Fast Five Favorite Heroes

We love our heroes here in the Lair, don’t we? πŸ™‚ So I’m going to share with you some of my favorites.

download (1)1. Gabriel Β MacBain. Okay, if you know me then you know SAVING GRACE by Julie Garwood is my all time favorite Romance Novel. There is so much to love about this book, but one of the best parts is the hero, Gabriel. The heroine is a widow. Her former husband beat her, often on the advice of his Bishop. She doesn’t want to marry again, but for her safety sake, she must. Her step brother, an Englishman brings her to Scotland to the fiercest, most honorable man he knows. Johanna is still fearful, especially after she meets the large brawny Scot. Then she hears his name. Gabriel, the same name as the patron saint for protection of women and children. And it simply gets better from there!


2. Hawkeye. I have to tell you this is one of those instances when I loved the movie more than the book. LAST OF THE MOHICANS by James Fenimore Cooper is a classic novel of the American Frontier during the French and Indian Wars. The language is old and the telling very old. But when you see Daniel Day Lewis play Hawkeye. Oh My! And when he takes Clara’s face in his hands and tells her “Stay alive. I will find you!” Oh. Yeah!!

97803129924223. Vane Kattalakis. The very first wolf shape-shifter hero I ever fell head over heels for. Why? Because he loves Bridie McTierney, a plus-size woman with a heart of gold. πŸ™‚ He loves her, he woos her. She’s his mate for life. Vane is the leader of his clan and he protects what’s his, especially Bridie! Yummo! Trust me when I tell you Sherrilyn Kenyon’s NIGHT PLAY is one of my favorite books and Vane is one of my favorite heroes! I’ve loved the were-hunter books because of him.Β 


4. Mr. Darcy, of Jane Austin’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. Of course. Is there a romance reader who hasn’t fallen for him? I loved him in the book. I loved him in the movie. I loved him in a car. I loved him in a bar…okay, so I’m channeling a little Dr. Seuss here, but let’s face it. I love Mr. Darcy ANYWHERE! My favorite video incarnation is Colin Firth, but I’d take Matthew MacFadyn’s version, too!Β 

428995. Wrath. The Blind Vampire King from JR Ward’s DARK LOVER and THE KING. Yes, a hero worthy of not just one book, but two! While all the heroes of the Black Dagger Brotherhood are pretty drool worthy, Wrath has held my attention throughout the series. Because of his heroine Beth, he does the one thing he never thought he would, ascends to the throne that is his birthright. Because of her, he fights to keep it. Even when his eyesight leaves him completely, because of her faith in him. Sigh.

Β Okay, so these are my five favorite literary heroes. Who are yours? Do you lean more contemporary or historical? Got any vamps or shape-shifters on your list? A movie you watch anytime it’s on, just because HE is the hero?

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  • Jane says:

    Hello Suzanne,
    Gabriel is one of my favorites, too. I wish Julie Garwood would get back to writing historicals. Do comic book heroes count? I would add Captain America and Iron Man to the list. Captain America is the classic boy scout and Tony Stark is the playboy we all love. Rounding out my top five is Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Westley from William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride.”

    • Jane, the Rooster has told me to tell you that he’s not speaking to you. He was convinced (poor misguided fellow!) that he’d be number one on your hero list!

    • Jane,

      Of course comic books count. (I’d have an uprising in my household from my two daughters if they thought their heroes of comics weren’t part of the mix!) And yes, I love both Captain America and Ironman!! (Always love me some RDJ!)

  • Wow, Suz, this topic is like catnip! The only problem is restricting myself to five! I’m going to steal Hawkeye from your list too although like you, it’s the movie Hawkeye rather than the book one. Sigh. he’s just so compelling!

    OK, this is today’s list. I suspect tomorrow’s might be different!

    1. Mr. Darcy (hey, you have to love Mr. D!)

    2. Rupert Carsington from Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase. He’s just so darned charming and heroic.

