as they were fashionable. He’s always been a clothes horse since he was a little boy. Fortunately he doesn’t wear the too-tight ones and they look good on him (he seriously could have modeled, but he refused). My daughters wear them, too.

      Wear them while you’re young, I say, because the day may come when they are simply not an option! I promise y’all will never have to see me in them. I’ll get jeans tailored to fit first! 😀

  • Helen says:


    I am really not a fashion person at all I like to buy what I feel comfortable in and I have to say none of the above would make me feel compfy LOL I tend to get fairly plain clothing as in normal black of blue denim jeans and nice tops brightly coloured to go with them.

    Have Fun

    • Caren Crane says:

      Helen, you’re always so wise! It’s obvious that designers change things up so we’ll feel completely out of fashion and run out to buy a new wardrobe. That never happens in my life!

      Like you, I tend to buy more classic styles and colors so I can avoid shopping. I mean, so they won’t go out of style. I do really loathe shopping, though. It is not a recreational past time for me!

  • Mozette says:

    Over the years, I’ve given up on the fashion industry. Honestly I have.

    When I was in high school, my cousin worked for Myers and it hurt like hell to see her flirt around everyone with the latest fashion and see her wardrobe bulging at the seams with clothes when my folks couldn’t afford any of it.

    So, I gave up… I stopped trying to be a glitzy fashion plate.

    Besides, I was a tom-boy and a big skateboarder; so really hitting the streets with a flimsy skirt on while on a skateboard wasn’t going to win me any street cred, if you know what I mean. 😉

    So, I just wore cut-offs, denim skirts, jeans and pretty much went with the whole grundge theme for around a decade – and only broke out the fancy dresses at weddings and parties.

    It’s been in the last decade where I’ve pulled apart my wardrobe and decided that I’m my own fashion magazine… I don’t have follow trends – I am my own fashion trend. I pick and choose blouses, shirts, jackets, jeans or long skirts from any decade and throw them together and then pull out stockings, socks and pull on a pair of sandals or Doc Martens and – voila! – I’m dressed in a Mozette Original! Nobody has this combination of style anywhere in the world but me…

    and if people think I look weird? Well, they don’t have to wear it, do they? 😛

    • Caren Crane says:

      Mozette, I am not surprised to find you have been and are an Original! 🙂

      I love hearing you fully embraced the grunge years, too. I can see you on a skateboard in your cutoffs, t-shirt and Vans, red hair flying! I had a pair of Vans when they first came out circa 1980. They were blue and white checks. Everyone else had black and white, but I got mine in Houston, TX which was much more fashion-forward than Charlotte, NC at the time. When we moved to NC, my Vans were the talk of my high school. LOL

      I would love to visit your closet and see what’s hiding in there. Where the magic happens! Still, I could see you in that pink crochet sweater with the feathery fringe. I think you could make that work for you! 😀

      • Mozette says:

        Aaah, no I didn’t have Vans. I had thick-soled, ankle-high sneakers. These puppies were what I wore out skateboarding because I had fallen arches and they kept my ankles straight while I was on board.

        but I do miss skateboarding a lot! It’s great to see kids get into – even if they are big woosies and wear helmets and pads where we didn’t in the 1980’s. Yep, I had whopping big scars where chunks of skin was taken off my knees, elbows and face… and I wear those scars proudly. 😀

  • Shannon says:

    I admire those who can carry off the above fashions, but they don’t fit my weekend or my weekday life

    Fashion perplexes me more and more as I get older. Comfort matters. Mom jeans are a lot more comfortable (and easier to find), and who am I trying to impress when I getting groceries, changing the oil on the car, or cleaning house.

    I like a little blling for the weekends, but it is totally frowned on at work. My weekend favorite has pansies with little crystals. I pushed the limits at work with a wonderful snowflake sweater, wearing it a couple of times to work and got raised eyebrows.

    But there’s increasing pressure on me to wear only suits and high heels. I prefer separates for work, wearing a blazer or jacket, pants/skirt, and a top. Twin sets are not formal enough! A friend gave me the name to a couple of thrift stores that have upscale suits for very little. That eliminates my excuse is money; although I will go back to $50/week for dry cleaning. I did tell my boss that a) I was not wearing heels, and b) I was wearing flats because I have one bad ankle and a bad knee. And if he pushed it, I would go to HR.

    Sorry fashion is just a hot button issue with me.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Shannon, I am cheering for you! I know what you mean about having to buck the dress code at work, too. I work for a Bank and, although they have loosened the dress code a bit since I started 9 years ago, it still chafes.

      I came from engineering, where we generally (men and women) wore khakis and a business casual shirt every day. On Fridays, we could wear jeans and a golf shirt or non-logo, dressy t-shirt. I only had to dress up when clients came in or we had technical panel meetings. It was Heaven!

