Feels Like Home Launch Party

by Beth

Break out the bubbly and hose down the Cabana Boys! It’s launch day in the lair! I’m so excited to be celebrating my latest release for Superromance, FEELS LIKE HOME. Here’s the back cover blurb:
She’s planning a wedding…not a romance!

Keeping up appearances is Yvonne Delisle’s forte. But this job is going to test even her Southern belle mettle! It’s not challenging enough she only has six weeks to turn a ramshackle carriage house into the hottest society wedding venue in Virginia. It’s also located on her ex-husband Aidan’s family vineyard. The home—and the man—she yearned for.

But Yvonne’s up for the challenge. In the time since things went south with Aidan, she’s become the most sought-after wedding planner in the state—popular enough to arrange her former mother-in-law’s second wedding. Except…it’s becoming suspiciously clear she wasn’t hired for her professional expertise. Someone is plotting a reconciliation…and Yvonne is more tempted

by the day. Let’s see who actually walks down that aisle…

And here’s a quick excerpt:

“Lily,” Aidan said in his deep voice. “Come here.”

The dog…Lily…sniffed at the laptop Yvonne held by her waist. Sweat broke out along her hairline. She just hoped Aidan couldn’t hear the wild thumping of her heart. Couldn’t see her distress.

Which was a reasonable request. Except for the fact that Aidan, with his watchful eyes and quick mind, never missed anything.

He snapped his fingers. “Lily. Now.”

After one more sniff, Lily padded over to Aidan. He patted her head. As a reward for obeying him or because the dog hadn’t ripped Yvonne’s hand off at the wrist, she didn’t know.

Maybe a bit of both.

“I…” She swallowed and tried again. “I didn’t know you had a…a dog.”

Unrolling the sleeves of his denim shirt, he raised his eyebrows. “I hadn’t realized I was to keep you abreast of any pets I may or may not have. Or did I miss something in our divorce agreement?”

She blushed furiously. “No. No, of course not. I just…I had no idea you liked…” She glanced at the dog who seemed to be watching her with more interest than was warranted. “Animals.”

“Now you do.”

“Right.” But…but what else didn’t she know about him? After all, it’d been almost seven years since she saw him last. As she was well aware, a lot could happen in that amount of time. A lump formed in her throat. Oh, dear Lord. “Did you…have you remarried?” she asked, looking around the room as if his second wife was going to leap out from behind the leather sofa and yell Boo!

She cringed. But it was too late to take her question back—much as she would like to.

He paused briefly in the act of buttoning his sleeve. “No.”

She exhaled heavily, just now realizing she’d been holding her breath while waiting for his answer. “Oh. That’s…” What? A relief? A disappointment? She wasn’t sure which one would be the bigger lie. “I was engaged,” she heard herself blurt out, the nails of her free hand digging into her palm. “It didn’t work out.”

He went completely still. For a moment she wondered if he was even breathing. But then he lifted his head and when his eyes met hers they were so cold, gooseflesh rose on her arms. “I don’t remember asking.”

No. Of course he hadn’t. Good thing, too. She hardly enjoyed discussing her broken engagement or her ex-fiancé—the man her parents had chosen for her once her divorce from Aidan had been final. A man who’d wanted her because of her name, her looks and her family’s social standing.

FEELS LIKE HOME is the final book in my Diamond Dust trilogy about three brothers who must work together to save their family’s vineyard. When I wrote the first book, A MARINE FOR CHRISTMAS, I had no plans on making it a part of a series. But then I wrote a scene with all three brothers and I fell head-over-heels for Matt and Aidan and HAD to write their stories *g*

Who are some of your favorite brothers in books, movies, on TV or even in real life? (One of my picks is pictured above *g*) I’m giving away a copy of FEELS LIKE HOME today!

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