    3. Damerel from Georgette Heyer’s Venetia, although he’s got quite a lot of competition in GH’s books!

    4. Prince Andrei from War and Peace. They never really talk about what a fabulous romantic hero he is and they should!

    5. Simon Dermott in How to Steal a Million. I don’t know how Audrey resists Peter O’Toole when he plays this charming thief. Mind you, she gives in eventually!

  • Helen says:


    This is going to be good πŸ™‚

    1. Gideon from Anne Gracie’s Perfect Rake god I love that man
    2. Matthew from Anna Campbell’s Untouched I have such a soft spot for hime
    3. Grabirel from Saving Grace yep I too love him and that story
    4.Judd Lauren from Nalini Singh’s Carressed By Ice hmmm.
    5. Lyon from Pamela Palmer’s Desire Untamed love Lyon he is so strong and caring

    There are many more but I will stop here

    Have Fun

  • SecretNinja says:

    Gabriel tops my list as well. First romance novel I ever read and that book has been my go-to ever since. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve read it. I like a mixture between contemporary, historical and paranormal but I’d be so hard-pressed to put them in any order!!

    My list does include:
    – Colin Bridgerton (Julia Quinn’s Romancing Mister Bridgerton)
    – Sawyer Thompson (Jill Shalvis’ Head Over Heels)
    – Kyle Rhodes (Julie James’ About That Night)
    – Leo Hathaway (Lisa Kleypas’ Married By Morning)

    There’s so many others but these guys (in no particular order) are always tops of my list πŸ™‚

    • Hehe, Secret Ninja, I can! I’ve read SAVING GRACE 27 times. πŸ™‚ Wore out my first hardback copy and had to buy a second one!

      It was hard choosing just five favorite heroes, I’ll give you that. Another favorite of mine is Sebastian from Lisa Kleypas’ THE DEVIL IN WINTER. Such a bad boy redeemed by a good woman!

      • SecretNinja says:

        27 times? I’m sure I’ve read it that many too – does reading just your favorite scenes count too?? lol

        Oh yes, Sebastian…..Lisa Kleypas actually has a lot of my favorite heroes. I also love Sam Nolan from Rainshadow Road. She’s kinda like Jill Shalvis and Julie Anne Long for me. Every time I think I’ve found my favorite hero of theirs, I read the next book and have to add another to the list.

        I can’t believe I forgot to add Jonathan Redmond to the list too (from Julie Anne Long’s It Happened One Midnight). I feel like I let him down πŸ˜›

  • Teresa Hughes says:

    My number one is Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. Love that man!!!! My all-time favorite book!!!!

    In movies it would be Indiana Jones, anything Sean Connery plays, Chuck Norris in anything and Vin Diesel in anything (he is just yummy to look at).

    I’m currently reading Casanova Code so I would need to add Ashton to my list. He is just something.

    There are so many others I could list. But, this is a pretty good start.

    Everybody have a great day!

  • Debbie Oxier says:

    Dare MacIntosh from Lori Foster’ s When You Dare. Alex Martinez from Marie Force’s Meant for Love. Colton Donavon from K. Bromberg’ s Driven Trilogy. Jack Sheridan from Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. Wolf MacKenzie from MacKenzie’ s Mountain by Linda Howard.

    • Hey Debbie!

      You’ve named some heroes I have yet to meet. Man is my TBR pile going to grow after today! One that I have read about and absolutely loved was Wolf MacKenzie! Yep. Read that book more than once!

  • Hola Banditas! I’ve been away too long! Babysitting for my granddaughter has limited my computer time, but she just started day care part time so I’m looking up old friends. I was VERY excited to see Donna MacMeans AND Nancy Northcott at Lori Foster’s RAGT this weekend! Hugs to you all!

  • Jo Robertson says:

    Great post, Suzanne! I’m with you on Wrath. He’s the most interesting of the Brotherhood vamps, but all of them are unique.

    I have to add Roarke from the J.D. Robb “In Death” series to my list because he’d definitely the most sexy Irishman I read about.

    I’ve always liked Rufus Sewell, but since we’ve been watching ZEN on BBC I’ve really grown to appreciate the nuance of expressions he has.