      Shoes are a hot button for me. Why are women expected to wear heels to work when men have a vast array of comfortable and dressy shoes with low heels? It is sexist and nonsensical!

      We should be able to dress in stylish comfort like the men are. And suits? Those should be for customer-facing meetings only, IMO. I get why they want the branch staff to look really professional, but we are stuck in the back offices where we only see other employees. It’s craziness. Keep bucking the system, girl!

      (And I really hope to see you this weekend, when I promise I will be as casual as possible!)

  • Caren, I got that catalog, too, and I often shop at that retailer. On my last foray into the store, for their recent sale, I bought nothing. That was mainly because nothing I tried fit right. The items in this catalog weren’t yet in the store.

    I’ve been seeing these fake stones (or metallic studs) on knit tops for some years. I never buy them for exactly the reason you mention–I can’t believe those things will stay on in the wash!

    I sort of miss the days when I wore suits to work. I liked the way I looked in them. Because I’m tall, I had pumps with about a 1-inch heel and refused to buy anything higher. The one time I did, my ankles punished me for it. I have a couple of very nice pantsuits I bought at my optimum weight. I’ve joined a gym, and I hope to shrink back down to them by next summer. I would love to wear them to RWA. If the jacket lapels don’t look dorky.

    The suits are otherwise in classic cuts, which is what I gravitate toward anyway. That and jeans, because when you live with a dog who sheds by the fistful, you need a fabric that’s tough.

    What I would really love an excuse to own is a ball gown. But I would need somewhere to wear it. And the dh would need to be willing to to wear a tux, which will always be challenge….

    • Deb says:

      I’ve been going to a gym since February, Nancy. I haven’t lost weight, but I have made great strides. The first few months I went, I was like a limp rag after only 30 minutes. This summer, I have been able to work out for 55-60 minutes with cardio equipment, then another 15 or so with weights. But, once school starts, I will have to go in the late afternoon, so we will see how my endurance will be then. :/

      • Caren Crane says:

        Go, Deb! You’re inspiring me to keep at it. It takes soooo looong for me to see any changes in my body or the bathroom scale that it gets discouraging. The first thing I notice is an uptick in energy. Looking forward to that. It’s only been about a month, so I’m still waiting. 🙂

      • Deb, congrats on your gym program and your improved endurance! Cardio fitness and toning, I think, are as important as poundage. As I told the fitness consultant, I care more about whether my clothes fit than I do about what the scale says.

        I hope the schedule works out going forward. It’s hard to believe school is getting ready to start .

    • Caren Crane says:

      Oh, Nancy, I so relate to your dilemma. I have clothes in 2 sizes in my closet. For me, that encompasses about 30 pounds of weight fluctuation. If I lose about 15 – 20 pounds, I can do down one size. I am about maxed out now on my current size, so I’ve been making a concerted effort to really watch the carbs and get more exercise. It takes about 6 weeks for me to even begin to lose any weight. So frustrating!

      Meanwhile, the smaller-size clothes, some of which I really love and want to wear again, sit in my closet and tease me. I do tend toward a very few flashy things, but most are simply well-made and classic. I have tons of trouble finding clothes that fit at all, so I cherish those that do (even if they currently don’t).

      I have every confidence you will be back in your favorite suits before too long. You have tons of drive and focus, so I know you’ll get there! For me, I have no such confidence. We shall see! 🙂

      • Amy Conley says:

        I have the opposite problem, in the last year I’ve lost so much weight, nothing fits. The dress I was going to wear for my mother’s funeral just fell off of me badically. A quick run to a local Goodwill, with a boutique section, did the trick for me. I ended up buying a dress in a size 8, a size which this body has never worn. One day I was doing the stairs in the hotel and my shorts fell down to my knees! All I could think was thank goodness no one else was on the stairs behind me!

        • Caren Crane says:

          Amy, congratulations on your wardrobe malfunction! It’s a nice “problem” to have. So sorry about your mom, though. I know her loss will be a long hill to climb for you. (((hugs)))

        • Amy, that’s a major oops!

          I’m glad you were able to find a dress for the funeral. I’m tall, so consignments are frequently problematic for me, but I’ve found a few very nice things for not a lot of money.

      • Thanks, Caren. We shall see. I have to wrest my car away from the boy because he’s been driving it to work this summer. I can’t reach the gym without it.

  • Deb says:

    I. hate. to. shop. Never have liked it, so when I do, and I find something I like, I will buy it. But, not if the price is outrageous. I am conservative in my clothes, especially now that I’m older and have, um-hmm, gained weight. We won’t go there. 😉
    When younger, I had two outfits that I loved. One was a red mini-skirt I wore with a white peasant blouse embroidered with red and blue flowers. The other was a blouse with pink and burgundy flowers on it. They are still in my closet; can’t fit into them, but kept them out of fondness.
    A lot of my school clothes are looking ratty, but I will have to make do this year as money is tight. Christopher and Banks used to have cute “teachery” blouses and denim jumpers, but they’ve gotten away from those items. Too bad; I like wearing apples or ABC emblems on some of my school clothes.
    As for a fashion plate, my 14-year-old daughter knows how to put things together quite well.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Deb, I have a blue skirted suit in my closet that I will never fit into again (although, honestly, it would still look good today). I bought it in my 20’s and it’s the only thing I own (I think) that’s a size 10. I can’t even imagine ever wearing something that small again. My hips qualify for a “Wide Load” designation even when I’m very thin (30 pounds less than I am now). To get back into that suit, I would need to lose about 60 pounds and probably have surgery to remove bones or something. But it’s so gorgeous! 🙂

      And I so empathize about your favorite store moving on to different sorts of styles. It’s a shame that when a retailer abandons something they’ve carried for years, nothing is done to fill that void. Or, if it is, it may take you years to find out who did it and where you can find such things now. It’s maddening!

      I love that your daughter’s fashion sense is developing so nicely. It’s great to witness the evolution of their fashion sense. My youngest has always had more conservative and restrained taste than my older daughter. She has made some questionable purchases and had to learn the hard way at times that, say, boots with 4-inch heels aren’t really a practical choice. Especially since she’s 5′ 9-1/2″ and doesn’t really need the 4-inch heels! 🙂

      My son, however, has always had exceptional taste and always looks like he just stepped out of some hipster catalog. *insert eyeball roll*

    • Deb, I hate shopping, too. Everything is either young and cutsie or frumpy. There should be more in between.

  • Oh, and no matter what size I am, I do not wear “shiny” on my lower half. I mean, whyever in the would would I?

    • Deb says:

      Hehe, nor do I wear shiny on the top. Not my style, and I don’t like attracting that kind of attention.

      • Caren Crane says:

        Deb, that’s the only place I can wear the shiny. I have no boobs, really, so it’s all colors and patterns and flashy necklaces up top for me! 😀

        • Caren, I still remember that deep blue gown you wore to the RWA Awards ceremony a few years ago. That style was gorgeous.

          • Caren Crane says:

            Nancy, I hope to squeeze back into that dress one day. I really love it! I need to lose at least 10 pounds for that to happen, though. Trying to keep that in mind as I gaze longingly at the loaf of whole-grain bread…

    • Caren Crane says:

      Exactly, Nancy! You will also never see me in white pants for the same reason. My rear end is the size of Wyoming, so why would I drape it in attention-drawing colors or fabrics? 😀

  • Jo Robertson says:

    OMG, Caren, your hilarious post woke me up faster than a jolt of caffeine! Still laughing.

    Clearly you know far more about fashion than I do — my terms include whazz-its and thingamajiggies.

    But I have noticed an uncommonly upspring in the use of sequins and pasties (not THOSE kinds) on clothing. And frankly they make me think of my grandma or a hooker.

    Maybe a grandma hooker? Now there’s a thought.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Ha! I know, right? What is UP with all the sequins and shiny bits? They used to be reserved for evening gowns and old rich women. Now they are on bikinis!

      I have had some t-shirts and a couple of shirts for work with a little bit of beading or whatever. Nothing flashy, but just a bit of fun or color. I can’t imagine wearing ANY of the clothes I’ve seen lately to work. Too flashy and, at the same time, too casual. It’s baffling!

      I’ve also noticed that older (and I mean MUCH older) women these days do not seem to think they ever outgrow the need for trendy clothes. I see women wearing 20-something clothes well into retirement. Sometimes they can pull it off, but other times…not so much. 🙂

  • Amy Conley says:

    OMG! I think someone grabbed an old ’90’s catalouge and picked out the “best” they had to offer and then just said,”OK, we’re done”

    I do love the jacket, but I would remove all sparklies from it before wearing it. I also love jeggingd, but nothing shiny, anywhere, ever…unless it’s on one of my fingers ;-).

    I think they must have been watching ’16 CANDLES’ when they were smoking the good stuff.

    • Caren Crane says:

      OMG, Amy, I think you’re right. It’s all very Sixteen Candles, isn’t it? Minus the shoulder pads, maybe. And NO ONE has offered me any of their hallucinogenic drugs! LOL

      I liked the jacket better before I noticed it was straight-cut across the back. Surely that design called for a tail? I would have thought so, anyway. Definitely without the shiny bits! I’m with you on wanting sparklies on my fingers if I must have them. 😀

  • Becke says:


    Too funny. I often shop and say, “I think I used to own this. I didn’t like it the first time around!”

    • Caren Crane says:

      Becke, I think it must be like the trend toward remakes in Hollywood these days. We didn’t necessarily need a remake of Godzilla and I’m pretty sure we don’t need another season of skinny jeans!