    I like the BEAST from the Disney story in all its incarnations! I guess there’s something about a really scruffy guy!

    And of course, for me, there’s never quite been such a rugged hero as Rhett Butler.

  • Jo Robertson says:

    OMG, I can’t believe I forgot Jamie Fraser from OUTLANDER. He’s the perfect combination of innocence and experience!

  • Shannon says:

    I kept my list to books…
    Gwenvale the Handsome – What a Dragon Should Know – G. A. Aiken

    Reginald Davenport – The Rake – Mary Jo Putney

    Rhys Trahaearn – The Iron Duke – Maljean Brook (Some reviewers hated him because he was at one point totally clueless and hence a total, complete jerk (PG rating here); the thing for me that made me love him is that from that point he began to β€œget” Mina Wentworth.)

    Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent – The Devil in Winter – Lisa Kleypas (mentioned by someone else)

    Sydnam Butler – Simply Love – Mary Balough

    And I have a sixth-but he’s in no way the usual hero. He’s the most fun beta male that I’ve ever read. Turnip Fitzhugh in The Mischief of the MIstletoe.

  • pjpuppymom says:

    Hi Suz! I’m sure you can guess my #1 without even thinking about it. πŸ˜‰

    1. Gabriel MacBain – Saving Grace – Julie Garwood
    2 – 5: in no particular order

    Nicholas Stafford – A Knight in Shining Armor – Jude Deveraux
    Sam Stark – Trust Me – Jayne Ann Krentz
    Thorn Dautry – Three Weeks With Lady X – Eloisa James
    Colin Eversea – The Perils of Pleasure – Julie Anne Long

    …and a whole slew of heroes bunched up at #6!

  • Suz, it’s just so hard to pick. So I’m going to list five though the list could easily be different.

    Aragorn from LOTR — He’s handsome, brave, honorable, and a king. I actually like the version in the book better than the movie one, though I liked the way the movie fleshed out his romance with Arwen.

    The Marquis of Alverstoke in Georgette Heyer’s Frederica–I love the way Frederica and her family cause him to unbend and the scrupulous way he watches out for her reputation while he subtly courts her.

    Roarke — He’s smart, determined enough to rise beyond his beginnings, perceptive, and loyal.

    Ruarke Beauchamp from Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Shanna. He’s stubborn, loving, and determined. It’s a bit puzzling why he loves Shanna at the beginning when she’s such a brat, but he’s the reason the book has been on my keeper shelf for so long.

    Gabe Jones in Cindy Gerard’s Show No Mercy. A former Spec Ops soldier, he believes he isn’t good enough for the woman he’s coming to love, so he faces a dual struggle–getting her safely out of South America after they’re caught in a political attack and preventing her from falling for him.

    I could make a really, really long list here, but you asked only for five.

  • Cassondra says:

    Suz, y’all already know that LOTM is one of my favorite movies ever. I always vote for it for best hero, best first kiss, best…almost everything. Except ending. The ending was hard to take, even though our hero and heroine got their HEA. The leadup to that ending was just…hard. I’ve never read the book because I just can’t do that to myself. When I was younger I might have enjoyed the old-style telling of the tale, but now I’ve too many fish to fry and can’t plow through anything like that except for Tolkien, for which I have a surprising tolerance, even though the old-style storytelling is all over that stuff.

    Of course I love Viggo in LOTR.

    The heroes in Suz Brockmann’s old SEAL series are some of my favorite “sigh-worthy” guys. And yeah…the early Dark Hunters–you can’t beat those guys for heroes.

    I’m always afraid to say this because I work with Dianna, but honestly, her Slye Temp guys are just all up in the swoon worthy hero category. I’m loving every one she writes. I’m only a little prejudice. ;0)

    Love Jax in Jill Shalvis’s first Lucky Harbor novel, and love ALL the heroes in her Wilder Adventures series and OMG the Animal Attraction series. She’s an autobuy–and it’s because of the heroes. Straight up. many heroes… so little time to re-read. :0(