      Though you can probably carry off skinny jeans, you skinny thing!

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    Being overweight, it is difficult to dress in “trendy” clothes. My pants have elastic waists, my tops I prefer loose and comfortable. When I dress up, I seldom wear dresses. In short, I’m an old fuddy duddy when it comes to fashion, although I try to look nice when I go out.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Debbie, I think it’s great to know what is right for you and to ignore trends unless they suit you! I am all for comfort, even when I dress up. I refuse to wear anything that isn’t comfortable, especially shoes!

      It’s liberating not to feel compelled to follow trends. Doesn’t keep me from wondering how on earth they come about, though! 😀

  • You guys are too funny.

    Sounds like the buyer at that retailer left and went somewhere else. Or the retailer decided to target a younger market. Hate when that happens. Is there a retailer that targets old, overweight women? That’s the one I need.

    Include me in the fluctuating weight department. I had vowed to seriously improve my eating when my daughter – who does all the cooking in the house – made banana split sandwiches for lunch. These were sandwiches with cooked bananas covered with chocolate syrup and strawberry jam. Ugh! Not exactly a low-cal healthy lunch.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Donna, I so get retailers trying to nab the younger demographic, but I really wish they would leave the old standbys alone! Being middle-aged, I want some age-appropriate, fashionable clothes that are somewhere in the neighborhood of professional. You’d think they would want to keep the audience they already have, even if trying to appeal to a younger crowd. Pffft on them!

      And I am shaking my head over the banana split sandwiches. What in the world? I’ve never heard of such a thing, much less considered eating them. Even my husband, a die-hard banana split lover, said they sounded disgusting! That would make me take a vow of salad-eating, I have to say. 😀

  • Oh, Caren, I’m so (sew?) with you on the horribleness of those offerings. Isn’t it a pain when somewhere that’s always been a reliable retailer decides to start smoking the funny stuff? I’m not a great fan of cheap glitter on things. I think in most cases, it just looks cheap. I’m currently basking in a refilled wardrobe. When I went down to Melbourne at the start of last month, my dear and very stylish friend Sarah Mayberry took me shopping to a place that specialises in elegant European clothes (unfortunately with elegant European price tags – thank goodness for the half price sale, but even with that, I’m living on cornflakes all month!). I bought a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have bought on my own and I’m pleased as Punch with all of it!

    • Caren Crane says:

      Anna, what a treat! A poshy half-price sale with your own personal fashion consultant. I am jealous!

      You’re right about the gaudy glitter. It does tend to look cheap and also doesn’t tend to age well. I hate when clothes begin to look dated, especially when I paid good money for them! Buying more classic cuts, fabrics and colors tends to lengthen the lifespan of clothes for me. No feathery fringe, please. Lay off the sequins and skip the studs and faux gems.

      Though you’ll be eating cornflakes all month, I know you’ll enjoy your swanky new glad rags for a long time to come!

  • Like you, Caren, I have a brown leather bomber jacket that I dearly love. The idea of a lace bomber jacket is simply SACRILEGE to me!

    Leggings are a complete anathema to me. THESE ARE NOT PANTS!! They are something you wear UNDER pants or under a skirt. And for God’s sake if you are larger than a size ten LEAVE THEM ALONE!! I have seen leggings screaming for mercy at Walmart and it is NOT a pretty sight.

    Sequins are for dressing up. Period.

    Sweat pants are for sweating or lounging. Period. They are NOT office wear.

    If your skirt is so short you dare not wear underwear with it because your underwear will show, guess what? You are wearing a band aid – not a skirt!!

    I try to buy classic pieces in classic colors. They mix and match well and they don’t make me look like two racoons wrestling in a feed sack.

    • Caren Crane says:

      Oh, Louisa, I love it that you understand the sacrilege of the lace bomber jacket. That isn’t a jacket at all! Nothing like it!

      Leggings – my Lord, YES. Snorking at the leggings screaming for mercy. I’ve witnessed this many places myself and will give you an AMEN and a hankie wave! And on the band-aid skirts, too!

      I can’t tell you how horrified I have been at women who wear Crocs as work shoes. Even in black, ladies, these are NOT shoes for the office! Our HR department actually had to put it in writing. I’ve seen it done, though, more than once. Quelle horreur!

      Still LOL over the ‘coons wrestling in a feed sack!

  • Jeanne Adams says:

    OMGosh, Caren!! I’m torn between laughing and wincing. And I AM LOL about the “what they smoked before they did this” bits. Snork!!

    I would wear nothing like any of that. ANd while I truly enjoy pinstripes, they don’t mix well with sequins IMHO. Grins.

    But who am I to say? I stick to the classics in fabric and cut, and any other time? I’m in jeans, so who am I to talk? Grins